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“Two guys takin’ a picture five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay-” - The Tordiot, wired on Monster

No but seriously this is an icon for an ask-blog me and @90gbvodka are thinking of starting up involving Fallen-Angel (or just Angel?) Edd and something-or-other Tom.

bnha bad end: mineta is rewarded for his pervyness in the plot and ends up with a hot gf to drool over who ‘likes his personality’

bnha good end: mineta transfers out or otherwise leaves the plot

bnha true end: mineta undergoes character development and realizes how awful he’s been and actively works to change himself because he’s still just a kid like the rest of them and deserves redemption

Another Ride: Chapter 23 - Do the Math

Time check: We are starting rehearsals for week 7, which in theory would probably be a Halloween themed episode, but I’m ignoring that for the sake of my sanity because that’s like my least favorite theme week. Also, quite fond of this chapter. 

Chapter 22

“So, what you’re saying is that you’re figuring this out?”

With a quick glance at James, Sharna nodded. “Sure,” she had said, gratefully answering the last of their interview questions. “That would be a good way to put it. Figuring things out.”

James seemed relieved when they were done, as though that was the end of it and everything could go back to normal. But Sharna knew better than that and it made her nervous. She was worried that all the focus would now be on their relationship rather than their partnership and his growth and the dancing. She knew that, in general, getting people excited about a potential romance on the show never really hurt. But it was important to her that that wasn’t what she and James were all about. Everything they had done so far on the show, everything they had accomplished, his entire story, was all about so much more than that. She didn’t want them to somehow lose themselves along the way.

“Maybe people will let it go and just let us dance,” he had said.

And she tried, though admittedly not very hard, to reassure him that this was probably true. She doubted it though. She knew this was only the beginning. And she was afraid it would scare him away. It wouldn’t be the first time she had lost someone because they couldn’t handle her career and her lifestyle.

But she couldn’t lose him. She couldn’t handle that. With anyone else, she had told herself it was their loss. If they couldn’t handle her, she didn’t need them anyways. But this was different. She fiercely maintained that she didn’t need a man in her life to complete her and make her happy, but she did need James.

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skam month: favorite season: season one: eva

ok, so i just love season one so much because it is when the girl squad formed, and i feel like i can relate to eva a lot. like, not necessarily on the boyfriend front, but i’ve felt that loneliness of feeling like you don’t really have many (or any) friends. it was the beginning of everything which always makes the first seasons of shows great but skam really came out strong from the first season, so ya, first season. also i’m low-key in love with eva so ya. 

soooo, i kinda went a bit overboard when figuring out and selecting the clip for gifs and there are like wayyyyy too many so i’m gonna do different color schemes of season one! hopefully i won’t reuse any of these, but I kinda tried to select them so i wouldn’t reuse them later (which makes this not the most exciting gif set, and i know it doesn’t really encompass season one as a whole, just eva, so sorry, but i hope you guys like my season one color schemes!) 


Some Ship Flags for you:
1. Washington’s Cruisers/Washington’s Navy flag
2. The Gadsden Flag, First flag used by Sea-Going Soldiers in the Revolution
3. Colonial Merchant flag, later evolved into the First Continental Navy flag
4. One of many examples of American Privateer flags, this one from the Reprisal
5. John Paul Jones' Serapis Flag
6. John Barry’s Alliance Flag