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you know how in the last battle kanekis kagune looks like it has little hands? why do you think that is?

You mean like this? 

I thought it looks like claws, tiny claws of a shrimp or something, or … 

//laughs! maybe he turned into a spider!!! Hence 8 legs! If you look at the pic his kagune came out straight from his sides instead of his back. Though do you know what else has 8 legs? 

(it also has those tiny claws thingies if you look at it. oh, they have 8 legs, you can only see 6 most of the time tho)

Plus since the post about the 5 poisonous creatures is pretty popular.

I don’t know, it just does.. reminded me of a scorpion .. somehow…  mhmmn

(orz please excuse my very bad drawing thing)

And the symbolism surrounding the scorpion is pretty interesting, after looking around a bit, I found…

(if you click the pic it will take you to the source)

Oh, speaking of which scorpions also have really bad eyesight! 



Sometimes pictures can explain concepts better than words.  

  1. All the purple sections together are #LAVENDER sisterhood; a big enough population of influence to smash PATRIARCHY: Walmart, Fox News, Koch Bothers, Trump, Prison for Profit, Military Rape. 
  2. Almost everyone is included, it’s diminishing returns a waste our energy to seek approval of all. 
  3. We must follow YANG ENERGY FLOWS = Starfish = Complementary Currency = Bear Markets.  Yes, these are all the same femme/yang.
  4. Starfish points = 1 = www, 2 = celebrities, 3 = voting, 4 = funding, 5 = you
  5. YOUR campaign, organization, petition to change, actually organizing effectively massing influence & matriarchal power.  
  • all together within all that purple.

If you understand what all these images are conveying, and want to join me in effectively mobilizing/solidifying a base of women/girls using what has already been created; then you agree with the feminism that I was taught; 25 yrs ago.   


  • Your energy flow is necessary for it to work.

REALITY CHECK: Then we will have the ability to make each other RICH!

10 of my favorite fictional characters/ships

 I was tagged by sweet super talented loving-mellark I(HEART)U!

1. Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark - They brought me back to life, well, Peeta did, but he loves Katniss so much, I do too. There’s a tattoo in my heart that says EVERLARK.

2. Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley - Shipping them took me YEARS to finally say YESSS, I knew it!. Since book two.

3. Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger - When he deffended her and shot himself with the slug-vomiting charm, I thought “you better love him, ‘mione!”

4. Finnick Odair/Annie Cresta - Their story is just… *sobs*

5. Monica Geller/Chandler Bing - I did not expect them together! It really surprised me and I loved it! They’re so funny and cute. Love them!

6. Anakin/Padme - my star-crossed lovers, how could I not?!

7. Clark Kent/Lana Lang - They were so cute together! why?… I mean, why???…. why- *goes to a corner and stars crying*

8. Tony Stark/Pepper Potts - I love Pepper. I love how she keeps him in line.

9. Sheldon Cooper/Amy Farrah Fowler - Oh Shamy! I love them, they’re so hilarious! 

10. Fran Fine/Maxwell Sheffield - I know it’s ancient, but this was my first fictional ship (at least, the one I remember), I Was totally like Niles! it seemed like forever for them to get together, omg, I could’ve built a house with the tension between these two! 

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The whole ‘date ideas’ posts that run along the lines of ‘take me to the mall and buy me everything’ or ‘put $5,000 in my paypal’ have always rubbed me a little wrong and I think I finally figured out why.

Dating is expensive, this is a fact. Most people don’t make a whole lot of money and struggle to afford the absolute basics that are food and shelter.

So having it drummed into your head again and again that love basically needs to be bought is a nasty reminder that because you don’t have money, you don’t deserve to be with anyone.

And yes, I understand people will say 'well I don’t actually expect all that money’ but you’re still broadcasting that wealth is a major prerequisite to considering someone a possible partner.

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Do you have updates to the 5+1 tag? Preferably porn-y.

I don’t think we’ve made any proper posts in the 5+1 tag, but I’ll crack a few out for you here. I’ll make sure so include some proper updates in the next few days theres some good ones we don’t have listed that I’ve been meaning to rec.

The Best By Far Is You

Bucky’s six years old when he falls in love with a fair haired boy with eyes that shine like the stars and a smile brighter than the summer sun on a cloudless day.

S is for Steve Rogers is a Little Shit

Or: Five times that Steve Rogers was a dirty cocktease and the one time Bucky got the best payback possible.

Sucker Punch

Steve Rogers is not the blushing virgin everyone thinks.

I’m so tired, I’ve been trading for over 5 hours and helping Medusa trade too. I need sleep. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I’ll trade more if there is anything in the GTS

Also, random bit of good news: in October, my mom and I are going to talk to my doctor (and maybe more) about me starting hormone replacement therapy! We have a lot to talk about and it may not be anytime soon but I’m just psyched knowing I have the opportunity to!

So… See you tomorrow


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Any advice for a 26 yr old 243 lbs. 5'7 mother of 2 who has a gym membership but my anxiety of being around alot of ppl or being judged by others gets the best of me so i dont go often?

Cancel your gym membership and workout from home!❤️