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so many posts sayin ppl hate monhell cause k*ramel or cause we ship supercorp

Buddy. Buddy. Buddy.

Lemme tell you this.

I hate monhell. Cause he’s a piece of fucking garbage.

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x14

A decent, if unoriginal episode. Inoffensive, uneventful, forgettable, but not bad. Probably one of the best from S18, actually.

Overall Thoughts

The case was… not enough to sustain a 40-minute episode. Especially since the resolution was the exact same one we’ve seen about a dozen times this season (we just saw it last week, in fact). Liv convinces someone (the victim or a witness) to testify, using her magical powers of persuasion. And we don’t even see the testimony. Or the verdict. Where’s our closure, as viewers?

Now, if the point is that survivors have powerful voices, and their testimony can make or break a case (which is unfortunately not true in the real world), or that witnesses have the power to help, if only they just speak up, I’m all for it. I like that message. But why not spread the wealth, and have one of the other characters get through to the victims or the witnesses, every once in a while?

Remember how Carisi convinced that guy (the wonderful Patrick Breen) to testify in 41 Witnesses? Remember when Barba used to talk to the victims? Remember when Amanda used to use her spark to connect with victims and witnesses alike? Why does it always have to be Liv? This “last minute change of heart” (non-)twist is getting old as a plot point, because it literally happens every other week. And it’s made all the more repetitive by the fact it’s always Liv in those scenes. Change it up, please!

Undercover Carisi

Finally! I don’t know if it’s sad or awesome, but you could really see Peter come to life in that scene. Like, “boy, I haven’t had the chance to act in months! I'mma grab it by the hair!” And he did. His gesticulations were classic Carisi, as were his “lol wtf is this guy talking about?” sassy faces. I saw the old Carisi, for that one minute and a half, and I loved it.

I also loved how Sonny clearly did his homework, and was able to come up with a believable backstory on the spot, that’s consistent with the Sonny we know and love. The jack of all trades. The one who knows a little something about everything.

Also, Sonny literally made more facial expressions in that one scene, than he has in the entirety of S18. Why waste such an interesting face, lol? Give Peter more to do!

Sonny and Continuity

Carisi had a personality again, after, what, 14 episodes? Noice! Why can’t the writers work in something like that more often, I wonder? Instead of once per season? It only takes 20 seconds to remind the viewers who Sonny is as a character.

That’s what I love about him, and about Peter’s portrayal. In the previous two seasons, there were very few Carisi-centric episodes (2, technically) and a handful of Carisi-heavy episodes, but his character was developed by using little moments, little throwaway lines, jokes or words of support to his colleagues, or even to perps. That’s how Sonny’s character was drawn, almost on the sidelines but getting a chance to shine, here and there.

Sonny is not the type of character who needs to be front and center to show growth, and Peter is the kind of actor who can make the most out of the least, lol. The little moments (especially as Peter plays them) are more than enough to tell us who Sonny is. That was missing this season, completely, and these two moments in last night’s episode were a sorely needed reminder.

I mean, Sonny absolutely is the kind of guy who is nosy and butts into everyone’s business good-naturedly, out of love, which was perfectly demonstrated by the way he asked Fin about the Sergeant’s exam results (and Fin’s “stop asking” perfectly demonstrated that Sonny can be annoying, also out of love, lol).

And Sonny is also totally the kind of guy who randomly asks passersby for help with his crossword puzzle, because he has no boundaries (in a fun way, lol). And his little moment with Liv, bonding over their love for crossword puzzles lmao BENISI btw? I loved it! That entire scene took literally 15 seconds, and yet it was 100% Sonny. It’s so easy, when the writers try. More of that, please.

Stray Thoughts

Tate Donovan was great, as always.

Not nearly enough Barba.

Did I blink and miss the scene where Fin makes Sergeant? Are they going to edit it into Know It All (perhaps deleting some Barba scenes, lol)? The fuck?

Sonny’s popped collars amuse me to no end.

YES to that scarf (though I’ll never know why Sonny immediately took it off). And HELL YES to the rolled up sleeves/no jacket look.

Barba: It’s her decision.

Liv: lol no

Barba: But how does she feel?

Liv: lol who cares

Barba: That’s what I think.

Liv: lol no it’s not

Barba: u right

I like giving villains second chances because I don’t know where I’d be had the same not been done for me.

Being better is a choice, so please give people the chance to make it.

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Hi, I know this isn't to do with you specifically (I'm sorry ;-;) But I was wondering if you had a direct link to the mesh for the converse shoes used on one of your request sims, as the link doesn't work properly when I try it ;_; You linked the shoes for the sim Leslie McAllister, and the recolour is fine, but the mesh isn't working. Sorry and thank you <3

Hey! The link is working fine for me but maybe this link might help? If not, send me an ask again! And don’t be sorry, downloading cc can be a pain sometimes. <3

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