Glitz: “Cream Monarch–”

Cream: “Oh my goodness!”

Glitz: “From the moment I met you, it feels as though the world has stopped spinning on its axis. It’s like time has stood still these past few days or like time has stopped being a thing altogether. I think about how I’ve only known you for a little over 72 hours and it just doesn’t make sense. Because in a way, it feels like I’ve always known you. Maybe you’ve been there in my dreams when I sleep at night, but I wake and forget. In my heart, I feel that I’ve known you my whole life. And the world would not make sense without you by my side for all the journeys and adventures that I have left in this world.”


Bee: “I’m not too worried about it. I just think my taste buds went on the fritz. At first I craved something salty, and then something sweet, then something savory. It’s like they just couldn’t make up their minds! I probably put on a few pounds with all my late night snacking.”

Magnolia: “Well take it easy, okay, Bee. I’m worried about you. If you don’t feel like normal, even if it’s just your tastebuds, maybe you should go see the doctor and make sure everything is okay.”

Bee: “Ohh I’ll be fine. I’ll just hit the gym after work.”

Magnolia: “You’re going to work?! Maybe you should stay home and make sure you’re feeling okay.”

Bee: “I feel fine, Maggie!”


!5 Various Wildberries up for adopting!

Lists Wildberries Aus:  

  • Wild!Berry (mixed by Undertale Sans)

The Mixed Breeds-

  • Wild!Raspberry (mixed by Underfell Sans aka Red)
  • Wild!Tropicalberry (mixed by Underswap Sans)
  • Wild!Celestialberry (mixed by Outertale Sans)
  • Wild!Grimberry (mixed by Gaster!Sans)

RULES: -You can have one each of the wildberries~

PLEASE TAG CREATOR/DESIGNER IF YOUR GOING TO DRAW OR WRITE STORIES/ETC (Also that I may see them and give many thanks!!)  

—>Tags and owner: #askwildberries @metalphoenixxwolf

~Know their info & check how to take care of them!!!~

Art, wildberriesau /c/ @metalphoenixxwolf


I finished the makeovers of the Sunstones! First we have the teens, Pomelo, Andromeda, and Aurora.

I played around in Photoshop and decided on a new editing style for this save!