Дни плавно перетекают из одного в другой. Время бежит-бежит, а потом на пару секунд останавливается. Вдох, и я сижу на лавочке в окружении зелени. Есть пару минуток чтобы просто посидеть, полюбоваться голубым до невозможности небом. А потом телефон напоминает, что снова пора на работу. Мир вокруг вертится всё быстрее и быстрее. Иногда притопывает под музыку у меня в наушниках. А потом мелодия сменяется и декорации уже медленно плывут в такт новой. 

Снова вдох, и я уже мчусь под песню из очередного мюзикла по многолюдной улице, смешно размахивая руками. Ветер бьет в спину, так что волосы лезут в глаза. Мои голые плечи впитывают лучи уходящего солнца. Я иду быстро, обгоняя прохожих. Потом вижу вдалеке знакомую фигуру, подлетаю - и вот мы уже идем вместе, бурно что-то обсуждая. 

Вдох, и вот мы уже сидим на лавочке, а я сквозь смех рассказываю нелепый сюжет книги, которую недавно прочла. Небо розовеет. Разгуливающие по нему облачка принимают оттенки от бирюзового до кораллового. А воздух теплый-теплый. И вдруг меня кусает большущий комар. И еще один. Такие большие с тонкими длинными лапками.Одного я убиваю прямо на себе. Но ничего, мы решаем, что это убийство в целях самообороны и идем дальше. Разглядываем книги и комиксы. Бежим за автобусом. Я норовлю почесать комариный укус на щеке. Ты держишь меня за руку. Мы улыбаемся, несем какую-то чушь. Пытаемся вспомнить книги, которые нужно всенепременно прочесть. 


Поцелуй в щеку. И я пару секунд смотрю тебе вслед. Мысли будто становятся ватными, мягкими.Я улыбаюсь. Музыка уже не нужна. Что-то делает с нами весна. 

Может мы станем лучшими версиями самих себя?

On Jakku, she’d etched marks into her home, etched marks into the wreckages she had raided and claimed, and now, she’d etched a mark into the Monster’s face that haunted her nightmares, her daydreams. Mine, mine, mine. Always a scavenger of broken things.

I love/hate TFA because I ended up with three new ships, one of which apparently is Problematic™ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Anyways, here’s my contribution to the amazing Reylo fandom!

living together is messy.

all isak wants is to brush his teeth and crawl into bed, but the sink is full of strands of even’s fucking hair from when he spent thirty goddamn minuted styling it this morning.



“can you please come here?”

even appears in the doorway, leaning against the frame in a way that makes his shirt bunch up right above his left hip, and isak is trying very hard not be distracted -

“why the fuck were you shedding in the sink?”

even moves to look. the tiny bathroom suddenly seems a hell of a lot smaller.

“pain is the price of beauty,” even says, smirking, but his face falls a bit when he sees that isak isn’t giving in that easily.

even looks at him apologetically. “i’ll clean it up, yeah?”

“fine,” isak says before stalking out of the bathroom, because, let’s face it, he’s always been a bit dramatic.

he’s sulking in bed on his phone, trying to understand some meme about capitalism that jonas sent him when even flops into bed next to him, all long limbs and a toothy grin, making isak bounce on the mattress.

isak shoots him a look.

“come on, are you really that mad about the hair?” even says, and isak immediately narrows his eyes.

“yeah? i am? because, like, this is our place and it’s really important to me that we take care of it.”

even is looking at him so softly and fondly that it pisses isak off more than he thought was possible, and he opens his mouth to tell even to listen to what he’s saying, dammit, when even speaks first.

“i get it. i want to be perfect, too, but at the same time i kind of like that it’s lived in. we’re making it our own. leaving our mark.”

isak hadn’t thought of it like that. he grumbles a bit, saying something about how even’s actual dna being all over his toothbrush isn’t as much of a mark as, like, painting the walls a different color like a normal person.

but he still snuggles into even and breathes in his scent. his scent, which is so distinctly even, and is slowly permeating through the entire apartment.

leaving a mark.

all even wants is to cook a nice breakfast for his boyfriend, but of course isak didn’t do the dishes last night like he said he would, and they’re piled up on the counter with the forgotten food literally crusted on them.

“babe?” he asks, as calmly as he can. “i thought you were going to do the dishes last night?”

isak glances up from his textbook where he’s doing last minute cramming for class and makes a noise of slight disgust. “fuck, i’m sorry. i totally forgot.”

“it’s fine, we can just use other plates,” even says, opening the cabinet before realizing that literally every single plate they own is dirty, because they only have five in total. “or paper towels, i guess?”

when he turns to grab some, he’s met with a bare cardboard roll, and he tries, he swears, he tries to keep his tone completely neutral.

“you forgot those too.”

isak doesnt bother to look, finger tapping under a line of text as he mouths something to himself before answering. “yeah, i was totally going to, but i ran into eva and we ended up talking and going to kb instead of the store, so i didn’t get a chance.”

“isak, we need something to eat off of,” even breathes, and he knows his voice is a little too harsh when isak’s head snaps up in a way that tugs at his heart, so he tacks a “sorry” at the end.

“no, you’re right,” isak says, standing to wrap his arms around even and press his lips right beneath even’s ear. “i’ll do them now.”

even shakes his head. “you have to study.” he knows how important isak’s classes are to him.

“you can read the passage to me while i clean real quick,” isak suggests. “i like your voice when you read.”

they grin at each other for a second, the annoyance at isak’s carelessness fading to a dull murmur, and even sits down at the table and begins to recite something he doesn’t understand in time with the cyclical rhythm of the sponge on the plates.

isak hums occasionally in response to something even says. soon, he places two plates of scrambled eggs in front of the both of them and swings backwards into a chair.

the cleaning job is a little iffy; even resits the urge to scrape off a dark flake with his thumbnail, solely because isak is looking at him with a mouth full of food and the corners of his eyes scrunching up ever so slightly.

even kisses the tip of his nose just to see him blush and roll his eyes before he starts eating his breakfast.

isak’s trying - they both are - and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

he thinks it is.

So, when the world should be talking about his music only, there’s a chance that the news tomorrow will be about this. Everything Larry related is so toxic. I’m so sorry for him and everything both Harry and Louis had to deal with for years now. I’m so embarrassed.

But after waking up in the last episode, they didn’t even go to sleep. They banged the whole night, then Emma got hungry in the morning and decided to make some pancakes, Killian got tired of waiting and put on the first thing he could find on the floor (last night’s clothes - he could’ve been half naked but it’s still a family show, ffs) and Emma decided to forget about the pancakes after the whispering thing (i mean, who wouldn’t) and bang some more. That’s 100% canon and no one will tell me otherwise.