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but a dva/widowmaker friendship once widowmaker's been redeemed. widowmaker kind of claiming the cool aunt role in dva's life and taking her shopping. Boy i Die

this would be so good though???? SO GOOD?????? 

because widowmaker, after being ‘redeemed’ (which i use loosely because she’s been used/abused by talon and brainwashed so she doesn’t really need redemption she needs care and support and a chance to make her own choices instead of being used as a tool BUT THAT’S A RANT FOR ANOTHER DAY) wouldn’t all of a sudden become lovey-dovey. so she has stress from 76 and ana who are still suspicious of her and if she has any other triggers, and when she sort of brings it up to mercy, she soon has blondie recommending “relaxing” hobbies, like reading and knitting, and honestly she wasn’t even like that before talon wrecked her 

she catches dva in the midst of one of her FPS games and goes, “is it multiplayer?” 

dva, without missing a beat, gives her an evil smile and holds out a controller. “c’mon, grandma. let’s see what you got.” 

it’s a good game, though hana wins, of course. she bluntly asks, before widowmaker leaves, “so, like. what are we actually supposed to call you? doc keeps saying not to call you ‘amelie’ because we’d be trying to make you fit into our preconceived biases blah blah blah, but calling you widowmaker seems rotten since that’s not a real name.” 

“it doesn’t matter.” 

hana cocks her head and shrugs. “alright lady, whatever.” 

from then on, widowmaker joins her. she never wins, and it’s somewhat frustrating, but it’s also relaxing? knowing that it doesn’t matter if she plays badly or well, that hana will continue to gloat and be a little shit and there won’t be any pressure on widowmaker to react “correctly” 

plus, hana is fine with widowmaker being acerbic and a little bit of an ass. she doesn’t get mad if widowmaker scoffs and says, “you’re a ridiculous woman, i should kill you for making that joke. i could, it’d be easy.” 

“yeah okay try me auntie, i’ll kick your ass.” 

it’s a random day when hana isn’t responding like she normally does. she doesn’t gloat when she wins, and their final score is much closer than it normally is. 

widowmaker, somewhat hesitantly, asks, “What crawled up your ass and died?” because. you know. that’s how hana talks to her, so she figured it should be okay. 

hana presses the palms of her hands against her eyes and says, “you’d think that being a woman who deals with internet harassment on a daily basis, who pilots an advanced piece of technology and kills, who’s a fucking soldier—you’d think she could handle a break up without blinking, wouldn’t you?” she takes a deep breath and lets it out shakily. “i just. it wasn’t fair to her, i know that, i mean. we only met in person once, and i know it bothered her that i couldn’t be more /there/, but. i dunno.” 

widowmaker doesn’t really know what to do. she pats hana’s back, and startles when she takes that as an opening to flop into widowmaker’s lap and hug her middle. 

“i’m sorry.” 

“yeah. i didn’t even know anything was wrong.” 

it’s quiet for a bit. 

“do you want to go buy things?” 

hana looks up at her, uncomprehending. “what” 

“buy things. purchase clothes and accessories. games?” she looks at hana uncertainly. “i believe it’s called retail therapy. we then return and eat take out and ice cream, and then we watch sad movies. that’s how breakups work.” 

hana giggles–actually giggles, and widowmaker recoils a little bit. 

“don’t make it gross.” 

“auntie~ you care about me!” 

“i retract the offer. go buy your own shit now.” 

(she doesn’t let hana pay for anything that day. 

“i’m pretty loaded, auntie, you don’t have to pay for everything. i have expensive tastes.” 

“it’s not my money, don’t worry.”) 

  • Beast Boy: Wow. You look really lovely.
  • Raven: Lovely. Well, it's nice that you've extended your vocabulary from words like hot and mega hot.
  • Beast Boy: You can just say thank you, you know.