there are biphobic lesbians

there are lesbophobic bisexuals

that doesn’t mean that either group has privilege over the other

orcteeth asked:

Hi, first thing's first: Love your hair mods, thank you for making them. I can't play qunari with the default mohawk unless I have to, which brings me to my actual question: Is the reverse mohawk compatible with Jaws of Hakkon? I need to mentally prepare myself if not.

Thanks! I keep seeing your action screenshots on my dash, and I think they’re tremendous.

Uh, honestly, I don’t know; I own JoH but haven’t played it. My understanding is that whether a mod works in Frostback Basin is dictated by the alignment of the stars and the movement of local birds. I’m going to open this one to the floor, since I know I’m followed by some people who have experimented with mods in the Basin a lot. tklivory, what say you?


And it’s DONE.  :D  Currently being washed so I can block it, and I’m just hoping that it’ll dry by tomorrow when I have to go into the city.  O_o;;;  CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME. 

(I’ll take better pictures and make a proper post for my craft blog tomorrow, but I just wanted to get this up for now.  ^_^  And I have no idea why tonight’s pictures are so washed out, but the colors are not that bright.  O_o;;;  Anyway.  Hope you guys like it!  :D)

Why do celebrities always seem to have a close surrounding of real friends and all my friends are self centred assholes who can’t come out one night to celebrate my birthday

5k notes and i’ll go see the minions movie and drag my brother+his friend (yes, the one who fucked him) to see the minions movie