.44 special

April 19, 2017. Note to self - pistol bullets will *not* penetrate one of these chunky old Seagate HDDs. This is relevant for my zombie game.

Bullets used were 357 magnum, 44, 38 special, and 9mm. The hole was a 7.62 (rifle bullet). So it’s no good against rifles, but handguns, maybe.



enrique262  asked:

I understand you can shoot .38 rounds from any .357 revolver, so, are there any other calibers that can work with a second one like that?

Off the top of my head:
.44 magnum and .44 special, (sometimes .44 russian,  at least ive seen it done)

7.63 Mauser will function in some 7.62 Tokarev firearms but not vis versa.

Just because it fits does not mean you should shoot it, however. The pressure difference could seriously hurt you or the firearm.

Most of the time cartridge capability depends on the gun.  
The Medusa M47, for example, can chamber and fire all of these calibers due to its special extractor that engages the rims of auto cartridges.

  • 9 x 17 short
  • .380 Revolver 
  • 9 x 18 Ultra 
  • 9 x 18 Makarov 
  • 9 mm Browning(long) 
  • 9 mm Glisenti 
  • 9 mm Largo 
  • 9 mm IMI 
  • 9 mm Mauser
  • 9 x 19 Parabellum 
  • 9 mm Rimmed 
  • 9 x 23 Steyr 
  • 9 mm Win Mag 
  • 9 mm Police 
  • 9 x 23 Winchester 
  • 9 mm Federal 
  • 9 x 22 R Jap 
  • .38 ACP 
  • .38 Super
  • .38 Long Colt 
  • .38 Short Colt 
  • .38 S & W 
  • .38 Special 
  • .356 TS&W 
  • .357 Magnum
  • probably anythign else with a 9mm/.380 projectile and straight wall case, if it isnt too long.
  • Mattel’s New Monster High Show To Launch On YouTube

Mattel Creations’ new series Monster High: The Adventures of The Ghoul Squad is slated to become available exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

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A 44-minute Monster High special is also being developed to complement the series and will be available to broadcasters and SVOD platforms.

Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, Mattel’s chief content officer, said: “At Mattel Creations we have a clear understanding of where our audience are most likely to engage with our content and by creating content specifically for YouTube and YouTube Kids, we are recognizing that series content is not just for linear or SVOD. YouTube Kids is a leader in reaching children aged 6 to 11, so it’s the right platform for the Monster High content and fans. We are delighted to be furthering our partnership with YouTube Kids and welcome more families into the world of Monster High.”

“We’re thrilled that YouTube and YouTube Kids will be the exclusive home of Mattel’s engaging new series, Monster High: The Adventures of the Ghoul Squad,” added Malik Ducard, the global head of family and learning at YouTube. “Mattel continues to bring enriching and entertaining content to the platform and we’re looking forward to this latest series.”

Mateba Model 6 Unica, aka the Mateba Autorevolver
Manufactured by Macchine Termo-Balistiche in Pavia, Italy, following the design of Emilio Ghisoni. This example is chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special, but this revolver was also produced in .44 Magnum/.44 Special and .454 Casull/.45 Long Colt - switching from a cartridge to another with a given caliber required to change the frame’s spring for the weapon to cycle properly.
As per usual with Mateba revolvers, it features a six o’clock barrel, aligned with the bottom chamber of the swing-out hexagonal six-round cylinder in a way that - supposedly - suppresses barrel flip by aligning the barrel with the user’s hand, a profile even more pronounced in the Mateba MTR series.
The most distinctive feature of the Mateba Unica however is that it is one of the very few commercial automatic revolver design in existence, like the Webley-Fosbery series, and the only one to have been produced in living memory (except for a bunch of very old ladies that were born around 1900, they might remember that since the production of the Webley-Fosbery ran up to 1915).
Upon firing the revolver, the whole frame, cylinder and barrel would slide back on the handle for about 12mm - sorry for my Imperial buddies, I don’t care - and cock the hammer for the next shot.
A very cool-looking, cyber-punkish gun that’s both sexy and unique.

Also exists as the Griffone Carbine for extra sexiness !

pictured here along with a MTR series carbine

the Webley-Fosbery M1903 automatic revolver


[CHARACTER] Minako Aino.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 愛野美奈子
Romaji: Aino Minako

Role: Major character
Type: Human
Family: Unnamed mother, unnamed father
Aliases: Sailor Venus, Sailor V, Princess Sailor Venus
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Ayaka Komatsu


  • Her name can be translated to mean “Minako of love.” “Minako” (美奈子) in itself can be broken down into three words: beauty, what, and child.
  • The live-action Minako Aino is considered to be very different from her manga and anime counterparts. Due to her role as a popular idol and her having an undisclosed medical condition, Minako secluded herself from the other Sailor Senshi at first. This slightly changed as the series continued, though.
  • Minako was one of two Sailor Senshi whose given name was written with kanji. The other was Ami.
  • While the Minako in the first anime dreamt of becoming an idol, this Aino was already an established idol and singer.
  • Like Makoto, Minako possessed enhanced strength even in her civilian form. In Act 12 and in the Special Act respectively, Minako delivered a powerful kick to Sugao Saitou (who was being controlled by a youma) and a Pierrot. The walls into which Aino knocked her opponents were both severely damaged upon impact.
  • Minako displayed some artistic skill when she redesigned Nako Nako in Photoshop in Act 12, and when she painted a picture of a dog in Act 18.
  • Minako’s death was a rare case of a Sailor Senshi dying from natural causes, as opposed to being killed directly or indirectly by a villain.
  • Minako’s strong bond with Rei was similar to Rei’s protective relationship with Usagi in the first anime.
  • Minako only had blond hair when she transformed into a Sailor Senshi.


The entire family of Colt’s fabled “snake” series revolvers. They are extremely difficult to collect since most have several variations with different barrel lengths, finishes and calibers. Some models can easily push $4,000+ in asking price. The snakes are so popular that even European and Middle Eastern kings and princes have received special custom made Colt snake revolvers. (GRH)

  • Colt Cobra (.32 Colt New Police / .38 Special / .22 LR)
  • Colt Diamondback (.22 LR / .22 WMR / .38 Special)
  • Colt Viper (.38 Special)
  • Colt King Cobra (.38 Special  / .357 Magnum)
  • Colt Python (.38 Special / .357 Magnum)
  • Colt Boa (.38 Special / .357 Magnum)
  • Colt Anaconda (.44 Special / .44 Magnum / .45 Long Colt)

anonymous asked:

Looking at the Wikipedia page, I think the 1 hour long special is referring to the first 4 episodes of season 5 just released as a special (44 minutes + commercials is usually what hour long programming blocks are). I king of wish it was more, since episode 1 was released on the app already, but I'm still game.

Awww - bloody commercial breaks, I never think to account for them when people say “one hour special”.

But still, the event looks really exciting indeed - and three new episodes is much better than no new episodes!  I can’t wait :D

you know what I'm bored
  • 1: What's your favorite color?
  • 2: What's your favorite food?
  • 3: Do you have any pets?
  • 4: When's your birthday?
  • 5: How old are you?
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  • 7: What color eyes do you have?
  • 8: How tall are you?
  • 9: What's your sexual orientation?
  • 10: Gender?
  • 11: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
  • 12: What's your dream job?
  • 13: Are you still in school?
  • 14: Do you have any siblings?
  • 15: Are you the oldest child or the youngest?
  • 16: Who's your favorite actor?
  • 17: Who's your favorite singer/band?
  • 18: Who's your best friend?
  • 19: Who's your crush?
  • 20: Do you know anyone on Tumblr in person?
  • 21: List your fandoms.
  • 22: What's your OTP?
  • 23: NOTP?
  • 24: BROTP?
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  • 26: When was your first concert?
  • 27: What is your favorite movie?
  • 28: What is your favorite television show?
  • 29: Poe Dameron or Finn?
  • 30: Random Fact About Yourself
  • 31: Would you kiss the last person you texted?
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  • 33: Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?
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[CHARACTER] Ami Mizuno.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 水野亜美
Romaji: Mizuno Ami

Role: Major character
Type: Human
Family: Saeko Mizuno (mother), unnamed father
Aliases: Sailor Mercury, Dark Mercury, Akumi
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom, Dark Kingdom (temporary)
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Chisaki Hama


  • Ami Mizuno’s name is a homonym meaning “Asian water beauty.”
  • Unlike her manga and anime counterparts, this Ami did not have blue hair while in her civilian form.
  • Naoko Takeuchi paired Ami/Sailor Mercury with Zoisite in a manga drawing. The live-action series, however, hinted at a romance between Ami and Nephrite.
  • Ami was one of two Sailor Senshi whose given name was written with kanji. The other was Minako.
  • According to her driver’s license seen in the Special Act, Ami was required to wear glasses. Yet in Act 5, it was said that Mizuno’s lenses were just plain glass. It should be noted that there was a four year gap between the Final Act and the Special Act. Ami could have developed the need for prescription lenses during that time.