.but this was the best part

1D Hiatus: Day 437

* Louis meets fans in London

* Louis, the boys’ friends and family members vote for the boys to win the Brit via Twitter

* The boys win the Brit Award for Best British Video and Liam shows up at the ceremony to pick it up

* Each of the boys thanks us via Twitter and Instagram

* ‘Just Hold On’ is played at some point of the BRITs ceremony

* Digital Farm Animals post a picture with Louis on Instagram

* #ReleaseTheHug and #WeLoveYouLiam trend on Twitter

* Ed Sheeran talks about Harry’s music during a recent interview

It’s Feb 22nd, 2017.

Song of Fire Epilogue

I don’t know man, I just decided to go with it and write one more chapter. @chaoslaborantin advice is always goals. Answering asks about Kira has also made me want to write her a little older and I also came up with a somewhat realistic plan for Mare and Cal… so roll with it I guess??? (some adorable fluff ahead, but also like serious shit too so be prepared)

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so I’ve been watching my brother play uncharted 4 (finished it today!!!) and I just wanted to make a little log of all the things he says while playing bc they’re so funny:

  • (while going through a tight squeeze) “shimee shimee shimee shimee SCOOT SCOOT”
  • (walking in wet areas) *singing* my socks are wet and soggyyyyy
  • (sliding down) *straight up starts chanting the lord’s prayer in urdu*
  • “mish, I have 3 bullets and am full of fear”
  • “I. AM. ROCKET. MAN”
An Ocean Away - Part 7

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 1,837

Warnings- Teeny tiny bit of swearing. Hospital setting from the start. 

A/N- Sooooooooo…this is it. I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am that you guys have not only read the nonsense that comes out of my brain but actually enjoyed it too! This series will be special to me as it was the first thing I’d written and published but I’m deep in the fic hole now and happy that you’re all here with me!

I dedicate this final part of An Ocean Away to my writing partner in crime, who fills me with inspiration every single day @bravibravissima ! Also to my lil peach @iputmyselfintothenarrative , I love you doll! And to @daniela-fromthesalon , she was my first friend on here, and she’s just perfection. @yayhamletnonstop made my life with her amazing comments recently, you are incredible!

@the-and-peggy @the-best-of-the-geeks @yayhamletnonstop @chloehamiltonn

There are so many people that have messaged me along with this series and have told me that they have enjoyed it, so I hope this final part makes up for the heartbreak in the last one. 
I love you all!

Part One/Part Two/Part Three/Part Four/Part Five/Part Six/Part Seven

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happy headcanons! kara leaving little folded hearts around the apartment for lena and each one has a little thing inside like "you're beautiful!" or "have a good day!"

need me a freak like that,

The New Disney Horror??😶😓

There’s this one game in progress that I am currently watching that might be the end of me…. Fucking terrifying, it’s so much that I am actually starting to be afraid of the dark (I never was my whole life so the game is that freaking good).

It’s not FNAF Sister Location.
Not Tattletail. But the one, and only,



Great episode this week, one of the stronger capture episodes we’ve had in a long while for Ash. This episode excellently conveyed the growing bond between Ash and Rockruff, mostly in part due to good pacing and striking a wonderful balance for Ash’s character that portray him as a goofball but also a serious trainer that is able to bring out the best in his Pokemon.

First off, I like the idea of this Pokemon Fight Club, because it showed that Pokemon don’t need humans to have a love for battle and healthy competition, it’s not shown as some sinister seedy underground violent fighting ring, and for an anime like Pokemon some shades of gray and depth like that is very welcome

But going back to the training, god man I love training episodes lol, some may find it boring but I always eat this shit up. I loved seeing Ash find creative ways to train Rockruff and play to its strengths,the SM anime thankfully reaffirms my beliefs in that it does a good job balancing Ash’s goofier characteristics with his competent trainer side. Rica got some good lines in the episode, and give Ash a more “funnier” voice on some of them that felt pretty natural overall.

I also like how Rockruffs love of fighting wasn’t portrayed as “unhealthy” or something that “corrupted” Rockruff’s otherwise friendly demeanor. It was seen as something perfectly normal and Ash and Kukui were all for helping him get stronger so he can stand a chance in the Fight Club. By the end of the episode I can say Ash and Rockruff make a good team, I’m sure Kukui will miss him but he can rest easy knowing he’s in good hands.

Awesome stuff about the last 24 hours:

1. the survey has gotten 364 notes? This is like *double* the most notes anything I’ve posted before has ever gotten.

2. …and 252 responses!! Holy crap!

3. This has, unexpectedly, reflected back on me? I’ve gained 40 new followers??

4. I’ve made a couple new friends, which is always very nice!

5. But the best part? Yesterday, while the potato toddled around and played on the floor I was, intermittently throughout the day, able to do a lot of work at my computer. This is fantastic news. If I can work on the computer when I’m not at work, I can get a *lot* more writing done. Honestly I am beyond stoked at this possibility. It’s heavily interrupted by baby needing things, yes, but it’s less interrupted then when I write at work…

Also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but my work schedule has also changed in a way that will give me more writing time. The person who usually worked Sundays no called no showed last weekend and will no longer be working Sunday…or at all…they got fired…and so despite the reasons I didn’t want to work Sunday’s, with ramblingandpie’s current health challenges, I jumped on the Sunday’s. (I gain hours by doing this). So that’ll help too.

(for all my new followers…the potato is my 11 month old son. @ramblingandpie is my wife.)

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"she takes his hand" - "she gives him a kiss" looks like they cut or even don't filmed this parts of the scene 🙄

It was edited out, they likely filmed it several different ways and the editing department liked this take the best to showcase the truck ad. 😂😂😂

Last Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by quickfirestyles

Word Count: 887

Pairing: peter parker x reader

AN: You can read part one here

The next morning you woke up with the worst headache ever from crying all night. Sighing, you rolled out of bed sluggishly, holding your head in pain making your way to the kitchen and drinking some water to ease the headache. Leaning against the counter you checked your phone seeing sixteen missed calls from Peter and a few texts. You pondered whether you should read them and eventually give in, slightly feeling guilty about making your best friend worry about you.

Peter: What’s wrong Y/N?

Peter: Did something happen at the party?

Peter: Please answer me

You let out a groan, annoyed at how guilty this was making you feel yet you were the one hurting. Leaving your phone you go on with your day, making breakfast and snuggling on the couch to watch some cartoons. You had decided that you were going to have a lazy day, a day that was just about you where you were absolutely not going to think about Peter.

It was sometime in the afternoon when you heard the knocking on your door, thinking it was the pizza you’d ordered you got up and opened it, only to instantly regret your decision. It was Peter, standing there with a nervous look on his face. You were about to shut the door in his face when his hand reached out and stopped you.

“Y/N what’s going on? Why won’t you talk to me?” Rolling your eyes you just pushed harder on the door, not wanting to speak with him right now.“Go away Parker.”

“Please Y/N, we’re best friends. We’re meant to tell each other everything.” The pleading tone and desperation in his voice made you halt your actions, sighing in defeat and slowly nodding your head as you let him inside. You walked over to you previous position on the couch, Peter joining you.

He looked concerned, turning his body towards you with a serious look on his face. “So…do you wanna tell me what’s going on?”

Your nerves got the best of you as you stuttered. “I-I’m afraid that if I tell you things will change or that you’ll run away.“ His serious expression disappeared and was replaced with a sad one, taking your hand in his own. “Y/N I won’t leave you, you’re my best friend.”

You couldn’t meet his gaze as you stared at the floor, afraid of what may come of this conversation. “I know.  Maybe this isn’t the best time to do this.” You went to stand up but he stopped you, pulling you back down beside him. “No no no, come one. Just tell me.”

His eyes were filled with worry for his best friend, maybe it wasn’t right to keep this from him. “I…well last night, when you left with Liz I. You see the thing is…you know what this was a mistake Pete-” 

”Y/N I’m not leaving until you tell me.” His voice was louder now, obviously seriously worried about what happened to you. 

You twiddled with your fingers nervously as your voice wavered speaking the next words. “Peter, hypothetically speaking, if I were to tell you that I had feelings for you what would you do?” His eyebrows furrowed at your question, confused as to where this was going.“Where is this coming from?”

You knew this was a bad idea! You had to change the topic before he figured it out and never spoke to you again. “Never mind i’m an idiot, do you want some pizza it should be here soon-”

Realization appeared on Peter’s face, his eye widening and hands gently grasping your shoulders. ”Do you have feelings for me?”

You were looking everywhere but his eyes, too afraid to look into them. “Uh-well yes.” It was silent for a few moments, only the sound of both your heavy breathing could be heard.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Because like whats about to happen, you would say you didn’t feel the same.”

“You don’t know that.”

”Well do you have feelings for me?”

“For the longest time now.”

You finally looked up at those brown eyes, shock written all over your face. “What?! Why didn’t you ever tell me? Why did you date all those other girls?”

“Because I thought I wasn’t good enough for you. The others, they were just distractions because all I can think about is you. Is that why you left last night, because of Liz?” He looked guilty, like he felt bad for what he did. You couldn’t lie to the boy any longer, it was better to be truthful. “Y-yes.”

“Y/N, I don’t have feelings for her I swear. If I had of known you liked me the same way I like you I wouldn’t even dream of any other girl! Y/N I have loved you for so many years now.” A gasp left your lips at his words, did he just say that he loved you?

“You what?”

“I said that I lov-”

Before he could finish you closed the distance between you both, pressing your lips against his. It felt amazing, there were fireworks and butterflies, all the cheesy stuff. It felt like it lasted forever before you finally pulled away and Peter spoke up. “I hope that was your last first kiss, because I want to be with you always Y/N.”

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Headcannons for Jotaro, Kakyoin, Josuke and Rohan; their S/O has a Stand with the Ability to fuse with other Stands, giving the fusion new powers, abilities and being able to feel each other's emotions and thoughts. How would they feel...(1/?)

Okay I’m just gonna admit now that I completely ruined Rohan’s part of this request because I had no idea how to finish it so I’m really sorry if you don’t like it I tried my best ^^’

This is incredibly late but I still hope that you enjoy this regardless~! @missmehphistos

- Ghost


·         The first time Jotaro encountered his S/O’s stand ability happened by pure ‘accident’ (according to S/O); he had been stuck studying for a long while and his partner, their stand and even Star had all taken turns trying to get him to take a break, however Jotaro was persistent and refused to let any tiredness visibly show

·         It had been while S/O was bargaining that if he took a break they’d let him pick their next date and he was contemplating their offer that it had happened – the sudden rush of thoughts and feelings that certainly weren’t his own took him completely off guard, and upon hearing his partner gasp he realized what had happened and froze up

·         He honestly would’ve snapped at them for using their stand’s ability so suddenly, however the feelings that his S/O has towards him took anything he was about to think of saying right out of his mind and he can’t even think of a more appropriate response other than “…Yare yare daze- don’t do that so suddenly” although given the fact that S/O can now feel everything he feels  the red tinge that comes to his face at the blush and cheek splitting grin that washes over them is undeniable

·         Jotaro would come to appreciate S/O’s ability the more often they use it because his methods of expressing his affection are essentially non-existent, meaning that he doesn’t need to worry about verbally expressing anything to them as they would already be able to hear an feel what he has to say; furthermore having Star and S/O’s stand fused together is definitely easier than having them separated thanks to the enhancement the fusion has made to the combined stand

·         Of course as time goes on the two of them would get to a point where they don’t even have to think twice about fusing and un-fusing, and while Jotaro would find it difficult to get used to his partner being able to hear all of his thoughts and feelings it’s not something he entirely dislikes; however when the time came where the two of them had to disable S/O’s ability (thus un-fusing them) it’s impossible for them to hide the notable nervousness and worry they feel thanks to their ability and Jotaro isn’t going to waste a moment calling them out on it

·         He’ll place a hand on their shoulder, look them directly in the eyes and state without a hint of doubt “Don’t worry, we’re fine” obviously not the best thing to say but he doesn’t need to say anything more than that to comfort S/O enough to release their stand’s influence; from that point on they won’t use their ability very often and instead reserve it for either incredibly difficult stand battles or whenever his S/O needs the comfort and reassurance that they get from being fused


·         The first time that Hierophant Green and S/O’s stand first fused is almost bittersweet in a way – the two of them had spent a long time discussing their stands and getting used to each of their abilities and powers when he had first suggested that they fuse their stands in order to see what new potential abilities could be unlocked through the use of S/O’s stand, not knowing everything which would happen as a result of it

·         When his and S/O’s stands finally fuse together it’s impossible to mask his fascination at the process, finding the new form that the two stands have merged to create a wonder in itself as he admires them; however the initial awe doesn’t last long before he’s suddenly taken aback by an onslaught of thought and emotions and it only takes moment for him to realise they are his S/O’s

·         In return they’re going to hear ever thought and feel every emotion that he’s experienced – the joy of being with them, the relief of returning safely from Egypt with the other SDC members, the amusement of his many moments with his friends…but then comes the negative emotions – the loneliness of his childhood, the pain of being under Dio’s control. The fear of going through it all again, it’s enough to break anyone’s heart and it’s going to take a lot of convincing on his part to assure S/O that many of those emotions are far behind him now that he had them in his life

·         To Kakyoin having the two of them connected like this is comforting, they always were able to pick up on the others thoughts and feelings naturally before they used their stand so this hardly changed anything other than the fact that the sense of the others feelings were far more profound and difficult to hide from the other (he certainly didn’t mind this but it made surprising his S/O a near impossible task when the two of them would fuse)

·         They wouldn’t think for a moment to unfuse, there was no downside to being like this for long periods of time and only made the two of them a near unstoppable force in all aspects of their lives; however when there came a point where they absolutely had to it isn’t hard for Kak to pick up on the panic that is beginning to well up inside his partner – the prospect of being separated making them anxious and nervous about it

·         He too felt reluctant to relinquish S/O’s stand ability and they would be able to feel this too, however he’d be gentle in his approach, gaining their attention by gently cupping their cheeks in his hands, resting his forehead against theirs and gently reassuring them that they don’t need to be fused to know just how much they love and care for one another, pressing a chaste kiss to their lips as S/O’s stand unfused from Hierophant Green and enveloping them in his embrace


·         The fusion had happened purely because Josuke’s stand had been curious – whenever Crazy Diamond and S/O’s stand were in close proximity to once another it was like giving a child something they’ve never seen before, he would circle around the stand, eyes wide with curiosity as he examined them and this was something that Josuke and S/O had gotten used to (that didn’t stop him from telling off Crazy Diamond whenever he got too curious and ended up poking and prodding at his partner’s stand

·         Today was no different although Josuke and S/O had assumed that it was a good idea to leave the two stands on their own under the assumption that they could be trusted not to get into any trouble; sadly they had underestimated just what kind of trouble they could get up to unattended as they soon found out

·         At first the two of them didn’t feel a thing, but then came a sudden wave of disorientation that threw them both back in shock at the feeling and leaving the two of them simply staring at one another, slowly processing what exactly was going on; S/O is the first to click and they’re up and racing to find Crazy Diamond and their stand, Josuke running not too far behind until they both spot their newly fused stands

·         Josuke would be staring in absolute awe at what their ability had done, taking in all of their new features and excitedly asking about how they were able to do that; hearing his S/O’s thoughts is definitely going to be an interesting experience because the first few times he hears them it takes a few moments for him to realise that they’re S/O’s thoughts and not his own – but he absolutely loves being able to feel all of his partner’s emotions (especially their love it never fails to made him giddy and blushy)

·         When S/O mentions that they can unfuse anytime that he wants he’ll assure them that he loves staying like this and that so long as they want to stay fused that he’d gladly stay like that for as long as they want; in fact it’d probably take something serious for the two of them to actually unfuse (such as either of them being in danger or the threat of S/O coming to harm while they’re fused)

·         Josuke can see the apprehension on their face before he can even feel it and wouldn’t hesitate to calm their worries “Hey, just because we won’t be fused doesn’t mean I won’t be here! – I’m not going anywhere, so don’t worry okay?” and that alone will be a great enough assurance to calm themselves down enough to pull away their stand


·         Given his obsession with his work it’s no surprise that he spends hours at a time stuck in his study getting work done, which is why the first time that S/O uses their stand’s ability on Heavens Door was to pull him away from his work (and give him quite the shock in the process thanks to the fact that his S/O hadn’t disclosed to him exactly what their stand was capable of)

·         It had taken a little effort but once the two stands had been fused they could practically hear his pen screech to a halt from the other room, followed shortly after by footsteps that ended once he had opened the door; he knew immediately that it was his partner’s doing, however the moment he opened his mouth to speak the only thing he can get out is “You-” before the link between their emotions and thoughts is made and it’s impossible to hide the embarrassment that he’s feeling at the sudden wave of love, affection and amusement that his partner feels towards him

·         Rohan Kishibe isn’t one to be speechless(at least that’s what he says), in fact he’ll still try and deny that he’s speechless  when S/O brings this up but his thoughts will quickly betray him thanks to their stand; they can be sure that he’ll demand that they unfuse and scold them for doing it so suddenly, although the smirk that washes over S/O’s face just screams that they won’t be letting him forget about it anytime soon

·         It will take many, many attempts and fusions before he starts to actually grow accustomed to being connected to his partner even if he’s always snarky and borderline rude with some of his comments so it’s a good thing that they can read what he’s really thinking; however S/O’s stand ability is going to be inspirations for his future manga, using some of their thoughts, feelings and even their ability in general to be incorporated in his manga in some way

·         Eventually their stands are going to have to unfuse at some point (be it a matter of convenience or otherwise) and Rohan is going to be pretty blunt about this fact, however it’ll be alarming when his partner suddenly begins to worry and panic, even if he wasn’t able to hear their thoughts their expression alone is a dead giveaway that they’re unsure about letting go of their stand’s ability on Heavens Door

·         “Oi-“ hearing his voice S/O will snap their attention back to him, watching his expression shift to a softer one than his usually sharp demeanor as he comforts them (although considering that this is Rohan we’re talking about his comforting will be something along the lines of “There’s no point worrying like that you know” but it’ll have the desired affect none the less and will calm them down with his unusual reassurance)

beastofbux  asked:

Your blog has been a source of great info. I was searching for some info for writing characters from different parts of the world and trying to get some of the cultural nuances of those people and times. Best place to look? Im assuming anthropological studies maybe? Its during the 1800s so that would be a factor as well. I know how I want the characters to act, but I want to capture accurate behaviors of Greek women, or Men from African tribes, (as examples) without sounding ignorant.

Glad to hear that this blog has been a good source! That was my goal! :)

I think you’re on the right track with anthropological studies and research. The closer to our own time that you get, the easier it will be to find accounts and such of people that lived in that time and evidence of their lives as it’s survived better.

Here’s one thing I found for Ancient Greek women (X)

As for African Tribal Men, it should be noted that a lot of tribes (in any culture) have HUGE differences in lifestyles and practices and the more specialized your research is, the less likely you are to find concrete information as a lot of it is based upon speculation. In my short google venture, I failed to find any useful information due to my general search category as well as the fact that google sorts by most viewed. You may have to do some digging as well as revising your search terms.

I’ve posted this recently, but here’s a guide on how to Google more efficiently. (X)

I wish you the best of luck with your research and I hope this was helpful.


ok i needed to write this down somewhere bc i kept thinking about it but u know that “smuggling tech out of china disguised as missionaries” thing maxwell and jacobi were talking about in time to kill…….

basically i was talking to this guy at my church and he’d been a missionary during the cold war, u know, crossing the iron curtain illegally to distribute the bible in communist satellite states (we’re in the uk). now that was super illegal, and he got arrested a few times but it was nbd. but the best part was that he was telling us about how they had this modified….caravan/campervan that had these secret compartments hidden under the floorboards and behind the walls and stuff. and it was real james bond-y stuff, too, bc these compartments were filled with bibles and if you ever wanted to OPEN a compartment you had to pull a specific sequence with the car’s dashboard buttons (e.g., activate windscreen wipers once, flick headlights, turn air conditioning to a specific number and only then does the compartment open). which def doesn’t align with how u usually see missionaries, right ?? but anyway it sounded really cool

so now i’m just picturing maxwell and jacobi trying to find a way out of china and they come across one of these super-cool modified caravans and they’re like, ah…. yes…. perfect… so they take all the bibles out of the secret compartments and fill them up with the tech and leave the bibles out in really obvious places for border security to find, and then the entire journey back jacobi’s like “i feel like such a cool super spy” and maxwell just stares at him like “daniel… we are super spies… that’s…. that’s our day job, daniel”

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that fanart of graves from the back with his wand raised reminds me so much of an orchestra conductor so imagine an au where graves is the orchestra conductor who expects his orchestra to be the very /best/ and credence lurks in the shadows in the house seats during rehearsals wanting so badly to play an instrument so he could be a part of this beautiful music that he hears and he closes his eyes and falls asleep listening to graves shape the sound and wakes up to see graves's coat on top of him

Ahhhh! I love that art! And you’re definitely on to something since I’m pretty sure it’s canon that they used a conductor’s baton as inspiration for his wand. Considering this, I’m shocked that there hasn’t been any exploration of this AU yet!!! 

It’s a easy transition too for gradence. Instead of magic, we get music… Something that a no fun allowed abusive stepmom would most likely forbid. Music leads to dancing which leads to sex which leads to the devil after all. Probably Credence was handing out fliers outside a performance hall during the day during practice, and he sneaks in, too curious since it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard. He’s not supposed to be there, and Graves does notice him, but doesn’t say anything. He just lets this boy he’s seen standing outside listen in on their practices. What can it hurt after all? 

Eventually Credence falls into the most relaxing sleep he’s had in his life. The theatre chairs are more comfortable than his bed at the church anyways. Percy can’t just lock up with him in there, so he waits for him to wake up, possibly even falls asleep in a chair next to him. They do both waken eventually, and Credence is shocked to find not only a coat on top of him, but a sleeping very attractive man next to him. Credence’s shock in turn wakes up Percy… and that is how they meet. 

Credence immediately apologizes to which Percy will have none of. He tells Credence he’s welcome back any time. So Credence becomes a regular face at practices. Percy shuts down anyone who dare complains that Credence is there. He starts taking Credence for lunch on their rehersal breaks and slowly gets to know him… and of course they slowly fall in love with one another. 

((please if anyone else wants to add to this, go right ahead! I need to stop rambling or I’ll be here all night!))

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whats your favourite or best minicat moment? <3

I’d have to say, rn it would be, (I have have multiple ones)

when Mini said “I love you” to Tyler in vanoss’s flying cars gta video. (Mini cut that part out in his)

When Tyler visited mini. (Especially when mini took the picture of Tyler sleeping next to him on the couch, like they are really close to each other)

When Tyler tweeted at mini “