the sequel trio in the falcon with leia: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!
leia: there’s food at home
the trio, muttering: i fucking hate this family

the sequel trio in the falcon with han: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!
han: [pulls into drive thru]
the trio: [cheering]
han: one black coffee please

the sequel trio in the falcon with luke: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!
luke:  mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

bad trans headcanon tropes to leave behind for 2018

  • trans man binds with ace bandages until a Good Cis Ally gets him a binder
  • “this is my buff trans wife and i want her to murder me” and other various phrases that make the association that trans woman = violent
  • trans man is in a state of undress when another character walks in on him shirtless, which outs him as trans against his will
  • character who is a man (or uses he/him pronouns) in canon gets headcanoned as a trans woman and then in the trans headcanon fanart she’s drawn even buffer and hairier than in canon just to prove how Obviously Not Cis she is
  • drawing cis characters like regular people but then stylizing your trans headcanons to emphasize the characteristics of their ASAB
  • exclusively headcanoning thin adolescent white boys as trans men
  • headcanoning Real, Actual People as trans
  • referring to adult characters as “boys” if you headcanon them as trans; infantilizing trans men in general
  • not bothering to draw body hair on your cis characters, but always including body hair on your trans women headcanons.
  • having cis love interests say anything along the lines of “i love you no matter what parts you have :)” like they deserve a fuckin medal
  • only writing/drawing trans characters in nsfw situations / fetishization in general