A unique Chinese AK variant that is easily distinguished and identified by its integral folding bayonet. Considered by many AK collectors to be one of the very best AK’s to ever be sold on the U.S market, they’re highly sought after. Often times referred to by it’s nickname, “Spiker”, they can vary in price; from $1,800 to $3,000+ depending on configuration and who imported it. (GRH)



An example of how condition and rarity can affect overall value. The rifle is a Polytech AKS-762 in the very and sought after “double-underfolder” configuration. It shows areas of wear and pitting, which normally on any other AK would cripple its resale value. This rifle sold for $1,910; if it were in perfect condition, the seller could have easily gotten $2,500 to $3,000. (GRH)

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Request: Later

Request: Hiya. i was wondering if i could request a one shot where the reader is a british hunter and has been staying with the boys for some time and one day they find her cooking a sunday roast and Dean finds it really hot. can there be fluff and maybe some smut please!! i love your work xxx

Word Count: 762

I’m sorry, I don’t write smut. Apart from that, though, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

You woke up with a certain… craving. You couldn’t help it – it just… you haven’t had it in so long. Not since you moved over here, and that was years ago.

So you went out early, long before either brother woke up, and bought all of the stuff you’d need. It’s been a while since you’ve made it, but you’re confident that you can pull it off.

The kitchen quickly fills with the scent you’ve missed so much, and as you chop vegetables, you smile to yourself. Now it feels like home.

You’ve lived with the Winchester brothers for nearly two years now, and have known them for at least nine of the ten you’ve lived in the US. They’re like family to you – they know all there is to know about you, and you them.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” Dean asks tiredly, catching your attention. You turn, tossing a final handful of carrot chunks into the pan. You grin at him, holding up the knife.

“Classic Sunday roast.” You explain, “Haven’t had one in years.”

The hunter’s eyes widen and he takes a deep breath, filling his lungs with the (admittedly delicious) scent.


“Good woah?”

“Very good woah.” He says softly, coming closer, “I didn’t know you could cook.”

You shrug, “It never came up.”

“You should do this every weekend.” He grins, coming up close to you and looking over your shoulder, “This looks… perfect.”

He’s not going to lie to himself – he’s had the biggest crush on you forever. You’re beautiful, and smart, and funny, and with some mad hunting skills. He’d be crazy not to be head over heels for you.

You roll your eyes, “We used to have it every weekend back home. It was just one of those things. Restaurants, pubs – bars, to you. Everywhere serves it.”

“Do you miss it?”

“Yeah, sort of.” You shrug, “But I like it here. I wouldn’t go home.”

“Why not? What’s to like?”

You laugh, “Are you hinting at me, Winchester?”

“Absolutely not!” He cries, scandalised, “Merely curious. Do go on.” He impersonates a shockingly bad Cockney accent, at which you roll your eyes.

“I like the roads; how long they seem. I like how blasé people are about things. I like how huge things are compared to back home. I love the cars, and the people are so much different.”

“Nothing else?”

“I’ve got some pretty good friends here, too.” You say softly, watching as his face hardens at the word ‘friends’, “And there’s this one guy.”

“A guy?”

“Yeah. I’ve known him pretty much since I got here, and…” You shrug, “I’m pretty sure he only sees me as a friend.”

“I doubt he does. Anyone would be lucky to be your 'friend’.” He says quietly, “And… this whole cooking thing you got going on? It’s really kind of hot, if I’m honest.”


“Yeah. A pretty girl who is badass, cute, smart, awesome, funny, and can cook at the same time? It’s music to any guy’s ears.” He moves so close to you, “And oh, man, is that music sweet.”

You find yourself blushing a deep red, chewing on your lip. Suddenly, Dean swoops in and presses his lips to yours, his hands instantly going to your waist. You gasp, kissing him back fervently – his lips are soft – much softer than you’d thought. He presses you back against the counter, eventually pushing you up onto the surface and standing inbetween your legs.

His hands explore your back and you shiver, pressing yourself closer to him. You couldn’t say how much you’ve wished this would happen, but… you never thought it would, and you didn’t think it would be as good as this.

You wouldn’t ever want it to end, but after a little while – not long enough – a pan boils over on the stove, grabbing your attention. Dean curses under his breath, keeping a tight hold on your waist, not wanting you to go.

“Leave it.” He says quietly, and you shake your head.

“This is gonna burn, babe. Or I’ll set the bunker on fire.” You whisper, pressing a last kiss to his lips. You pull away and climb off of the counter, “Later. I promise.”

“Later,” He says softly, as you get back to work. He watches you, bringing his fingers to his lips and running them over the tingling skin there.


Title: Hare #13
Artist: Bathsheba Veghte                                                                         
Date: 1989                 
Media: Pastel        
 Dimensions: Sheet: 762 x 562 mm (30 x 22 1/8 in.)          
Object Type:  Drawing         
Origin: United States 
de Young Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

to break a little with the drama I’m putting you guys through; here have some Frozen tapestries, for your castles, palaces and the kid(in you)bedroom

some time ago, while scrolling tumblr instead of writing thesis, I found these concept art tapestry drawings for Disney’s Frozen done by Brittney Lee. they are amazing and I just had to make a tapestry set out of them no matter what. coming in two shapes, left is big & right is bold, they both have the six tapestry options shown below + two empty full castable ones. all rods & straps are also castable. both are a modification of EA store meshes.

download [ts3], poly 448-762

Rockin our CQB brake courtesy of @mildlyarmedgringo with 
Business end of the 3 Hundo.
Next series of pictures will be the 7.62x39 upper. Lookout for em.


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