Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘fans’ sending hate to not only Bryana but Ashton as well, and honestly why? If you look through the comments on Bryanas ig it’s mostly negative comments. If roles were reversed and you were in her position it probably wouldn’t feel nice to get called names and told to kill yourself everyday. PEOPLE!!!! Words hurt!!! Please remember we are all humans and we all have feelings! Be nice to each other! Kindness goes a long way.


5SOS Interview on Full Frontal w/ Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat x


Luke made some faces at the camera, then grinned at you, “was that good?”

“yeah, still filming though.”

Luke made a puppy face at you, “then turn it off.”

When Calum showed his dick to the world we didn’t blow up as bad as when Ashton gets a girlfriend. Geez. Calm down.