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I feel like every cool kid is intj and i'm intp.... can you please list some cool people that are intp ?

Tina Fey
Abraham Lincoln
Jane Austen
Sigourney Weaver
Whatshisface the guy who came up with
My gal Marie Curie

(Also gonna add Socrates, Data from STNG, Carl Jung, Thucydides, Gandalf, and apparently Yoda)
Blank: Cupcakes for Two

It was feelsnotfeelings‘s birthday like a week ago and I’m just now writing this because we don’t have school today. Happy birthday, Mia! (Update: This took longer than I thought.. I’m sorry!)

Mute!Dean makes cupcakes for his baby brother’s birthday.

The sound of something heavy being dragged around the kitchen finally managed to distract Bobby from the small pile of books and articles strewn over the surface of his desk. Groaning softly, he got up from his chair and walked over to the door of his study, grunting slightly as the bones popped in his back. Walking out into the hall, he realized the house was absent of all of the usual noise that came with the Winchesters’ stay: Sam’s happy squeals as Dean tickled him into the living room carpet, Sam lisping out a battle scene, green army men clenched in his chubby fist, or even the slip and slide of socked feet from Dean moving across the old hardwood floors. 

As Bobby passed the living room, he saw Sam’s small form slumped over the arm of the couch, cartoons blaring softly from the crappy TV. Rumpled t-shirt glued to the small of his back in the early May humidity, fingertips stained with the purple shadow of grape juice, face peaceful and calm in sleep, a slant contrast to the lively, bright, mischievous boy he was when he was awake. Bobby chuckled to himself. The kid was cute; he’d give him that. Rounding up on the kitchen, he blinked in the sudden light of the kitchen windows and stopped, watching the scene before him. 

Six-year-old Dean was crouched on top of an old wooden kitchen chair; carefully pouring a bottle of vanilla into a dented mixing bowl, tongue poking out in concentration. Around him, a pile of eggshell, cupping a pool of pierced yolk, an assorted collection of what looked like all of the spoons Bobby owned, oven mitts placed in a neat cross off to the side of the counter, and light layer of flour over the whole scene. Even his fat stuffed bee, plopped haphazardly on the counter, hadn’t been spared: a light dusting of while coating his yellow and black strips, matching the smudge across his right cheek. Bobby watched as the boy carefully placed the bottle back on the counter, and then glance up sharply. 

He froze. His body seemed to shift slightly towards his small collection of ingredients, as if trying to hide himself the bag of flour, small stacks of measuring cups, and the still open milk jug. Dean paled slightly, freckles standing out more starkly in the soft kitchen light. 

“S’alright, son. Don’t let me stop ya. Just wanted to watch.” Bobby smiled softly to appease the boy, who was starting to look like he was working himself into a panic. 

Dean shoulders slumped in relief. Clambering off the chair, he dragged something off the counter from behind Herman the bee, and shyly made his way over to where Bobby was standing, holding up an aging book.


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There's an Us weekly article out saying that they broke up 2-3 weeks ago.

Yes, we posted it just now from a submission. This correlated with an anon we’d gotten back a week ago who said the same. They told us not to post it in case we’d catch a lot of flack for it, and we weren’t sure if it was legit, so we didn’t want to put it out there since it was an unsubstantiated claim. Very interesting to say the least. 🤔



Art by Francesco Francavilla

Went to finally see the movie today and I LOVED IT! 10/10!!!
Great movie with 3 great performances, specially from John Goodman! Loved it so much I had to draw a quick poster (above) for it. I’m even happier now I got to illustrate the article on Entertainment Weekly a couple weeks ago :)
Go see this movie if you haven’t yet.


to all my fitness friends and junkies:

let’s clear up some of the bullshit that all those websites and magazines preach.
no, no and no. don’t be fooled by articles like that, i’ve been there, years ago i’ve believed in that bs.
but it’s not working that way. there’s 3 ways: cutting (losing body fat & unfortunately some muscle
Mass), bulking (gaining muscle mass & unfortunately some body fat) and maintaining (staying at the same weight with recomping your body).

please DON’T listen to that “eat chicken rice & broccoli” non sense out there. i did those mistakes and i learned from them - i wish I had learned earlier.


Man stabs 6 people, critically wounding 2, at Israel’s gay pride parade 

An Orthodox Jewish man stabbed six, critically wounding two, at Israel’s annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem, Thursday. Police arrested Yishai Schlissel after the incident. Numerous parade-goers said Schlissel had waved a knife and screamed at attackers before launching his attack. Schlissel was released from prison only 3 weeks ago for an eerily similar attack.

(Warning: Photos in the article are graphic.)

my theory on why all of these articles about the bump pic are circulating now, 3 weeks after it was initially posted:

i think it’s likely a way to distract from the christmas dinner table pic which showed her very much not 8.5 months pregnant belly. that photo was posted, if i’m not mistaken, on a facebook account of a family member. a briana account on ig stole it and posted it and tammi (b’s mom) liked the pic which is how it became seen by more people. my guess is that tammi didn’t really look too closely at it when she liked it.

it just seems odd that the bump pic in front of the window was posted 3 weeks ago and there were no articles about it and now every tabloid is posting it as if it was just posted using very similar language as if it’s coming from a press release. 

idk just seems like distraction techniques to me.