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Gafou headcannon How Lefou will cheer his love when he lost the popularity in the village ?

As Gaston gets better after the fall, he realizes the villagers don’t like him very much anymore after he led them to kill their prince 

I mean, to be fair, Gaston didn’t know who it was because their memories had been wiped, but they’re still pissed

Now, he doesn’t attract all the stares in town… he’s become the one thing he’s always been terrified of becoming- ordinary. 

Lefou is at his side through it all, after they make peace- he stays with one arm linked through Gaston’s (not the broken one, the other one) and reminds Gaston to keep his chin up whenever he gets a dirty look or two

Lefou knows how to deal with the villagers’ contempt because he’s dealt with it all his life

Once they’re back at the cottage, though, Lefou really helps Gaston forget after every long day with a nice massage and sometimes the better part of an hour just snuggling on his lap, kissing him like there’s nothing he’d rather be doing 

Gaston forgets the world for the night, just like every night, because with Lefou whispering all these sweet nothings in his ear until they fall asleep, it could bring a smile to anyone’s face💗


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