Memorial Day: Gerald Fitzgerald

Killed in the Battle of Chancellorsville on the Rappahannock River in May 1863, Gerald Fitzgerald was a First Lieutenant in the 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry. He graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 1859, but was too eager to join the war to wait for his ordination. 

In a remembrance by abolitionist and Unitarian minister, Moncure Conway, he says, “Two soldiers reported that they found him dying of a wound on the field and bore him to the shade of a tree.” His body was never recovered.      


Bienchen´s Baby outfits - Version 2 by bienchen83 (Sims 4)

I offer you a new version of my baby clothing defaults today.
There are 5 new skintones that came with GTW for the alien babys.
You can tell from the name of the packages which baby outfit they´ll change.
bm = male babies
bf = female babies
ba = alien babies (unisex, as EA used the same skintones for female and male alien babys)
The end of the file name depicts the color of the skintone the outfit is attached to.
med = medium skintone
light = light skintone
blue = blue skintone


anonymous asked:

Namorado que ama de vdd n termina pq a mina n qr mostrar os peitos. Se amasse conseguiria fazer vc se sentir bem e pronta para mostrar. Então, primeiro SE AME, e n mostra peito pra um cara que te force a isso, mostre quando se sentir bm csg msma

Supernatural needs to do an episode where some stupid white kids are doing that stupid Charlie Charlie challenge and end up actually summoning a poltergeist or a demon and Sam and Dean just roll their eyes and save them, but then they get a call from some hunter friend that there’s more and then there’s like a montage of them taking down demons and poltergeists because of this stupid challenge.

And then of course a BM scene next to the impala

You know, when it comes down to the rest of my life, I’m not quite sure of anything. My future career, my legacy, and what the world will see me as once I am no more. However, there is only one thing I am absolutely sure of, and that is I want to grow old with you. Live with you and die with you.
—  it has always been you, and you alone., bm

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But what if Olivia is too busy with other projects so they will have to kill Emma in S4...

*nods* Olivia leaving is always a possibility (let’s face it, the girl’s a star). We’ll just have to cross our fingers and pray she’ll be available. After all, BM only takes 5 months to film, and even then they could always work around her schedule, limit her screen time, and have it make complete sense within the story’s narrative (recovery time for an organ replacement etc.) 

In terms of Dylemma’s story alone, the writers are far from through with it. Carlton did say “For quite a while we’ve talked about Emma and Dylan becoming more connected. I wouldn’t want to say too much, but clearly there’s more story between them that will unfold next season.” So, in the writers’ minds, at least, Emma’s story is far from over :) 


jheneaiko: about 22 personalities between us. balanced af 😎 thank you @miyokochilombo @ariellev @hell0krissy for being here …. and always being THERE. what. a. fucking. trip 😂😍😕😤😡😫😶😷😭😝😇 lol. think we’re ready for BM ? 👀


July 1940 issue

~ Cleve Adams, “The Key”, ‘Lt Canavan & Lt Kleinschmidt, LA setting’, 1st of 6 stories in BM

~ Russell Bender, “Copper’s Moll”, ‘McNulty, a young cop’, last of 3 stories in BM

~ D.L. Champion, “Death Stops Payment”, 1st story with Rex Sackler, ex-cop/PI, known as the ‘parsimonious price of penny-pinchers, narrated by his assistant Joey Graham, reprinted in The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories (Vintage, 2010), 26 or these funny stories in all

~ Dale Clark, “Rhymes with Crimes”, ‘1st Mike O’Hanna story, house dick at San Alpa Resort hotel; also in general LA area; total of 28 O’H capers)’, 3rd of 32 stories in BM

~ Charles E. Jestings, “’Soapy’ Slater: A Prison Poem”, ‘con is killed in attempted crash out’, 1st of 2 stories in BM,

~ Jim Kjelgaard, “So Skulks the Weasel”, ‘short-short…rural scene after prison break’, 1st of 6 stories in BM

~ Peter Paige, “…And God Won’t Tell”, ‘Dan Ryan swaps ‘his soul for a swastika’, i.e. a German American Bund-type group, 1st -person narrator’, 7th of 12 stories in BM

~ Edward S. Williams, “Someday I’ll Kill You”, ‘Clee Dunn, shamus’, 7th of 8 appearances in BM (8th is a reprint in Mar 1951 issue)

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