Astro interactions from @1:05 to @ 2:42. 

As You Go

In which Sorey and Mikleo spend a night together under the stars, grappling with the truth about their own origin story within the Origin Village, and Mikleo finds that when the stars offer him no solace, maybe the strong arms of a green-eyed Shepherd can.

Sormik Week 2017 - Day 5: Loghrin, Truth/Time

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They sit in the quiet of their bedroom in Loghrin until Mikleo says he wants to see the stars. Sorey walks with him, leaving his Shepherd’s cloak and the other seraphim and squire of their party behind, and the two exit the inn and the walls of the small desert city and tread into the sand.

Sorey has a brief thought when Mikleo lays down that he should complain about getting sand in his clothes. But it never quite leaves his throat. Sorey lies down beside his friend and stares up at the night sky—a deep and dark velvet filled with as many stars as there are emotions, maybe more than they’ve ever realized—and somehow, he can’t help but feel humbled. Small.



“You…know that thing we hear some people say? About how maybe the loved ones we’ve lost are watching us from the stars?”

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