• Peter: Man, I can't believe Cap thought us doing recon in a forest at night was acceptable
  • Wade: I got this
  • Wade: *stomps his light-up sketchers*

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My friend is currently mad at me because I said I was getting chunky. I weight 96 LBS when I used to weight 85. She said it offended her because she's 157 and is technically overweight. But I only said what I said because I had/still have an eating disorder and I'm not okay with my weight being more than 85. I apologized for being rude but I'm really not that sorry.. What do you think

Are you the same anon?

It’s kinda hard for me to judge because I don’t know your age and I’m not familiar with LBS (I’m from a normal country where they use KG lmfao).  What I do know is that your “technically overweight friend” has a point to be angry at you. Or at least offended. If you say you’re getting chunky at 96LBS and she’s 157, you’re basically implying she’s huge. Which probably isn’t true, it’s a reflection on how you feel, not on how you feel about her. But assuming you’re teens, I think it’s safe to say she doesn’t get that (yet). I think it’s a good thing that you apologized. I know you feel bad that my might not mean the apology but at least you tried to make it right, which means you care about her and your friendship.

I also think that, if she’s really a good friend, you need to talk to her about your weight issues (or more acurrately - your body positivity issues/eating disorder). I have a feeling she doesn’t know, because if she knew, she might’ve reacted differently, knowing you weren’t trying to insult her but having doubts about your own weight. Not only will it explain your behavior towards her, but you might also get a hug, some sympathy and some assurance you’re beautiful the way you are. Which is what you need, by the way.

And don’t be too hard on her. If she was insulted, it means she’s concious of her weight as well. And you know how it feels like to be concious of your body.

Also, as a general tip in life: if you’re skinny and you don’t really have issues losing weight, it’s never a good idea to complain about your weight to people who do have issues. For a lot of of people (and for me as well), it is a really big challenge maintaining their weight. And when they actually need to lose weight, it is HARD. It’s a really big lifestyle change. And perceverence. So if a skinny friend tells me she thinks she’s fat, my immidiate response is “bitch, go eat your salad and shut the fuck up”.

The signs as things my family say
  • Aries: Are you going out with the lesbians? -Dad
  • Taurus: I'm going out to eat dicks -Brother
  • Gemini: That guy is cute, you should send him a nude -Mom
  • Cancer: Stop taking selfies, you're not Kim Kardashian -Brother
  • Leo: Aww, look, you still as virgin as in this picture -Mom, showing me a picture of me in kindergarten
  • Virgo: Stop sucking dicks while you are drunk, please -Brother
  • Libra: Look that whore -Mom, to someone else, about me.
  • Capricorn: I watched some movie called Fulp Piction or something like that -Mom
  • Pisces: Under the sea, under the sea, I love the lion king -Mom
"You're Hot," (TW)

Includes Scott, Isaac, Stiles, Derek, Parrish, and Liam. Working on a Cheating series of preferences, a First Kiss for Liam, Part 3 of Dentist, and the SPN/TW This Is…

Derek: He let his hands wonder your waist, going higher and lower in certain areas as the kiss grew more and more heated. At first, you gripped his hair but now your hands were awkwardly by your sides.

Your lips were attached, as they’d been for the last fifteen minutes straight. It was funny how things started as a studying session.

He reached for the hem for your shirt, lifting it. By the time it reached the bottom of your exposed ribcage, you pulled away, his bottom lip tugged between both of your own clear-glossed lips.

He looked at your hungrily, his green eye color replaced with electric blue. “What?” He asked huskily with an unintentional hoarse voice.

“I- I don’t know if I -”

“Fuck,” he groaned, a low growl coming from his throat. “You don’t want to…”

Vigoruously, you shook your head. “No, it’s just that -”

“You haven’t before. I forgot, I really… did. I didn’t mean to, you know, go so fast.” Before you could apologize to him, he turned on his heel and began to walk off.


He turned around. There was a distant look in his eyes. “I think maybe we shouldn’t- There’s somebody better for you…”

“Derek,” you grabbed his arm. “There is no one else. It’s you- I’m just kind of nervous,” you explained with a frown. Was he really that mad?

His eyebrows drew together. “Y/N, what do you see in me? Why do you like me? I’m too old for you.”

“No, Derek,” you gave a teasing grin. “You’re hot. And other stuff, too.”

He cocked an eyebrow, “I’m hot?” Seeing Derek Hale question if he was attractive was probably the funniest thing ever. It sounded so foreign when he said it.

“Derek Hale, you’re the hottest guy in Beacon Hills.” He broke out in a toothy, genuine smile that you adored. “And I’m sorry I can’t-”

“It’s fine,” he wrapped his arms around your waist, his chin resting in the crook of your neck. “I love you. Calling me hot was enough.”

Isaac: Isaac pulled at the bottom of his v-neck, quickly changing. His back was turned to you as he took it off, but he turned giving you a full view of his toned chest.

“Holy shit, you’re hot.”

His face turned bright red. “I-I-I’m hot?”

“Yup,” you nodded, swallowing.

Parrish: “Do you think this uniform is okay? I mean, damn, the military supplied more flattering clothes than this…” He stood in front of the mirror, posing and turning in circles.

Breaking your stare from the television, you gave your boyfriend a quick once-over. Which led to you fully checking him out with a bitten lip.

“They do, like, no justice. I mean… What do you think?”

He looked at you with an innocent doggy face. It was cute how he actually wanted your opinion. You couldn’t not answer, but you considered it.

“I-ah-um,” he stared at you expectingly. “I-” Instead of responding, you got up and walked in front of him. He smiled softly, placing his hands on your waist.

If only he knew, you shook your head. “Jordan, you look hot. You always look hot.”

He blinked.

“Well, I-I guess the uniform can stay, babe.”

Liam: “Hello! It’s me! I WAS WONDERING IF AFTER -”

“Shut up, Y/N! Oh, and we’re in here!” You rolled your eyes at Scott’s remark, jogging into his room where you were surprised to see Liam and no Stiles.

“Tell me to shut up again,” you warned Scott with a playful smirk. “You know I’m a great singer.”

Liam was sitting on Scott’s bed looking uncomfortable. His face was sort of red.

“Hanging without Stilinski? How dare you!”

Scott chuckled, and went back to do whatever it was he was doing. Generally, you stopped by Scott’s to just hang out. It was a second home for you. He didn’t mind, neither did Melissa. They enjoyed your company.

You pulled out your phone, navigating your way to Instagram. Before you decided to go to McCall’s, you posted a rate picture.

It literally said ‘like for an emoji grade’ and 'don’t catch feelings’. Basically, you rated anyone who liked with emojis. Hotties got the heart eye & water droplet emojis commented under one of their pics.

Girls, the ones you liked, got simply heart. Boys, you were actually rating. None so far were hot. And you got 50 likes. Damn, you thought, this might take a while.

“Hey,” Liam sang awkwardly. He cringed after. “Whaddya’ doin’?”


He immediately regretted asking.

He liked it before you came over and you knew it.

“I was gonna wait until I saw you, and then I got here and procrastinated until later… But, um, you’re hot.”

His mouth dropped.

“Babyy Liamm,” Scott teased, singing disgustingly. He put away laundry while singing The Little Mermaid’s 'kiss the girl’ song.

Stiles: “If I were a girl,” you already knew this was going to be fun, “do you think I’d be like the Victoria, Carreyn or Amanda of the group. Victoria obviously being the best, Carreyn last.”

“I’m not- I’m not sure how to answer that? I’m not lesbian, and I don’t think a name can acurrately -”

“Just answer! Okay, would I be the Katherine, the Sarah, or the Sharkisha?”

“The Katherine and Victoria?”

“So, I’m the best girl. Okay, we can work with that. Now, convert that to guys -”

“Are you trying to find out if you’re hot or not, Stilinski?”

“I mean, yeah, sure. Totally.”

“You are. You could of asked. Or taken off your shirt. You wouldn’t of even had to talk if you did it that way.”

“Good to know.”

Scott: Your boyfriend and you were sprawled across the floor in random positions. He bit the end of his pen in boredom, and maybe nervousness. Lately, the pack ended a ton of help. Being alone with Scott was a rarity. When you were actually together he always awkward and different.

“Hey,” he glanced up at you from his textbook. “Remember that weird conversation I had with Isaac and Stiles?”

“That could be many,” you sighed.

He laughed lightly. “The one where they… called me a hot girl?”

At this, you burst out in laughter. “Yeah, yeah I remember that.”

Scott rolled his eyes and shut his book. He pushed the nearby work away. “Well, um, do you think it’s true? What do you… think about them? Isaac and Stiles.”

He watched, swallowing as your eyes widened. “Stiles? Buzzcut Stiles? No. Isaac? Eh. You have to count personality and looks,” you explained with a smirk. “So, yeah, you’re the hot girl.”

“You don’t think-”

“No, Scott. Stiles and Isaac are not hotter than you.”

He chuckled, then pulled you towards him. “I was worried,” he whispered due to your proximity. Placing his lips on yours, you both engaged in a heated kiss.

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I've fallen In love with the Hit man MC and Saeran both being all Tsundere towards each other, I could totally see Vega getting him a present and wrapping it up all nice and pretty but then throwing it at him to give it to him XD


  • Look he may be a Fucking Loser™ but you’re pretty sure he hasn’t been getting birthday presents most of his life, and he’s already pretty salty about Seven leaving him behind while he made friends and had fun, so…
  • You can’t not get your Best Buddy Seven a present and not him, ok? And it’s not about him or anything, it’s just… an obligation! Yeah! You aren’t doing this because you want to make him happy or anything; the dude is a total jerk!
  • You spend an egregiously long time trying to figure out what the hell to buy. Like. A disgusting amount of time. Like you’re carefully picking a gift for your boyfriend amount of time
  • His birthday rolls around, and you’ve got your present all nice and pretty because you’re not a heathen. You come into the living room about to give it to him, and he gives you a squinty, dubious look before saying he doesn’t know where Seven is.
  • “Actually,” you say, “I was looking for you.” And you hold out the gift.
  • He stares at it. Stares. Then - that asshole laughs at you.
  • “What the hell is that? Did you curl the ribbons?” And you just glower and THROW IT AT THAT SMUG ASSHOLE
  • luckily it’s light so it doesn’t hurt him, and he just kind of shakes his head in a ‘this is stupid’ way before opening it
  • and.
  • stares.
  • holy shit how the fuck did u get these tickets, the concert has been sold out for months
  • wait… why are there…. two…??
  • He goes to ask you if you made a mistake or something, and you’re like “oh my god you’re not even going to thank me????”
  • and he’s like “uh well thanks i guess but why did you get me two tickets”
  • “so you can bring a friend u jackass”
  • there’s a pause.
  • “i don’t have any friends” saeran says.
  • “what about seven?”
  • “i don’t want to bring my brother he’ll act like an idiot.”
  • “what about vanderwood?”
  • “vanderwood doesn’t like loud stuff.”
  • “well idfk you could probably sell it if you just want to go on your own.”
  • Saeran looks at the tickets. Looks at you. The tickets. You. Flushes a bit. Adjusts his collar. “s-so…. uh… do….. you want to go with me?” (this poor baby seriously wants to take you out to a concert but has no idea how to properly ask)
  • you’re pretty pissed off already, and the implication that you are his last resort just annoys you, so you’re like “OH MY GOD SAERAN FUCK YOU” and you storm off.
  • Later, you find that one of the tickets has been slid under your door with a note that reads, Do whatever you want with it, but I wouldn’t be upset if I saw you there.
  • (since you both live in the same house, you end up going together and hanging out at the concert together, but it’s not like you went on a date or anything, you just happened to be going to the same place.)

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What does the sun, moon, rising, midhaven, mars, venus thing mean? Not sure how to apply it to myself. A couple of them are acurrate

have you already looked at your birth chart? if so each of those planets have a lot of meaning.

Sun sign is just the day and month you were born, its who you are as a person. Its your ego basically.

Moon sign is your emotions and how you feel, and handle yourself in situations.

Rising or Ascendent is how people perceive you, its how you act in public and when meeting someone for the first time.

Mars is how you handle physical situations, like aggression.

Midheaven is who you want to be, how you want people to view you as.

and Venus is how you act in relationships, how you view love and what you want in it.

if you know you’re birth chart you can ask me what each of the signs mean in these planets if you want.

signs with other people's secrets
  • Aries: tells a few close friends
  • Taurus: lol nobody trusts them with secrets
  • Gemini: tells every man and his dog
  • Cancer: keeps it literally forever
  • Leo: teases about it relentlessly
  • Virgo: finds a way to leak the secret
  • Libra: tells them something weird to make them less embarrassed
  • Scorpio: makes a big deal but won't tell
  • Sagittarius: doesn't tell but teases the person about it
  • Capricorn: tells their mum
  • Aquarius: tells everyone but changes some details
  • Pisces: tries to keep it but caves