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(besides the dinosaur one) what mass extinctions have there been and what has caused them???

There are a lot, actually. It seems to be an important part of ecology in the long run. Usually, scientists narrow it down to 5 major mass extinctions.

Chronologically, the first of these is the O-S Extinction, which stands for Ordovician-Silurian (two time periods). This happened around 440 million years ago, and was probably caused by glaciation. Back then, pretty much everything lived in the oceans, and glaciation causes sea levels to fall, so… you can guess what happened. 

(Ordovician life - A eurypterid (sea scorpion), some orthocones, and some early fish)

Next up, the Devonian extinction, which happened from around 380 to 360 million years ago. This was really a long series of smaller extinctions that kind of all got strung together. It’s unclear why exactly these happened, and it may have been caused by a variety of different factors. Whatever the cause, this resulted in the extinction of nearly 80% of all animal species on Earth.

Third in line is the P-T (Permian-Triassic) extinction, which you may have heard of before. This is right before the dinosaurs showed up, around 250 million years ago, and is probably the deadliest mass extinction ever - around 90% of all species died, and 98% of all marine life. Again, we’re not sure what caused it, but it seems to be a series of volcanic eruptions in what’s now Siberia that also released a whole bunch of toxic gas.

(Some helpfully labelled Permian animals, those wacky Permian boys we all know and love)

Next is the T-J (Triassic-Jurassic) extinction, which was a lot smaller than the rest. This was 200 million years ago, and again, we’re really not sure why it happened. Possibly something else to do with volcanoes. It got rid of a lot of the crocodilians and giant amphibians that were still hanging around and let dinosaurs become the dominant group.

 Finally we have the K-T/K-Pg extinction, which killed the non-avian dinosaurs (RIP). Some people say a 6th mass extinction is occurring now, what with global warming and all that stuff, but this isn’t an official consensus. There’s also the Great Oxygenation Event, which is one of my favorite things ever, but this post is getting really long so I’m gonna stop now. Hope this helps!

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You pick it out yourself? [Why?] People who don’t know shit about guns usually go for something shiny. You know? Something with a … with a fancy grip. There’s always the asshole who gets the big hand cannon that kicks like a mule and they’re too afraid to use it. But, a … .380 shows thought. …Maybe it’s not your fist rodeo. [Maybe it isn’t.]


He’s the kind of man who – who hurts people. Not like you, but…he damages them. Breaks them. Sorry, is that supposed to mean something? So, those are the people you get out of your life! Is that right? Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but that’s got to be the craziest most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life.


“DAREDEVIL: You’re right. My way isn’t working. So, maybe just this once…Maybe…yeah, your way is what it’s gonna take.
PUNISHER: “Just this once?” No, Red. That’s…that’s not how it works. You cross over to my side of the line…you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.”

-Mark Verheiden (Marvel’s Daredevil: .380)


French Walther PP MkII pistol

Manufactured by Manurhin c.1952-86 under licence, based on Carl Walther’s 1929 design - serial number 15594A.
9x17mm Short/.380ACP seven-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, gold plated and engraved with oak leaves.

Calling it a Polizeipistole is kinda taking everyone for an idiot.


Gerard Mle 1873 revolver

Designed by Téophile Gerard c.1870-73 and Manufactured in Liège by Jules Kaufmann c.1897 - possibly for the Brazilian army.
.380 bulldog six-round cylinder, bottom break double action, automatic star ejector.

Proof that the Brazilian army can or at least could be tasteful.


People that can hurt you, the ones that can really hurt you, are the ones that are close enough to do it. People that get inside you and… tear you apart, and make you feel like you’re never gonna recover. Shit. I would chop my arm off right here, in this restaurant, just to feel that one more time for my wife. My old lady, she didn’t just break my heart. She… She’d rip it out, she’d tear it apart, she’d step on that shit, feed it to a dog. I mean, she was ruthless. She brought the pain.