OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver

Designed by Igor Stechkin, manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau c.2002-today.
7.62×42 mm SP-4 five-round moon clips, swing-out cylinder, six o’clock barrel, integral laser sight, double action, manual safety.

A very interesting design brought to us by the Stechkin automatic pistol guy, the OTs-38 was developed from an earlier model designed for Vietnam tunnel rats, which fired tungsten birdshot rounds for some reason. This revolver’s rounds are only similar in that they are completely silent, using a low amount of gunpowder located behind a piston inside the case, meaning no gas is actually released when firing the gun, producing no sound or muzzle flash. The gun itself being a revolver also means no spent cartridges can be heard dropping on the floor.

Mauser C96 ‘Broomhandle’ selfloading pistols

Manufactured by Mauser in Oberndorf, Germany c.1896-1920′s.
7,63x25mm Mauser 10-round internal box magazine reloaded with stripper clips, short recoil semi-automatic, cut for a removable sock that doubles as a holster.

Pretty pretty German handguns.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons


HB MM34 ‘Royal’ Schnellfeuer-type machine pistol

Manufactured in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country by Beistegui Hermanos.
7,63x25mm Mauser 20-round detachable box magazine, short recoil full automatic, air cooling fins.

So many copies of the C96 were made, Astra made a Schnellfeuer variant even before the official one came out. This one is yet another variation with a fire rate regulating thingamajig.

ECG: quick and dirty

I’ve had countless sessions and lectures on ECGs. I don’t know how many websites I have bookmarked, or how many times my eyes glazed over reading Dubin. I’m also terrible at cardiology. I was on my way to accepting my fate of being horrible at ECGs forever, until I had a life changing session on ECGs taught by a great ER doc. I want to post it here because it was probably the most useful thing I learned in med school, and it will stick with me for the rest of my career. 


1. One ECG is never enough. Always get old ones for comparison. If none available, do another one. Because. One ECG is never enough. 

2. RATE. Look at the number on top of the printed ECG. It’s stupid not to use that number. Yes, you should know the rule, 300-150-100-75-60-50. People say you shouldn’t trust the machine because… well, it’s a machine, and it can make mistakes. This is true. I don’t like to look at their “diagnosis” until I have gone through it myself. But the rate is just a number. Plus you should be able to eyeball it and be able to tell if it’s tachy, brady, etc. If the machine is telling you it’s 200 and if it looks tachy, then it’s probably the right number. 
3. RHYTHM. Is there a p-wave for every QRS and a QRS for every p-wave? Is the p-wave upright in lead II and down in aVR? Good. Done. BOOM. It’s sinus rhythm. ***if you cannot clearly see the p-waves then you cannot call sinus. move on.
4. AXIS. Again, look at the number at the top of the page. If it’s between 0 and +90, then it’s normal axis. If the number isn’t provided, or if your preceptor doesn’t believe in the convenience of machines/technology, look at the QRS complex of lead I and lead II. 
  • up in lead I, up in lead II: normal axis
  • up in lead I, down in lead II: left axis deviation (most common causes are left anterior hemi block and left ventricular hypertrophy)
  • down in lead I, up in lead II: right axis deviation (most common causes are right ventricular hypertrophy…PE)
5. did someone say HYPERTROPHY?
  • look at V1
  • is the R wave tall? (greater than 7mm?) right ventricular hypertrophy.
  • is the S wave tall? (greater than 11mm?) left ventricular hypertrophy.
  6. P-waves
  • look at lead II
  • is it wide? left atrial enlargement.
  • is it tall? right atrial enlargement.
7. PR interval
  • should be between 0.12 sec and 0.2 sec (3-5 small boxes). I used to always get this interval and QRS complex (less than 0.12 sec) mixed up. Think: atria depolarizing + shit getting to ventricles is gonna take longer than ventricles depolarizing. [2 things happening] versus [1 thing happening]. [0.12 sec-0.2 sec] versus [<0.12 sec].
  • long PR interval means there’s some sort of block at the AV node. 
  • 1st deg block. PR interval is long. everything else is normal. cool. 
  • 2nd deg block
  • type I: PR interval progressively gets long. eventually a dropped QRS.
  • type II: PR interval is constant, but randomly dropped QRS. 
3rd deg block “complete block”
  • there is no association between P waves and QRS. they run separately. **QRS does NOT have to be wide. Just look for P wave/QRS complex disassociation. I sometimes get this and 2nd deg type II mixed up. The only difference I try to remember is that PR interval is constant in 2nd deg type II, but is variable in 3rd deg. 
8. QRS complex
  • narrow or wide? 
  • narrow: good. signal coming from somewhere above ventricles. 
  • wide: think BBB (bundle branch block)
  • if the last deflection of QRS is DOWN, then it’s a left BBB
  • if the last deflection of QRS is UP, then it’s a right BBB. super easy. no more of this bunny ears crap. 
9. ST segment
  • always look from J point, and compare with the isoelectric line of T-P segment (NOT PR interval). 
  • elevated/depressed… STEMI… duh. indicates ACUTE ischemic changes. 
  • look for reciprocal changes of the heart. if ST elevation in lateral leads, could see ST depression in the septal leads. PAILS:
  • posterior up, anterior down
  • anterior up, inferior down
  • inferior up, lateral down
  • lateral up, septal down.  
LBBB can look like STEMI. How to tell?
  • disconcordant changes is normal. (QRS and STEMI on opposite sides of the isoelectric line.)
  • concordant changes is abnormal. 
  • massive discordance is abnormal. (STEMI is greater than 5mm)
  • this isn’t that important. Moving on. 
Inferior STEMI. Could right ventricle be involved? 
  • order a 15 lead
  • is STE in lead III > lead II? likely RV involvement
10. T waves
  • is it inverted? indicates recent ischemic changes. 
11. Q waves
  • is it significant? indicates old ischemic changes. will likely be present if followed rule number 1 of reading ECGs. (1 ECG is never enough= look at old ECGs). 
I literally go through this list of 11 points in my head when I’m reading an ECG, regardless of whether or not I have an atrial flutter jumping at my face or if I see a massive anterolateral STEMI. Obviously I needed background knowledge on ECGs and the physiology of the heart before constructing this list, but this basic checklist has been very, very useful to me so far. It might look lengthy, but it doesn’t take a lot of time at all- a patient is not likely going to have all these issues with their heart.    Anyway. I still don’t love ECGs, but it feels pretty wonderful to be able to be able to evaluate it in a systematic manner, and get the theory behind interpreting the scribbles of an ECG reading. I don’t get these moments as much as I would like to, but it’s that crosspoint where my classroom learning actually meets real-life applications that gives me happy brain-gasms for days. I love knowing things and more importantly, knowing why.


Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 automatic rifle - late war variant

Designed by Louis Stange c.1941-42 and manufactured by Heinrich Krieghoff c.1942-45 - serial number 02314.
7,92x57mm Mauser 20-round removable box magazine, gas operated select fire, bipod, ZF4 4x scope, spike bayonet, muzzle brake, 30mm Schießbecher grenade launcher.

An automatic rifle designed to do everything and not weighing much for airborne troops, it somehow worked and inspired small arms development in the following decades.

@felicity-smoak-hoodsteam (Sorry for being creepy and answering your tags) I have no idea how tall Takenaka is because ONE isn’t super consistent with that type of thing and we haven’t been directly told but I saw the one panel where he was a good deal taller than Mob and I was sold, so like he’s staying taller because it’s amazing. 

Teruki is 3.7cm taller than Mob so I’m kind of imagining that Takenaka is a similar amount taller than him. I usually just guessimate like half a head :’D And I do headcanon that Mob has a pretty sudden growth spurt around 17 and goes through that awkward stage where he isn’t really used to the sudden extra length of his limbs. That’s the way I tend to draw them anyway, kind of like how I draw Teruki’s hair getting longer, you can kind of figure out how old I’m drawing them hahaha They’re all taller than me currently anyway… except Shou the shorty I have like 7mm on him… *cries*

Also I really like the idea of all of them ending up at the same school, but I kind of figure that Teruki starts off at a different one until it’s just too much to be away from all the exciting action and he becomes the mysterious and ever popular second year mid semester transfer student. But not as the protagonist, that would be silly. He’s totally the love interest.


ASh-12.7 CQB Assault Rifle

Russian 12.7mm assault rifle designed for CQB and urban operations at the behest of the FSB. The rifle provides maximum stopping power at close range without the risks of overpenetration and collateral damage. The ASh-12.7 is deployed against the most heavily armed and armored criminals, who have to be stopped, literally, with the first shot.

The ASh-12.7 fires the specially developed 12.7x55mm round made for the suppressed VSSK anti-material rifle (top photo, left to right: 7.62x39, .499 LWR, .50 Beowulf, 12.7x55). Loads include a heavy AP projectile with a steel core, a heavy subsonic projectile with a lead core, a lightweight projectile with an aluminum core, and a “duplex” load, with two bullets. It feeds from either a ten-round or twenty-round proprietary magazine and utilizes a short recoil operated action with rotary bolt locking.


Luger Parabellum RSD night pistol

Manufactured by Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken AG c.~1942 - serial number 1110T.
7,65x21mm Parabellum tracer rounds, eight-round removable box magazine, toggle-lock short recoil semi-automatic, manual and grip safeties, anodized brass flashlight barrel sleeve with battery slot.

The user’s skin conductivity would bridge the gap between the two brass grip plates, and light up the flashlight attachment through a wire running from a slot on the right side of the frame to the batteries on the barrel sleeve.
These pistols were used by very few officers of the Reichssicherheitsdienst bodyguards during WW2.

haikyuu!! “current concerns”

EDIT: now includes Saeko and more members of Shiratorizawa’s team!


Sawamura Daichi: His incessant dreams about the vice principal’s flying wig.
Sugawara Koushi: A lot of his kouhai are taller than him.
Azumane Asahi: When he tells people he’s a student nobody believes him, 1st years are afraid of him, girls in his class say things like “Even though he looks the way he does, he’s kinda weak” and then get themselves disappointed, also his future plans, the captain being scary… (cut for length)
Nishinoya Yuu: “Nothing!!!”
Tanaka Ryuunosuke: He tried calling out to a lost-looking first-year girl to tell her the way to her classroom, but she started to cry.
Ennoshita Chikara: Even when he’s really fired up, people tell him he looks sleepy.
Hinata Shouyou: He can’t catch a ball one-handed.
Kageyama Tobio: He gets the feeling that animals dislike him.
Tsukishima Kei: On entering high school, he once again has to put up with various people asking how to read the character for his first name.
Yamaguchi Tadashi: Whenever he thinks a cute girl has come over to talk to him, all they want to talk about is Tsukishima.
Shimizu Kiyoko: Whether to have Jagarico or Jagabee for her snack.
Yachi Hitoka: What she would do if she ended up in a situation where she died or was about to die
Michimiya Yui: She’s been told her thighs are “sturdy”.
Takeda Ittetsu: He’s been told by his students that “Your glasses are totally uncool, sensei.”
Ukai Keishin: He’s not even 30 yet but his parents are already telling him to “Hurry up and get married.”
Ukai Ikkei: The prospect of losing to his grandson at arm wrestling makes him feel slightly uneasy.
Tsukishima Akiteru: He’s not used to drinking sake.
Tanaka Saeko: Not a single girl seems to get just how cool her lil bro is!


Oikawa Tooru: When he tried to talk to Karasuno’s manager, Kiyoko, he got utterly ignored. (But she must just have been shy, and it’s not like he’s all that bothered by it, not even a little bit, not at all - Oikawa said to himself.)
Iwaizumi Hajime: “Just 1cm more… or 7mm, at least…!” (In regard to his height.)
Matsukawa Issei: He’s been told that his school uniform doesn’t suit him.
Hanamaki Takahiro: No matter how hard he tries, he can’t beat Iwaizumi at arm wrestling.
Yahaba Shigeru: Filling Oikawa-san’s shoes is tough…
Watari Shinji: He’d like to build up more muscles.
Kindaichi Yuutarou: Girls in his class said that “Kindaichi-kun kinda seems more "lanky” than “tall”, right?“
Kunimi Akira: "Staying awake during class is hard…”
Kyoutani Kentarou: Lawson’s new “Kara Age Kun” is hard to throw away.
Mizoguchi Sadayuki: Sometimes he’ll catch himself saying “Kids these days…” and it’s like he can feel his own descent into middle age.


Kozume Kenma: Summer is too hot, winter is too cold.
Kuroo Tetsurou: Can’t get rid of his bedhead hair.
Kai Nobuyuki: He does have some trivial concerns, but he figures that as long as you’re alive, things will work themselves out one way or another.
Yaku Morisuke: His kouhai are causing him all kinds of worry.
Yamamoto Taketora: How best to talk to girls.
Fukunaga Shouhei: Yamamoto tells him to “Talk more, c'mon.”
Haiba Lev: His senpai try to give him weird nicknames.
Inuoka Sou: “I’ll eat and eat but still feel hungry!”
Shibayama Yuuki: “Everyone is so good at receives and I don’t feel like I am needed at all, but I’m gonna try my best to practice!”
Naoi Manabu: He’s been told that he’s “worse with alcohol than he looks”.
Nekomata Yasufumi: When he goes out drinking with Naoi he gets smashed too quickly so it’s no fun.


Moniwa Kaname: The second years.
Kamasaki Yasushi: How many “packs” of abs is it possible to have?!
Sasaya Takehito: He gets told that he gives off old man vibes.
Futakuchi Kenji: He has to go and get his wisdom teeth pulled.
Aone Takanobu: When he’s riding the train nobody wants to sit on either side of him.
Obara Yutaka: He feels like he doesn’t have too much of a presence compared to the other second years.
Sakunami Kousuke: “I’d be happy if I could grow a little taller.”
Koganegawa Kanji: He can’t pull off dump shots in a way that looks cool.
Onagawa Tarou: His mom has only been buying low-calorie cup noodles.
Oiwake Takuroo: It came as a shock when his daughter told him to “stop doing my laundry in the same load as yours, dad.”


Bokuto Koutarou: “…. How do you write the kanji for worry (nayami)?”
Akaashi Keiji: I want to up my physical power levels a bit more.
Washio Tatsuki: A child he’d just met took one look at him and started to cry.
Sarukui Yamato: He’s been told to stop smiling when he’s not actually smiling at all.
Konoha Akinori: He’s started to get the feeling that if you look at Bokuto’s stupidity from a slightly different angle it’s actually kinda genius and that pisses him off.
Komi Haruki: He doesn’t get time to take a nap after lunch.
Onaga Wataru: Some of his classmates call him Omonaga-kun (long face-kun) in genuine error.


Ushijima Wakatoshi: None
Semi Eita: Tendou told him that he looks uncool in casual clothes.
Oohira Reon: He can’t help but say stuff like “There we go” when he sits down.
Tendou Satori: None of his teammates wants to talk to him about Shounen Jump.
Goshiki Tsutomu: Wants to be able to hit a sharper cross.
Shirabu Kenjirou: Wants to be taller.
Yamagata Hayato: He keeps forgetting his phone.

These all come from the Haikyuu!! wiki. If there’s any I’ve missed, let me know!

Conversion Gun

Sawn-off Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle with SKS rifle grenade launcher, AK-series pistol grip and Burris red dot sight.
7,62x54mmR 5-round internal box magazine, bolt action.

I’m ashamed to say it but I kind of like it, it’s like taking a modern compact gun and replacing everything modern with old wood and steel. Plus come on it’s a Mosin-Nagant who cares if it’s defaced, you can get 5 for 3 at Walmart.