I’ll Ease Your Mind


I’ve had this floating around for a while but just now got to posting it. Inspired by and set immediately after @aroford‘s Relativity Falls version of Sock Opera.

The song Mabel sings is “The Seas Of Space

Ford couldn’t sleep. Not that insomnia was anything new; he’d been plagued by it for as long as he could remember. But this was different. He could feel his eyes growing red and heavy and his head ached, which despite everything else was at least partially from exhaustion. He couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t let himself.

He was supposed to wake up every three hours tonight anyway, so it wasn’t like it really mattered. Surely it was better to just not sleep at all. Then they’d know for sure that he didn’t have a concussion.

He could hear Stan snoring softly from where his brother was sitting propped against Ford’s bed. The baseball bat that had originally been held across his knees had fallen to the floor. “I’ll protect you!” he’d insisted when Ford first expressed reticence about going to sleep. He was probably still feeling guilty about that punch.

Ford had … well, no, he hadn’t tried to sleep. He’d pretended, until he heard Stan’s breathing soften and even out, and then he’d opened his eyes and stared straight at the ceiling. Bill might have been exorcised from his body, but the only way he could think of to really keep a dream demon out of your head was to not dream. And the only way he knew to make sure he didn’t dream was to make sure he didn’t sleep. He’d been stupid and gullible, let his guard down and nearly lost everything. He’d be sure not to make that mistake again.

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Have y'all realized yet that the Houston concert is February 4th, the movie comes out February 10th (red carpet appearence for the premiere etc) and the Grammys are on February 12th?!

friendly reminder that just because taylor writes about her experiences so frequently doesn’t mean that every single song or lyric she writes is her current emotional state. She’s talented enough to be able to put certain emotions and feelings into words even when she isn’t feeling them in the moment