Monsta X as actual 3rd graders in my class

These are literally the kids in my class, and I realized I had mini-Monsta X in my 3rd grade class today (Korean school, English class)…this is 100% truth about what these kids are like.

Shownu ~ The one who takes a dozen stickers from the back of the book and puts them on his face, then stares at me blankly without a smile or a frown. 

Wonho ~ The cutest of the cute, tries to talk to me in English even though he isn’t good at it, always smiles at me, would totally give me an apple every Monday if that was a thing here. Sweet and cute, but always getting in trouble with his homeroom teacher.

Minhyuk ~ Loud during games, doesn’t pay a lick of attention during the lesson. Super good at English, but moody. If he doesn’t feel like playing, he pouts. If he does feel like playing he’s one of the best in the class. Cheats on games on accident. Makes sure everyone else isn’t cheating.

Kihyun ~ The tiniest child, he crosses his eyes at me when I make faces at him. He and I play a game where we poke each other in the arm when one of us isn’t looking, then totally pretend we didn’t do it, even though it was obviously us. Goofs around during the lesson and games, unless I stand at his desk, then he’s on point, and good at English. His desk has to be neat.

Hyungwon ~ I ran out of boys, but there is a girl who will do. She sleeps with her eyes open during class most days and is full of sass when she does speak. She’s smart in English, so she gets bored easily.  Some days she refuses to do anything, other days she participates 100%.

IM ~ The kid who stuck his tongue out at me today when I was near his desk. Good at English,but doesn’t care about it. Looks for ways to get in trouble. Shoves green goo into my hand during break time just to see me make my “yuck” face.

Jooheon ~ The kid in the back of class who pretends to not be good at English but then is the first to answer all the questions correctly. Cute, but tries to not be sweet. First to greet me in class today, with a smile and some English, but then quick to walk way before it ruins his cred. Wins all the games, but is really too cool to play games.