This movie is currently sitting at 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. I watched it this afternoon, and that rating is a flaming crime

I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so I can’t comment on whether this film is a faithful adaptation of the book. And honestly? I don’t care. I don’t think that’s important. 

Because this screenplay is fanfiction of the most ridiculously wonderful order, and someone, somewhere, decided to finance it into a big-budget movie, and now it’s a thing that exists. And it’s great, and hilarious, and now I’m daydreaming about hunting zombies in Regency-era England.

It retains the best bits of the original Austen story, and injects a wild subplot about organized zombie mutiny in the gaps. The Bennett girls wield guns, and oh my god, they know how to use them. Lizzie and Jane spend half the movie saving Mr Bingley’s and Mr Darcy’s necks. Lena Headey plays Lady Catherine de Bourgh as a pantaloon-wearing zombie-hunting ass-kicker with an eye patch. Sally Phillips was born to play Mrs Bennet, and Matt Smith gives the funniest incarnation of Mr Collins I’ve ever seen. 

If you enjoy the smouldering tension between Lizzie and Mr Darcy, wait till you see them work it out with SWORDS. And Sam Riley, who has a voice like silken ash, somehow manages to outbrood Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy. I freely admit to swooning. 

tl;dr - Don’t judge this movie by the reviews. It’s totally worth your time.

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