Here is where the Peace and Noise Spendenbox will be this week, following the amazing FLOW of Munich!

Tuesday 26.07 : Rekord (Ludwig Abraham mit Mocrep afterparty at Säulenhalle with Djs Benni Kaput, Monika Bluse & Gabi Prinzip)
Wednesday 27.07 : Rote Sonne Festival with SASEBO
Thursday 28.07 : Suzie Trio at Watz ART
Friday 29.07 : THE GREXITS at Watz ART again! Also look out for Kunstverein München Sommerfest 2016 and diesen freitag: Machinedrum, Schlachthofbronx at Rote Sonne again too!
Saturday 30.07 : Closing party of Watz ART with Tom Wu and (newly announced!) G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos
Sunday 31.07 : SAVE THE DATE! A suprise Peace & Noise party to be announced very soon!

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A majority of swifties also think that they actually had a significant relationship early in that year and that he broke her heart “cheating” on her with that Emmy girl in Australia (??) and that it was this huge thing between them and then that them “being together” in the fall was her “letting him back in” and they literally think they were on and off for over a year and I’m just. like. The SHEER INSANITY

I love when they claim this ‘cos I get to snatch some wigs.

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gotneeks “Karate kid, my sensei is Fonzerelli. That’s forty, I come from the land of the hyphy.” - After party got a bit hyphy.@g_eazy @gradybrannan @dkessler