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Day 7 - AU –> Soulmate
  In which Lucio is looking for his destined partner while traveling the world and one day Junkrat just so happens to be around

(Late as hell I know, but I wanted to finish the week!
 I … I am just bad at aus so I had to go with the idea of the soulmate au my sis suggested; also, deep down I didn’t want to finish it because I enjoyed posting these spastic comics… I might post more in the future, who knows.)


A bunch of doodles from the most recent episode of Friends at the Table!!

I’m sorry a bunch of my recent art is FatT, I binge-listened to it and now I’m in so deep

i wanna try something.

send me a sonic game and i’ll (try) to do a little doodle based on it !

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unlike sonic… uh., he chuckles.


So I’ve… Been doodling


messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this

young forever.

Happy Birthday, Indeed

Hey, everyone, happy weekend! As promised, I’m back with another Ashton request; enjoy! This one won’t be posted to my masterlist until later, but it’ll make it eventually.

Request: can you do one of ashton where it’s his birthday and he’s on tour so y/n surprises him? // Cute, cute, cute idea! Hope you like it, anon.

Title: Happy Birthday, Indeed

Summary: It’s Ashton’s birthday and things are going well, but there’s just one thing (or person) that’s missing.

Words: 700+

Warnings: None

“—happy birthday to you!”

The voices of everyone in the stadium die out as the song comes to an end, and Ashton can’t stop smiling. Calum had decided that, in lieu of his friend’s birthday, everyone at the concert should sing to him.

“Wow,” Ashton joked from behind his drums, brushing hair out of his face as he grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard something more beautiful.” The stadium erupted into cheers and he laughed, smiling at his friends.

“Well, unfortunately,” Michael began, and Ashton took that as his cue to hop down onto the stage, “all good things must come to an end. You guys killed it tonight!” More cheering.

“Thank you all for the birthday love. Have a good night, everyone!” Ashton called. Once again, the crowd went insane. The four of them waved as they exited the stage, but as soon as they were safely backstage, the grin dropped from Ashton’s face. He smiled poitely and thanked the crew as they congratulated them and wished him happy birthday, but he couldn’t bring himself to be genuine.

He knew it was his job to travel the world and play a different stage every night, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit dejected that he was so far away from you tonight. The two of you had videochatted earlier this morning, but it really just wasn’t the same. He had offered a few weeks ago to fly you out so that you could visit for the day, but you had shot down the idea after insisting that you had too much on your plate between university and work. He understood, of course. He just wished he could see you in person.

When they got to the lounge backstage, Ashton flopped onto the couch and took out his phone, intending to text you and tell you how the show went. Before he could, however, the lights went out. “What the fu—” he began, but before he could finish his sentence, Luke walked through the door with Calum, Michael, and the stage crew behind him. He held a small cake in his hands, lit up with candles, and the group began to sing. A few people had their phones out, recording the exchange.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTH-day dear Ashton…”

Rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless, Ashton stood. “You guys suck,” he said over the singing. Luke held the cake out toward him and someone from the back shouted, “Make a wish!”

Pretending to be in thought, Ashton leaned forward and blew out the candles, causing the group to applaud.

“We all know what you wished for, mate,” Michael said with a grin.

“It’s not that tough to guess, I’m sure,” Ashton quipped back. Someone flicked the lights on.

“Well, since you’re just so predictable, we got you a pretty cool gift,” said Calum.

“Guys…” Ashton began, catching on to what was happening. “Guys, if you’re trying to get my hopes up I swear I will—”

Suddenly someone from the stage crew surged forward, taking off their baseball cap and lunging forward to throw their arms around him. “Happy birthday, baby,” said a familiar voice in his ear, and Ashton grinned because he knew that voice.

“You’re here!” he shouted excitedly. You backed up slightly to grin up at your boyfriend.

“Well, of course,” you replied. “I couldn’t be away from you on a day like this! What kind of relationship do you think this is?”

Ashton’s smile grew and he wrapped his arms around you tightly, lifting you up and spinning around. “I can’t believe it,” he said when he placed you back on the ground. “How did you…?”

“I had some help,” you told him, glancing over to his bandmates.

Ashton followed your line of vision to where his friends were all grinning proudly. “How the hell did you guys keep a secret for so long?” he asked. “Especially you?” he directed at Luke.

“We knew how important this was to you,” said Calum with a shrug. “Figured you’d like some surprise like this.”

“Well, you weren’t wrong,” Ashton said, draping an arm around your shoulders and smilng at you before leaning down for a kiss. Everyone in the room whooped and a few catcalls sounded. Somebody jokingly shouted at you two to watch the PDA, but Ashton didn’t care.

You broke the kiss and smiled up at him. “Happy birthday,” you told him again, and he kissed your forehead.

“Happy birthday, indeed.”



Hiking last year vs. hiking this year

Tomorrow is Monday.


For many of you, that means it’s a fresh start.

And maybe you have new goals in mind.

Or maybe you’re just trying to commit to the same goals you had last week.

But really, how many day ones are you going to have before actually committing to achieving your goal?

What’s stopping you?

About Town Pt. 1


Hiiiiiiii guyyyyyys, sorry! I’m not convinced I’ve kicked my funk just yet, but this prompt from @i-dream-of-emus piqued my interest, and got me to sit down and write something! It’s not done, I’ve started part 2 and sketched out where I want it to go, but I really wanted to get something out there, and this seemed like a natural pause in the story while I gathered my thoughts.

PROMPT: Rae is well-known by the staff of Town Records, and when they don’t see their most loyal customer for a couple of weeks they get worried. Some how, they find out that she’s in the psychiatric ward, and want to do something nice for her during her time there.

So, each week, a member of staff visits her at the hospital with the latest NME and Melody Maker, and the week’s new releases. Rae borrows the CDs for a week, then buys what she can afford of the ones she likes most.

And guess who is Town’s grumpiest / best-looking part-timer?

I didn’t keep exactly to the brief, and some of this will show up in the second half, but it seemed to scratch the itch of “What if?” for me. (Well, half-scratch … still got a bit of an itch.)

Not tagging anyone, but I’ll stick it on this month’s Round-Up. Hope you like it!

* * * * * 

It often takes awhile to notice when something’s missing. Like one of those “Can you spot the differences between these pictures?” puzzles they put in to pad out the Sunday papers. At a casual glance, it all seems the same, but when you have a think and start to really look, you see what’s gone from the scene, what’s been changed.

Finn chewed his thumb nail as he restocked the magazine rack with the shipment of latest issues.

“Dave?” He shouted to be heard in the back room.

A muffled “Yeah?” floated out of the half-open door.

“Where d’ya want me to put the Melody Maker Souvenir Issue? They sent us extras!”

Dave stuck his head out from the stock area. “They probably printed too many, the wankers.” He nodded to the counter. “Stick some by the till. Maybe we can shift ‘em as an impulse purchase.”

Finn nodded, chewing on the inside of his lip, now that both hands were occupied.

After stacking a bunch neatly on the counter, he plucked a copy from the top of the pile. Dave always let him have a couple of mags a week at no charge. For no reason he could name, Finn glanced guiltily at the open door to the back and slipped a second copy into his knapsack, then sat down at the stool behind the till, humming along to Elastica playing on the in-store speakers.

Waking up and getting up has never been easy,

Oh, oh, I think you should know.

Oh, oh, I think you should go.

Make a cup of tea, and put a record on.

Saturday mornings were always slow, but Finn liked putting things right round the shop. He’d straightened out most of the sections, filled all the magazine racks, even tidied the notice board. He wasn’t the most personable employee at Town, and he knew Rob generally liked a late night of a Friday, so he didn’t mind volunteering to come in at half-eight on a Saturday, even if he ended up bored for the last hour or two of his shift.

It also meant he could visit his nan after. Normally, he’d stop over at her cottage, which was much closer to Town than his own house, but she’d had to go into hospital for some routine tests earlier in the week, and they’d kept her over, saying they wanted to monitor some levels or something. It didn’t sound good, but they kept telling her not to worry, which she in turn told Finn, but his nails looked even more of a state than usual.

He was gnawing on another cuticle when Rob rocked up through the front door, looking rough but resigned to a full day of work.

He nodded at Finn, who nodded back, and then shoved the door to the back wide open as he went to deposit his stuff in his locker.

Finn didn’t have a locker, as he only worked about ten hours a week. His eyes flitted to the clock, and he was surprised to note that Rob had come in early. It wasn’t yet noon, and Finn was supposed to leave at one. Usually, they were ships passing.

Finn looked down at the cover of the Melody Maker special, the Brothers Gallagher staring deadpan back at him. The song changed over on the stereo system, and he could hear the clock tick a few seconds in the silence before Morning Glory (ironically) started up.

There were no customers in the shop, hadn’t been for most of the morning, but suddenly and unaccountably, it made Finn feel nervous, restless. He’d felt it was quiet for the past few weeks, really. It was like he was living the same Saturday over and over each week, waiting for … something.

Rob came out and plopped down next to Finn behind the counter, sighing.

“Y’alright?” Finn asked.

“Good as can be expected.”

Finn nodded.

“You?” Rob asked back.

Finn shrugged.


Finn sighed now. Rob was a decent sort, and there wasn’t anyone else about. “Me nan’s ill. Well, maybe not, but she’s in the hospital for a bit, I guess to make sure she’s not? Anyway.”

“Hey, that’s shite. Sorry to hear it. Hope she’s okay, yeah?”

“Thanks.” Finn shifted on his stool, still restless. “This place has been dead. Deader’n usual, even.”

“I know. Haven’t even seen that girl, you know the one, is it Mae?, come in recently. Have you seen her?” Rob asked offhand.

Finn froze. “Rae,” he whispered. That was it.

He’d kept having these weird half-thoughts, just glimpses flitting across his mind, of a figure with long dark hair, moving around the shop. But they’d been so fleeting, so transitory, he hadn’t been able to put his finger on it.

She rarely spoke to anyone, just sort of appeared, usually around noon of a Saturday, this sort of time. Sometimes he’d see her in the late afternoon during one of his mid-week post-college shifts, but she’d been a fixture on Saturdays until recently.

He furrowed his brow. “Yeah … I mean, no. It’s been a few weeks, at least. Wonder what’s happened to her.” As soon as he said it, he realized he hoped nothing had happened to her. That she just decided to spend her Saturdays somewhere else, or was out of town, even moved. Though, he didn’t really hope that last one.


She didn’t buy much, but when she did, it was something good. Something he could tell she’d thought long and hard about, having saved and researched and listened to as many tracks as she could before committing to it.

He distinctly remembered her being near the front of the queue for the new Oasis on release day back in October, though. He’d asked his dad if he could bunk off and work, so he could get his hands on his copy first thing in the morning, before the shop opened to the public.

“Remember when that last Status Quo album come out?” he asked, eyes pleading his case. “You moved your morning meeting so’s you could get it first thing.”

His dad had rolled his eyes but relented, as long as Finn promised to take the bins out for a month without his usual whinging.

And when he turned up at the shop, there was actually a line down to the chemist’s a few doors away. He’d felt special, being able to walk past the crowd and wave to Dave inside, who came over to let him in early. “Not your usual release day, eh?”

Dave grunted. “I noticed you pre-ordered one, too. You can have your pick of the discs, as long as you’re quick about it. I’ll have to let this lot in soon, or risk the wrath of Mr. Singh next door. They’re blocking his entrance.”

Finn ducked his head behind the counter and saw nearly a hundred CDs in neat stacks. Logically, he knew they were all the same, but he wanted the best one. He randomly picked the third one from the top of the second pile, inspecting the case for damage, the wrapper for tampering. It looked good–pristine, even. He slipped it in one of the paper bags by the till and put it in his own bag, in a pocket all by itself.

Even now, months later, he could remember that feeling of satisfaction after so much anticipation. Before he’d even listened to anything but the two songs released for the radio, simply possessing it—the mere possibility of how much he might like it–had been tantalizing.

He wasn’t precisely sure why his brain was hashing over that day on this day, until the memory expanded to seeing her, Rae, come in with her eyes shining and cheeks flushed from waiting in the morning chill for more than an hour. He remembered noticing her uniform, which he’d never seen her in before. She looked like she felt uncomfortable in it, but possibly a little less uncomfortable than normal, since she was getting to pick up this album.

Dave was running the till; Finn was bagging the CDs. It only took them about half an hour to get through the line, but the moment when Rae was at the counter seemed … well, memorable. After all, here he was, remembering it.

“Yours was the third name on my list for this, love,” Dave chided Rae as he took her bills and made change.

“Yeah?” she asked, “Who was ahead of me, then?” She was in a good mood, all smiles. Finn couldn’t remember ever seeing her smile that big.

“Just this one,” he hoiked a thumb in Finn’s direction, “And Rob, of course.”

Rae turned to look at Finn, probably reflexively, and their eyes met. “Felt like today’d never come, eh? Been waiting for this for months.”

That might have been the first time she’d spoken to Finn without him speaking first. And the only time he’d initiated conversation was likely to be part of a transaction.

Finn nodded. “I know! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever, but their first album only came out last August.”

Her lips closed over her teeth, but she was still smiling. Then she said, “Hard to believe—feels like I’ve had those songs in me head for years.”

It was his turn to smile. How was it he could remember this moment so clearly?

That was when the moment ended, however. The man behind Rae cleared his throat in irritation. “Could you two hurry it up?”

The smile fell from Rae’s mouth; Finn handed her the bag with her new music and, as she turned, he said, “Hey, lemme know what you think of it, yeah?”

The corners of her mouth lifted a fraction and he would have sworn she nodded as she turned to leave.


He’d known something was missing; how could he have not realized?

He supposed she had always just been there, in the background of the shop, quietly … existing. He was intrigued by her, sure, but she seemed pretty private, and he wasn’t one to press anyone. He was more of a hang back and let them come to him sort of bloke. She seemed cool, and he liked to idly speculate about her, but that had been good enough.

Rob sighed. “It is bloody dead in here, isn’t it?”

Finn nodded, feeling a little disoriented. It was, but he was wrapped up in wondering.

“You can leave early, if you want. I’m here now, and there’s no reason for the both of us to be bored senseless.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, escape while you can. Go see your nan.”

“Thanks, Rob. Have a good one—hope business picks up.”

Rob smiled. “Usually does.”

Finn shrugged on his jacket and slung his bag across his chest, then waved to Rob as he headed out.

His walk to the hospital was fairly short, and he was so distracted by thoughts that it seemed like he arrived in less than a minute. 

He started to walk down the hall to the nurses’ station to check in, when he saw a flash of long dark hair down the corridor off to his right. His head turned instinctively, and there she was, like he’d conjured her with his jumbled thoughts. She was standing next to a younger girl, head bent down to listen to the girl whisper in her ear.

When the girl was done, Rae straightened up, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she did. The hallway was dim, but for the spot they were standing in, an open door let the light from the courtyard windows in, and the light played across the sweep of her hair.

He was staring at her, mouth open, when she spotted him. He watched as she went from noticing him as a presence, then as a person, to the second she recognized him. Her shoulders hunched up, and she looked down immediately, as if not looking at him could make him not see her.

She didn’t last long before glancing up to make sure. He held up a hand in greeting, and she nodded. Her little friend looked up at her, her expression bordering on incredulous, before shoving Rae in the small of her back to propel her towards him.

Rae shot the girl a dirty look before dragging her feet down the hall.

As she approached, he began to smile. He was glad to see her, see she was … well, she might not be okay, as she was in hospital, and he could see her tag despite her long sleeves. But she was here.

“Hiya!” he said, brightly, his usually mumble gone for once. “Funny running into you, we were just wondering about you at the shop.”

Her eyes flew to meet his. “What? Why?”

“Well, we just … hadn’t seen you in a while. Sort of got used to you coming in every week. Saturday mornings are pretty boring without you.”

The expression on her face was impressive, but still hard to read. “Really?”

“Well … yeah. Sometimes you were the only customer I’d see before noon.”

She scoffed under her breath, and half smiled to herself. Then, suddenly, asked, “What’re you doing here?”

“Oh, visiting me nan. She’s … they’re observing her. For, like, levels, or summat.”

Rae nodded, like she understood. “Sorry to hear it. I won’t keep you. Nice to … I mean, thanks, or … whatever.”

She turned to walk away, and Finn found himself protesting. Out loud. “You’re not keeping me. I’m early this week. It were so dead, Rob said I could leave before one. I—“  

Rae pivoted cautiously to look at him while he floundered.

It was then he remembered the extra copy of Melody Maker. “Oh, hey! Do you, I mean, is it alright if I …” He fumbled with the clasps on the front of his bag. “I just happen to have an extra of this week’s …” He held it out to her, hopeful. “If you want it, that is. It’s a special edition, that’s why I grabbed an extra.”

Her eyes widened, then narrowed in suspicion for a split second. “You sure? It’s not for someone else?”

“No!” Why had he practically shouted that? “No, sorry. I just … grabbed two instead of one. I can always get another; they sent us loads.”

She turned to fully face him, but snuck a glance over her shoulder at her little friend, who was grinning down the hall at them.

“Well, thanks, then. I’ve been starved for news of these two for weeks now.” She gestured to the brothers on the cover.

Finn grinned. “They’re still the same old arseholes, far as I know.”

“Arseholes who can make some bloody great music.” Rae smiled back, holding the magazine close to her chest, like it was something precious.

“It’s good to see you, Rae,” Finn said. “Hope we’ll see you at the shop soon.”

Her eyes softened at that, and she nodded faintly. “Yeah, hopefully.”

He wanted to ask her why she was there, what was going on, but he had no right, and from the little he knew her, he knew she wouldn’t want him to pry.

He waved again; this time in farewell.

When he got to his nan’s room, he still had a smile lingering on his lips.

“You’re happy about something,” his nan teased, before he even saw her.

He dipped his head, shaking it in denial, but said, “Well, yeah, happy to see you!”

She gave him a knowing look, but didn’t question him, just held her thin arms out for a hug.


Evergreen                ( 1 / 2 )


CS secret relationship/forbidden love AU

Killian is wrong, she knows he is; they are not cursed. But she also knows he feels trapped between a rock and an even less forgiving place. It was never about her. It was never about whether he loved her enough to fight for them – nothing could be further from the truth. It was about him.

AO3//FFnet  – Also Part 2 is now written


A/N: Special thanks to @seastarved who read snippets and everyone else who listened to me <3



“You’re sure no one saw you?”

It’s a fair enough question to ask, she thinks, what with her back to his chest at the foot of her bed, his hands tucking the hair over her shoulder.

Being seen would null and void the point of him sneaking in here in the first place.

There are so many questions skipping through her mind and yet that’s the only one she can think to say, her heart tripping with her thoughts. Tripping and faltering – the way that every thought and feeling coursing through her is a little desperate to find solid ground, a little unsure as to where exactly that might be. And each question is changed with every pound of her heart, with every touch of his lips to the corner of her jaw, the crook of her neck.

So, that’s all she manages to ask. Not ‘how did you get in?’, not ‘Killian, you shouldn’t be here’.

The castle is flooded with people – diplomats and their entourages, soldiers and servants from several different kingdoms – and the likelihood that someone saw him in the corridor – in her wing, breaking into her room – is unbearably high. He hadn’t even bothered with a heavy cloak like she usually does when she tip-toes across his gangplank. Nothing but his usual cloak and dagger (literally and metaphorically); clad in leather and shadow.

Killian’s voice is a deep whisper behind her ear.

“Ye of such little faith, Emma.”

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A pretty character that belongs to a pretty person, @luciasatalina​ !!! A little gift from me to show how absolutely I love the design and every idea she has told me about concerning her OC! She’s such a cutie and needs to be shown a lot to everyone~!


👀👀 sekai i see you