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If harry doesn't tweet, he truly is restricted as well, everyone around him went extra so we knew he was happy about it and appreciative and its' important to him because of everyone tweeting about it, he did last year so I think theres' definitely something with him as well.

Everyone around him tweeted including his managers, stylist, mother, sister, band mates. If he could, he would. This was a fan voted award, and I don’t think for a second that he would completely ignore that. I too think he was not allowed to tweet about this and I really really wonder why.


              “Was there music playing? She’d forgotten. The world had shrunk into nothing, dissolved by the golden glow of candles. But there were her feet, and here was her arm, and her neck, and her mouth. She smiled and took his hand, still keeping one eye on the ball around them.”

                            - throne of glass

here it is! finally! my doraelin piece!! :D I’m so excited to finally post it <3 the ballroom scene from the first book is such a personal fave. everything is so perfect and fairytale-esque, I had to paint it! (plus, there’s an illegal lack of doraelin fanart smh) hope you all enjoy it!! <3<3<3 (prints: s6 | RB)

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Also - LOVE the grave is the back door theory. Good gosh I hope that plays out. It's just very hard to imagine Fitz is the way he is (looks rich, bored, unaffected) in the Framework just because of one fixed regret, and I especially can't imagine him like that if he's w/Jemma in this reality as well (that's why I lean to AIDA being in the car). Maybe I'm not understanding it right - bc also May in Hydra?? Whaaaaat. HOW is this reality keeping the human subjects calm and accepting is my question?

Hi @inkyfingerstoo

I hope I’m not wrong on that one too.  

HERE is my meta on the Regret thing.  AIDA had to be careful in what she did because everyone she messes with has a ripple effect on the others.  So she had to pick events that would work around one another.  I think the two biggest catalysts tipple wise will be Fitz and Coulson’s as they also tie to the fate of Jemma, Daisy, and Ward in the Framework world.  While MACK determined the when.  

If it is AIDA in the car it won’t be anything romantic   We’ve see AIDA be more Maternal with Fitz than anything and if she’s going after anyone Romantically its Radcliffe.  AIDA also said she can’t love and exhibit other emotions.  


They are calm because AIDA has made it how its always been.  She took them back to a certain point and changed it so in real life what came after is blocked if you will.  I”m also getting the sense she changed it at the same point in time for everyone.  

4/18/2006 Hope’s Birthday

  • Literally AOS rarely gives us an EXACT date.  Case in point “Some time ago” last week with the Philinda Mission.
  • AIDA said she took everyone to the same point in time and restarted the framework.   
  • We know Hope looks to be alive for Mack.  
  • So if that was the point in history she changed things for everyone…. 
    • That is about when Fitz got to the academy.  What if he HAD used all those Shield resources to find Papa Fitz.
    • Who took his genius son back under his wing.  He NEVER met Jemma at all or they were never paired together to get over their rivalry (GUYS isn’t a HUGE trope enemies to lovers.  What if Framework Jemma is Rivals with Framework Fitz).
    • This could also pull Radcliffe in and AIDA makes Radcliffe his father.  They are both happy.
  •  And guess who was also dropping out of the woods after his extended training with Garrett about that SAME Time.  Yeap, WARD that was when Garrett brought him out went and got him to bring him into Hydra.  
  • Coulson was a teacher so she just restarted him wherever and I think Daisy is where she is thanks to May or Coulson.
    • We saw in the Man Behind the Shield just how much Coulson has had his hand in, him not ever being in Shield has HUGE consequences AIDA had to deal with.   IE if the Glasgow Mission did indeed have something to do with Papa Fitz leaving.  Papa Fitz never leaving could have stopped Fitz from going into Shield and meeting Jemma…I could literally do this all day.
  •  Wherever Jemma is it now looks to be because Fitz either never met her or they never became friends/partners/more than that.  
    • Before anyone freaks out, Jemma isn’t in the grave either.  Wherever she finds herself she’ll be surprised too.  
    • Jed’s quote here is actually encouraging:   I can’t tease much, but all I can say is it is not Jemma. It’s also a reflection of how steeped into this world he is that he doesn’t seem to be troubled by the fact that she’s in a grave, which was sort of the point of that moment. He looks like he’s on top of the world. But looks can be deceiving, deep down he is going to know, feel  he’s missing SOMETHING and just can’t place his finger on it.  AIDA missed a crucial poin it in its not Utopia for Fitz without Jemma.
    • So when Jemma finally gets back to him….cue the chorus as they get closer together.  That he realizes SHE is what he was missing and it was everything else that was off.  I’m not saying its going to be easy….but this is a viable option.  

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Okay so a quick question for an idea thing.  If I were to organize a Fe Heroes themed zine would people be interested in participating? It’d probably involve having the main characters from Heroes or drawing out your team or something, i dunno. Its just an idea for now, also I don’t really have the time to plan it all out at the moment.  Maybe during the summer if I’m still up to doing it.

Loads of people talk about how amazing Sherlock is all the time but people often forget how equally brilliant John is.

•John is smart, maybe not as smart as Sherlock but nevertheless he is still clever and managed to become a doctor.

•John is attractive. Not in the mysterious, byronic hero kind of way Sherlock is, more in a soft and comforting but simultaneously strong and manly kind of way.

•John has a strong moral compass. He was willing to shoot the cabbie in asip to save Sherlock despite only having just met him.

•John is brave and fearless like a solider and caring and compassionate like a doctor.

To summarise, John Watson is awesome and I love him a lot.

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Just wondering how you manage your time. I find I'm always struggling for time, looking for an extra second to read. I just feel so busy with work and I'm tired as soon as I get home. When I go on Tumblr and see so many users finishing so many books in so little time, I get discouraged. Just looking for some time management tips.

  • To do lists are great. I make one each day, but only limit yourself to six or less things a day on that list. Otherwise you’ll get upset with yourself if you can’t cross off every task
  • Get a planner. I have two planners. One for college and one for life where I write out important things that are happening or assignments that must be completed
  • Plan your time accordingly. Stop procrastinating and do the most important things you have to complete each day before you reward yourself with time on Tumblr.
  • Make a routine. Plan each day similarly so you fall into a schedule that you like. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. I do it a lot, and it really hurts your self esteem. So what if people read more than you? You’re still reading and getting things done. Your place in life is not the same as others. Life isn’t a race. Go at your own pace.