Webley RIC stake revolver

Manufactured c.1868, rechambered c.1939-40.
.42 Tranter silver stake point, double action, side loading gate and pivoting ejector rod stored in the cylinder axis.

One of the few Webley RIC revolvers still in military storage by World War 2 and used for defense against paranormal German creatures.

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What makes a story is really the obstacles between what you intend to do, and actually getting it done. For Josh and Donna, part of the obstacle was that she worked for him, and it would not have been appropriate. Then we had a lot of fun putting Donna on that rival campaign, and giving her new roles and responsibilities, and Janel certainly did a great job with those things. But I think we all had a feeling that the moment they get together, it had better be within weeks of the series ending, because the tension is what’s fun and exciting. - Eli Attie