Happy Birthday, Jared ♥ July 19th, 1982
↳A very happy 35th birthday to this big ray of sunshine! A man of many talents, aspirations, and achievements. A role model, an inspiration, and a hero. A beautiful, intelligent, and sensitive man who gives the best hugs :’) He’s chosen to dedicate a very large part of himself to us as a fandom and as a family, and has created something impactful with a positive and priceless message. You’re worth more than you’ll ever realize, Jared. You are loved, you are enough, and you are a fucking fighter. Hope your day is as bright and beautiful as you! Lots of love to you, always xo

Why Katsuki Bakugou have an inferiority complex and not a superiority complex – Understand Bakugou’s character [1/?]

The BNHA Wikipedia argues that it’s a superiority complex, however, this is wrong. Bakugou have a mix between an inferiority complex and a superiority complex. And too many people doesn’t see anything than a bully and agressive man when they see Bakugou. He’s more than that, he is the most complex character of all My Hero Academia.

This post is pretty long and might contain spoilers about his relationship with his mother. The spoilers will be announced so you can avoid them.

For anyone who want to understand his character or write something about him, you must understand his psychology and why he does have an inferiority complex instead of a superiority complex. That’s why I invite you to read this post, it’s really important.

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