Workout today!

• POP Pilates: 6 mins to a sexy little waist

• POP Kicks: total body kick boxing cardio

• POP Pilates: 6 mins to sexy arms

• POP Cardio: Fun Indoor cardio workout

• POP Pilates: Extreme abs 2

• Tone It Up: Bikini series Bikini Arms

This was so good today! I loved this! The Extreme abs 2 was insane omg. I’m feeling so amazing from today’s workout! :)


10-Minute Abs, Butt & Legs Workout

Blogilates writes:

Your lower abs, your legs and your butt will be toned, tight, and sleek. Trust me. Get through this, I know you can!


Took this in my daughters room while she was reading to me, so she wanted a pic of her too of course. Today I did all the blogilates calendar workouts. I don’t remember all the titles, it was arms and more arms. I also did 50 squats for the fit geek squat challenge. I used my 10 lb weights, did some narrow, some wide and some plie squats. A little yoga to stretch out after and fish pose for the bloomingopen yoga challenge. It’s a pose I haven’t done in awhile, felt good.

fatima-khan-blog asked:

What exercise do you do during workout?

I do POP Pilates (blogilates on YouTube). I also run sometimes. Trying to get into yoga. But I mostly do pilates because it’s fun.

Bonus: I actually enjoy the burn of oblique workouts. So I used to do them obsessively. So I always have lines, which is nice.


Try this routine once a day for the next 7 days and you will see those abs start to pop!

Do it with me! Abs on Fire Workout Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ogDIqyGmCM

Print, sweat, and reblog!

<3 Cassey

PS - also…thank you to my friend Kimberly from arthlete.tumblr.com for collaborating with me on these printables! She is such a talented artist and has a great outlook on positive body image. I just had to team up with her! Let me know what other workout videos we should turn into printables! xoxo


The 1000 SQUAT CHALLENGE. Do 100 reps of each. Time how long it took you. Took me 40 minutes. Legs and butt were DYING!

Do the full length video with me here: http://youtu.be/fF71IJUXGOk

Reblog if you plan on doing this!

Remember to be careful. This workout is NOT EASY. So take breaks when you need it and only push yourself to a level of slight discomfort but not to the point where you’re going to hurt yourself. 

Have fun!


I stooped myself down to this level

Here’s the deal, my moirail here is upset and she’s gained 10 kilos. So she wants to loose weight, no big deal right? Wrong. She intends to starve herself using the same method she used when she was 10. 10 years old and developed anorexia because of it.

She thinks she overweight because of the bmi. She’s not. She’s a twig and quite frankly doesn’t have much to loose. On the bmi I’m technically overweight and I’ve got muscle tone now.

I want her to use a meal and workout plan from Blogilates so that she’ll get strong as well as loose weight since weight is not just a number.

Please reblog this. I need to show her that malnutrition is not the way to loose weight, it’s the way to get sick. She won’t listen to me because “her way” worked when she was younger.

If you’re like me, and you absolutely love getting motivated by trying out new fun workouts this is the list for you! Over a month’s worth of vids, all mega convenient and inspiring! P.S. I dare you to try at least one new video a week!


Spring Fling Toning Workout

Bikini Abs & Inner Thighs

Beach BABE workout

Booty, Lower ABS & Love Handles

Beach Body Workout (Almost 1 Hour!)

150 Calorie Burn

Love Your Total Body

Fit  & Fab

Small Waist, Tight Butt, Thin Thighs


Bubble Butt Workout

POP Pilates: Legs & Thighs

Thinner Thighs & Legs

Tone It Up: Thighs


Love Your Booty

Sculpted Back

Bikini Blaster: Sexy Legs

Beach Bum

Long, Lean Dancer’s Legs


VS Angel Arms

VSAngel Arms 2

Tank Top Arms

Fine Toning Arm Rountine


Ultimate Abs

KILL that Muffin Top!

Bloat Be Gone!

Kill Me Now Abs

Intense Lower Abs

Dancing With The Stars: Abs& Buns

Bikini Abs (Fun dancing!)

Bodacious Back & Sleek Shoulders


HIIT Cardio & Abs (AKA DEATH)

Bad A** HIIT!

Red Light, Green Light

HIIT Bikini Blaster


Spring Fling: Fat Loss Cardio

Fat Burning Cardio

Booty Shaking Fat Loss


Protein-Packed Sweet Sushi! c: (made with homemade gluten-free tortillas)

1 tbs oat flour
1 tbs water
1 egg
(mix and cook in non-stick pan)

2 tbs Pb2
raw pumpkin seeds
bananas, blueberries and strawberries

Seriously the best thing I’ve ever made! So delicious and filling! (: