Percy, insistently, voice quieting to a whisper as he speaks: Let’s back up, let’s back up, back up, back up…

Grog, to Pike and Scanlan: Super important question - did they see you?

Vex, in hushed concern: Did she see you?

Percy, whispering much more urgently now: Yes! *beckoning them with his hand* Run!

Pike, nervously: Uhm… I think probably…

Scanlan: Well, the broom stopped.. Flying…

Percy, rushed: Yes!

Vex, wide eyed: What do you mean?

Percy, voice straining to maintain his whispered yell: Run!

Grog: Hide? Are you saying we should hide Percy?

Vex: *quietly activates the broom*

Percy, desperate, still whispering: Yes, we should go, we should go-

Grog: Like where?

Mercer, to Laura: Clutching the broom in your hands…

Taliesin: Aw fuck.

Mercer: …as you emit the phrase that you’ve known to bring it to vibrant magical life…

Everyone else:

Ashley: Run, run, r u n 

Marisha: Oh no-


(Almost) Everyone else: 

Mercer: ………..the broom jumps to life.

((Also the only other thing I got out of this episode was fucking Magnus’s surprise training regiment and how everyone probably reacted))

Lup: NOT happy (initially), like, 100% had her wand up and ready to blow Magnus away. Probably not super on edge on the island but seeing as evocation is her jam, she’s probably ready to fireball his ass any day of the week. Also probably laughed a bunch about it later

Merle: The one time he isn’t sick from that damned seashell - the ONE time, for like, a week - he’s finally getting out in the sun and drinking with Cap’n-port and Magnus jumps out from behind them and he trips and falls onto another toxic seashell

Davenport: Sitting in the ship, he’s probably kind of like, talking to it and stroking the console, especially since he’s the one who stays with the Starblaster the MOST often, when things could go bad, he’s the one piloting her out so he spends a lot of time with her and has a maybe (disturbingly) close relationship and he hears a weird rattling from his panel and after about an hour of finding a screwdriver and opening this vent he just sees a pair of eyes and he goes “MAGNUSSSS”

Taako: Probably while he’s surfing, like, you see Taako just kinda floating out and then Magnus’s head pops up from underwater behind him and he flips the surfboard screaming “MAGNUS”

Barry: He’s watching Taako surf and kinda cursing himself a bit for how much he looks like his sister, who he has the BIGGEST crush on, and he stands up to cheer Taako and realizes that Magnus has slid under his chair and is watching him from below (he’s probably been waiting for Barry to stand up for like, 5-6 minutes?) and just goes “MAGNUS”. Barry either faints or jumps so high he catches the seaweed slippers

Lucretia: She’s sitting in the little shack designated to her and writing in (both of) her notebooks with both hands and Magnus creeps in and doesn’t even jump out, he just puts his face right next to her ear and deadpans: “Magnus.” She fucking FLIPS out, scribbling all over the pages she’s writing on and is super pissed off about it, but present day Lucretia sometimes looks back on the scribbles and remembers how it was on that beautiful beach with her friends, just enjoying life

Magnus: There’s no goddamn way he goes this whole time without them getting back at him. He’s actually really hard to pin down since he’s been stealthing it up the whole time, but eventually Taako, Barry, and Lup corner him in the forest and set up a trap, with Taako as bait, just sitting on a log and whistling or something. Magnus sneaks up from behind, Taako hears the trap go off and turns around, yelling “HA” only to see Barry and Lup all tangled up in the net and hears, much to his horror, a quiet whisper in his ear: “Magnussssssssssssssssssssssss”

Queen Anne pistols

Manufactured in England c.late 18th century - serial numbers 1 and 2.
.62 caliber ball, single-shot ‘boxlock’ flintlock with screw-on barrels, belt hooks.
I wonder why we see so few Queen Anne type loading system applied to percussion locks. I feel like it would work just as well as with this here flintlock piece.