kids are so cute and precious but also I sort of hate them?? Because they’re loud and rude and messy, which are three things I really hate plus they’re pretty stupid and it’s really hard to have a coherent conversation with them

it slightly bothers me that I think I’d probably REALLY hate kids if I didn’t have like…a biological imperative to think they’re cute and want to protect them?? Like I have no choice over this???

I mean if I saw a little kid about to be run over or whatever I’d probably risk my own life to save them and like….HMMM….I did not ask for this set of priorities to be FOISTED upon me by the evolutionary need to preserve the young of the species

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today I was talking to my brother, and I happened to mention OL. I assumed he'd ask me what it was. I was wrong, bc he immediately said 'oh, that show isn't very good, is it?' after I got over my shock, I grilled him and it turns out - my brother follows WS (huge ST fan). he doesn't have the slightest clue what OL is, but he has a vv negative view of the show, Claire and the fans (he said, they're p crazy, aren't they?) so WS does have an impact on people, and Starz had best realise that soon~

Awww… That’s too bad you have a brother in Shitner’s Dick Minion Army. 😕Well, we don’t get to pick our relatives. Sorry bout your luck, dear. I won’t hold it against you. Promise. 😉


Awww, Gideon made it 💖 

I’m getting fond of that buffoon.

At first I hate him for what he did to Judy.

But seeing his genuine regret and apology to Judy, the hate totally disappeared, and I’m kinda fond of him.

The best pastry chef in the Tri-Burrows area making his mark in the City

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"Okay, I guess that I am stupid because I fell for you - again." Tony looked at her with sad eyes. "No matter what I do, I always end up at your doorstep like a lost puppy returning home."

Isabelle watched him, leaning against the door frame as she did and brushing her bangs out of her face so she could get a better look at him. “It’s not your fault.” She shook her head, “You’re an adorable puppy.” She stepped to the side so he could enter the apartment she was in.

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Hello! Could I have headcanons on how sanji, zoro, law, and sabo would react to their crush having a beautiful singing voice? Not like she sings all the time, but she'd sing along to brook's violin if requested, and that was the first time they heard her sing? You did a request for me a while ago and it was AMAZING, so now I'm back for another :)

Headcanons for Law, Zoro, Sanji, and Sabo on how’d they react to their female s/o or crush having a beautiful singing voice? :)

Heeeey there :D awww thank you sooo much ♥, I’ve done something very similar for Zoro and Law up here but let me see if I can come up with more ;)


  • dude, if he wasn’t already totally in love with them before, he’d be by now haha
  • “(Name)-san, would you mind humming a little if you have the time?”, for real they should sing a bit for him while cooking, 10/10 the meal gets more delicious
  • he’s profoundly into her singing him a little into sleep, or more humming
  • he usually really enjoys Brooks music, so his s/o having a great singing voice would just boost joy for that by 100%


  • I can see Zoro every now and then actually remarking that they sound really nice, it is rare but could happen


  • oh Law you precious dork
  • He’d never admit it but singing to him during the rare cuddling sessions puts him a lot at eases


  • this is really sweet for Sabo
  • he likes music in general so he’d be kind…not mesmerized but fascinated with her voice, like absently staring at her and listening to her or something
  • the embarassing part of him liking her voice is usually during parties when Sabo is pissdrunk after like 3 beers and drags her to sing Karaoke with him, it’s embarassing