Slowly but Surely

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Ashton nudged the aged man to the entrance of the bar, softly coaxing him onto the street, “I’ve called a cab for you, Tom, they should be here in a little bit, just sit tight. And don’t go wandering, I don’t want your blood on my hands.” He smiled as the man waved him off, stumbling toward the curb before dropping down painfully hard. Thomas swayed slightly from his intoxicated state, his puckered eyelids wilting with fatigue as he hummed a tune with a grin arched on his wise features.

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Day Five Mini

This one nearly had me in tears.  Don’t ask me why I did this one, it just struck me as I was looking at the prompt list.

Lorelai approached the mausoleum carefully, unused to going there – or any grave – very often.  However, here she was, around noon on the day of the first Friday night dinner after her father’s passing.  For some reason she felt drawn to bring flowers – for many reasons it seemed unaccountable to her.  Her guess was that perhaps she really had grown closer to her father over the past years, and now that he was gone, he’d left a giant hole in her life she hadn’t planned on.

The breeze blew cool against her face, and, just before she was fully in view of the sepulcher, it carried to her sounds – sounds that stood out in the otherwise quiet cemetery.  Sounds she recognized.  Crying.  Not sobbing, but soft, sniffling crying, accompanied by words.  Moving her head slightly around the corner of another crypt, she confirmed that the sounds – the crying, the words – came from her mother.  Noiselessly, Lorelai withdrew completely behind the stone.  She’d come to have a few private moments alone with her father, and she didn’t want to disturb Emily’s own private time.

However, as she stepped forward to slip away, she heard words that made her stop.

I don’t even know who I am without you,” Emily said.  Not realizing anyone alive listened, she continued her usual volume.  “I have lived my life so fully entwined with yours that I literally don’t know what to do.”

Lorelai froze.  Should she stay or should she go?

“I know we had our trials and annoyances, Richard.  I remember when we separated, even.  It was hard, and it was lonely, but I was angry with you – and you weren’t that far away.”  A small, wry laugh interrupted her snifflings for a moment.  “I recall after I’d told the girls that you’d moved into the pool house, that we’d separated, Lorelai saying in that tone of hers – you know the one – ‘you’re separated by the pool.’”  Emily paused, sighing.  “She was right, you know.  And I’m glad.  I’m glad you didn’t go far.  Because I knew you were there.  That if I needed you, I could depend on you – no matter what I said otherwise.”

Shaking herself, Lorelai realized that instead of deciding whether to stay or go, she’d simply stayed.  Not only that, but she could feel something she rarely felt for her mother – an honest and true sympathy.  The parents often mystified their daughter, but the one thing she’d never doubted was that Emily and Richard Gilmore belonged together.  And, remembering that, hearing her mother speak like this, it made her heart ache.

“We got through things together.  We were a team.  I don’t know how to be by myself.  I only know how to canoe, not kayak….”

At this Lorelai almost laughed aloud, remembering a conversation they’d had many years ago after her father’s major heart attack.  She managed to contain it, then realized that Emily had not said this in jest, but had begun to cry harder.  Knowing her mother – even in this situation – Lorelai backed away soundlessly on the thick grass that was kept impeccable and empty of even a few autumn leaves.  When she got to her jeep, she got in and lay the flowers by her on the passenger seat, then drove to find her mother’s car. When she did, she sat there, waiting and drinking the last of her coffee and listening to the radio

About 15 minutes later, Emily appeared.  Tucking a handkerchief into her coat pocket, she patted her hair as she walked toward the cars.  When Lorelai saw Emily’s look of recognition of the jeep, she slid out the driver’s door, bringing the flowers with her.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Lorelai,” Emily remarked, her voice softer than normal.

Lorelai held up the flowers, meeting her mother in between the vehicles.  “I wanted to take these to him.”

Emily just nodded.  Her silence wrenched Lorelai’s heart, as it was rare that Emily didn’t have something to say about her daughter’s actions.

So, even though Gilmores were rarely affectionate, Lorelai opened her arms without hesitation and wrapped them around her mother.  After a few seconds, she felt Emily reciprocate.  The hug didn’t last long – long enough for a deep sigh to escape Emily’s lips – before the women drew away from each other again.  Then Emily cocked her head, staring down at Lorelai’s feet.

“You wore those shoes to a cemetery?”

Suddenly, Lorelai grinned, planted a quick peck on her mother’s cheek, and sauntered off for the mausoleum to bring flowers to her father.


Characters: Reader x Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes

Words: 762

Week 7 of the Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge. This week’s quote: “Oh my god, you’re in love!”

Loved, absolutely loved writing this. If you guys want more cast one shots, let me know! And don’t forget to check them all out: @officialbrianab @kimrhodes4 @robbenedict Anyways, enjoy! 

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Dragon Tales

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aEQiOs

by friend9810

Stiles finds a a dragon and instantly wants to keep it. Peter has some doubts.

Words: 762, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aEQiOs

Brought the canned 762 SBR Krink to the range. Love this East Block Lady.

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Fire Escape

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a7PEqL

by Serenitey

Nine years in a prison cell but Ian Gallagher’s apartment crushed the air out of him. Mickey finds that he can’t sleep. IanXMickey

Words: 762, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a7PEqL
We Could Be Like That

Summary: Dan wishes they really didn’t have to hide anymore.

A/N: I’m not going to have internet while moving into my new apartment so new fic sometime soon. I’m sorry it seems like Phil is an arse in the end, but nggh :s Also, please don’t assume things about how I view their relationship IRL bc that’s their biz not mine :/


Song Fic: Secret Love Song Pt.2 - Little Mix

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 762

Phil never drove. It was an extremely rare occasion. It was only that the two were on tour in the states and didn’t want to draw any unwanted attention by renting a limo or something of the sort.

Tonight wasn’t a good night. At least for Dan. He hadn’t even enjoyed doing the show, which, on any other day, he would be absolutely ecstatic performing. Dan always felt that he was partially living his childhood dream of becoming an actor when doing so.

Tonight was a different story. He hit himself over the head for being this way. He knew it ruined Phil’s mood, let alone his own. Every time Dan was even slightly feeling down, Phil would offers endless amounts of cuddles and cover the younger one with infinite kisses. Tonight was one of those nights.

As him and Phil were doing their regular meet n greet before the show, Dan had overheard a fan talking about them. Specifically their relationship. 

“Look at the way Dan’s so close to him!”

“Macey, stop it. They might hear you.”

“They’re so cute!”

“They’re not together.”

“We don’t know that.”

“They’d trust us enough to tell us.”

Dan knew very well that they both made jokes about “Phan” all the time. He was okay with it. He actually loved it. It’s just the actual situation of constantly being in hiding that got to him.

I don’t want to hide anymore.”

“Neither do I.”

“I want a normal relationship. I want to walk through London and hold your hand. I want to go out to a club and not worry about getting drunk. I want to brag to the entire world about you. You don’t get that, Phil.”

“Of course, I do! I want that, too. I really do, but, Dan, this pays our bills.”

“They’d still watch us. We’d still make loads.”

“But we’d make more.”

Dan knew that hiding things was, in the long run, better for both of their careers. They could eventually come out once their buzz died down and they’d be finally free to do as they pleased. 

A part of Dan hated Phil for being so materialistic, but another loved him for it. Some nights, Phil would stay up for hours telling him about his desires to give them the best life as well as his fears of never being able to support them. This was completely unrealistic as Phil, himself, already had huge success, but Dan understood. 

Dan, however, didn’t exactly feel like they were living the ‘best life’. Although he felt selfish, it wasn’t enough. This wasn’t enough.

Phil’s eyes were still on the road and Dan turned towards his window to shield his eyes from Phil’s vision. He was crying now. Now Dan was pissed at himself. Why did he have to be such a baby?

He couldn’t hide long and before he knew it, Dan looked down to find a soft hand caressing his lower arm lovingly. Without a second thought, Dan intertwined their fingers. He still didn’t look over to Phil, but Dan knew Phil was looking at him.

He didn’t think Phil let go of him the whole night. This didn’t necessarily happen frequently, but it did happen. And when it did, Phil didn’t even need to ask what was wrong. He knew how much Dan hated this part.


“Yes, love.”

“I’m sick of it.”

Phil sighed. “Dan,”

“Phil, I’m serious this time.” 


“Please, Phil!”

“Okay.” Phil whispered.

“Okay, what?”

“I don’t want to either, Dan. You know that, don’t you?”

“I know. But, I need this to be over, Phil.”

“Soon, Dan.”

“Now, Phil!” Dan used all his energy in one last shout and then broke down.

If it were ever to happen, it wouldn’t be now. This wasn’t the highest point of the whole ‘ship’ era, but it absolutely wasn’t the lowest. They were on tour for god sakes. That honestly did’t matter. It was never a good time and Dan was starting to think that it never would be.

“I’m sorry. It’s just the tour stressing me out.” 

On cue, Dan stopped crying just long enough to tell Phil an excuse, that was partially for Phil to stop worrying, but also partially to help Dan suppress every one of his thoughts.

“See? You’ll come to your senses once you not so emotional.”

“I know.” Dan let a few more tears fall before he was fully drained for the night.

“It’s okay. We can always get emotional, but we need to be smart, Dan. And this is being smart.”

Sleepy Phil

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a5yyKs

by watisdestiel

Basically, Dan is horny.

Words: 762, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a5yyKs