• MC:Seven what happened?! That’s a lot of bandages! You must’ve been hurt pretty bad...!!
  • 707:Actually, I forgot my shirt. Grabbed these to cover up so you wouldn’t get distracted. ;)

the true star of the documentary:

I am just gonna say this, and please, lets not do the skeleton war ever again. I honestly BEG people to not be bringing back every year, for the love of god…

So instead I propose we all make 2016 the year of Monsters Cereal Election:

Finally, we get candidates we can trust…

You can vote for your favorite cereal and have a chance to win money, so please lets make this the meme for October 2016 so we don’t repeat another meme for the umpteent time.

I seriously beg we vote for cereal mascots, so go vote at: https://generalmills.promo.eprize.com/monsters/ To vote your favorite Halloween cereal

tim bisley :     biggest nerd!!!      luvs star wars.     a lil gay.      a typical libra.      han solo wannabe.     got dumped once by his gf sarah for his good bud duane  &  now he’s a mess.      help him.        the FAKEST bitch.       also has weirdly bright blond hair.     

shaun riley :    wants the best 4 everyone but doesn’t know how 2 make that happen.    just wants 2 listen 2 his records in peace.     hates his job.       luvs his bff ed.       gives compliments all the time,    mostly rly awkward ones.   luvs his mama.     cares 2 much.

nicholas angel :    nonbinary icon.     friend of plants  &  animals.      vegan kween.      probably has an aesthetic tumblr blog.       luvs their actual husband danny butterman more than anything.       literally nic & danny are the only Good Cops ™ in the whole universe

graeme willy :    wouldn’t get along with Fake Bitch ™   (  tim bisley  )   bc my mans graeme is whipped for that star trek    &    my other mans tim is whipped for that star wars.       mess.        also a lil gay tho.     speaks klingon. might bond with tim over their mutual luv of gillian anderson.       graeme is literally the human embodiment of the x files theme song. 

gary king :      king of the gays   &  the goths.     asshole of the year award will forever go 2 him.     madly in luv with andy knightley but won’t tell u that.        maybe capable of being a good person maybe sometimes idk tho. acts like the best bc he feels like the worst.      ouch.      &    jokes aside gary is a v damaged human being and he deserves love