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Look at how NOT shocked he is!
Frieza just betrays him, his OWN KIND, and Frost is just, “WAIT WHA- oh…..”

Look at his face in that last shot, he looks so confused but he isn’t super upset about it! XD


Her son, Ptolemy, succeeded his father and reigned until A.D. 40, when he was killed by Caligula, the Roman Emperor, and the North African kingdom was divided into Roman provinces. Young Ptolemy seems to have had no children, so the ancient line of the Ptolemies that stretched back to the successors of Alexander the Great had died out. It was a dynasty that produced some of the most impressive women of the ancient world.

Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World - Joyce E. Salisbury

“I said I wouldn’t cry.”

Let’s just say that Keith said that words because he always told himself not to cry. Because how many times he cried alone. Of how many times he was left behind and how many times he felt that keeping himself away from the others in order to not be rejected hurts more than he think. He suppresses himself by stating those words but then again words are brittle compared to actions for someone like Keith. No matter how many times he stated these words, his tears won’t just stop, so he chose to cry and hurt alone.

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hey, grim! it's my birthday. mind giving a girl a hug? or maybe just sending good vibes my way.

*  hey, happy birthday! consider all the good vibes sent, sweetpea-

* and hey, live it up a little, however you can and whatever’s fun for you! it’s your day, so give take a cakewalk and be easy on yourself, alright cutie? have a killer one.

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I know that Will isn't particularly feminine, but I like to think that he wears lingerie every so often (with a little coaxing from Grell) 😂💖 It would be so cute to see him wearing stockings 💕

Eh, William would do it for Grell if she wishes to see him like that but he prefers to have sexy lingerie rather on her body than on himself tbh. 😂

Sometimes he wears her bra’s just for fun because it makes her laugh and he loves to see her being happy. But even Grell admits that bra’s look more fashionable on her than on him. 😂

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Not an ask but. Holy I love your art?? Like, so much Keith and Klance content bless. I LOVE KEITH TOO, HE MY FAVE!!!!! Hope your having a nice day. And, yeah!😅 <3.

Omg! I almost got a heart attack (just kiddin) But holy quiznak thank you very much and Yes please! Keef needs more love (He’s also my fave, too many times I’ve yelled xD) Bless you and have a nice day too~😘💕💕💕