.also look at the interviewer's face omg

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Omg lynz started working out to look good for Gerard?? I can just imagine she could've rolled up in her sweats with crumbs in her face and he still wouldve been like omg please marry me! Where did you learn that fact? Did she say in an interview?? Also they had a thing before pro rev right? So do you have any info on that??? Sorry for being so nosy I just ship them so hard

I’m actually wrong about the dieting thing, GERARD started dieting, Lindsey started jogging! Also, I don’t know much else about their early relationship other than Gerard wrote Lindsey a drunk love letter in 2003 :-) Also this isn’t really GerZ related but it’s LynZ + MCR related. When talking about seeing MCR live for the first time, she said, ‘In 2002 I saw MCR for the first time. I remember feeling privileged - like I had just witnessed something important and special. It was chaos and magic. It was sincere and inspiring. I never lost that feeling. Every show after felt like a blessing…’ which I think is super sweet <3

And here u go!:

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omg johnny looked so good in the jimmy kimmel interview!! he seemed so happy and healthy and confident. also, sexy as HELL. i am so proud at how he has bounced back, he's incredibly strong. i mean, just look at the kimmel appearance last year compared to this one. the difference is huge. johnny is back and every time i'm reminded, i can't help but smile. <3

AGREED! Every time I see his smiling puppy face lately i’m just

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My Lips Are Sealed. (SMUT)

Anon Request; Akiyoshi (OTBS) x MC

“If you have the time can you write an Akiyoshi angry/rough smut?? Like the MC went out to scout someone for her latest artical and gets into danger, and Akiyoshi is angry/ scared at the fact that he could’ve lost her??”

[All I seem to write these days is slight crossovers. Not that I’m complaining, In reality you’d think the seasonelle team would come into contact with the bidders at some point. But hey, it’s fanfiction, anything can happen! I also went more for scared than angry/rough. If that’s okay? That’s only because I can’t see Akiyoshi like super angry with the MC not matter what the circumstance. He’s so sweet to her. God, I just got a rush of Akiyoshi love…also it’s very emotional rather than smutty. omg stop with the authors note & let them read the god damn fic! Sorry, sorry! Enjoy!]

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Lauren Jauregui's cuteness appreciation

So I never really do my own posts and stuff but I was bored and also this is a REALLY important topic and I feel like I have the obligation to show the world just how cute lauren actually is…

Ok, let’s start with the simple “no makeup lauren” just look at her, i dare you to say she’s not cute

ponytail lauren is always cute lauren jUST LOOK AT HER LIL SMILE

i LOVE when she smiles like that like without showing her teeth ISNT IT CUTE

more small smile lauren pics<3345678

ughhhhh too cute

BUT ALSO don’t you love when she does that big smile face?????

asdfghjklaskkjdlkajsdlk sHE LOOKS SO HAPPY


BUT also lets not forget when she does that kinda “surprised” face when she like opens her eyes really wide and just

her face is priceless

i die everytime



precious angel

now prepare yourselves to high cuteness leves bc ur bout see laurens pouty (“sad”) faces

likEEE ???¿'¡!!!NOO PLSSSS

this is waaaay too cute

like really, pouty faced lauren is jst sooo cute


look at her little double chin iTS SO FREAKIN CUTE


now is time too see one of my favssss. ok so have you noticed those moments when lauren puts like a face that looks so extremley serious that is ridiculous ???? 

shes like whatcha say bitch

isnt it hilarious omg

and then when she does that at an interview or something and she like blantantly stares aT THE CAMERA LMAO


and also that face she does when she puts the corners of her mouth down ???

like oops i did it again



I KNOW this is getting long BUT it not my fault its hers for being so cUTE (im almost finished dont worry just enjoy)


cute little baby

and PLEASE NEVER GIVE HER A BABY TO HOLD AGAIN bc i dont think i’d be able to handle it


and like just her being lauren is cute

when she’s not in the “cool rocker girlfriend” mode and shes just 

and she puts her “misterious punk rock grunge girl” mode on pause and

just starts being all cutesy

i love those moments

dont you???

bc like everyone knows she hot

cause we all got eyes and see that.

but not everyone gets to see how cute she actually is…

wow yeah shes definitly intimidating…

just like a little puppy

so yeah… Even though i trailed off a little, I think I explained  my point. lauren might be hot af but she’s also cute as hell

I do not own any of the pics or gifs above, all of them belong to their respective owner/creator

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Wait what interview with box on her head whats happening (the Hoshino interview thingy u mentioned)

It was during her interview to promote the Winter Vol. of the manga and the anime come back (from what I’ve heard) and this was how she came to the interview.

Look at this precious human being omg. Hoshino is a very private person and doesn’t really show her face in public that much (even tho she looks adorable, honestly) so this was just very expected but also very wtf to see lol.

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omg phil's face when dan said they live together because bbc email them... he look so sad..

idkkkkk maybe at the beginning but i wouldn’t look too much into it - i think if anything he understood why dan said that bc it was relevant to them moving to london (where they live now) together…

[full interview here]

his expression to me shows more of a listening-to-dan-thinking-what-to-say-next kinda thought process rather than a necessarily sad one… he also does a little smile so i like to think he’s reminiscing if anything <3

nialyjoy replied to your post “i’ll never get over fandom never doing anything with that ‘niall malik’ thing. talk about dropping the fucking ball”

LITERALLY ALL I WANT IN LIFE also correct me if im wrong didnt this happen at the sameish time as the everyone joking about niall being pregnant thing?? THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED

OMG YES SCREAMING LET ME WALK YOU THROUGH THE TIMELINE. back in april/march zayn started randomly scooping niall up in the traditional bridal carry either bc he was reliving the moment or preparing for it!!!!!!!!!!!

fast forward to four months later and interviewers are putting zayn on the spot about these supposed impending nuptials they’ve only just caught wind of

only to be waylaid by this bombshell niall drops ON THEM ALL 

no seriously look at zayn’s face he’s like wtf mate YOU’RE LUCKY I LOVE YOU BUT JESUS CHRIST. meanwhile niall is remorseless

a week later news finally leaks that apparently the wedding’s already long since taken place and expectant papa niall couldn’t be happier :’)))