.also look how short his hair is

LEAKED Suicide Squad Script

Hi my name is Lime Green Jared Leto Joker Banksy and I have short green hair (that’s how I got my name) and icy blue eyes that are like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like marilyn manson (AN: if you don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I have pale white skin. I’m also a criminal and go to an asylum called Arkum in GOTHam. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I love hot topic and buy all my clothes from there. Today I was wearing a purple leather jacket and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, and black eyeliner. I even hav black teeth. I have lots of goffick tattoos with skullz and other goffick symbols.I was walking outside arkum. It was snowing and raining, so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Batman stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

NSFW Alphabet: Tom Holland

NSFW Alphabet: Tom Holland 

Warnings: NSFW obviously; nsfw visual 

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A = Aftercare: He’s a total sweetheart. If you were feeling sore he’d give you a massage and place soft kisses all over your body.

B = Body part: For him, it has to be your waist. Tom always grabbed you by your waist to pull you close to his body. And for you, it had to be his hands. You really liked how rough they felt against your skin, how skilled he was with them.
C = Cum: He would cum literally anywhere. If you let him, he would cum inside you, not wanting to waste a single drop. But if not, he would cum in your mouth.
D = Dirty Secret: He had naughty things of you on his phone. Pictures, videos, recordings.
E = Experience: You and Tom didn’t have much experience and you didn’t dare to ask anyone else for help. If you were curious about something, you would look it up online or on a porn site.
F = Favorite Position (credit to @dominant-edge)

G = Goofy: Tom was a total dork, he would always be laughing and cracking jokes. And he was very cocky too.
H = Hair: His hair always looked good. You also didn’t like when he went for a haircut, because sometime he cut it way too short. He would moan so loud when you pulled on it.
I = Intimacy: He’s very attentive, he cares more about how you’re feeling than himself. He liked giving it a romantic vibe to the room, but it didn’t always happen.
J = Jack Off: With those naughty things he had of you on his phone, it wasn’t hard for him to jack off a lot. And if he needed more, he would call you or make a video chat immediately.
K = Kink: Dress up kink. Costumes. Anything and everything. One day, he managed to find a good Spider-Man suit and that was definitely one of the best nights you had together.
L = Location: In the trailer he had on set. It was a tight squeeze, but that was better because you could be even closer to each other.
M = Motivation: He was under constant stress. All the filming, training and being under the public eye really got to him and Tom knew that you would make him feel better.
N = NO: He would never tease you in public, like ever. He obviously wanted to, but he knew there were people looking from afar and he didn’t want to risk it.
O = Oral: Both were great but he loved receiving. His hands would be on your head, holding you steady while he fucked your mouth.
P = Pace: Sharp and deep thrusts, he could tear you in half. You were totally wrecked.
Q = Quickie: Always. Before he went to set, before a red carpet, before an interview. If you two didn’t have a quickie he would be restless all day, he wouldn’t be himself.
R = Risk: You wanted to try new things but one thing that he was really scared off was tying you up. He was really scared of hurting you.
S = Stamina: He’s a dancer and he was in gymnastics. He could go for literally hours. It was insane.
T = Toy: You two weren’t into toys, and he wouldn’t let you buy one even if you wanted to. He wanted to be the one giving you pleasure.
U = Unfair: When you were too busy to go out with him, you would send him text messages when he was on set or something. Tom would have to hide his boner from everyone.
V = Volume: You tried your best to stay quiet, so you would bite you lip to avoid being loud. Tom would bite your shoulder when he wanted to scream. If you were having sex in his flat at London, you were loud and you didn’t care at all.
W = Wild Card: read Dirty Secret
X = X-Ray: Tom was still growing, and now he was average.
Y = Yearning: He was a 21 year old. His hormones were off the rails and so were yours. You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.
Z = ZZZ: You fell asleep immediately, all those orgasms drained you. Tom would be next to you, holding you and rubbing soft circles on your back.

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Hi, what exactly is Stargate (like, what is the plot, how many seasons, that kind of thing)? I've seen it mentioned in combination with Leverage in some of your posts, and I've sort of picked up some of the character names from being on the internet, but I'm still not sure what it actually is. Thanks!!

What a delightful question that I’m going to have a ridiculous amount of fun answering, probably using too many gifs.

First, the bare bones facts: Stargate is a franchise that began with the 1994 movie Stargate, which was then developed into the TV show Stargate: SG-1 which began in 1997 and picked up about a year after the movie ended. SG-1 had 10 seasons and 2 made-for-TV movies. There are also 2 spinoffs, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe. Atlantis has 5 seasons, and its first season coincides with season 8 of SG-1, with both beginning in 2004, with some fun but not strictly essential crossover between the two. Universe has 2 seasons and began in 2009, after both SG-1 and Atlantis had ended. I mostly blog about SG-1, but I enjoy all three shows and will at least briefly explain Atlantis and Universe in the course of this post, FOR FUNSIES.

The basic premise of the whole thing is that there are these devices (built by aliens, OF COURSE) called Stargates, which create wormholes that allow for basically instantaneous travel between planets all throughout the Milky Way (and other galaxies as well, it turns out, but that’s later).

The movie involves the US Air Force, with the help of the BEST FICTIONAL ARCHAEOLOGIST IN EXISTENCE FIGHT ME, figuring out how to work the Stargate, using it to travel to another planet, and helping the locals overthrow the evil parasitic alien who was posing as the Egyptian god Ra in order to enslave them.

SG-1 starts with Earth humans learning that “Ra” actually belonged to an entire race of evil parasitic aliens who used the personas of various gods to enslave humans throughout the galaxy. At which point, NATURALLY, the plucky Earth humans say “fuck that shit” and also “ooh, a whole galaxy to explore, HOLD MY BEER” and start having adventures and liberating the galaxy.

Atlantis is about Earth humans finally discovering the lost city of Atlantis over in another galaxy, and the adventures and struggles they have setting up a colony there. Also, space vampires.

Universe is about a bunch of Earth humans accidentally stranding themselves aboard an alien-built spaceship that is going they don’t know where in order to find the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. It’s much darker and more sort of psychological than the other two shows. Also more diverse. I like it a lot, but for different reasons than I like SG-1 and Atlantis.

SG-1 owns my heart, because it’s the show that helped me fall in love with sci-fi. Also, it has Dr. Daniel Jackson. It wrestles with what it means to be human and ethics and all kinds of really good shit. It’s not perfect, and the early seasons especially have some pretty major issues with sexism and white savior complexes in certain episodes, but overall I personally find it more than worth it, and the main reason is the characters, who you now get to hear me yell about my love for.

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(n) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: tons of fluff, some angst

length: 12k

summary: a new kid on the bus catches your interest, especially when he’s listening to your favourite song

a/n: i wrote this before jimin said he loves the song ‘lost’ by frank ocean. we have some sort of telepathy

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I think this is reading a book together? Yes? Ok. let’s do this. 

Keith’s old shack smells of wood varnish and old paper. Specks of dust shine and dance in the beams of afternoon sun, and Keith sits in the centre of his small living room surrounded by boxes. He flicks through a book and smiles fondly at the familiar faces that look up at him. 

“Hey babe! Can we donate all these crop jackets?!” Lance’s voice calls from the bedroom. 

“No!” Keith yells back.

“But they don’t even fit you anymore! And I don’t want these fashion disasters in our apartment!”

Our apartment. Keith’s heart thrums at those words. His grin blooms across his face. 

“I think I can make them fit!” He laughs. 

Soft foot falls announce Lance’s entrance into the living room. he lets out a suffering sigh. 

“Babe. Babe. Look. Babe look at this.”

Keith looks up. On the other side of the room Lance stands wearing one of his crop jackets. It reaches just barely under his pecks. The sleeves reach just under his elbow, and the seams at the shoulder look like they’ll burt. 

“There’s no way you can wear these anymore.” He deadpans. 

“I’m smaller than you. Not my fault you got insanely ripped.”

“Keith! You’re not 16 anymore!” Lance implores. “And your biceps are way bigger than mine.” To prove it to him, Lance runs up behind Keith and grabs his shoulders. He gently sways them from side to side and runs his hands admiringly up and down his boyfriend’s arms. 

“Bench press me, baby. I know you can.”

“Laaaaance,” Keith laughs. Lance chuckles and leans forward. His arms wrap around Keith’s neck and he rests his chin on top of his head. His long legs slot next to Keith’s easily. 

“Is it weird being back here?” Lance asks quietly. Keith leans into Lance’s chest. 

“Yeah….” He sighs. “But it’s nice… being here with you. Getting that sense of closure, you know?”

“Yeah. It’s nice to…” Lance looks down and spies the book in Keith’s lap. He freezes. 

“Nooooo way.” He whispers. He moves to look over Keith’s shoulder, and his arms tuck under Keith’s. He reaches forward and takes the book from Keith’s hands, flicking it closed and staring at the cover.

Garrison 2063 Yearbook 

“Holy shit…” Lance whispers. Keith chuckles and it rumbles against him. 

“I know, right? I found it while packing.”

“We have to keep this.”

“Absolutely.” Keith smiles. “Here wanna see something crazy?” He excitedly flicks to a page. A small photo of Pidge looks up at them. Hair cut short. Glasses comically big on her small face. 

“OOOOHHHHHH my god.” Lance squeals gleefully. “WHAT A TINY BABY.”

Keith giggles. “Remember how you thought she was a boy?”

“Look at this photo! You can’t blame me! Look at this tiny androgynous child.” They both laugh. Lance’s muscular forearms wrap and squeeze around his boyfriend’s stomach. 

“There’s also this.” Keith holds up a new page. Hunk’s 17 year old face beams up at them. There’s the mature eyes that Keith and Lance are used to, but there are traces of baby fat around his jaw. His trademark orange headband is also much brighter than either of them remember it being. Years of sweat, sun and being blown into space have since turned his headband almost a pastel colour. 

“Was Hunk ever small?”

“As someone who’s known him since we were 10…” Lance pauses. “No.” He laughs. “Dude could pick up most of our teachers from the time he was 12. I know this because I dared him to.”

Keith shakes his head. 

“I don’t doubt it.”

They continue to flip through pages. Some faces they barely recognise, others have been completely lost to time. They reach the staff pages and Keith and Lance proceed to flip off Iverson and the other instructors that expelled Keith. 

There’s a sharp intake of breath.

In the staff section, smiling up with a handsome face and beautiful dark hair is Shiro. Both of his arms are clearly visible, and there’s no scar marking his face. His eyes gleam with youthful optimism. Guilt churns in Keith’s stomach.

“God…” He deflates. “He looks so young.”

Lance squeezes him tightly. 

“He certainly… has changed.” He presses a kiss to Keith’s temple and brushes his fingers along a scar that courses through his eyebrow. Keith looks down to see Lance’s prosthetic foot nudging his thigh. 

“But so have we.” Lance smiles. “We’re all ok. Shirt’s ok now. And while things were hard…” He presses another quick kiss to Keith’s cheek. “I wouldn’t change anything.”

Keith turns his head towards his boyfriend. His mouth quirks into a grin and he presses a smiling kiss to Lance’s lips. 

“Me neither.” 

“Also…” Lance smirks. His hands hurriedly flick through the pages until he barks out a laugh.

“Can you PLEASE admit that you had a fucking mullet?” He cackles. Keith looks down at the photo and groans loudly.

“Oh my god, look at this child.” He sighs. “Why is he so moody?!” He yells at his 16 year old self. 

“You stupid boy, you don’t even know you’re an alien yet! No one’s shooting at you! Your life is great!” Keith yells. Lance howls with laughter behind him. 

“I think he’s mad…” Lance wheezes, “Because he’s super fucking gay for this handsome boy here…” Lance points at the photo of his teenager self, “But this boy thinks he’s an asshole.” 

Keith coos at the photo of Lance. He brings the book closer to his face and smiles dopily. 

“God you were cute.”

“Were?” Lance blusters. 

Keith hums. He rotates and leans into Lance’s chest. A low chuckle escapes him. 

“You’ve become the hottest and most handsome person in the universe.” He runs his hands across Lance’s broad chest. 

“And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The yearbook lies forgotten on the floor as Lance leans down to languidly kiss Keith until the afternoon sun slips into the horizon. 

Hi my name is Samantha Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Manson and I have short ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) and a short ponytail and startling purple eyes like rare amethysts and a lot of people tell me I look like Grey Delisle (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Marilyn Manson but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I have pale white skin. I’m also not a witch, and I go to a high school called Casper High in Amity Park where I’m in the ninth year (I’m fourteen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black crop top with a purple oval on it and a black and green plaid miniskirt, purple tights and black combat boots. I was wearing purple lipstick and black eyeliner. I was walking outside Casper High. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Tucker stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

Lance is a Boy #5

Lance sat in the shower in only his underwear, cool water streaking down his back, his gaze distant and contemplating. A warm hand working it’s way through his hair with an expensive shampoo. “How ya doin man?” Hunks voice was nice and soothing, Lance blessed him for using the word ‘man’, it was so suddle but Lance knew Hunk was trying to make him feel like a boy.

Lance shrugged slightly, looking to his friend solemnly. “Been better.” He admitted, more defeated than sad.

“You wanna talk about why you were crying when we ran into each other?” There was an offering in his voice, a polite inquiry that he could have refused. He sighed and nodded.

“I wanted to find Allura to ask about… yknow.” He looked to his hands “I didn’t expect Shiro to be there, I wish he hadn’t been.” He clenched his palms and his knuckles cracked. “He scolded me when I asked, then continued to say that I didn’t have to go through the things women did, I shouldn’t be so insensitive and nosey.” Hunk paused, he’d talk to Shiro later, he had already planned on it but now it was a definite need. He continued with his hands as Lance sat in a moment of silence before talking again. “Yknow,” his voice shook, “I was seeing someone about surgery.” Hunk paused again.


“Bottom surgery, I had a date picked and everything. It was going to happen during Christmas break” he smiled to himself “'as a present to myself’ I joked.” His face fell. “Guess that’s not going to happen anytime soon.” Hunks heart ached to help his friend but he couldn’t do anything more than be a shoulder to cry on. “At least I got top surgery.” Lance always looked for silver lining, that was a major point about him, Hunk had thought multiple times that if his friend couldn’t find the good in a situation, no one could. “Do you remember how excited I did was when I came out of the shower for the first time?” He looked at the wall opposing him, a small reminiscent smile on his face.

“Yeah.” Hunk scoffed, “you didn’t tell me you were going to get surgery, it was a surprise.” He smiled, thinking back to how excited the young man had been, walking confidently out of the bathroom. Hunk had turned to Lance to ask what he wanted for dinner, expecting him to be fully clothed. To his surprise, the Cuban boy stood with hands on hips, fresh stitches placed intricately over incisions on his chest, a smile plastered to his face. There wasn’t anything that had made Lance as happy as that expression of pure shock that Hunk wore, which faded instantly into a million-dollar smile. Hunk stole a glance of the scars now, healed and hardly noticeable, Lance usually covered them with make up “Don’t tell me that after bottom surgery you were gonna walk out of the bathroom without a towel around your waste.” That made Lance laugh, it was short lived humour but much needed. “You’re pretty dude and I’d be happy for you but like, that’s a little far.” He patted Lances back as he reached for the detachable shower head, starting to rinse the blue paladins hair.

“Not gonna lie, I did think about it, I also thought about how it would not look like a dick at first because of the healing process.” He scrunched up his nose and looked to Hunk “nobody needs to see that, it’d probably make you cross your legs.” Hunk chuckled as suds ran down Lances back, he sighed and put a hand over Hunks. “Thanks man, I’ll finish up…” he hesitated before standing “I don’t know what to do about… about my situation.” He looked to his friend for an answer, only to be met with a look of thought.

“Leave it to me, I’ll be back in 30-45 minutes.” He stood up and dried off his hand with a towel.

“Hunk!” Lance stopped his friend as he was about to walk through the doorway. He questioned him with a look, the blue paladin wore a compassionate expression. “Through this entire time you’ve helped me and supported me and here you are, doing it again.” Lance awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, his solitude disappearing, if only for a moment.

And so Hunk went looking for Allura.

…to be continued…

elegantly wasted | baekhyun (pt. 2)

You never noticed how much you affected Baekhyun the way you caressed your bare thighs or the way you licked your lips seductively out of nervousness but he was sure, very soon he would show you what you were doing to him.  

admin: s. genre: angst, fluff, smut (in later parts), age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo! baekhyun au

pt. 1, pt. 3

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You just stood there not knowing what to do next. The state you were in right now: half naked.  

Mr. Byun was standing in front of you eyeing you up and down as if you were an important historical statue. His brows were furrowed and he was clearly waiting for an explanation that you sadly hadn’t.

He folded his arms in front of his chest and started tapping his foot. “I give you one more minute to explain this whole situation before I call the security and the police.”  His voice brought shivers down your spine. You still had single droplets of water on your body which froze immediately. It suddenly got so cold in the living room. Mr. Byun was so not amused. 

Stuttering you tried to answer but the fact that you were still half naked in front of your mums boss made it not better. “I- I’m sorry Mr. Byun. My mum is your usual cleaning lady.”  Raising his eyebrows, Mr. Byun seemed to study your face more closely. Shortly you thought his featured relaxed but they soon tensed again.  

“And why are you here and not your mother?” He answered sharply, now slowly circling you. You gulped and followed him first with your eyes and then with your body. Was he checking you out? No, of course not. He’s a grown man and in comparison to him, you’re basically still a teenager.

“My mum has some errands to run outside the city for some time so she told me to clean instead.” Hoping he would believe you, you quickly added. “Please don’t fire her Mr. Byun. It’s my fault, I should just have cleaned and then left the apartment.”

Mr. Byun stopped in his tracks. Firing? Firing his cleaning lady? He hadn’t even laid one thought on firing Mrs. Y/L/N. He could remember his secretary had said that Mrs. Y/L/N had called informing him with something and now he knew what that was. Usually, he didn’t like it if a stranger was in his loft but this was different. 

His eyes landed another time on your body. The way the short towel hugged your curves made him bothered. Maybe he should come home early more often.

“I’m not going to fire your mother.” Mr. Byun said chuckling now putting his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers. “Just why are you only wearing… this.” He pointed at the towel around your body. 

Gulping you froze in your spot not knowing what to do. Quickly searching for an acceptable and believable lie you coughed trying to steady your voice. “I- I cooked spicy Ricecakes for you! I got something on my… body? And so I had to clean up. I’m really sorry Mr. Byun I’m going to clean everything I dirtied!” 

Mr. Byun’s eyes wandered to the kitchen were soon his foot brought him to. “Baekhyun.” He murmured while opening the lid of the pot the Rice cakes were in. You had left it on the stove so it was still warm when he wanted to eat it. 

Your ears twitched upon hearing that. “Excuse me, what did you say?” 

Mr. Byun turned to you and smiled. “Call me Baekhyun, please.” 

Why wanted Mr. Byun to be called Baekhyun by you? Your mother also called him Mr. Byun so it was only logical for you to call him that too whether he was your boss or not. 

Moving your head to one side you started walking towards his bedroom. You finally had realized again you were just wearing a fucking towel and this situation was getting awkward. 

“I’m just quickly going to wear my clothes, Mr. Byun.“ You said to him while already being out of his sight.

"Baekhyun. And yes.” He shouted back. You heard him scrambling around in the kitchen and soon after chewing sounds. 

You entered his bedroom quickly wearing your clothes and drying the wet mess you made in the shower. After you were done, you closed his bedroom door and came back into the kitchen.

Baekhyun was sitting on one of the high chairs on the kitchen island and ate the rice cakes you made him. He turned around and pointed to the food with the chopsticks in his right hand. “Did you make them? They’re really good.” 

You just nodded, he was being too kind. Why was he not angry anymore? You literally used his shower and danced in his living room only wearing one of his towels. 

Walking towards the front door, you grabbed your belongings that were still on the kitchen counter. You wanted to leave. Now. “I’m going now. I’m again really sorry for today. I promise it won’t happen again.” 

Immediately Baekhyun’s head shot up and he left his place quickly joining your side while grabbing his car keys. “I’m driving you. It’s already dark outside.” 

You stopped in your tracks and bit your lip. Why was he like this. Your mother told you he was nice but not this nice.  

Shaking your head you faked a smile and opened the front door. “It’s fine. Mr. By- Baekhyun. Really, I’m used to driving with the subway late at night.” 

It was clearly a big ass lie you just told him but you really didn’t want to be taken home by a stranger and more even by Mr. Byun Baekhyun, your short time boss. 

Though Baekhyun shook his head and laid his hand on top of yours which still lingered on the door handle. “I’m driving you home. That wasn’t a favor, it’s a demand.”

Gulping you nodded and quickly exited his loft. This evening was getting more awkward by the second. You still tried to forget the incident from before but now Baekhyun got the amazing idea to drive you home. 

Side by side you walked down the hall to the elevator. Entering the elevator, Baekhyun pressed the button for the lobby and it started moving. 

The whole drive down was quiet. It wasn’t a peaceful quiet you loved but it was an awkward quiet. Both of you were staring at the elevator door not saying one word. 

After what felt like an eternity to you the doors finally opened again and you both left the small, now after Baekhyuns perfume smelling elevator. 

Again walking beside each other you passed the reception. The lady behind the counter smiled at both of you. It seemed like it was nothing new for her to see a girl and Baekhyun leaving his loft. You wondered if he was married or had a girlfriend. 

You both had finally arrived at his car after another two minutes of just walking beside each other and definitely not talking. 

His car was an expensive looking sports car. From the way it looked, you guessed it had to be a Mercedes AMG GTC. Well, let’s say, you liked cars, especially sports cars so it wasn’t really guessed. 

Your eyes got gloomy and you couldn’t hide the immense smile that now plastered your lips. Slightly touching the car you could see your reflection in the black glossy body of the car. 

"Wow. That must have been super expensive.“ You blurted out while still taking in every feature of the car. 

Baekhyun just chuckled and opened the passenger seat for you. "Yup, it was but let’s not talk about that, honey.” 

You hadn’t even realized Baekhyun had called you by a pet name or that he had opened the door for you while you took a seat in the passenger seat and made yourself comfortable. The interior of the car was as beautiful as the exterior. 

Soon Baekhyun had entered the car too and was now sitting behind the steering wheel. You excitedly looked at him with big eyes but no smile, just like a little kid, waiting to finally hear the sound his car would make while starting. 

Baekhyun noticed that and smirked. “You like Sports cars?” He asked while turning the keys and starting the car. 

The vibration the car made shook through your whole body making your womanhood a little bit too excited. It was the first time you sat in one of your Dreamcars and you couldn’t wait until Baekhyun used the gas pedal. 

You nodded answering Baekhyuns question and smirking a little bit at him. “Which girl doesn’t?” Your tone came out more provocative than you had expected and you regretted it. You were giving Baekhyun false signals.

Baekhyun laughed and finally drove on the street in the direction you had told your apartment was located at. You turned your head looking out of the window. It was already pitch black outside. It was getting dark early in winter. This winter though was weird, it was too warm to call it winter. 

Suddenly the window moved down. You slightly tilted your head and saw Baekhyun smiling but still looking in front of him. You did the same and let the wind blow lightly in your face. 

The whole drive Baekhyun and you said nothing to each other, you lived pretty far away from his loft so it seemed like this awkward car ride would last forever. 

It was kind of getting chilly in the car. The windows were already closed but it felt like it was getting colder and colder. Little did you know that Baekhyun had turned on the AC. For him, it was too hot in this car. The reason, you.

Starting to caress you naked thighs a little bit to warm them up you lied your head deeper in the seat and sighed. What were you thinking this morning to choose to wear a skirt and only stockings? 

Baekhyun beside you noticed every move you were doing. That you were caressing your delicious thighs he wanted to be in between or that your nipples were getting hard because of the cold and he could see slight bumps on your shirt. 

Squeezing the steering wheel even more than before he tried to get those thoughts out of his mind. The first time he saw you this morning, he already wanted to have you. Not because you basically just stood in a towel beside him but also because you were perfect. How your skin was glowing while still having single droplets of water on it or the way your wet hair framed your beautiful face. Your Y/E/C eyes not getting out of his mind. He was caught. 

Baekhyun looked at you again, only for a short time but long enough to see that you stopped caressing your thighs thus he saw the perfect opportunity for getting closer to you. 

In a matter of seconds you felt Baekhyuns hand on your thigh it was warm and felt like burning on your cold skin. You almost moaned at the contact of finally something warm on your freezing thighs. 

Still, you didn’t know what to do. Again. What was he doing? You didn’t dare to look at him but steal little glances in the corner of your eyes and you clearly could see Baekhyun was smirking satisfied. 

Starting to lick your lips, what you always did when you were nervous, you could feel that Baekhyuns grip was getting tighter. Not to the point where it hurt but it would definitely leave a mark. 

Baekhyun, on the other hand, was getting more furious by the minute. Yes, you did all of these things unintentionally but it was driving him crazy, the image of you naked laying below him in his bed not going out of his head anymore. 

You never noticed how much you affected Baekhyun the way you caressed your bare thighs or the way you licked your lips seductively out of nervousness but he was sure, very soon he would show you what you were doing to him.  

Half of the week already passed and since that one incident at the beginning of the week, nothing more had happened. Baekhyun and you hadn’t even seen each other since then. The only time you heard from him was when he had called you to pick up a suit from the laundry shop. He also sometimes left sweet notes and one time even a present for you. At the beginning, you thought it was strange but you started liking it.

You were glad it went as smooth as this because well this evening was so awkward it still haunts you even now. 

It already was half past eight and you were late but it wasn’t serious because no one would ever find out, Baekhyun shouldn’t be at home. 

Somehow you missed his presence. It wasn’t like you liked him or anything like that… Screw that you liked him, a lot. Heck, you wanted to feel him, kiss him, even have sex with him. The last time you had some good sex was like a hundred years ago.

Shaking your head you left the elevator and walked towards the door of his Loft. Your mum was right actually after you got used to cleaning, it was kinda fun. 

You opened the door and walked in, closing it again after you had entered. Putting your bag where you always put it you went straight into Baekhyuns room to pick up his clothes so you could wash them. 

The basket for his clothes under your arm, you opened the door of his room. You immediately stopped in your tracks when you saw the situation in front of you. Your face had lost its remaining color as you stared at the two people laying in the bed together in front of you. 

Baekhyun and some kind of unknown woman to you laid in bed together. Both naked. She was laying on her side still being in the middle of her deep sleep and Baekhyun beside her half sitting and leaning on the bedhead, doing something on his phone. 

Your mouth fell open and you dropped the basket, making a small sound but still loud enough for Baekhyun to notice. 

His head shot up and the minute he saw you his eyes widened. A Million thoughts were running through both of your heads but both of you didn’t know what to do. 

You felt how tears were forming in your eyes but why. Yes, you liked him but you were nothing. There was nothing between the both of you except that you were working for him.

Baekhyun quickly put on his boxer shorts on and then stood up. What had he done? He liked you, still, he was laying here with a woman he barely knew. It was true that you and he didn’t know each other well enough too but it was different with you. When he saw your smile and that twinkle in your eye it felt like he knew you for years.

‘‘I- I’m so sorry Baekhyun. I didn’t know- I’m going.’‘ You quickly said, turning around while wiping the forming tears from your eyes and leaving his room. 

Baekhyun, of course, followed you, grabbing your wrist when you both reached the living room. Swinging you around he grabbed you by the arms looking you in the eyes. 

To your luck, you had achieved to not cry but your eyes were still red and gloomy from your wiping. 

‘‘No, Y/N, don’t leave, please. Thursdays are actually your free days, I should have informed you before something like this could happen.’‘ Baekhyun starred in your eyes searching for hope but there was none. 

Freeing yourself from his grip you were staring back in his eyes. Your eyes now cold. He first flirted with you and now this. Was he even guilty?

Hastily grabbing your purse and jacket you hurried to the door. ‘’I’m again very sorry Baek- Mr. Byun. I’ll come tomorrow morning as usual.’’ Your voice sounding broken and quiet. Baekhyun just stood there looking at you leaving. He made a drastic mistake.

Suddenly he felt a pair of arms sliding around his waist. He did know it wasn’t you but he imagined it to be you. There was no way he would let you run away from him. It happened to him before and it broke him. This wouldn’t happen again. 

Part two you guys, hope you like it tho. I’m sorry that it took so long but as I said before I was on vacation but now I’m finally back at home and here to write for you :))) Btw it would be really nice if you could give me some feedback on this part. I think this part smells like poop and I’m always happy to read what you guys think of what I wrote.

Another thing to all of our followers. It would be really awesome if you guys could show some love to admin a. We both noticed that my writing gets waaay more notes than hers and guys her writing is like way better than mine. It would be just really nice if you could check out her new sehun story called Starbucks. It’s a really good written story and I bet you’d like it!

Lots of love,

- admin s.  💖

Don’t cut your hair

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.764

Warnings: funny fun and smutty smut ;)

One day, you saw Bucky standing in the kitchen as he made his breakfast. Well, you thought he would make his breakfast. Actually, he was standing in front of the metal fridge with the mirrored surface and you watched how Bucky stared at his reflection.

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i haven’t watched a single episode of bnha but here’s what I know:

  • dude that looks like a crushed soda can with blond bangs is probably the same guy as america themed Tiddy Man
  • gon freeccs is there. america themed Tiddy Man is like his found family dad or something
  • the frog girl? I love her. 
  • that one guy from avatar is also there. I haven’t watched avatar either but this dude can control both fire and ice? how cool is that?!
  • spark from pokemon go is angry and there for some reason
  • I still love the frog girl
  • so the short guy that has hair that looks like its from an inflatable bdsm kink outfit’s glove? like the dude with three humps? he’s bad. 
Up and down

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Summary: It´s a hot summer day on set and Yoongi can´t handle watching you lick a popsicle without wanting to fulfill his fantasies.

Word count: 4.326

Genre: Smut

Warnings: graphic smut.

Author´s note: This was on private but I´ve arranged it so that I can  repost it since I had to correct a few things.

It´s smutty and I´m not ashamed lol

You hadn´t planned this at all. You were supposed to be in your apartment, probably taking a nap or watching one of those movies that made you cry rivers even if you couldn´t relate to the character´s love life in any way possible. Yet when you had received a rushed and frantic call from your boss saying they needed you for today´s shoot, you had submitted to readjusting your plans and had driven all the way up to a forest in the middle of nowhere after cursing in three different languages. And now, there you were, almost whining at the lost of your day off.

On top of that, it was bloody hot. You squinted your eyes trying to block the sun as you made your way through the crowd, cameras already placed all over and staff members running across the set almost bumping into you and barely muttering an apology. There were various insects in the air that added up to the dry ambient and the fact that there wasn´t a single tree near enough to shelter under its shadow didn´t help at all. Your hands worked with a hair tie tying all the strands into a bun in an attempt to cool off and, slapping a mosquito that you had caught trying to suck your blood, a heavy sigh escaped your lips. Coming here - you could´ve rejected it, but it would only make you feel more miserable.

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can we just take a moment to appreciate billie joe armstrong?

billie joe is the frontman of american punk rock band green day. the band has been together since 1986 and throughout that entire time billie has been blessing the world with his amazing music and all around greatness

one of their albums was literally turned into a tony award winning broadway musical and it’s actually amazing

he’s super passionate about what he does

he says great stuff like this:

he’s got two kids and he’s the most punk rock dad look at him at his son’s graduation also both of his sons are older than me and i feel so young wtf??

he manages to make these bunny ears look punk af

also he can totally rock practically any hair colour. like honestly billie joe how??? 

he’s openly identified as bisexual since 1995 and wrote ‘Coming Clean’ about him coming to terms with his sexuality

he’s been married to his wife adrienne since 1994 and first met at one of green day’s first gigs when she approached him asking where she could buy one of their cds

look at how cute he and his entire family are wow so adorable

in short, not only is billie joe armstrong an incredible musician but he is also an excellent human being and i love him so much. this post serves no purpose other than just me crying over this amazing man

Dylan O'brien’s hair appreciation post

(From: dylanobemineforever)

First of all… Look. At This! (Do I need to say more? Yes? Well, prepare for your death!)

Dylan’s Mitch Rapp hair are doing things to me. Hallelujah.

Do you want another argument? Yes? Bitch, you fucking asked me to…

I am not paying for your casket! I warned you!

Also, it doesn’t matter of they’re short…

Because we’re talking about Dylan fucking O'Brien and he can literally pull off anything! Even the ‘I-just-woke-up’-look. You don’t belive me? You better watch the fuck out then!

What did I tell you? See! Still not convinced? Well, what do you think about this?

Cute and super hot at the same time! How are you even real?

But that’s not all folks! His hair even look good when they don’t look good… you don’t know what that means? Well, let me show you then!

See? See! What did I say?

And can we just talk about how fluffy they are for a moment, please? Like I just want to run my fingers through it! I can literally feel my fingertips itching for it… Don’t believe me? Well, have I been wrong so far? *sigh* You wanted this, so here we go.

Who even gave him the right? Who???

Okay, last but definitely DEFINITELY not least!!! Prepare y'all…!!!

Okay, well… damn. I think I am just gonna need Jesus after that one…


Okay this just got mildly aggressive…😂

Let me know what you think and if you enjoy posts like this one😁

Hi my name is Andrew Joseph Minyard and I have short golden blonde hair (that’s how I got my name) with brown streaks and hazel eyes like sunshine and a lot of people tell me I look like Dane DeHaan (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m related to Aaron Minyard but I wish I wasn’t because he’s a major fucking asshole. I’m 5 feet tall but my muscles are big and bulky. I have pale white skin. I’m also a goalie, and I go to a college called Palmetto State University where I’m in the second year (I’m twenty). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black turtleneck and black skinny jeans, black armbands and black combat boots. I was wearing no makeup but I had black bags around my eyes to match. I was walking outside Fox Tower. It was raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Foxes stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them. 

Things I Appreciate About The New Chapter
  • Kirishima doesn’t like the concept of modern heroes, who save others for money and fame, as much as he likes retro ones, who save others because it’s the right thing to do.
  • He was a good boy.
  • Kirishima’s friends called him Ei
  • Those same friends are kind of dicks for crushing his dreams like that.
  • Mina was always extremely outgoing!
  • Even though Mina stood up for those girls, she was still scared and broke down afterwards, which I like because it makes her human and seem young.
  • Mina and Kiri didn’t explicitly know each other in middle school.
  • Kiri’s quirk has strengthened over the course of his life through training. What a dedicated child!
  • He probably changed his look to be more noticeable when applying to UA (even though we might have already seen him in the practical exam, and he still had black hair if that was him)
  • He’s always had issues with himself and his quirk, but seems to also recognize that it isn’t entirely his fault because society likes flashy quirks.
  • Kiri seems well on his way to becoming a real hero (or it’ll be short lived because we have no idea how any of this will effect him physically or psychologically)

A propos of absolutely nothing, here are all the things I love about the ‘get Erik out of prison’ sequence in XMDoFP …possibly more than the ‘get everyone out of the mansion’ scene in XMA because I’m a sucker for even the slightest hint of dadneto.

  • Why exactly do Charles and Hank have a blueprint of the Pentagon???
  • And how much of the overall plan were they able to come up with just by looking at that? Did they know how many guards would be between the elevator and Erik’s cell?? Or did they have to wait for Peter to ask him if he could do this?
  • Charles was driving and Logan hated it.
  • Charles, Logan and Hank were all crammed into the front bench of that car.
  • Peter’s mother’s car is turquoise.
  • She keeps the chain lock on the door like that’s going to stop Peter doing shit.
  • There was a car ride with Charles, Logan, Hank, and Peter. Did they stuff Peter in the back by himself? Or did someone have to sit next to him? Was it Charles, please tell me it was Charles “he’s a pain in the arse” Xavier.
  • There had to be a moment where they explained their idea to Peter but how much did that cover? Did Peter know he’d have to break the glass like that or did he just come up with that on the fly?
  • Also there’s a truncheon on the guard’s uniform that he steals - he could have just used that but since when did anyone related to Erik ever pass up the chance to be all Extra with their powers?
  • How was Erik not covered in tiny cuts and pieces of glass.
  • MIND THE GLASS means ‘get out of the fucking way,’ Erik.
  • Do you think Fassbender did that pull up all by himself or did he have help
  • Peter had his hair tucked under at the back to make it look short, since guards probably wouldn’t be allowed chin-length hair.
  • Then while Erik is climbing up out of the cell, Peter undoes his hair.
  • Erik is totally up for being rescued, even though it’s by this crazy kid who showered him in glass. “Lol don’t care who this is or what he wants, let’s blow this popsicle stand.”
  • How did those slidey doors work without any metal anyway?
  • How long did it take Peter to work out that anybody he takes on a superspeed run is in danger of whiplash? Or did Charles or Hank casually mention that maybe Peter should try not to break this dude’s neck while escaping?
  • I LOVE Erik’s little quirk of a smile when they stop in the elevator like “holy shit that’s a cool power” before the nausea catches up with him.
  • Peter changing his clothes back - were they just lying in a heap in the corner of the elevator? Because I can imagine him making a little duct tape bag with those wide gaping moments and hiding them there, taped up against the wall like the guard.
  • That guard was not paid enough for that shit
  • Charles, Hank and Logan did not tell Peter who they were breaking out. They probably told him “his name is Erik and he controls metal and we need him” but never mentioned the ‘maybe shot JFK’ thing.
  • “I don’t know karate, but I know crazy” like Erik you really like this kid, don’t you? I see you. You think his powers are cool and you’re joshing with him, even while you struggle not to puke.
  • Evan Peters’ smile is very cute <3
  • “My mom once knew a guy who could do that” Twin faces of “… wait” because both of you are smart little beans.
  • What kind of conversation did Peter have with his mother like “no you’re not alone, there other people out there who can do things like you, I knew a guy one time - well, a few times - who could control metal” but like leaving out the fact that that mutant is his father????
  • Erik robbed of the chance to go down the “and who is your mother, exactly?” road because Charles punches him in the jaw so hard he spins.
  • Peter’s face when the door opens like “hey, see I got him”
  • Peter continuing to make conversational faces at the guard while Charles and Erik bicker.
  • But also nobody else ever bats an eyelid at the guy being strapped to the wall.
  • Erik’s little nod to Charles, like was that actually agreeing “okay we won’t kill anybody” just moments before flinging a bunch of kitchen knives up into the air or???
  • Peter waiting until the very last second, when all the guns have been fired, to say “hey yeah I don’t think this was in their plan, I should probably do something. But let’s make it fun.”
  • He’s going so fast that every step he takes along the wall smashes the tiles
  • He slaps that guy and pokes the other one in the face. The speed he’s going at, that’s two very concussed humans. Maybe a broken jaw.
  • That other guy is getting a plate frisbee-d into his face
  • The bullets have barely left the barrels at this stage and Charles, Erik and Logan are still exactly as they were when Peter started.
  • How do plastic guns work anyway. Don’t guns get hot when you fire them?
  • Haha these hot plastic guns are going to smack these guys right in their faces it’s gonna be great gimme that hat
  • Oh fuck right bullets
  • He zips back to the guys EVEN FASTER than he was going before
  • He moves the bullets and this is where i get emotional because to me at least it echoes a page in the comic Magneto: Testament* where Erik and his parents are lined up by soldiers and shot, falling back into a mass grave. You see the bullets coming towards them and you infer that Erik’s powers instinctively protect him but he doesn’t really even know he has them never mind controls them so everybody else dies. My sappy, over-analytical brain loves that this time it’s his son moving the bullets. And although Peter moves the bullets heading for Charles first, he’s standing directly in front of Erik and smiles at him
  • before zipping away to stand at the opposite side of the room, just in case the guys were in any doubt who just saved their collective bacon.
  • Erik’s face going from “wtf was that” to “holy shit it was him” then looking to Charles like “who tf is this guy because really you could have just waited in the car”
  • And then secondarily looking at Logan like “I don’t know you either, who the fu- ew”
  • Ok let’s get the fuck outta here
  • Did they just casually stroll back to the parking lot, all soaking wet and with Erik in his prison PJs??
  • What was going on upstairs - did they evacuate the Pentagon when the fire alarms went off or when the alarms for Erik’s cell went off? Or is everyone else still getting on with their day? Like Hank is still on the tour or waiting in the car?
  • Holy shit there was a car ride to their airport with Charles, Logan, Hank, Erik and Peter.
  • Did they stop to get Erik some clothes? Or did they bring spares? Like it’s been ten years but Charles still has Erik’s shit lying around the house.
  • The plane has an Xavier coat of arms on the tail holy shit
  • Peter kept the hat
  • “I saw your flight plan in the cockpit, why are you going to Paris?” like they literally told him nothing about the plan just “break into the Pentagon and get Erik” and Peter’s just like “haha yeah ok sounds fun”
  • Logan, just let Erik have the newspaper, he’s been in jail for a decade he has no idea what’s going on.
  • “Take it slow” hahahahahahahahahahaha I wonder what ever happened to that poor car. Can Peter even drive? Like it wouldn’t take him long to learn, and he’d have killer reflexes but like why would he need to drive anywhere???
  • “You’re going to find this hard to believe but you and Charles send me here from the future.” Erik’s face like What The Actual Fuck, it’s been a really weird day today and that’s still the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.

The end, mostly. I could go on like, did Peter ever admit to his mother he helped break Magneto out of jail and what kind of chewing out did he get? That guard who was taped to the elevator wall, like, did he get shot by the plastic bullets? Or was he just totally shellshocked by the whole experience and when people question him afterwards he’s just like “nuh-uh, that guy could be anywhere, listening, and I wouldn’t even know he was there until after he got me so no I ain’t talking.” “you mean Lehnsherr?” “what? No, Lehnsherr’s the least of your worries. It’s his friends you have to look out for.”

*Magneto: Testament is a really good comic. And by good I mean harrowing and intense.

gil/uma/harry headcanons

as a bonus d2 countdown post (other one can be found here)

  • harry and uma were friends first bc their parents were friends, so it was kind inevitable
  • (mostly they met when they were, like, five, and uma asked harry why he kept carrying around this big hook and he went into this whole thing about wanting to be a pirate like his dad, and uma loved the way his eyes lit up, and thought being a pirate sounded like fun, so she decided to befriend him and also adopted his dream of being a pirate someday)
  • gil came into the picture a little later on, maybe when they were about twelve or so. i imagine gil didn’t get his father’s name bc maybe he wasn’t as handsome or brawny right away - it’s something he had to grow into. so he probably got picked on for initially being short and kinda lanky. uma and harry found him getting beat up in alleyway, so she screamed at the boys who hurt him until they ran off. gil’s been the third to their trio ever since.
  • harry is trans - born harriet, of course, but his admiration of his father’s pirate captain role also grew into admiration of him just being a man, and harry always felt like a tomboy anyway, so he chopped his hair off, figured out how to make a binder when it became necessary, and demanded to be called “harry”. killian (i don’t watch ouat but this is how i picture hook, okay? and cj looks like emma anyway) didn’t have too much of a reaction, but he will admit he was a bit impressed by his now-son’s courage and determination.
  • if anyone dares to call harry out on the fact that he was born a girl, they’ll have gil and uma chasing after them. and between uma’s sharp words and gil’s muscle, good luck trying to win that fight.
  • as i’ve previously posted, gil is closer to his younger sister than he is with his brothers, so he’s learned how to style hair and apply makeup. this allows him to be quite helpful with uma and harry. gil knows exactly how much eyeliner harry should put on (and how much will just make him look like a raccoon), and he’s there to help uma braid her hair when need be. he also probably helps cut harry’s hair from time to time, since harry trying to do it himself results in everything being uneven.
  • uma doesn’t like being so short compared to the two, but anyone who teases her for it will have gil and harry coming after them.
  • (basically no matter who you try to pick on in these three, the other two will come after you. they are a very protective bunch.)
  • uma and harry started dating officially first. really, it was a new year’s eve they spent together (with their families, of course - gil was off with his), and when midnight rolled around, harry - with a bit of alcohol in his system to give him confidence - kissed her. he was a little worried about it afterwards, but uma just shook her head, saying that she waited a long time for this before kissing him again.
  • (their families totally approve. killian had a bet going with ursula that they would get together. obviously, he won.)
  • following uma and harry officially becoming a couple, gil began to distance himself from them, figuring that he’d become too much of a third wheel anyway and things would be awkward between them. uma and harry corner him one day to ask why he’s been avoiding them, and he admits this. uma says that they’re still a trio, and gil asks aloud how they can be a trio if they’re dating and he’s just a friend. harry explains that they want to date him too, and it takes gil a few moments for that to sink in. uma and harry wait in anticipation of what gil’s response is. he just smiles and says, “cool”.
  • uma and harry’s first kisses with gil aren’t as romantic as uma and harry’s was, but they’re still sweet all the same. it’s once when gil helps braid uma’s hair that she kisses him as a thank you, and he’s surprised at first but kisses her back anyway. (i can totally picture him still sitting and her standing, so he has to lean up to kiss her. she loves being taller than her boys, even if it’s only by a technicality.) harry first kisses gil when the two are playing around, gil having bet harry who could make it to the docks faster. they’re panting and sweaty by the time the race is over. gil’s grinning, teasing harry that he won and the pirate’s son lost. harry only rolls his eyes and tells him to shut up before kissing him.
  • their poly relationship is known amongst their peers, but it’s not really all that judged upon. those who openly question it get lashed out by the three, and others just throw in comments like “i think maleficent’s daughter and her friends were dating each other before they left for auradon” before shrugging the whole thing off.

Hi my name is Tisarwat Daarkness Dementiaa Amethyst Waay and I have short amethyst purple hair (that’s how I got my name) with curly side bangs and icy lilac eyes like limpid jewels and a lot of people tell me I look like Seivarden Vendaai (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Basnaaid Elming but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I’m also a lieutenant, and I’m on my first assignment on the Mercy of Kalr (I just finished training). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Space Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with a dozen pins on it and a black leather miniskirt, purple fishnets, purple gloves and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, brown foundation, black eyeliner and purple eye shadow. I was patrolling the hallways. We were in gate space and the view through the windows was pitch black, which I was very happy about. A lot of soldiers stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

anonymous asked:

Cute little quirks by MC that turn MM guys on? (OH PLEEEWASSEEE may we also have Jaehee as well?) Thank you~

Author’s note: you can always have Baehee


  • when you wear his gaming headset it makes his knees weak
  • he’s also a COMPLETE sucker for a cute smile
  • when you act like Rika
  • OH he loves it when you sit on his lap and watch him game
  • the way your hair smells after a shower just makes him ugHHHH
  • he really likes your hands?? they’re just so warm and soft ??


  • he loves when MC gets mad and her face scrunches up
  • he also loves when they were short skirts HE MUST CONTAIN THE BEAST WITHIN
  • he goes crazy when MC plays with his hair 
  • when you first wake up he is literally in love with your bedhead
  • omG and your sleepy voice makes him melt
  • low cut shrits
  • looow cut shirts
  • he doesn’t even let you out in a low cut shirt just bc of how strongly they make him feel


  • the first time she saw you in a dress she almost passed out
  • also she loves watching you eat because you act like every bite is something amazing
  • she also loves it when you send her selfies throughout the day
  • hugs
  • just
  • when you wrap your arms around her she just wants to stay their forever


  • when you wear your hair up in a bun and show off your neck jumin has a very hard time concentrating on his work
  • when he catches you and Elly cuddling he takes like 500 pictures and sets one as his screen saver
  • when you put on lipstick/chapstick it’s all over
  • also when you two get into a heated argument and you stand up for yourself he is just wow
  • he loves it when you’re stubborn bc he loves a good challenge
  • just THE WAY you say his name when you want something
  • also he’d never EVER tell you this but when your eyes light up when you’re excited is probably his favorite thing ever


  • my god one day your laugh is gonna kill him
  • when he’s sad he literally has a video of you laughing at one of his jokes to cheer him up
  • when you watch a movie and you lean into him
  • since he’s always awake he loves the way you snore reaLLY really softly
  • it basically puts him to sleep
  • when you bite your lip a little part of him dies

basically if you show skin all RFA members will be putty in your hand i hate them so much