do you ever looked back at a friendship with someone from the internet and think to yourself, “i’m so glad i decided to befriend them because they make me so happy”

i’m just fucking mad because every time 5sos lose something against 5h their fans just revert to calling 5h sluts and whores because they’re salty and like if that isn’t sad, pathetic and disgraceful for teenage girls to degrade other teenage girls then idk what is i honestly hope y’all learn to love and respect yourselves and YOUR OWN GENDER really soon because right now it’s just sad

im so here for fifth harmony dressed as bussinesswomen singing about being FUCKING WORTHY OF EVERYTHING and just giving a middle finger to everybody who insists on slut shaming them

in case anyone was wondering, dreamworks’ latest movie “Home” was expected to flop at the box office but now after a huge opening friday it’s expected to make between $50 and $60 million this weekend, which would be dreamworks’ biggest opening weekend since madagascar 3 in 2012.

this is way above recent dreamworks flops like turbo, penguins of madagascar, and mr peabody, and more in line with recent hits like despicable me, the spongebob movie and big hero 6! this is a great sign for the future of representation in kids media :)

well since my art of this guy from last week was kind of horribly angsty, I decided to draw him looking relatively relaxed and mostly alright

 tbh I think we can all agree he deserves a break

(drawn in about 10h in Photoshop, prints for sale on society6 if you want ‘em)