.bradford badboy

When I look at his body I’m like:
“Hell boy! Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice!”

When I look at his face I’m like:
“You’re such an adorable person ! So cute and cheeky haha awwwww”

Zayn Imagine - Broken promises (Part 2)

After Zayn walks out, I slide down the wall, my head going blank as I cry.

Is this even worth it?

Our entire relationship is getting torn apart because I’m insecure.

Thousands of people telling someone how horrible they are can really take it’s toll.

While wiping my tears, I notice the silver band on my right hand.

The promise ring.

‘I promise never to leave you, and to always be there for you’ these were his exact words and look where we are now.

He left me alone when I need him most.

I slide off the ring and start to toy with it.

What should I do now?
Is this the end?

I sit on the floor for another hour, playing with the ring before I get up and walk to bed.

It doesn’t take long to fall asleep, but soon I hear the front door open and shuts which wakes me.

I sit up straight in the bed and I can’t help but wish that Zayn was here so he could check it out.

I listen intently and then hear a set of keys - Zayn’s keys - being placed on the counter.

I sigh and lay down again, waiting for him to enter the room.

“Back already?” I say when I can see him and I can tell he is surprised by me speaking.

“I- Uh- yeah. I’m sorry.” He mumbles, staring at the ground.

“Sorry won’t fix everything this time. You broke a promise which makes this promise ring pretty much worthless.” I say and I can tell my words struck a nerve.

“Don’t say that. I was angry and I had to clear my head.” He defends.

“Still. You know how it feels to get hate. You would be insecure too about our relationship if the situation was reversed.” I say and he says nothing.

“Not such a nice though, is it?” I press further and he shakes his head, sitting down next to me on the bed.

“No. I never really thought about it from your perspective.” He confesses and I nod.

“I figured. So why’d you come back?” I ask and he shrugs.

“I missed you and I felt bad for leaving like that. I said things I really didn’t mean and I broke the one promise I vowed to keep.” He says and I nod.

“So how are we going to get through this? Or do you still want time apart?” I ask Zayn and he shakes his head.

“Time apart was a dumb idea.” He says and almost smile.

“So talk it out then?” I ask and he mods in confirmation.

“I’m tired.” I whisper and Zayn nods.

“Me too. Let’s talk tomorrow? Then we’re both levelheaded and rested.” He suggests and I nod, snuggling into his chest as his arms wrap around me.

“I love you. I mean it. Even when I say things I don’t mean and break a promise.” He whispers and I nod.

“I love you. Let’s just leave the topic of media and hate and all those things completely alone.” I say and I feel him nod.

“We do’t need them. All I need is you.” He says and I’m thankful it’s too dark for him to see me blush.

“Goodnight.” I whisper before fading into the darkness

Dear Zayn,

You don’t know me and you’ll probably never even see this, but I’ve been a fan of you since your X-Factor days. I know it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been here, but I needed a sentence to start off with. I’ve seen you from when you were nervous for the dance competition at boot camp to when you sold out arenas worldwide. I remember how when I first saw you was with your video diaries. It literally feels like it was just yesterday our little fandom had the inside jokes about spoons and carrots. I had a feeling that you guys were going to make it big, but I never knew how big until now and I couldn’t be anymore prouder. What was once a group of boys with the same dream has turned into a worldwide sensation that proved that anyone can fulfill their dreams if they word hard enough for it.

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I’m gonna miss our bradford badboy so much
Can someone please shoot me because that would hurt less than this