Oh it’s you again.

Yes it is, and I’m here to announce the return of SPIRITER WEEK, the yearly Baten Kaitos free-for-all on this here tumbler dot com. The goal of this event is, as it was the previous years, to post daily Baten Kaitos content between the 10th and 16th of October.

I can’t post every day, man! I got other stuff to do!

It’s perfectly fine, friend, the daily thing isn’t mandatory. Just have fun and make some BK content! Since people seemed to like it last year, we’re gonna have a catch-up week between the 24th and 30th of October, for people who were too busy during the initial week or couldn’t finish their stuff in time.

Wow, you completely changed the graphics for the banner.

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Baten Kaitos Origins, so I figured I’d so something special. It was a lot of copy&paste and tears.

I’m not much of an artist or writer, can I still join in the fun?

Hey, we’re not elitists in here! Just make whatever you can/want to make, we’ll be happy all the same. Make edits! Spark a discussion! Spread the word of our lord and savior Malpercio to everyone you know! … … … Ok, maybe not that last one.

Same tags as always?

Yep, good ol’ #spiriter week. And generic baten kaitos tags. And all the funny tags you can make.

oh boy is it hat time yet

mmm, something’s not quite right here

Boys Keep Swinging
Chapter 5 - Lost My Job
By Organization for Transformative Works

Wherein Jareth puts his pride to one side in order to do right by Sarah. But no one said getting a job was easy…

(illustrated by the amazing @emmakescomics - now uncensored ;3)

Sarah couldn’t believe that it had taken her four days to realise that Jareth’s self proclaimed ‘dicky eye’ was in fact completely blind.

She’d been loitering to his left side, glaring down at him one morning as he ate her last portion of cereal. It’d been marked clearly. Hers.

Sarah had cleared her throat, and Jareth had clutched his chest before he made a strange kind of trilling noise, falling backwards off the chair.

my suite mates apparently put up “”“"rules”“”“ in our bathroom, which include but are not limited to:
• bringing our own tp into the bathroom
• marking/tallying each time we clean the bathroom

n they have our names on stickies for us to tally when we clean, but they fucking put down "claire” for me so im not doing any of that shit like
my name is literally on the door to my room,,,,, the Disrespec,,,,,