3 types of people riding on a little carousel

the one who smiles all the time so everyone can take a pic of them smiling

the one who always try to tilt their head back so they can they see what the fuck is happening (seriously stop that, you’ll break your neck)

and the other one who smirks on their hater cuz they just ride their hater’s favorite horsey


“I got your favorite horsey bitch”


♡ happy birthday 2 this absolutely fully capable, multitalented, re(mark)able le(e)gend who basically ended everyone’s career just by existing! (rip them. they tried) thank you for everything, we love you!!! ♡

Humans and Food Intolerance

So I just saw a post about how humans are weird because of the wide range of food that we eat. It mentioned lactose tolerance being the norm and that’s not actually true. Not being lactose intolerant is the mutation, not the other way around. In the past, it wasn’t the norm to drink milk from a cow and didn’t start becoming widely used till recently. Humans have been evolving to be tolerant because of this.
In my family, my aunt and cousin have been lactose intolerant since they were kids. But me and my siblings didn’t start becoming intolerant until recently, like the last few years. Me and my brother have it the worst. My brother can’t have anything lactose at all. Is so bad, it’s basically any allergy. Me, I take lactate pills whenever I eat anything dairy but they don’t always work.
It’s the same with other things that humans regularly eat even though it’s basically poison. Like fish! Your body is not supposed to be able to handle fish. It’s actually proven that if you don’t eat something when you’re a baby/ little kid that you’re more likely to develop an allergy to that thing. Take my sister for example. She is allergic to fish because we never ate a lot of fish growing up. She talked to her allergist and he said that’s why she’s allergic and that if she started eating a little bit at each meal and worked her way up to eating more and more that she can stop getting sick from eating it. WHICH IS THE SAME WAY PEOPLE BECOME RESISTANT TO POISONS AND DRUGS!
So imagine aliens coming to our planet and being weirded out by the wide variety of food we eat. And then imagine their reactions when we tell them that we are actually allergic/intolerant to a lot of what we eat but we kept eating it until our body stopped telling us no and just got over “being a lil btch about it”