radical-pasta asked:

So if Rabbit's core exploded in the fifties why did the commander get hit in 62?? im still a bit confused. so sorry!

The blue matter beam exists in different time periods simultaneously.

Umbrella Drinks Holder

Nothing works better to prevent searing burns while on those rainy coffee runs than the umbrella drinks holder. This convenient device attaches to the umbrella handle and safely holds up to two cups of coffee so your other hand remains free.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

Lazy Giveaway

Seriously. I’m too lazy/sick to think of a theme for today’s giveaway, but I hope you all can forgive me. So here are the two winners of the vote: 

Shiny Ferroseed


Level: 1

Moveset: Tackle, Harden, Bullet Seed, Leech Seed

Code: TinSeed


Shiny Mudkip


Level: 1

Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Avalanche, Curse

Code: TinLiek



Name: Caesar

Male (Do I honestly need to put Nidoking’s gender?)

Level: 62

Moveset: Earth Power, Rock Smash, Strength, Surf

Code: TinPoint

(If for some reason you have an issue with the fact that Nidoking does not have the blue pentagon, please don’t ask for one then. I can personally say that I caught him at 3am on my HeartGold version as a Nidoran male. Please don’t heckle me, because I will give you this really long speech about how the blue pentagon is not a hack check and people really need to stop spreading that lie cause that’s all it is. Seriously. Don’t make me have to make that long speech.) 


You are allowed one of each Pokemon. I will be trading until I run out, or until I have to get ready for my meeting at work tonight. I accept Tentacools for this trade, Happy trading! <3


Today in chemistry class my teacher told us to draw a scientist. We asked does it have to be a certain type or person. All he said was to draw a scientist. So that’s what we did we drew a scientist. After, he made a graph showing stereotypes of scientists. He said that this is an experiment based on our drawings and of what we perceive a scientist to look like. 62% of the class drew male scientists. 100% of us drew white scientists. Then, he also pointed out that 62% of the class are females. He asked why is it that when people think of scientists they only think of white males. He said anyone can be a scientist and that we should not feel like we can’t because of our gender or race. He said all it takes to be a good scientist is to have the curiosity of a 2 year old and to use the scientific method. I thought I’d share that since i thought it was nice.

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alisonmich asked:

51 & 62 plz , hola wacha~(-w-)~ lindo blog el que tienes al igual que tus dibujos

  • 51:Favourite food?
  •  asado y pollo frito *q*
  • 62:What makes you happy?
  • me hace feliz conocer nuevos amigos -3-
  • y muchas gracias … pero yo considero mi blog tan bonito .. pero igual t lo agradezco :3






11:名無しさん@1周年:2015/09/02(水) 23:34:32.11 ID:pOggtvBV0.net

19:名無しさん@1周年:2015/09/02(水) 23:35:31.62 ID:Me5hUCSO0.net

24:名無しさん@1周年:2015/09/02(水) 23:36:01.14 ID:FQok+0sY0.net

30:名無しさん@1周年:2015/09/02(水) 23:37:01.62 ID:9+5NaBHP0.net

25:名無しさん@1周年:2015/09/02(水) 23:36:23.00 ID:ydULDRbg0.net



空っぽな人間だなw 現在ネットリンチされてるって印象工作が各地にて発生、火消しですね。

murdocksz asked:

1, 23, 38, 51, 56, 62, 99, 100 ✨

1 is already done!!

23. top 3 pet names
man i really hope this means ANIMAL pet names
bits, spoons, fay ((im HORRIBLE at names holy shit)

38. top 3 scents
they r secrets for a reason ? ?

51. top 3 physical things u find attractive
a nice smile, nice eyes, good hair (so basically u jen)

56. top 3 dog breeds
canaan, icelandic sheepdog, border collie

62. top 3 tattoo/piercing ideas
piercings: horizontal nipple piercing, septum ring, dimple cheek piercings
tattoos: daredevil logo at the top center of my back, dragon that wraps around all the way down my leg and some kind of shark on my arm :^)

99. top 3 art mediums
simple pencil, thick black sharpie, tiny paint brushes

100. top 3 museums you’ve been to
where i live there is only one museum that i’ve been to, it’s a lame dinosaur/history kind of museum. thats the only one ive ever been in

send me some #’s

Los 10 FICHAJES MÁS CAROS de este verano 2015/16:

1. Kevin De Bruyne (75 M€)
2. Ángel Di María (63 M€)
3. Raheem Sterling (62.5 M€).
4. Anthony Martial (49 M€).
5. Christian Benteke (46.5 M€).
6. Nicolás Otamendi (44.6 M€).
7. Roberto Firmino (41 M€).
8. Arturo Vidal (37 M€).
9. Julian Draxler (36 M€).
10. Jackson Martínez (35 M€).

anonymous asked:

Qual a tabela da Ana??

Extrem Ana and Mia (ideal) weight:
1.50: 40 Kg.
1.51: 40 Kg.
1.52: 41 Kg.
1.53: 41 Kg.
1.54: 42 Kg.
1.55: 43 Kg.
1.56: 43 Kg.
1.57: 43 Kg.
1.58: 44 Kg.
1.59: 44 Kg.
1.60: 45 Kg.
1.61: 45 Kg.
1.62: 45 Kg.
1.63: 46 Kg.
1.64: 46 Kg.
1.65: 48 Kg.
1.66: 48 Kg.
1.67: 49 Kg.
1.68: 50 Kg.
1.69: 50 Kg.
1.70: 51 Kg.
1.71: 52 Kg.
1.72: 52 Kg.
1.73: 53 Kg.