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also, here’s me and mortified company being made to state our names and the titles of our films before they were screened for our families. cosmo’s got the mic in the bottom pic. rowena (next to me in the green) looks like she wants to die, and was in fact muttering “why… why… why…” on repeat until the mic reached her.

Why Paladins is not a rip-off of Overwatch:

Before I start, this is going to be a really, really long post.  Just a warning.  Also, note that they are both great games and I’m not hating on Overwatch, only telling you not to hate on Paladins. I’m gonna go through each Paladins character (excluding ones that haven’t been accused of copying) in alphabetical order and tell you why it isn’t from Overwatch:

1) Androxus:

Androxus is usually described as “McReaper,” meaning “Reaper with McCree’s abilities.” First, let’s check those:

McCree’s abilities:

  • A pistol with the ability to fire an entire round at once at the cost of an accuracy drop
  • Somersault
  • Stun grenade
  • Ult–autoaims deadly bullets at all opponents in line of vision 


  • Pistol which has a similar feature to McCree’s except it only fires three bullets max
  • Dashes forward in whatever direction Andro is facing, including up (three separate charges)
  • Damage reflection
  • Ult–Andro gets 4 supercharged shots and can’t fall if airborne for the duration unless hit by knockback

Okay, they do have one similar attack, which is their right-click (unloading their magazine). Of course, Blizzard didn’t invent this, but whatever.  What about Reaper?  Come on, both are basically just edgy batman-ish characters, and Reaper’s design follows a basic archetype much more than Andro’s.

Update: Just as I was writing this, Hi-Rez announced a new character.  Her name is Ash.  Nobody’s commented on her yet, but let’s clear that up before it starts.

2) Ash:

Her design doesn’t match or even resemble any of the Overwatch characters, so I better not see anyone complaining about that.

She has a cannon.  A proper cannon, unlike that lame beam thing Zarya has.  Her charge ability is a bit like Reinhardt’s, but they’re both basically just basic charging attacks, and they are a bit different.  She can deploy a shield, which is shaped a little bit like Orisa’s, but her’s moves forward, and no, that doesn’t mean she’s a Symmetra ripoff.  Also, Barik has had a non-moving one for ages, so you definitely can’t accuse that of copying.  More on that later.  Her ult plants a flag on the ground, knocking enemies back and making her invincible as long as she’s near it.  I personally don’t see how that’s like anything in ow, but I’m sure ya’ll’ll think of something.

3) Barik:

At first glance, it kinda looks like Hi-Rez just took Torbjörn and made some small changes.  Not true.  They are both dwarves who build turrets, but the similarities pretty much end there.  They have completely different attacks (and by that I mean only one of their abilities is the same) and the one attack that they have in common was in not only tf2 but Global Agenda as well.  For those of you who don’t know, Global Agenda is an MMO made by Hi-Rez, the makers of Paladins.  It has 4 classes that pretty much match the classes in ow/pcotr right now (think about that the next time you criticize pcotr’s class system).

“What about his gun?”

Barik has a crystal powered Shotgun which practically qualifies as a melee attack.  Sorry.

“But their designs are so similar!”

They’re a lot less similar than you think.  Considering that they’re both dwarves (dwarves tend to be pretty much the same from universe to universe), they’re fairly different.  They have different armor, different weapons, and different abilities.  Next!

4) Bomb King:

Ah, yes.  Bomb King vs. Junkrat.  They do share two similar abilities, and this, unlike some other arguments here *cough cough Buck cough cough* is actually worth my time.  They share an attack in Concussion Mine/Poppy Bomb, but that’s in tf2 for Demoman as Sticky Jumper.  That leaves us with their ults, because I’m not spending my valuable time going over their designs.  They do have similar ultimates, actually, but the two do have their differences.  For starters, one throws a bomb while the other is a bomb, and one stuns while the other climbs walls.  

5) Buck:

Apparently, since both he and Zenyatta are monks, (and technically they aren’t, Buck dresses like one but it isn’t canon yet) one is a copy of the other.  Other than that one similarity which they might not even have, they have as different designs/abilities as Mario and Bowser.

6) Cassie:

So apparently there are actual people who think Cassie is a ripoff of Hanzo.  I don’t even know what to tell you on this one.

7) Drogoz:

I can understand this one.  His design is pretty different from Pharah, but their attacks are almost identical.  Unfortunately, they’re all from Global Agenda, from the jetpack, to the rocket launcher, to the explosive projectile.  You know what else was in GA?  Pharah’s anubis armor.  But that’s none of my business…

8) Evie:

Alright, I’ll give you this one.  Ice Block/Cryo-Freeze and Ice Storm/Blizzard are pretty similar, but if that’s all you got, you’re gonna have to try harder.

9) Fernando

It’s finally time.  The champion that started this whole debate.  Let’s do a comparison with Reinhardt:

Reinhardt’s attacks:

  • Rocket Hammer
  • Barrier Field 
  • Charge
  • Fire Strike
  • Ult–Earthshatter

Fernando’s attacks:

  • Flame Lance
  • Shield
  • Fireball
  • Charge
  • Ult–Immortal

Let’s start with the easy things.  Fireball was in Smite.  (Seriously, if you think ow invented Fireballs, I don’t know what to tell you.)  Their charges are different, despite sharing a name.  Now, here’s the real issue: the shield.  I’m not gonna lie, the shields are pretty much the same.  

“So it is a copy of Overwatch!”

No, I said they were they same.  I didn’t say one took it from the other.  Remember good ol’ Global Agenda?  Yeah, well, the Robotics class has a blue energy shield, which Nando’s shield is just a souped-up version of.  Also, that energy shield is actually part of a two-part weapon.  The other half is a rocket-powered melee weapon.  Sound familiar?

10) Inara:

A wall summoning character =/= a copy of every other wall summoning character.  Also, Thor had it in Smite first.

11) Kinessa:

You really think Kinessa is a copy of WM because she’s a sniper?  Are you kidding me?  I’m not even wasting my breath typing for this one.

12) Lex:

…and of course having two guns makes you a ripoff, even if you don’t have anything else in common…

13) Maeve:

Genji and Maeve have practically opposite designs, different weapons,  completely different ultimates, not to mention that one has a projectile reflection ability and the other has a healing/effect remover + Speed boost.  But of course, one is a copy because they have a double jump and a dash.

Side note: Maeve’s “Speed Boost” (Prowl) and “Dash” (Pounce) are separate abilities.  Prowl makes Maeve run faster and jump higher for a short time, while Pounce just propels her a short distance, dealing damage and knocking Maeve back if she hits an enemy.

14) Makoa:

So, Makoa is a copy of Roadhog because they have a similar attack–which would be a good argument if anything else about the character was remotely similar.

15) Ruckus:

A copy of D.Va ‘cause he has a robot.  Oh, wait!  The robot has


!  That changes everything!

16) Sha Lin:

Well, looks like ya finally got me.  Sha Lin and Hanzo…are both archers.  That’s literally it.  Nice try.

“But they’re both Asian!”

I’ve gotten this argument more than you’d think.  Because all Asians are exactly the same.  You’re treading on thin ice here.

17) Skye:

You do realize that Skye came before Sombra, and not after, right?

18) Torvald:

I don’t really wanna waste my time on this one.  How ‘bout you go look at Symmetra’s attacks, and then go look at Torvald’s, and tell me if they’re similar. (Spoiler: They aren’t.)

19) Viktor:

Aside from Reinhardt/Nando, this is the one I hear about the most, which i find a bit strange, since they only share two abilities, one being a gun and the other being running.  That’s right, one of the main arguments towards why pcotr copied ow is that pcotr has a character that can run.  No joke.

That about wraps it up for the characters. 

But none of this even matters!

Listen to these:

  • “Genji is a copy of ssb because he can double jump!”
  • “McCree is a copy of Spy because he has a pistol!”
  • “Pharah is a copy of GA because she has a jetpack, blue anubis themed armor, a rocket launcher, and explosive projectiles!”
  • “Reaper is a copy of DC’s Red Hood because he has a mask and two guns!”
  • “Soldier: 76 is a copy of Soldier because they have guns, running, explosives and “soldier” in their name!”
  • “Sombra is a copy of Skye because they both have a purple/black color scheme and a small handheld weapon with a high RoF as well as invisibility and the ability to disrupt the enemy team!”
  • “Tracer is a copy of The Doctor because they’re both British time-travellers with eccentric outfits!”
  • “Bastion is a copy of Ultron because he’s a powerful and versatile robot who can heal himself and is also the cause of a robot apocalypse!”
  • “Hanzo is a copy of Hawkeye/Green Arrow because they’re both archers!”
  • “Junkrat is a copy of Bomberman because they both make explosions!”
  • “Mei is a copy of any ice character ever!”
  • “Torbjörn is a copy of Engineer because they both build turrets!”
  • “Widowmaker is a copy of Sniper because they’re both snipers!”
  • “D.Va is a copy of the Pink Ranger because they both pilot pink robots to fight people!”
  • “Orisa is a copy of Ruckus, Barik, Seris, and Inara because her attacks are bascally a combination of theirs!”
  • “Reinhardt is a copy of GA because he has a rocket powered melee weapon and a blue energy shield!”
  • “Roadhog is a copy of Spider-Man because they both have grappling-hook-like weapons used to bring enemies closer!”
  • “Winston is a copy of Marvel’s The Beast because they’re animal-like but intelligent!”
  • “Zarya is a copy of Soldier because she has a cannon!”
  • “Ana is a copy of Medic because she can both heal and deal damage!”
  • “Lúcio is a copy of that breakdancing guy from Pokémon BW because they look exactly the same!”
  • “Mercy is a copy of the Overseers from Infinity Wars because she’s n angel with a gun!”
  • “Symmetra is a copy of Dr. Light because she can use solid light to create structures!”
  • “Zenyatta is a copy of the Jeskai in mtg because he’s a monk!”

They sound dumb, right?  They should, it’s the same logic you use when trashing on Paladins.  Overwatch isn’t a ripoff of any of the franchises listed above, because that logic is flawed.  I think we’re done here.


Interesting find at garage sale- Pat’s letter teddy bear

O.k so while i was at my part time, this church from across our apartment was having a yard sale, my sister tells me she found a cute teddy bear and has gotten it for me, she paid 50 cents for it. Little did we knew that this little teddy bear hold a incredible secrets.

The teddy bear, or as I call him, Pappi, had writing all over him. At first we thought it was some scribble made by little kids, but the more we examined it closely it was an old writing wishing someone well. One thing we noticed is that the teddy bear was presented at 4/15/1944. Guys this teddy is like 73 years old.

There is so much thing that is unusual about Pappi, and here are couple of things we figured out so far.

-It was gifted to a girl name Patula, but everyone calls her Pat. And according to the letters she was a sweet and swell gal.

-All the letters where indicating that she was going away somewhere, one writer stated that they will soon meet at Tulsa.

-Pappi was signed by 25 different people, who really treasured Pat.

- Black inks turn brown over long period of time, so this is as legit as it can get.

-Pappi’s design is highly unusual for a teddy who is from 40′s. He has no sign indicating that he was manufactured. (Such as logo print, or a button with company name engraved to it) Not only that he was made with a cloth instead of being covered with fur like the rest of the teddy from that time period.

Here is an example of type of teddy bear that was common in that time frame, a popular one from the 1940 was the Steiff teddy bears.)

-There is a high indication that Pappi has been hand made by someone from scratch, likely with a sewing machine. Whoever made him ran out of materials and left his arm in a simple floppy design, again i shall mention, is a unusual design choice compare to a popular designs.

-We know for the fact that, Pat adored this bear and treasured it, keeping it such incredible condition for past 70 years.

-It’s possible that Pat is no longer with us.

-And my sister and I know for a fact that Pat’s family saw no value in it and decided to simply toss it at a yard sale.

It’s sad to see such wonderful thing to be thrown out like this, honestly this teddy bear belongs in a museum, not because how old or unusual it is but because of the love put in by the 25 different people and the owner who took such good care of it for seven decades.

But for now, I think this teddy deserves some cuddling.

Whelp, where ever you are Ms.Pat, I adore this really strange, mysterious and sentimental teddy, Pappi gets to see sunshine and travels with me now.

Yousef walks into the nursery every day and gets tackle hugged by kids bc he is their absolute favourite and 

one day he brings Sana to the nursery bc “it’s impossible not to like these kids, honestly” and Sana is like “I do like kids!!” and Yousef is like “don’t worry, you will” and he smirks and

they walk through the nursery doors and the kids run up to Yousef and hug his legs and one kid grabs his hand and pulls him over to the colouring table and Yousef grins at Sana and signals to her to come over and

they sit on tiny plastic chairs and Yousef gets everyone at the colouring table to be quiet and goes “we have a very special guest today, this is my friend Sana” and the kids look up to her like she’s the sun and 

Yousef says “Sana has a special talent, would you like to see??” and the kids all shout YES! and they go outside and Yousef passes Sana a small squishy ball and points at the tiny kid-sized basketball hoop and grins and all the kids watch expectantly and she instantly shoots a basket from further away than the kids could imagine is possible and they all cheer and tackle hug Sana and 

after the kids have worn themselves out outside they come back in and all sit down on the cushions in the reading corner and Yousef is about to start reading but one of the kids requests that Sana reads and grabs her hand and pulls her over to where Yousef is sitting and Yousef pretends to be offended but sits down on the floor in front of her with the rest of the kids and one of the children instantly clambers onto his lap and 

Sana reads and all the children are deadly quiet, hanging onto her every word like they’ve never heard anyone read so beautifully and 

Sana sees the kid sitting on Yousef’s lap whisper something into his ear and she watches as he blushes and smiles and whispers back “maybe one day” 

and the kid replies with “I hope so” 

and Yousef answers “me too” 


nowiwannaseehimfly requested: my favorite boys (John Boyega, Aaron Tveit, Dev Patel, and Oscar Isaac) + their sunshine smiles ✨✨✨

The scene where Sana is sitting in her bedroom looking at herself in the mirror is definitely one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen. The shot is large and showing part of her bedroom – it almost looks like she isn’t really there for a moment. It’s not fancy or aesthetically beautiful, it’s just a teenage girl in her bedroom feeling sad and lost. There’s no music, no distractions; the scene is not letting you look away, or get distracted by anything else. You have to look.


Okay so - I think the dancers are supposed to represent us, the Army. In Fire, it’s the introduction to BTS. You catch the fire. And we keep seeing them multiply first in the video and then in the live shows just like the Army keeps growing and growing. 

But in Not Today? See i don’t think the black figures are after them. I think they’re just following them and you can clearly see that after the boys get shot, they move to the frontline to protect them from whoever is shooting.

After the “shooting” starts at @3:50, in the choreo part @3:55 you can see the Army running in front to block the boys from getting shot. But at @4:02 all the dancers have been shot and you can see the boys still standing. And what do they do? They all move to the front of the line. To save their Army. And they start firing back (chong! jojun! balsa!).

And the final shot at @4:42 they lock their hands and make a shield. ‘Cause nobody’s hurting their Army. Not today. Not ever.

(Final note - at @4:40 it’s BTS and Army “flying” in a same formation as birds do).

“Let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017”Kim Namjoon


Things I want in Dragon Age 4

-Inquisitor as protagonist again.

I think they deserve to get some revenge personal style on the egg.

-Inquisitor has customizable prosthetic arm that can double as a hand/weapon of choice. (Ex. Crossbow, blade, dart firing, ect.)

-Tevinter. (I mean. I don’t think I even have to ask. I know it’s coming.)

-!!!!DRAMATIC LOVE INTREST REUNIONS!!!! I’m talking Dorian and the Inquisitor. Maybe even Hawke and Fenris, holy shit I would die.

-When I say dramatic, I mean like one of them picks up the other and spins and they hold each other for 2737272733213 years.

-Kicking solas’s ass and saying “I am not Corypheus. I take no joy in this.” but actually taking joy in it.

-GET A FUCKING PET FOR THE INQUISITOR. Like it doesn’t even have to be a mabari. Maybe like have interactions with the mounts or something. Like “hey bitch holy fck have u seen my hart? No? Well get your ass over here rn and pet his head, he’s a sweet af lil hoe.”

-More little scenes with companions, and especially love intrests. Like do little meaningless conversations that don’t have shit to do with the plot; it’s just them bonding and having a good time.



doctor who | series 9

“Let’s find out. Let’s do it like we’ve done everything else… Together. “