.38 revolver


Colt New Model Police Pistol

Made by Colt Manufacturing Co c.1872 and decorated by Louis D. Nimschke for Schuyler, Hartley & Graham - serial number 3583.
.38RF conversion five-round cylinder, single action, side loading gate with spring-loaded ejector rod, silver plated and gold-washed with Tiffany style grip.

We’re reaching Bloodborne levels of weaponry.


Korth Arms out of Germany has teamed up with NightHawk Customs to bring their revolvers state side! The Super Sport, the Mongoose, and my favorite, the 9mm Skyhawk(formerly Sky Marshall). 357 magnum, 38 special, and a 9mm cylinder that does not require moonclips(check detailed shot of cylinder).

Rail is for a laser and suppressor mount accessory. Cylinder is sealed to the barrel so they can be ran with a suppressor.


On some of the photos of my Enfield revolvers I was asked by several people if the revolver pictured was an original No2 with it’s hammer spur intact. Well, in fact, I have 2 Enfield revolvers with the original hammer spur as well the original wooden grips. One however appears to have a later finish one it. As far as I can discern it would have been specifically requested that it keep it’s original configuration through FTR, so it is also a slightly unusual example. 

The fully original Enfield is marked for the “RAF” in the first row and the one that went through FTR, but retained it’s spur and grips is across from it. The bottom two are more typical examples of No2MkI** revolvers vs the No2MkI revolvers in the first row.

If you are interested in these revolvers I would suggest you pick up the Ian Skennerton book, “.380 No.2 Revolver” pictured here. 

Enfield No2MkI dated 1937

EnfieldNo2MkI dated 1937

Albion No2MkI** dated 1943

Enfield No2MkI** date unknown


Smith & Wesson Model 10

A .38 Special chambered revolver that has been custom engraved and plated in 24K gold. Owner/seller says the engraving is of a Mexican eagle but no information as to who did the work on the gun. It’s a but rough in condition which will hurt overall value but the greater loss is not having an documentation of the engraver. Knowing who does the work can add thousands to the overall value.(GRH)

OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver

Designed by Igor Stechkin, manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau c.2002-today.
7.62×42 mm SP-4 five-round moon clips, swing-out cylinder, six o’clock barrel, integral laser sight, double action, manual safety.

A very interesting design brought to us by the Stechkin automatic pistol guy, the OTs-38 was developed from an earlier model designed for Vietnam tunnel rats, which fired tungsten birdshot rounds for some reason. This revolver’s rounds are only similar in that they are completely silent, using a low amount of gunpowder located behind a piston inside the case, meaning no gas is actually released when firing the gun, producing no sound or muzzle flash. The gun itself being a revolver also means no spent cartridges can be heard dropping on the floor.

Safety tips from serial killer Danny Rolling:

• Park your car in the light.
• Buy yourself a .38-caliber revolver. Get a permit to carry it on your person, and put it in your handbag, where it’s easy to get to.
• Buy some mace on a keychain and have it ready when you get out of your car.
• If your bedroom window doesn’t have a screen, get one and nail it to the windowsill.
• Place a bunch of empty glass bottles in the windows.
• Get you some curtains.
• Buy a dead-bolt and put it on your bedroom door so you can lock yourself in.
• Sleep with your .38-caliber revolver under your pillow. It won’t go off by accident.
• If someone bothers you, don’t ever let an attacker get control. Fight for your life. Scream as loud as you can! Spray mace in his face. Kick him in the balls. Scratch at his eyes.
• Pull your .38 caliber and blow him away!