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Making a move - Gabriel x Reader

Title: Making a move

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 2,352

Warnings: None

Summary: It is said, like Sam was meant to be Lucifer’s vessel and like Dean was meant to be Michael’s vessel so was Reader meant to be Gabriel’s soulmate. But they are only friends, right?

“Nothing here” you said with a sigh, throwing yet another book on the building pile next to you.

You and your brothers were constantly searching for a way to get rid of The Mark but had no luck yet. Maybe because you were not doing any actual job, anyway. But who could blame you? The thought of a certain archangel would not stop running through your mind. That certain archangel being Gabriel. You had met him a really long time ago, back when the Apocalypse was still going on, and you instantly had clicked. The pranks he would pull on your brothers had really helped in that. But despite that, when you got to know him better you could not deny you felt yourself growing really close to him. Falling in love with him was not hard, either, not when you got to know him better. Not when you got to know who he truly was and what his true thoughts and feelings, which hid behind the mask of the trickster and funny Gabriel, were.

You were not going to say anything, though. No you weren’t. He was a powerful archangel there was no chance he would be attracted to you. A weak human. Sure you were best friends but there was no way he would see you otherwise. Best friends. That was something he had said and you clearly remembered yourself finding it hard not to cringe. You still found it impossible, even after all this time. But you knew that that was the bitter truth, despite what you felt for him. What you felt for him. Something that both your brothers were very aware of.

When Gabriel ‘died’ it was impossible for you to hide how you felt about him. You had really thought you lost him, that he was dead, and not coming back so you really found no point in hiding how you felt about him. The situation you were in after his 'death’ really gave it away. It was as if you were about to give up on everything and everyone, life too. You just kept going for your brothers.

Luckily when you found out that he was alive none of them gave away on what you felt for him - you of course didn’t either. And they had kept quiet till now. Well mostly Sam had kept quiet. He was understanding and you could always talk to him about issues like this - although you could clearly see him sometimes struggling to keep his overprotective-brother mode off.

Dean didn’t of course.

There honestly were times when he would tease you about your crush (you were not going to tell them that you were actually in love with him) even in front of Gabriel and you really wondered how he hadn’t realized anything yet . But then there were times that he would go all older-brother mode and completely overprotective and would refuse to let you go with Gabriel on the trip he had suggested taking you to - something you did occasionally.

“Nothing here either” Dean let out a sigh throwing the book he was reading next to yours.

“You found anything?” Dean raised an eyebrow looking at Sam who seemed really engrossed in his book.

Sam did not respond which made you frown.

“Is something wrong?” you asked but Sam didn’t respond again.

“You found something about The Mark?” you asked again but got no response.

“I bet he’s reading porn” Dean said wiggling his eyebrows with a smile and you rolled your eyes.

“Sam did you find anything?” you asked him again but got no response.

“Oh don’t cut him off, (Y/n). I bet he’s just getting to the good part” Dean said again with a grin and you merely hit him with your foot under the table.

“Shut up Dean” Sam’s voice was now heard.

“Oh he speaks! He’s alive!” Dean said ever-so-dramatically.

“Dean” you glared at him and he just shrugged.

“Ok first of; people can get really focused and interested in a book without it having to be Fifty Shades of Grey, Dean.” Sam set his book down and glared at the older Winchester “And second of; well, I found something. It’s not about the Mark but- It’s equally interesting.” he said the last part and looked at you with what seemed like a smirk.

“Really? What is it about then?” Dean raised an eyebrow, taking the book to read out loud “And they were made from heaven to serve heaven. Fight the ultimate battle. Give the most powerful ones what had been said they shall. Serving heaven and hell for they were made for it. Three for three. Made for the good, evil and in between.” Dean read frowning.

“What the hell is this supposed to mean?” he asked looking at you and Sam.

“Well, it doesn’t really make much sense but if you got to read as much as I did from the book then you would get it.” Sam said with a smile, glancing at you “It actually says that… like I was made and meant for Lucifer to use me as a vessel and you were made for Michael to be used as a vessel, (Y/n)… (Y/n) was meant for Gabriel.” he said with a smile and your eyes widened at the mention of Gabriel’s name.

“W-what?” you managed to stutter out.

Sam smiled at you and explained “Well here it says that we were 'made for the most powerful ones’ and then 'three for three’. I was made to be Lucifer’s vessel, Dean Michael’s and you… you were made to be Gabriel’s soulmate. We were made 'for the good, evil and in between’. I was made for Lucifer - evil, Michael - good, and Gabriel - in between, which means love. They were the tree most powerful ones in heaven, the three most powerful angels - archangels, anyway.”

You took in deep breaths, trying to calm your rapidly-beating heart. That was something you surely did not expect to hear. No, not at all. You were meant to be with him? How could that ever be possible you found hard to believe.

Your palms were sweating and you could literally hear your heart drum in your ears. Thoughts of Gabriel running through your mind and what he would actually think of it. Would he want to be with you too? Did he know about it? Maybe he did but actually didn’t want to tell you because he… didn’t want to be with you? Even the thought of it made your stomach tighten and feel heavy like a rock.

You felt your breath catch on your throat, though, when you looked up from your hands you’d been staring at for a really long time. Your eyes all but widened but you couldn’t dare even open your mouth to speak.

Dean beat you at it, too.

“Well look at that!” he exclaimed “Seems like even the universe is telling you to make a move, huh (Y/n)?” Dean smirked at you and if your eyes were not wide before, your heart was not beating rapidly enough and your cheeks were not burning hot, they surely were now.

“Dean” you tried to say firmly.

“What? Don’t Dean me now! I mean, yeah, I literally want to stab that douche of an archangel on the face but still it would be hell of a fun to see you try a move on him! Besides, you’ve had a crush on him for what seemed like forever. Now you just have the motivation to finally get the balls and show him what Winchesters are capable of.” he said with a laugh, mostly because all he had said was to tease you about your 'schoolgirl crush’ on the angel, and by the look on your face he had succeeded.

“Dean” you said in a low voice.

“What? You’ve been in love with him for like forever, and as much as I hate to admit it, he makes you happy. It’s high time you told him!” he said teasingly.

“Dean!” you exclaimed, eyes wide and tears welling up in your eyes; fact that made Dean stop.

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You were not supposed to say that” you said, lip trembling; and they both looked at you with a sad look.

“Why?” he asked again.

“Because I was not supposed to hear that” a voice said behind Dean and Sam and they both turned to look at Gabriel eyes locked with yours.

You stared back at him for a while, more tears welling up in your eyes, your cheeks burning hot. You shook your head, the tears rolling by now - mostly from the embarrassment - and got abruptly up, running to your room.

“Shit” Dean muttered, running a hand down his face “Now I really screwed up” he added.

“Damn it Gabriel! You have to fucking stop appearing like that!” Dean said gritting his teeth.

“It’s not his fault Dean” Sam said “You should go apologize to her. You really shouldn’t have said anything, anyway”

“No, I am the one that should go talk to her” Gabriel spoke up and before he could react Dean had grabbed him by the hem of his jacket.

“Dean,  no!” Sam started protesting immediately, holding onto his brother’s shoulder; trying to pull him away.

Dean shrugged him off and focused on Gabriel that was glaring at him “Listen, here. I may be teasing her about what she feels for you but that’s just it. Teasing. Now, though, I am serious. She’s my little sister so, if you ever so think of hurting her or making her do anything she doesn’t want to - and I think you know what I mean - mark my words Gabriel- I am going to hunt you down, find you wherever you may be and kill you, slowly and sure as hell painfully.” he said through gritted teeth.

“You know how I feel about her, of course I am not going to hurt her. Now, you mind letting me go so that I can go talk to her?” Gabriel said with a half-glare and as soon as Dean let go of him he disappeared from their eyes.

“You knew all along didn’t you?” Sam smirked at Dean who just shrugged.

“Maybe?” he smirked at him “Now come on, let’s go get a drink. I want to get the the thought of my little sister…” Dean trailed of and fake-shuddered.

“Yeah, agreed” Sam said.


You had your face buried in your pillow, the tears had stopped rolling, but the embarrassment was still there and the worst part was that there was no going back now. Gabriel knew what you felt about him and there was nothing you could say to cover it up. Things were not going to be like they used to and what made you feel all the more sad was the thought that you had lost your friend forever. Sure you would want him to come and tell you that he felt the same way but you highly doubted and-

A knock on the door broke your trail of thoughts.

“No” you said, face still buried in the pillow, voice loud enough so that Dean - who you thought had come to apologize - could hear.

You heard the door open and close, nonetheless, and you sighed into your pillow. You unburied your face but didn’t see who it was because your back was turned to the door.

“I told you no, Dean. I want to be alone, please. You did enough for today” you let out a sigh and closed your eyes.

“Yeah, I guess he did. And even though I didn’t think I would ever say it- I owe him” Gabriel’s voice made your eyes snap open.

You turned immediately and looked at him, eyes wide and redness returning to your cheeks “Gabriel” you breathed out.

“Yeah, that’s how they usually call me” he said with a light chuckle.

“Sorry” he soon added when he realized that you didn’t even so smile at his attempt for a joke.

“No I’m sorry” you muttered looking down at your hands “I ruined everything didn’t I?” you added and dared to look up at his eyes.

“What? No, (Y/n), no. Look cupcake, I know that you think that everything between us is going to change right now and honestly I reallywish that.” he said and you frowned slightly.

“I knew (Y/n). Of course I knew that you are my soulmate and even though this might sound creepy I- I’ve been watching you long before we met. I just- I know I messed up but I didn’t want to tell you that we were meant to be together because I was scared that you were not going to want me or maybe you would refuse to just because it 'had been said’. It’s in you Winchesters to defy the rules.” he said running a hand through his hair.

“Well I would certainly not want to defy that one” you said with a hesitant smile, having gained courage and hope in hearing him say that he felt the same way - although not clearly.

“You and me both” he said and you couldn’t help but smile widely.

“Oh really?” you raised a playful eyebrow “And you’re going to risk getting run over by the Impala, with my brothers in it?” you asked with a giggle.

“Uh well, I think it’s worth taking the risk. You’re worth taking every risk, after all” he smiled cheekily and you laughed more.

“If you give me the chance, of course?” he raised his eyebrows expecting to hear a positive answer.

You walked closer to him and cupped his face “I think it’s worth taking the risk” you said with a smile and leaned in to press your lips to his.

“So that’s you making a move, huh?” he asked with a smirk, when you pulled away.

“Oh you haven’t seen me make a move yet, angel.” you winked at him and he laughed wrapping his arms around you and attaching his lips to yours again.

Marry Me?

Tittle: Marry Me?
Pairing: Cas x Reader
Other Characters: Sam, Dean and Bobby
Request: anonymous asked: Can you write a cas x reader where he asks the reader to marry him?
Word Count: 1,352
A/N: I know that Bobby isn’t alive in the latest season but I wanted him to be alive for this! He’s one of my favorites, so I couldn’t kill him off for this moment. Anyways, sorry it’s taking me a long time to post. I had work, but now I don’t. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to leave me some feedback! Good or bad, don’t matter. Thank you, love you all xx

“Cas, it’s a ring.” Dean groaned as he waited for the Angel to pick up the ‘right’ ring. “All girls like rings. She ain’t going to get picky ‘bout it.”

Castiel looked over at him and shook his head. “I don’t know, Dean. I don’t know which one to get. They all shine a lot.”

Dean rolled his eyes and sighed in annoyance. He never thought he’d be in a jewelry store, shopping for engagement rings. “Are you sure you want to get married, Cas? I mean, do you know what marriage is? How hard it is?” Of course, Dean didn’t know anything about marriage but based on his memories from when he was a child and what he would often see on tv, he could assume it was a hard thing.

“Have you ever been married, Dean? Of course I know what marriage is and sure, it can be difficult but it’s also something amazing. It’s something you get to share with one very special person.” Castiel answers Dean, glancing over at him and then at another ring. “This comes once in a lifetime.”

“Actually, quite a lot of times for some people.” Dean chuckles. Now a days, people would get married, divorced, then married again and then divorced again. “Cas, marriage isn’t taken very seriously anymore.”

“But I will take my marriage seriously. Dean, I love Y/N. She makes me feel things that I never thought I would ever feel for a human. I cannot imagine a day without her. I cannot continue on without her by my side.” Cas sighs, his mind getting filled with thoughts of you. “I know she loves me too and I know she dreams of this.”

Dean nodded, knowing that Castiel was serious about this. “Alright. Then we’re with you.”

“You’re with me?”

“We support you.” Dean explains, pointing at another ring. Beautiful in his opinion but of course, he wasn’t going to speak about it. “That one.”

Nodding, Castiel turns to look at the ring. He shakes his head. “No. That’s too much for Y/N. She won’t like it.”

Another hour went by and Castiel still couldn’t pick a ring. As far as it went, they were at the third jewelry store and now joined by Sam which wasn’t so pleased about waiting forever for Castiel to pick a ring. Castiel on the other hand, he wanted it to be perfect. He wanted to make sure you would love the ring and he wanted to like it as well. So far, he hadn’t had any luck but he wasn’t going to go home without a ring. Today was the day that he was going to ask you to marry him. He wanted to do it in front of everybody. Cas wanted everyone to witness how much he loves you and how much you love him that you guys are now getting married. Ready to start a family and life full of happiness together. He loved spending time with you, talking to you, hugging you, kissing you, etc.

“I think I found it.” Castiel finally smiled at the ring that was in front of him.

Dean and Sam hurried over to see what the angel had decided on. Both brother let out a sigh, eyes going wide. “Dude that’s going to cost a lot.”

Castiel looked at him with a puzzled look at first but then he shook his head. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about that.” He went over to the young lady that was waiting for Castiel to finally choose something, too. “I want that one.” He pointed over to where the ring was.

“Very nice selection.” The girl smiled as she walked over to the ring.


You looked at yourself in the mirror, thinking about what Cas was up to. He had told you to dress up and come down to the bunker. According to him, this was going to be a very special day for everybody. Deep down, you wanted it to be your dream come true but you were doubting it would be that. At some point, you actually gave up the thought and wish to get married. Castiel was an angel. He wouldn’t want to marry an ordinary human, right? Plus, the life that you guys live isn’t meant for marriage and kids. Although, you wouldn’t mind it.

You took a deep breath, fixing a little your curls. You looked fine, beautiful according to Castiel. You would always shake your head, blush and thank him for him compliments. He reminded you very day of how special, amazing and beautiful you are. You didn’t have a very high opinion of yourself but you did not have a low one either. You were pretty and you knew it but you wouldn’t rub it in anyone’s face or think about it too much.

You finally decided to take the steps you needed to walk out and see everybody. In the library of the bunker, you found Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel which made you furrow your eyebrows. Something was going on and you were planning to get to the bottom of it.

Castiel’s eyes landed on you, making him take a deep breath and smiling. “You look beautiful, Y/N. Breath taking.”

You blushed a bright shade of red, earning a chuckle from the guys. “Thank you but what is this all about?” You question him, seeing that the guys were all dressed up too. “What are you guys planning?”

“Nothing. We just want to go out. Hey, Y/N?” Sam answered, tapping your shoulder.

You turned around. “Yeah?”

The moment you turned around, Dean and Bobby motioned Castiel to get down on one knee, getting ready to propose.

“I think Cas wants to tell you something.” Dean interrupts, making you turn around and gasping at the sight. Immediate tears building up in your eyes. Happy tears of course.

“From the moment I met you, I knew you were different. The impact that you had on me, Y/N, I cannot describe but it’s good. It’s great, in fact. I started to feel things that I never thought I would feel for somebody. I let myself fall and believe into something I thought only humans could experience. I was wrong.” Castiel starts, pulling out a small box that revealed a beautiful ring. You put your hands on your mouth, smiling wide and tears falling down. “I love you, Y/N. Love is a beautiful thing and I cannot imagine my life without you and that is a very, very long existence. So, will you marry me please?”

The guys whistle and clap as you nod your head and hug him tightly. “Of course I will, Cas. Of course I will!” You manage to say and kiss him deeply, taking him by the surprise and making Dean and Sam groan at the sight.

“Oh come on!” Bobby, Sam and Dean all yell. You and Castiel pull away smiling wide, allowing him to put the ring on your finger.

“I love you Cas.” You kiss him again.

“I love you too, Y/N.” Castiel replies with a warm smile that fills your heart with happiness. “And we’re going out to celebrate. That’s why the guys are dressed up.”

“Come on, you idjits.” Bobby smiles, patting Castiel’s back. “Congratulations you two.”

“Yeah, congrats!” Sam hugs you, which you gladly return the hug.

“Yeah, yeah. Congratulations.” Dean hugs you and then Castiel.

“Thank you.” You and Castiel say at the same time.

[Cnetz] Talk about Chanyeol Back to Black Hair

(note: comments beginning with an *asterisk are from actual Chanyeol fans)
[+645] Even though I’m a VIP, EXO really has some exceptional visuals. Chanyeol’s facial features are so harmless and innocent, too handsome. It seems his ears and nose are also blessed.

[+613] As a non-fan, I think he is the most handsome one in EXO. Seriously.

[+484] Park Chanyeol is so beautiful!!! Though my love for GD-oppa is stronger than gold, I still have to admit Park Chanyeol is really really really really handsome!!!

[+443] Non-fan is attracted, (he’s) really good looking.

[+439] *You said the same thing when he had grey hair. So the conclusion is that his visual is over the roof no matter what. lol the dignity of EXO’s visual.

[+369] (Just) a casual fan quietly saving the first three pictures…….

[+352] His visual is over the roof regardless of his hair color okay? You have to agree with that

[+340] I like him a lot among EXO members. I think he’s super cute.

[+336] I haven’t paid attention to any K-Pop star for a long time. But Chanyeol is really very handsome!!!!

[+320] *His hair color does not affect his visual at all

[+312] His visual is getting even better day by day. I’m addicted, even though I’m only a casual fan.

[+297] *Chanyeol in black hair gives a cool aura~ it makes you feel a refreshing breeze in the hot summer, so soothing. Chanyeol could have very strong and powerful aura, but he could also be a refreshing and sunny boy. He could switch between these two characters freely.

[+295] Anyway, I fell for him the first time I laid my eyes on him in END, he’s really handsome. I even wondered why I didn’t notice him before, such a handsome guy, when I watched Running Man. I just found out later that he was not there. Otherwise, I might’ve fallen for him much earlier. I’m such a hopeless visual mania.

[+275] *Over the roof~ be safe in the jungle our Chanyeol-ah, you could do good this time.

[+ 272] Ever since I saw you playing with Seojun in Return of Superman, I’ve eventually begun to like you. Fighting!

[+265] This visual is over the roof

[+ 237] My impression for EXO was just a K-Pop group that people always compared with TFboys. END made me want to know more about you. Dating Alone made me go crazy for you. A concert had you occupying my entire heart. You actually are “Park Chanyeol, a smile that fascinates an entire city”

[+217] *His visuals are constantly over the roof. This post is so accurate. Park chan-chan good night. Please return safely after filming Laws of the Jungle.  

[+193] *As long as you are healthy, any hair is good. Chanyeol fighting in the jungle

[+176] *It’s an unarguable fact that his visual is over the roof. But hair color does not have much impact on his visual because our Yeol looks good in any hair color ok? He is gorgeous in pre-white/grey hair eras too! But i still love my black haired chan-chan the most. It’s not because he looks like a 3 year-old, as loveable as a senior, as beautiful as an elf, as charming as a phantom (Chel’s note: the original word for this is 妖孽, which directly translates to evildoer. In the context of ancient Chinese fantasy tales, a 妖孽 is often beautiful/handsome, a trait they often used to seduce victims - usually men, because 妖孽 is often depicted as a seductive and alluring woman. Not to worry, the comment means good!), but because black hair is best for his health. We don’t need to worry about him any more!

[+181] This kid is really good looking

[+159] *Chanyeol looks super handsome in black hair otteokhae? So handsome

[+140] *Of course, he is handsome no matter what

[+130] *Yeol is handsome and cute


[+129] Really wish he wouldn’t change his hair color any more. My heart will hurt

[+42] Always thought he’s the most handsome and natural one in EXO

[+30] My personal opinion: when they just debuted, every one looked good. Chanyeol however, didn’t stand out that much. But as time goes by, I got aesthetic fatigue from other members’ visuals (and you have to admit some of them do not look as good as before). Chanyeol on the other hand is getting more handsome and his visuals make you feel more comfortable now. I’m purely a non-fan.

[+29] Non-fan. I think Chanyeol is the most handsome one in EXO.

[+26] Seriously, his visuals could beat any group

[+20] Even though I’m a VIP, EXO really has several really handsome boys. Of course I like Chanyeol the most among them.

[+18] Damn, his handsomeness makes me vulnerable

[+17] Speaking as a non-fan, he looks naturally handsome. I mean, his handsomeness is purely natural, harmless, green and totally won’t make you think of plastic surgery.

[+16] As a VIP, I’m trapped by EXO’s visual. It upsets me so much recently seeing VIPs and EXO-Ls fighting every day.

[+18] He shouldn’t have come down (tn: from fairyland lmao) too early in the first place

[+16] Even though I’m a VIP, this kid is really good looking. I’ve always thought so.

[+16] *Chanyeol has a male god’s look in my eyes. I couldn’t stop myself from loving him.

[+14] I think the most handsome one in EXO is Chanyeol. Non-fan.

[+14] I, as an Inspirit, couldn’t hold myself anymore. Seriously visuals over the roof. Chanyeol-ah~

[+10] Damn, damn, I’m becoming his visual fan.

[+10] “His look could shake the universe.” I’m commenting in a K-Pop journalist’s tone.

[+10] As a hardcore fan of Kaijun Wang(tn: member of TFboys), I sometimes see Chanyeol’s pictures in the Hot Weibo Posts board… I have to say… Chanyeol… really… has god visuals… I’m not interested in Korean stars at all but…… I quietly saved the last three pictures…… I’ve been attacked by Chanyeol’s visual s for an entire day today….

[+12] Damn, as a non-fan, I’d like to say Chanyeol’s handsomeness is very clean and neat.

[+9] Indeed a lot of people agree that he is the most handsome one in EXO, right? His visuals make you feel very comfortable.

[+8] I’m being forced to become a fan of EXO by chanyeol’s visuals.

[+6] His! Visual! Is! Too! Good!

[+6] What? (You saying that) His visuals aren’t over the roof with other hair colors?!

[+7] OMG, I just passed by, but I’m shocked

[+7] His visual is over the roof with any hairstyle. There is nothing you can do about it. His face is too beautiful.

[+7] Non-fan; (I) think he’s the most handsome one, and he has that height!! Seriously!!

[+7] I just checked EXO’s video when there were 12 members. As a non-fan, I think he is the most handsome one.

[+ 6] I just want to say one thing… Why didn’t I notice his handsomeness when I watched EXO before?

[+4] I didn’t find him very handsome before. But why is he becoming more and more handsome now?

Translation by: Genie


side note: I don’t know how being a fans of another group matters about hair color and looks.. but okay


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Rookie Yearbook – Advice, how-tos, and tips for teens with Lena Dunham, Jack Black and Dan Savage, and others

Rookie Yearbook One
by Tavi Gevinson
2014, 352 pages, 9 x 10.9 x 0.8 inches (paperback)
$21 Buy a copy on Amazon

Despite being aimed towards teenagers, you will find that Rookie Yearbook One transcends this terrific yet troublesome age group with content that also appeals to adults. Featuring everything from “people reviews” to material provided by celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Lena Dunham, Daniel Clowes, Dan Savage, John Waters and Jack Black reminiscing about their high school days, as well as essays about The Golden Girls, tips on how to survive a small town and advice about making your own zine – this book covers an amazing array of topics.

While the content is great, the imagery is even better, as colorful collages, impressive artworks and stunning photo shoots leap out at you from each and every page. The book even comes with fun bonus material such as stickers, a pop-out paper crown and a 7” flexi disc containing songs from the Dum Dum Girls and Supercute!

This book is a popular source of inspiration for those working in creative industries, but after looking through its pages it is easy to see how such a publication would appeal to the masses, including the young and not-so-young alike. Rookie Yearbook One fans will be delighted to know that Rookie Yearbook Two and Rookie Yearbook Three are also now available, following on from the first edition’s success. – Melanie Doncas

June 29, 2015

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