Ghostriders by Bernhard Sitzwohl
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…in the sky and on the street. I have a second version of this milky way shot without a car, but i like the carversion a tad better because of the lighttrails and the fact that the car lit the foreground nicely.


Bivak II Na Jezerih | Alpine Shelter In The Slovenian Mountains

This bell-shaped shelter, as interesting as it is, is a replica of an alpine shelter that was originally constructed in 1936. Situated in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park, the shelter, named Bivak II Na Jezerih, is an interesting building, to say the least. 

Chiamala libertà by Arianna Rubini


Dolomites - Italy

The Dolomites in Italy, or Le Dolomiti in Italia, are some of the most jagged peaks on Earth. This region is truly an alpine paradise. Supposedly these mountains were formed from ancient reefs, and therefore they pop up in clusters, or groups, instead of traditional straight ranges. Between these jagged, towering groups of mountains are gentle grassy meadows filled with wildflowers and Bavarian alpine towns. Hikers can travel from town to town using the towns as basecamp for day hikes, or for longer hikes they can sleep in the numerous alpine huts situated high up in the mountains.

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