LOL everywhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing right here, and right here the hearts are light,
And right here women are laughing, and right here children shout;
But there is no joy in Supernatural— cause Dean has struck out.


Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Lucie Safarova | Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Stuttgart 2015 Champions
↳ def. Caroline Garcia/Katarina Srebotnik 6-4, 6-3

  • 2nd title together as a doubles pair (after Australian Open ‘15)
  • 15th doubles title for Mattek-Sands, 6th doubles title for Safarova

Leighton had been up all night, barely getting enough rest due to the test she had to study for that she’s scheduled to take at three o’clock. As the sun begins to peek through the beige drapes hanging from her bedroom window, her eyes began to flutter, face scrunched  as she let out a low groan and rose up from her laptop’’s keyboard, which she had fallen asleep on. She makes an effort to get her eyes open, blinking to make her blurry vision more clear while she got up from the chair and made her way to the bathroom to prepare herself for the day ahead. Once Leighton had gotten dressed, she quickly made her way out of her small studio apartment, heading toward the local cafe for some coffee and breakfast. Upon her arrival, she sees the long line, already growing impatient as she swing her purse over her shoulder, hitting someone passing by on accident. “Oh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you. I-”, she began to ramble, feeling terrible about her idiotic mistake. 

Janel walked over to the table that was lined up with a variety of different dishes, starting to reach for a plastic plate until noticing bugs were flying around. Using the plate to swat them away, she voluntarily rearranged the dishes back to their previous spots, making sure that they were covered with something to keep the insects away. The feeling of a soft thuds on the bench near her leg caught her attention and once she turned her head, she spotted a child climbing onto the bench. The sight of his small hands holding onto the plastic plate made her smile and she had figured he needed assistance. “You want some food little guy?” Janel asked, smiling even more as he nodded his head with a toothless smile. She kindly took his plate and allowed him to point out the different foods he wanted, putting them on his plate. 

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What makeup products do you use and also what skincare? Like creams, cleansers etc. Your skin and makeup always look flawless :)

Thank you! As of recently I’ve been using all Bare Minerals products for my face. BM is so great, it’s medium coverage and it doesn’t feel cake-y at all! It gives a great natural looking finish :~) I use Anastasia brow gel and then Bare Minerals brown shadow (which is also great bc you can build the color. so it works great for light day makeup and also smokey night looks!) All my mascara is just cheap drugstore stuff. 

As for my skin care routine, I don’t use anything! Luckily, I’ve been blessed w/ good skin. I just wash my face every night w/ a warm washcloth and soap! 


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oh my god or the hearthstone people who like to spend ages at the end putting down EVERY CARD they own before they beat you, to show you, just how much, they beat you by??? its like? . //?? m. ?(*x_x) smh

this is me i love bm 

“Down! Set! Hut 1!” Janel exclaimed as she took a few steps back with the football before handing it to the boy. It was funny how she ended up playing with all of the kids including the one she had been chaperoning and now with all of them charging towards her, she took off with Caleb as he clutched onto the football, taking off down the field. The sound of the kids yelling and screaming after her traveled around the park and Janel couldn’t help but laugh as she ran as fast as she could with Caleb in her arms, finally reaching the touchdown mark. “Wooo! You got it Caleb!” She said, hugging and spinning him around. Janel always had a soft spot in her heart for kids and it made her happy to see them smiling and having fun. The other children wanted to keep going but she saw that some of them looked a bit tired so she called a timeout and lead them to towards the drink coolers.