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A quick collaboration with @vonnart again! We did it in a book that was passed around Spectrum Fantastic Art Live super last minute! Of course we had to draw a bun!

Spectrum was really spectacular and just way beyond anything I could have ever imagined!! It was an extreeeeeme honor existing in a space of so many artists that inspire so many artists including myself. I even met many other lovely, and extremely talented, artists I had never seen before! The award ceremony was really inspiring and, to my disbelief, I was graced as an honorable mention for the Rising Star award!! I’m eternally grateful! Thank you everyone who went to spectrum and just everything. I hope I live up to this recognition and continue growing in this beautiful community of artists!


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That One Special Hug

A/N: Muse burst out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was jotting down this blip. Based off of the AnimalSet from SIF. Semi-crack(?)
Words: 4,782
Ships: Kanan x Dia, implied You x Riko
Summary: In which the popular body pillow Panda went on a journey to find her one night stand the mysterious stranger who shared her bed.

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A word on “Out of Character”

Just about every time I post an AU fic, I get a comment or tag or message telling me that one of the people in my fic was “out of character.”

So if you’re telling me that the Derek Hale in my fic, who didn’t lose his entire family in a fire, is different than the canonical Derek, then…yeah? You’re right. Of course he is.

If you take major traumatic events out of a character’s life, of course they’re going to change. If Stiles’ mom hadn’t died, do I think he’d be different? Yes. Do I think that if Derek hadn’t lost his betas, he’d be different? Yes. Hell, do I think if Stiles had told his dad about werewolves from the beginning, and had an actual adult to help him deal with the murders and monsters, do I think things would be different? Yes.

I even think that a Derek Hale who has experienced every canon event, when put in a genuine, loving and respectful relationship, would be different.

So next time you accuse someone’s writing as being out of character (and yes, I always see it levied as an accusation), consider the context the character is existing in.

Also, nobody can get things right without messing up. And honestly, writers are typically more than aware of their shortcomings. They don’t need you to tell them, unless they specifically ask. Appreciate your fic authors, and give them a chance to grow.

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Hi! I'm a Muslim lesbian from a really traditional family and I was just wondering how you kept your head up whilst being lgbt+ and religious in a homophobic society and stuff. Thanks!!!

I just had to keep on reminding myself that no matter what people think, to God I am valid and worthy and deserving of His love. It took a while to get to that judgement though; I really had to sit down and accept that I wasn’t doing anything wrong by being LGBTQ–if I’m not hurting anyone, why would God hate me? He’d have no reason! And so I just find strength in Him and in many others who feel the same about this topic, that LGBTQ people aren’t sinful–my gf, my friends, my teachers, etc.

Hmmm I generally try (emphasis on try) not to get involved in the drama in this fandom (since people here seem to just love to attack each other). But, since so many people are expressing their opinions, I suppose I will as well. Forgive me if this is a little blunt, I don’t have the energy to articulate this elegantly.

Some people seem to be pushing a really negative portrayal of Touka. Like, really negative.

I personally have a lot of critiques about how the female characters are portrayed in tg. However, that being said, Touka especially receives a lot of shit, and I think we all know why.

In the latest chapter, she’s receiving a lot of shit over her forwardness with her sexuality. Which is? :/

First off, Touka was very much under the impression that Kaneki was in love with her. Which, at the very LEAST, he was infatuated with her when he was Haise. I think we really need to consider that Touka probably doesn’t have experience with relationships herself and handled the situation in the way she handles other things: bluntly, while explicitly stating what she thinks and feels. She’s hardly perfect and we can’t expect her to be.

Moreover, I think Kaneki is interested in her, but now he’s regained his memories, he has a shit ton of stuff to deal with. He’s probably had too much stuff to do that he’s hardly even thought about relationships (if he has AT ALL). More than anything, I think he was shocked by Touka, and the fact that she was actually an option for him at all.

For him, it literally went from 0 to 100 in 1 second. From him, probably liking Touka and not considering a relationship, to Touka being like: lmao wanna bang

Anyway, that being said, I love Touka.

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For the kiss prompts: For 7kpp 1 or 10!

Prompt(s) ‘cause I kinda combined them: breaking the kiss to say something, staying so close that you’re murmuring into each other’s mouths, and  staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in

1010 words, Zarad x Revaire!MC (Zarad/Sabine), teen

Sabine treads the halls, quite minding her own business– well, not exactly since she is in search of a certain enigmatic and handsome someone– when she notices the odd absence of the laundry maids, making their rounds with their great wicker baskets, and of the various butlers running errands for their young nobles.  This particular hall winds precariously away from the bright charms and activity of the main drawing rooms and other parlors, but still, there ought to be at least some of the more unseen residents of the Isle conducting their business here.

It is when she finally comes to this realization that hands grab her and pull her (her heels sliding on the polished marble floors and tangling in her petticoats) into a deep, dark alcove.

She falls into a familiar chest and its familiar scent, just as a familiar voice whispers into her hair.

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it is so refreshing to see a vegan who isn't against vaccinations! if you choose not to get vaccinated, you are putting so many people in danger (newborn babies, chemotherapy patients, organ transplant patients) who cannot get vaccinated themselves and rely on "herd immunity" for safety. Vaccines may not be vegan, but getting vaccinated against preventable diseases is surely the most compassionate way to live as it protects so many other people. Thanks Ally x

No problem ☺️ It’s a sad reality that animal testing still exists but if I hadn’t been vaccinated as a kid I might not still be alive today or could have made other children dangerously ill. Since introducing vaccines, Diphtheria, H. influenza, Hep A or B, Measles, Mumps, Polio and Rubella all decreased between 98-100%. I’m very grateful for that xx

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Thanks - hope you are enjoying! What are your headcannons about our girls starting the next generation? How do they react when they find out? Handle morning sickness? Any weird cravings? Bonus points for the guys reactions, too! Please feel free to ignore if this is not up your ally!

Oh, boy…the days leading up to the arrival of the next generation of Rampion crew (for which headcanons can be found here) were interesting for all involved. 


  • Cinder spent a solid half of her first pregnancy holed up in various bathrooms throughout the palace, dealing with the joys of morning sickness.
    • She was mildly outraged to discover that the nausea was not, in fact, limited to mornings, as the name would imply.
    • Her cybernetic systems were constantly flashing warnings about dehydration and various other issues, until Cinder had seen them so many times she was tempted to disable them just so she wouldn’t have to look at them anymore!
    • Luckily, her second pregnancy was easier—she dealt more with raging emotions than with anything else. A fact which unnerved everyone because this is Cinder and seeing her smile goofily over anything remotely cute or look heartbroken because of a sad commercial is just…weird.
  • Cinder wasn’t quite sure what to feel when she first began getting odd error messages from her systems and the realization hit her that it was a baby rather than a glitch.
    • On the one hand, she knows nothing about children. She’s barely even been AROUND children, with the exception of Missy. What if she does the parenting thing wrong?!
    • But on the other hand…this is her baby. Kai’s baby. A baby that she and Kai are gonna raise and love and dote on together. And so far, everything they’ve ever faced together has worked out okay.
  • And Kai…oh, man, Kai could not have been happier about becoming a father. He so treasured his relationship with his own father, so he couldn’t wait to create something similar with his own child.


  • Pregnancy was a challenge for Scarlet, mostly because it involves a measure of slowing down—especially in her case—that she just wasn’t happy about. At all.
    • Though she had her share of the cravings and morning sickness and emotional roller coasters, the most defining symptom of Scarlet’s pregnancies was her unfortunate tendency to start feeling dizzy—or even to faint entirely!—during any sort of activity.
      • She would be striding through the farmyard, scattering chicken feed as usual, only to suddenly feel lightheaded and then topple over.
      • Naturally, Wolf was NOT OKAY with this development.Finding your wife sprawled out unconscious on the ground once is one time too many, thank you very much.
        • He makes a point of sticking as close to Scarlet as he can from then on out—especially when he can’t convince her to let him do her work for her—because if she’s gonna faint, then by stars, he’s gonna be there to catch her!
          • And to carry her inside and fuss like an old mama hen rather than the big, burly wolf he is.
      • Everyone else worried about her, too, and all made their own efforts to help out, which only exasperated Scarlet more because, “I’m fine! Stop hovering/comming!”
        • But in the end, she’s grateful when Thorne and Cress stop by to pitch in during harvest and Iko does almost all the baby supply shopping for her in one fell swoop.
  • Initially, Wolf and Scarlet were both a little uneasy about having a baby. How would Wolf’s genetic modifications affect it? What did either of them know about parenting? Would they be able to give it a nice, normal life despite the limelight that comes with being the child of the first Earthen/Lunar marriage? Eventually, however, they came to their own realization like Cinder’s.

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i know i bitch about this a lot but god i just hate being reminded that, outside of my own trans/queer circles i’m nothing but a fucking “special interest” and “fetish” to everyone and it’s times like this when i can see with crystal clear understanding as to why so many trans people just date other trans people

Top Fucks

In response to @ladytorturexxx wanting to know people’s top fucks/wants

10. @dollyxplayhouse
9. @mistamakehercum
8. @krisamaevu
7. @ttbro1
6. @l0vebubblez
5. @remedyremy
4. @ladytorturexxx
3. @roberyndell
2. @bbullgod
1. @henvoiv

This was actually harder than I thought. So many other ppl that could be on the list and the ones on the list can easily be flipped around. So much talent around here

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Now the grade system has been scrapped the show has become more enjoyable to watch. It's so nice seeing the trainees working in teams. It seems like a fairer way of judging the contestants as well. I'm really proud of our Nu'est boys too, they had a rough start but they've seemed to pick themselves up and have been interacting with the other trainees instead of just sticking to themselves. JR was so worried about being leader but everyone encouraged him. Continued.

Cont. It feels like they had lost all of their confidence in the beginning but it makes me so happy that the other trainees are actually supporting them and I was so happy Ren and Baekho were also picked for teams, I was scared they would be leftover but the other trainees do recognise their talent. There are so many talented guys in this show, it sucks we can’t vote, but I’m cheering on more contestants every week not just nu'est. I have so much respect for how hard everyone is working.

Oh, I’ve definitely picked up a few of my own favorites (including spiderboy, he won my heart over pretty quickly just by being so quirky in his introduction clip). A good chunk of these kids are total sweethearts and I hope they all meet with success by the end of the show. 

The grading system is really there just to divide them all and humiliate them. If there’s one thing Korea is super good at, it’s competitive culture and making people constantly compare themselves to their peers. It’s one of the few aspects of the culture I don’t care for in the slightest (but also don’t misunderstand me, I love Korea and respect their culture, but every culture also has its flaws). Though that aspect of the show is basically gone now, that doesn’t mean things will get easier. It just means now everything will be based on Korean voting rank, unfortunately. 

It also doesn’t mean Mnet isn’t going to edit the show in very deliberate ways to try to undermine certain trainees or bring advantage to their favorites. What’s important is that the audience is vigilant in paying attention to what’s going on and that we continue to support our boys until the end. 

it makes me really sad when people say some edgelord thing like “i don’t believe in love” because it means they only see, like, reciprocated romantic love between two people as love and there are so many other cool kinds of love? platonic love is so good! loving your friends is so good! loving the things around you and the coffee you drink and the books you read is good! loving everyone around you is awesome! falling in love with that stranger you saw on the train is good! love is just you realizing that other cool humans exist in the world and that’s so fucking awesome