So, I’m working on a new pic of my kintype, since I’m home now and have been wanting to do this for a while. Perspective is still wonky in some spots, but this is the initial lineart! I’ll be coloring/rendering/etc later in the week…not sure if I’m going to put a bg on it, though. I might, I might not.

In any case, here’s a more detailed look at me.

I’m not fire. Just its memory. The sigh of change as atoms combust and are reborn. I do not destroy until you invite me inside, and I will never truly die. The cold November breeze is my chariot, the chatter of fallen leaves my eyes. You can chase me for eternity, but never can you contain me. I bring life, through death, and carry warmth to weary souls. I warn away the wise and go to bed beneath the clouds; I’ve heard a million stories shared only between wise men and I’ve written legends without any pens. You and I are not quite the same, for you are wild and I am tame.

Not flame, but smoke - that is my name.


Some hasty kintype sketches, based on phantom shifts and dreams and meditation. This isn’t overly exaggerated, really, despite appearances.

This is my primary form. Emotion and necessity can call for other shapes as well, though. Primarily I run on fours (one pair of arms tucked under me), but being rather arborial I’ll climb on sixes too.

Still uncertain about how my eyes look. Pretty much all I can say is they’re super-duper blue. Toes are pretty inflexible and tail is not prehensile.

Funny thing is, listening to various music affects how exaggerated this shape is. For instance, this is how I feel listening to Jackal Queenston’s “Mind Killer” remix. Still pretty dead-on, generally speaking.

The stars appear along the treetops
It can’t be night until the sun is gone
Taken from dawn

So where I’ll go is just a secret
Between the dark and the cold mountaintops
Dusk is falling

The trail is old, but the trees are older
And as I walk, I leave the earth behind
Out of my mind

So off the path my body wanders
Between the dark and the cold mountaintops
I am calling

I drift along just for the journey
With only stars to tell me where I’ve been
How far have I gone?

Like a sickness, it takes me over
Between the dark and the cold mountaintops
The sun is rising

Look up in awe
The sky is what I want
You’ve seen it all along
And my heart is
Burnin’ up in stars
Yeah, it’s really not so far

Although I search, I cannot find it
An empty space within my memory
A place of my dreams

Perhaps someday, I will awaken
Between the dark and the cold mountaintops
Where dusk is falling

—  The Gift by Wolfgun

The stars are my mothers, my fathers. I was born in the smolder of their hearts, given life, sent across the inky black of space into the bodies of animals and the shoots of plants, where I slept. The stars found me, woke me in flame, and now I climb up, up, reaching and crying out to them, I’m coming home.

Arguably space stuff isn’t a kin thing for me


Holy shit

Every single bit of our bodies and our world and our fucking universe sprung into existence in a glorious cataclysm of energy and basic matter

And that energy and matter spent billions of years expanding and spreading out, and eventually we became stars, not even stars but parts of stars, we were all together, combusting and transforming, becoming metals and gasses and fueling the birth of the world we live right now

And eventually we sprung apart, only to coalesce again into moons and planets and asteroids and all manner of universal objects

Some of us stuck together and became some of the most powerful things in the universe

But we’ve come so far from all those teeny tiny atoms at the beginning of it all

And someday, when all the stars have burned out and life as we know it is long gone

We’ll all come together again to do it over once more

That’s just so mind-blowing and exciting

We literally came from the very things that mesmerize us and captivate us and inspire us

The fiercest beasts and the most humble motes are all miracles, even the ones who do terrible things to one another and the ones who act with selfishness and greed

Everything has aligned just so, and every one of us was born in the red-hot heart of a tireless star

Sometimes the world and the universe makes me angry, but I could never really truly bring myself to genuinely hate anyone or anything

Because we’ve come so far already and we’re all moving towards whatever grand happening comes next


Above: Most recent forms, in chronological order. Fullview for elaborations.

Hi there!! 

I’m Raith, currently questioning polymorph with a bad habit of setting things on fire, myself included. I like space and snakes, and I’m a huge dweeb for anime and the like. Diagnosed (twice) with chronic depression+anxiety and very close to a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (it’s a difficult condition to test for, unfortunately). I’m agender (he pronouns) and asexual, questioning aromantic. If you think I’m cool, bless you for loving a dork like me. 

My kin tags: #.asraith #asraith.txt #bark #shapeshifterproblems

I probably won’t post terribly much in these tags, since usually for kin stuff I prefer forums, but in case I do, here I am! Feel free to send asks and/or drawings of me I would flip O U T

It’s by Kathy Reichs and it’s called “Virals”. In brief terms, it’s basically Max Ride where the main characters are canine rather than avian and, instead of being that way because of experimentation, it’s because they got infected with a virus that is slowly giving them more animal-like abilities, bodies, etc.

I forget how far the infection goes, but it’s a multiple-book series and a mystery on top of that. It’s also connected to “Bones” if you’re into that series.