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can you pls remind me why daisy went rogue? i forgot and i was a little lost when i watched the season premiere. is she working for watchdog now?

Well, she’s definitely not working for Watchdog! As a hate group, they seem to be this season’s new big bad, and in 4x01 it seems that Daisy’s newest mission is to take them down. 

We don’t really know why she went rogue, because they don’t have her give an explicit reason for it. In 3x22, all we saw was Daisy grieving Lincoln’s moments-prior death before they cut to her as Quake six months later. The implication is that once Lincoln sacrificed himself for her, she ran away from SHIELD to avoid ever injuring anyone she cared about again. There’s also the suggestion that she became a vigilante because SHIELD’s modus operandii no longer worked for her (i.e. she likely blames them, to a reasonable degree, for Lincoln’s death). 

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@carolineaquino73 replied: I’d also add that she feels guilt about the things she did under Hive’s sway. There was a lot of damage - to structures and people.

Good point! I think you’re definitely right that her guilt about not being able to defy Hive’s sway is a huge factor in why she’s a vigilante now - she’s trying to make up for what she believes to be the sins that she committed. (Even though, of course, she shouldn’t be blamed for any of her actions when she was being controlled.) 

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