.but this was the best part

A 1 year anniversary selfie!  :L I really need to thank @thatsthat24, @thejoanglebook and @tallykat3 for making the Sanders Sides such an amazing series, and bringing together such a wonderful community!  💛 

(This was my first attempt at digital art, and I think it killed me.)

In Love With My Best Friend (Part 2)

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks for the care package. I needed more sleekeazy. As to your question about Lily… we’re still friends. Just friends. I know you’d say to tell her how I feel and I will at some point, but for now I think maybe it’s best to let things grow naturally. Don’t try to marry me off too soon. I’m glad to just be her friend.

Yes, friendship is good. For now. Thanks for all your advice.

To Be Continued! Part One can be found here

(James played by @seriouslyprongs )

a concept: bill & mike being together more like in the miniseries!!

the scene with bill and mike and silver needs to be in a flashback in chapter 2 !! bill & mike are so pure i’m actually offended their friendship wasn’t shown in the new movie

I love how matt was running about that building with jess’ scarf wrapped around his head jumping over obstacles and running past the staff and up the stairs looking suspicious af and meanwhile jessica just took the goddamn elevator like a normal person would