these Supercorp scenes full of love, passion and angst are putting food on my table providing for my family and pets, feeding me 5 course meals at 5 star restaurants… they’re feeding me so well with their cute little moments full of affection, ladies… I’m FULL I’m telling you that… imagine thinking I won’t get down on my knees at ANY given moment for daddy Andrew after king himself served us such lesbian QUALITY two episodes in a row… cannot relate

Back at my internship this morning but took the time to make a green smoothie bowl to start the week right 💚 And I’ve been loving @maranathanutbutters ‘s crunchy almond butter 😋
Recipe :
1 banana + 1 frozen banana
Handful of spinach
1/3 cup water
½ teaspoon spirulina powder
Toppings : @maranathanutbutters crunchy almond butter, banana slices, strawberries, coconut chips and cacao nibs
#TooGoodForJelly #sponsored