“I can’t wait to see a gif of that”

Beside You (Then VS Now)
  • Beside You (Then VS Now)
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer - Beside You (Then VS Now)

The first part is empty arena edit, as if their voices weren’t heard but the second part is taken for LIVESOS, when fans sing the lyrics back.

  • the liars in season 1:is alison dead
  • pll writers:we all know where this is going
  • the liars in season 2:is alison really dead or
  • pll writers:lesbihonest
  • the liars in season 3:we think alison is alive
  • pll writers:wat
  • the liars is season 4:alison is alive
  • pll writers:whoomp there it is
Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)
  • Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)
  • 5SOS (mostly Mikey)

5 Seconds Of Summer - Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)

working with calum would include (office) :
  • getting cute and flirty messages written on post it notes stuck on your desk every morning
  • him always insisting on buying you coffee and lunch
  • always getting in trouble by your boss for not focusing on your work because you two are always busy joking around
  • jealous calum when the other male worker asks you for lunch
  • “no, we already have plans. sorry mate, have lunch with her another time… preferably when im not around, which will be never.”
  • “calum, for the last time, i’m buying lunch!”
  • doing your secret handshake with him every time you two pass each other during work
  • “Calum, I have to get this in by this afternoon.”
  • “fine, one more round of paper basketball”
  • fixing his tie in the mornings because he’s always late and never really checked himself in the mirror
  • getting your coffee delivered by him whenever he goes out to buy a coffee
  • “are you two dating?”
  • “Y/N, Calum, shut the fuck up”
  • him constantly asking you for help
  • “Calum, all you need to do is press the button to print”
  • “did you seriously photocopy your own butt?”
  • sending each other double chin selfies during meetings
  • playing footsie under the table during meetings and lunch with co workers

this was inspired by a blog i saw on my dash who wanted this lol. i forgot who.