.awww darren!!!

Simon says with Team Beard

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren gave Chris his sweater when he was feeling chilly. Boyfriend sweater. <3 

Team Beard does: The Beard starts wearing mock-ups from Darren’s old clothes and does it so often that it ends up looking desperate. 

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren always wears one of the rings that Chris gave him. The ring. <3 

Team Beard does: The Beard starts wearing a ring too, swapping fingers and styles, so it wouldn’t go unnoticed. 

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren’s eyes are always seeking out for Chris in a crowd. Heart eyes. <3 

Team Beard does: Someone digs a any and all pics of Darren looking anywhere remotely her direction and (re)posts them somewhere visible, possibly with a slightly fabricated story in the pic caption.

CC shippers say: Awww, that song gives me such CC feels. Darren probably wrote it for Chris. <3 

Team Beard say: Someone comes out with new information stating that the song a) predates Darren in Glee and thus his relationship with Chris b) was not actually written by Darren or c) was really about the Beard.

CC shippers say: Awww, look at their cars together like that. Husbands. <3 

Team Beard does: Someone posts a pic of Beard’s new car online with hints of whom got the car for her and makes sure that Darren’s car is seen near it.

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren is always on the phone. Probably texting or chatting with Chris. <3 

Team Beard does: Someone plants a question in an interview and makes sure Darren answers it in the PR story appropriate way, i.e. surprise, surprise, Darren says he text with the Beard the most.

Team Beard pretends to do whatever the CC shippers say Darren and Chris do. For Team Beard, #RelationshipGoals is to be seen as adorable together as Darren and Chris really are!

On the livestream they read a tweet of someone suggesting that klaine sing Not Alone at their wedding and Darren goes “awww, that’s a cool idea.”