apparently dino n hoshi were at a food court n basically got chased out of the mall by some fans in chicago. like ur honestly not cute for doing that. just straight up annoying n rude! they had a 13 hour flight n just wanna chill. hav some fucking sympathy n respect.                                  

the respect that was shown at the airport should be the same everywhere else. please don’t forget that.

no offense but the one thing i knew was that the girl was gonna get hit, the minute she looked up at him and their eyes met? bitch ive seen this in 305 Spanish soap-operas I KNEW IT WAS COMING BUT IT STILL HURT BITCH IT STILL HURT

interviewer: so we have To-

Tom: I’m spiderman

interviewer: i- yes. that is true but we have Tom Hol-

Tom: I am spider man

interviewer: I - yes. okay.

An accurate representation of Thomas Stanley Holland scrolling through his Tumblr watching us destroy each other over his goddamn hair:

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