Gotta say MediBang is pretty good just except the bucket/filling colors is a HUGE pain in the arse which makes the lines too thin more I have to fill the little erased or white spots but despite those two pains it’s a good problem so here’s all 10 drawings I did with MediBang !

The best thing about this for me is most of the drawings are of my own characters including the two girls, Ranee and Xena the Alien~

I will be switching between MS Paint and MediBang so look closely to see the difference

Also incase you didn’t see requests are open right now there are 3 spots left so if you want one send it via a ask or message !~ FOLLOWERS ON BOTH BLOGS ONLY !

Once again thanks to @bloodywaluigi for suggesting this program to me~

anyway i hav my cleanser choices down to 4:

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.sexte sinirim yok. Temiz ve hijyenik olmaniz yeterli. Bdsm fetish evli cift bay bayan ayrimi yapmadan herseye acigim
Ne istedigini bilen bonkor insanlari bekliyorum 0531 946 85 63


Yesterday. The last time I checked my requests I had 63 of them. This morning when I woke up I only had 6 of them. (And those were new ones that I haven’t seen before)
I was so fucking upset because I lost all my requests once before and I hate it because then all you guys’ ideas get lost.


I was actually almost crying out of frustration, because so many of you guys request stuff and I appreciate it so much and than this happened.

I don’t believe it can just happen like that, so I’m trying to get to the bottom of this.

UNTILL THEN, requests are now closed and I’m going to do those 6 requests today before I open them again.

I’m so sorry guys if I let you down this way.

It hurts me, too. And I’m going to find out how this happened.

I’m so sorry,

all the love.

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タブー中のタブーというか、その辺議論し始めると人間社会の存在意義自体が揺らぐ だからこの事件を機にどうこうなったりはしないはず

2 ONE OK ROCK signed 35xxxv Deluxe Edition albums for sale!


  • I have 2 signed 35xxxv albums that I wanna sell since I already have one. These 2 albums were from my vip in June. This is the English version of 35xxxv.
  • A vip ticket in Europe is around 130 Euros. Since they are new and have never been used the price is 100 Euros. Bidding starts at 100 Euros. 
    • 110,14 USD
    • 83.63 GBP
    • 5172.08 PHP
    • 11688.14 YEN
  • The shipping is not included.
  • These albums will also be on other websites. I already have some orders so if you’re interested send me a PM of reblog with a message.


  1. Like / Reblog
  2. No giveaway-only blogs please.
  3. Please DON’T delete or modify the text of this post.
  4. Deadline: Aug. 30, 2016. (Might change)
  5. After the deadline I’ll message the ones who entered.


  1. 3xxxv5
  2. Take Me To The Top
  3. Cry Out (Deluxe Edition)
  4. Suddenly
  5. Mighty Long Fall (Deluxe Edition)
  6. Heartache
  7. Memories
  8. Decision (featuring Tyler Carter)
  9. Paper Planes (featuring Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens)
  10. Good Goodbye
  11. One By One
  12. Stuck In The Middle
  13. Fight The Night
  14. Last Dance
  15. The Way Back

I’m working on lab statistics for my story and they’re bound to make Lucas feel like shit because: 

  • Of the 177 members of the organization, only 62 survived
  • 24% of these deaths were at his hands 

  • and another 12% were suicides

But in his defense:

  • The lab itself was fairly safe, with only 5 people out of the total 177 dying from lab accidents. 
  • Of the people he sentenced to death, 0% were falsely accused
  • The biggest cause of death in the lab was homicides (a separate category from those Lucas killed, which are put down under ‘capital punishment’), which accounts for 57% of the lab deaths. 
  • 73% (48 of 63) of the homicides were at the hands of the rebellion, which makes the rebellion directly responsible for 42% of the total deaths, almost twice as many as Lucas is directly responsible for.