Bambam: a cute, living mushroom // can’t go anywhere without his heels

Mark: didn’t get the memo that it was black shoes day // purposely told Coco to tear up his jeans for style

Jackson: turnt minister // obsessed with heels ever since introduced by Bambam

Jaebum: ripped his jeans running from fans // thinks “low rise” jeans mean the length of one side should be shorter than the other

Youngjae: wears black so that his sunshine face stands out // cares less about fashion and more about happiness

Jinyoung: his mom dressed him up // he’s not making a heart, but instead asking for money cause he’s the next CEO of JYPE

Yugyeom: someone help him with his tie, he missed the collar // wears red because he wants to promote “Tuan brothers”


this cute af BBam moment (*≧▽≦)

GOT7 “If You Do” at 2x Speed Dance. Barefooted Fighting Spirit.


[+2132,-25] 777777777th entering the GOT7 fandom…!!!

[+1981,-22] Freaking amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+1608,-23] Wow ㅠㅠㅠreally good looking

[+1546,-24] Totally coolㅋㅋ

[+1372,-66] As expected of GOT7. You were the best at the 2x speed dance.

[+1280,-18] GOT7 so cool♡

[+1219,-15] Really so cool. My heart is straining…

[+1170,-12] Wow. really cool..It’s already a hard choreo, but why are you guys still so good at itㅠㅠ really cool..

[+1088,-16] Watched this when it aired, and they’re so good lookingㅜㅜㅜㅠ

[+916,-12] This was cool when they did it at ASC, but to see them do well during a full version. I like it…!

[+777,-10] So crazy..how are they able to do all that footwork?

[+771,-5] Isn’t this dance already hard to do normally? It’s even cooler seeing them dance so aggressively hereㅜㅠso daebak

[+731,-7] Wow look at them syncing all those steps..daebak

[+729,-5] Crazy! It’s so cool. That footwork!!!!! Haa…freaking cool. Becoming a fan.

[+658,-7] Got goosebumps watching this..

source: Naver TV Cast
trans: matcha_852 @ got7co

GOT7 reaction to accidentally eating weed brownies.

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Got7 gif reaction to them realising that they ate weed brownies, not knowing that they were weed brownies at first.

wow thats actually really interesting! 
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the chill leader hardly sees a change in his regular attitude. he eats the brownie, just because its a waste to throw away delicious food. tries to figure out how this came about, and give a warning to not have these in the dorm again, what if the maknaes got ahold of them?


does not care in the slightest, he has the chillest night ever, and sleeps for the next 13 hours, only getting up for pizza.


Finds all the ramyeon in a 3mile radius and eats it all! he has a major case of the munchies, and nothing is going to stop him. he doesn’t freak out when he first realises, he finishes eating the piece and skips around the dorm sharing them out.


‘what horrible decision have i made in my life to have these in my possession?!’ he starts to question everything and everyone around him, how could this happen?! who’s are they?! 


he processes everything thats just happened, it was an honest mistake, but he’s still freaking out, he’s breathing increases, he sweats profusely. he much stay calm, he can’t let JB know this happened.


no f***s given, he carries on being the life of the party, dancing all night long, harassing the convenience store cashier all night long with his 1000 trips to buy junk food, and generally getting on his hyungs nerves, so basically a normal night at the dorm


he doesn’t even get to the freaking out stage, he’s already so carefree, he gets the munchies right away, after that he’s hell bent on making jinyoungs night hell, and causing all sorts of mischief.

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