..which was a pretty accurate to what i was actually

miyu irino @ anime expo, 7.3.17

i started writing this earlier but fell asleep pretty much the second i got home and out of the car! i have to say that i am not very familiar with some of irino-san’s roles outside of todomatsu, sora from KH and haku from spirited away, so some of what i’ve written down has been supplemented by information other fans shared on twitter. if anything i’ve posted here is inaccurate or not a good translation reach out to me so i can correct it.

the panel started with one of the directors of social media services for funimation (i did not write down his name so i just refer to him as “the interviewer” here) briefly introducing miyu irino and discussing some of his more famous VA roles. miyu came out and said hello to everyone in english, which got a huge response from the crowd! he was very humble and said that his english wasn’t good enough to speak publicly. of course, he said that in english and i don’t think anyone in the room thought he had a poor grasp of the english language. he didn’t seem to struggle to find the words he was looking for. also maybe i’m projecting but i thought he sounded like he had a tiny bit of a british inflection to his voice when he spoke in english. for the remainder of the panel he mostly spoke japanese but he would jump back and forth between japanese and english occasionally. the translator that accompanied miyu onstage joked that there was no need for him to be at the panel and with that, we got started.

miyu began acting at the age of 4 in children’s theatre productions. he did not start as a seiyuu but spent some time acting in commercials and television before his breakout role as haku in spirited away in 2000, when he was a junior high school student. his career exploded after spirited away and he credits that movie and miyazaki with really helping his career getting started. miyu mentioned that when he recorded spirited away, the audio recording was done in a theatre with the director/production staff present in the same room as miyu instead of in a traditional recording booth with the production staff separated from miyu by a thick sheet of glass. he said that the recording process for this movie made him nervous because it was very much unlike a standard VA recording session. (at this point i noted that he was being excessively modest about how much english he spoke and that he sounded fluent to me!

at this point the interviewer switched over to talking about one of miyu’s most famous roles, sora in the kingdom hearts series. the crowd cheered wildly and miyu looked out and acknowledged a few KH cosplayers in the room, saying that they looked “lovely” which got the crowd super excited all over again. miyu was asked if he plays video games himself, and he said “of course!” when he was a elementary/middle school student, he would frequently play games for 8 to 12 hours at a time when he was on break from school. he said he enjoyed many different genres of video games and that mario and final fantasy/squenix games were among his favorites. miyu mentioned he had purchased the special edition ps4 with the kingdom hearts theme and was playing KH 2.8, and looked forward to “working hard and playing games” when he went back home to japan.

the interviewer then began talking about miyu’s character in mobile suit gundam, saji crossroad. (in my notes, this is where my handwriting starts to deteriorate as i struggle to keep up with the flow of conversation) his character had a lot of development happen over the 2 series of this anime and miyu said he tried not to read too far ahead of the lines he was currently recording so that his reaction to what his character was about to do or say would be genuine. as the show was airing, he said, the fans’ reaction at first seemed to be that of “do we really need this character in the show?” but a major event near the end of the first season changed his character development and the opinion of some of the fans as well. miyu found the role of saji to be challenging, but said that he was very excited to be part of the gundam franchise because it’s so huge and popular. he joked that he was said he/his character could not pilot a gundam but he was happy that he could be “part of a gundam" since his character’s vehicle attached directly to the gundam body.

discussion turned to haikyuu!! and miyu’s character, koshi sugawara, which got a huge response from the crowd. a few people in the audience held up their itabags for miyu to see. he wanted to know if we as non-japanese fans enjoyed the show and if we thought it was very different from what our junior high experience was like. the general reaction from the crowd was that it was very different from the atmosphere in an american junior high school. he was curious about how the show was received outside of japan but thought that the character he played was relatable because it was a role that could be identified with regardless of what you grew up with - he plays a character that’s vice captain of the basketball team who’s overshadowed by a younger, more talented player and has to struggle to compete with him (tell me if this is inaccurate, i really haven’t watched any of this show!). miyu said that the haikyuu!! manga is ongoing and to please continue supporting the manga if we wished to see more of it animated in the future.

conversation switched over to anohana and his character jintan, which was also very popular with the crowd. miyu saw this role as a great stepping stone for his career and considers it an anime that is enjoyable for people who are not necessarily anime fans. he said his character was a fragile person and that he viewed his character as a human role instead of just a typical anime character. from there he began talking about seraph of the end and yuichiro hyakuya. miyu said that he was surprised non-japanese fans enjoyed this show as much as they did, because it was not a very popular show amongst japanese anime fans. he said he tried to bring the fantasy aspect of his character to the forefront, since the story is from a fantasy manga that runs in shonen jump. the manga for this is still ongoing as well, so please continue to support it if you would like to see more of the anime in the future.

at this point miyu and the interviewer began talking about osomatsu-san and todomatsu, my absolute favorite of irino’s characters. i got the impression that not everyone in the room had seen osomatsu-san, but the people who had watched it were loud and very passionate! when the interviewer initially brought up osomatsu-san, many of those fans started cheering and screaming TOTTY! over and over. miyu was incredibly surprised that osomatsu-san was popular outside of japan at all, since the humor of the show is “incomprehensible” at times and a very japanese style of comedy with lots of gags and wordplay. he said that even in japan, some people don’t understand the humor of the show and he wondered how well it translated to a non-japanese audience. miyu asked that we tell him during the q&a session at the end of the panel what we found humorous about the show and what we as non-japanese speaking fans thought of the jokes that weren’t really translatable into english.

discussion switched to miyu’s roles in your name., garden of words, and a silent voice, which was about to have its US premiere later that day at anime expo. your name. had a very different production process than many of the other projects that miyu has been a part of, in that shinkai had finished the artwork for the movie and recorded temporary audio tracks of himself reading the lines of his characters before the actual voice actors were brought into the studio to record their lines. we were shown the trailer for garden of words, which was unsubtitled. i am still learning japanese but am not fluent enough to accurately describe what was going on in the trailer, but i look forward to learning more about it. we then saw a subtitled trailer for a silent voice. i started tearing up pretty much the second it started playing, which kind of surprised me. i am a fan of the manga and found it very touching and sad at times but i didn’t expect to have such a strong emotional reaction to seeing it animated. i am really looking forward to this movie and i hope that i’ll get a chance to see it in theatres sometime soon. miyu stated that the overarching theme of the movie, aside from the obvious theme of bullying among adolescents is human connection. he said that it a role that required very emotional acting from him, which was challenging. he is proud of his role in a silent voice and hopes that everyone will go see this movie and support it!

the final anime discussed was the upcoming code geass ova. i hate to say it but i was trying to write so fast here that i can’t read my own notes. i’ll upload pictures of what i was trying to write and maybe eventually i can decipher my handwriting.

miyu was asked what kind of characters he likes to play and said that his personal favorite role is sora from kingdom hearts. he has played sora for 15 years and wants to continue playing him in the future. he mentioned that in japan, aside from voice acting, he also participates in theatrical productions and releases cds. miyu asks that we come to japan and see him perform on stage and listen to his cds, and please continue to support him in the future.

at this point we were supposed to be able to ask miyu some questions, but there was only time for 3 people to ask questions (which i didn’t write down because i was trying to get in the question line) before the panel had to end. i was fortunate enough to get an autograph ticket for miyu so when i got my todomatsu book signed, i told him i loved osomatsu-san, i hoped he would return to anime expo next year and to please bring the voice actors for the remaining matsuno brothers with him.

An Introduction to Arabic Grammar

So I have thought about making a quick and simple intro to Arabic grammar, this mysterious and beautiful language that is hard to grab and take hold of easily! (I know what I am talking about because, even I am a native speaker, I faced a huge problem to simplify and make things clear in this post!!). Thus, here are some general points about Arabic grammar (نحو و صرف):

  • Arabic sentence structure:

English is an SVO language: Subject+ Verb+ Object/Adjective/ Adverb. Arabic can follow this order too, but it is so heavy and unnatural. Actually, Arabic has 2 different types of sentences;

 the verbal sentence (الجملة الفعلية ) and the nominal sentence (الجملة الإسمية). The verbal sentence has a general form of VSO: Verb+ Subject+ Object/ Adjective/Adverb… Ex: ذهب أحمد إلى المدرسة (‘went Ahmed to school’= Ahmed went to school). 

The nominal sentence has the form of Object/ Subject (noun) + adjective/adverb/verb (but it is rare for the latter case). Ex: رنيم فتاة رائعة (‘Ranim girl wonderful’ = Ranim is a wonderful girl). What is the difference? The first structure is used for sentences where there is a verb (as the name indicates), and the other one for the rest.

 But wait; is there a sentence without a verb?!!! That leads us to the next point!

  • There is no verb “to be” in Arabic:

Ok this may sounds crazy to some, especially whose first language is romance or Germanic one, but believe me, there are other languages that doesn’t have “ to be” too. In Arabic, it is simple, no “to be” at all, not in the present, in the past nor in the future! It is so easy, just pull away this verb. Ex: you want to say “I am happy”, say ‘I happy’  ـة /أنا فرح

  • Articles (the/ A):

There is only the offset of « the » which is ‘al’ ( الـ), applies for all gender and number ( because some languages do have some differences but not Arabic). There is only a problem of the pronunciation sometimes, which I’ll treat in another post.

 Remember! No “a”!!

  • Gender and number:

Ahhh! This!! We have a lot of pronouns, a loooot(!!!) which are based in specified gender and number.

 Let’s take an example of “you”; there are anta (أنت singular masculine), anti (أنتِ singular feminine), antouma (you two masculine and feminine), antom ( أنتم  plural masculine) and antona ( أنتنَ  plural feminine ). Imagine this with all the other pronouns!! And of course, there is an accordance with verbs and adjectives depending on that! (But don’t worry, in the majority of Arabic dialects, things are a lot easier and some pronouns are never used).

  • Roots system:

Arabic language is based over a system of roots and there are like “templates”  that help construct words. Roots are mostly formed o 3 letters (sometimes 4 letters), and everything can be derived of them.

 Let’s take an example:  the root ( ك.ت.ب) =write and the derivations : the verb kataba كتب( write), kiteb كتاب (book), kateb كاتب (writer), maktaba مكتبة (library), the verb taketaba تكاتب ( exchange messages, letters, anything written), etc… I’ll make another more detailed post about that if you want

  • Pronunciation and conjugation:

This is the most difficult part! The pronunciations of words depends on their function in the sentence and their conjugated form!! I am not only talking about verbs, I am talking about every single word in the sentence! 

Well to be honest, it’s not ALL the word that changes in pronunciation, only the last syllable. And there are three possibilities: الضم (addam) which add the sound ‘oo’, الفتح (al-fat’h) which add the sound ‘a’ and  الكسر (al-kassr) which add the sound ‘ee’. I’ll try to make a post about that; the functions in the sentence and which modification has its one.

 These modifications are called علامات الإعراب (literal translation: Arabisation signs)  and I think this is so accurate! Because this is so specific to Arabic, but it is also pretty hard to learn ( don’t forget the gazillion exceptions that there are!!). Even native speakers make mistakes in that. Actually, the majority of our generation mispronounce everything (and this is very sad :/), so don’t worry! Don’t put too much effort in this! But if you master them, you’ll be an amazing and beautiful Arabic speaker!! This will make you so special!!

This is what I managed to remember about Arabic specific Grammar, and I should mention here that I’m talking about the standard Arabic, Fus’ha that is recognized in every country talking Arabic, dialects differ! I hope this help you get an idea about how Arabic functions, good luck in your learning and if you need any help in Arabic, have any questions or suggestions, please tell me! I’ll be more than happy to help ^^ more posts are coming!

Time *Requested* (Connor McDavid)

This was requested by @ortonsrevival who wanted a McDavid imagine with the prompt “Twins? We’re having twins??” Thank you so much for your patience!!

Requests are OPEN!

Warnings: None that I can think of

Up Next: Auston Matthews

“What’s it say? What’s it say?!” Connor McDavid, your husband of eight years was practically jumping up and down.

“Conn…it doesn’t come up for another four minutes. We just have to be patient.”

He groaned. “I just want us to have a baby so bad. We’ve been trying for almost a year.”

You looked down at your lap, “I know.” You whispered dejectedly.

“Aw, no Baby.” He knelt down and grabbed your hands, looking you in the eyes. “It’s not your fault. It just wasn’t time.”

“I just feel like such a failure.”

“You’re not a failure. Our time will come.” Almost as if the timer had heard his voice it went off. Signaling that it was time to check the test. “Come on, Baby. Let’s go see.”

You bit your lip and held his hand tightly as he led the way back to the bathroom. He picked up the test and flipped it over, holding it so you could both see the results.

One line.

Tears burst from your eyes as you were faced with yet another negative. Conner wrapped his arms around your shaking form and placed his head on top of yours.

“I don’t understand.” You sobbed. “I’m two months late. We’ve tried everything. What’s wrong with me??”

He hushed you, “It’s alright. It’ll happen. And there is nothing wrong with you. You are absolutely perfect in every way.”

You sniffled. “You have to say that. I’m your wife.”

“Yes, and I don’t let anyone talk bad about my wife. Even her.” You gave him a watery smile. “Now how about we go out to lunch at the little diner we both love and then come back here for a nap.”

‘Sounds good.”

A week later you were throwing up every morning and your period had still yet to show up. If Connor was home he would have dragged you to the doctor on day two, but he was on a 10 day road trip. You finally broke down and scheduled a doctor’s appointment after the eighth morning of puke…also the knowledge that Connor would be super angry if he came home and found out you’d been sick for over a week and hadn’t even gone to the doctor.

You gave one last sigh of defeat and then made the trudge through the rain to the door of the clinic. Keeping the same attitude, you slumped onto the hard plastic chair after signing in and sent a snap of your pouty face to Connor.

He texted you almost immediately. “Where are you?”

“Doc. Haven’t been feeling too well.”

“How long??” You knew he’d freak out. He was almost 2,000 miles away and you could feel his concern from here.

“Just a few days. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Call me when you’re done.” You sent a thumbs up and had just put your phone back in your pocket when the nurse called you back.

“Mrs. McDavid?” You stood up and followed her back. She quickly weighed and measured you before leading you to an examination room. “The doctor will be right in to see you, hun.”

A short while later a knock sounded. “Mrs. McDavid? I’m Dr. Roe. How are you feeling today?”

“Please, call me Y/N. And I feel kinda bluh. If that’s even an emotion.” You gave a small laugh. “I’ve been getting sick every morning, that’s why I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment.”

“Bluh is definitely an emotion,” She chuckled. “How long have you been getting sick? By which I assume you mean throwing up?”

“Yeah…and about eight days.” You admitted sheepishly.

“Eight?” Her eyebrows rose. “What does your husband have to say about that?”

“He’s on a work trip…he didn’t know I was here until I told him while sitting in the waiting room.”

“I see.” She looked down at her clipboard and then refocused. “So, let’s clear the most obvious choice out first. Is there any chance you could be pregnant?”

You gave a sad sigh. “I wish. I’m almost three months late, but I took a test over a week ago and it came back negative. We’ve been trying for a while, so we both hoping this would be it…”

“I understand.” She patted your knee sympathetically. “My husband and I tried for years before we had any success. Have you taken any tests since then?”

“No. I can’t bring myself to be crushed like that again.”

“Would you be willing to let me do an ultrasound? We have a machine in here…it would also help me eliminate some other possible causes if you aren’t pregnant.”

You bit your lip. “I guess.”

She gave you a smile. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing terrible. If you just want to lie back and raise your shirt, it’ll be done in a jiffy.”

You listened to her directions and then jumped when she placed what was basically cold jelly on your stomach.

“It’s a bit chilly.” You managed to bite back your sarcastic response. “Alright, let’s see what we have going on.” She moved the wand around and stopped almost immediately.

“What?” You demanded.

“I’d like to be the first to congratulate you.”

“On what?” …There was no way…

“Looks like you have a baby cooking in there. I’m going to call the technician in here, but if what I’m seeing is correct, I believe you have two cooking.”

“What?!” You shrieked. “But…the test said…” You trailed off as tears came to your eyes, blurring the screen.

“The tests aren’t 100% accurate. They’re usually pretty reliable, but every once in awhile, something like this happens.”

“I’m pregnant? Actually pregnant?” You were still shocked.

“Yep.” The voice of the technician came from your other side. You had failed to notice her even enter the room. “And the Dr. Roe was right, it’s twins. If I had to guess, I’d say you are almost out of your first trimester.”

“Which means your morning sickness should be ending soon,” Dr. Roe chimed in.

“I’m really pregnant?” Tears were streaming down your cheeks.

“You really are.” Dr. Roe produced a tissue out of basically nowhere and pressed it into your hand. “In six months they’ll be here. I’d like to get you started on prenatals and schedule another ultrasound for next week where I can give you an exact measurement…you can hear their hearts.”

“Can I have a picture to take home with me?”

She gave you a beaming smile, “Absolutely.” She gave you a strip of black and white images, with the babies circled in red. “Now let’s get you scheduled out front.”

10 minutes you were back in the car, still wiping tears of joy from your face. The pictures were clutched firmly in your hands when your phone started to ring. Connor’s face was displayed on the front.


“Y/N? Are you ok? You sound weird.”

You discreetly cleared your throat. “I’m fine. No, I’m wonderful.”

“Are you sure? What’d the doctor say?”

“I’m sure. She said I could expect to be finished with getting sick soon. That it should pass.”

“What about medication??” He demanded. “You’ve been throwing up and they just sent you on your way without any medicine?”

“Conn…she gave me some pills. It’s going to be fine.”

He sighed. “I’m just worried about you. I hate being away when I know you don’t feel well.”

“I know. But you’ll be back in two-days.”

“Are you picking me up?” He asked.

“I can’t. I’m scheduled until 6pm.” Lie. But you had plans. “I’ll be in my seat for the game, though.” Your seat was the front row seat right beside the Oilers bench. It was where you’d been sitting when he had first seen you and for your first year anniversary and every year since, he’d presented you with a season ticket for that very seat. It was once of his many superstitions.

“I’m counting on it. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You hung up with Connor and almost immediately called Leon, who you knew from snapchat was hanging out with Taylor Hall.

“Y/N?” He answered. “What’s going on?”

“I have a job for you. And you can’t tell Connor.” You quickly outlined what you need him to do. A fairly easy job.

“Call I tell Hallsy?”

“Yes. As long as nobody tells Connor. But you two are the only ones allowed to know. Comprendes?”

“Aye aye Cap’n.” You rolled your eyes and hung up. It was time to set your plan in motion…Connor was in for a big surprise when he got home.

Two days later you were seated firmly in your seat, a glittery sign held firmly in your hands. Leon had done his part and you were wearing your new custom jersey. Connor skated over and stopped in front of you, as he did every game. This time you hit the glass to get his attention. He glanced around at you and quickly scanned the sign you held up.

In alternating blue and orange letters it read, “Your starting lineup coming soon: Connor McDavid plus Baby One & Two.” Next to that was an enlarged picture of your ultrasound picture.

You watched his eyes read the sign. Widen and then read it again.

“Are you serious??” You heard him shout. Nodding, you bit your lip and then turned around so he could read your jersey. Instead of the usual McDavid it normally boasted, it had Mama McDavid printed instead.

Twins? We’re actually having twins?

“Yes!” By now, the two of you had captured the attention of basically everyone in the arena. The jumbotron displayed your face and the sign you were still holding up. Which means everyone got to see his wordless shout of joy and jump of victory. But the tears shining in his eyes were meant only for you.

The game ended with the Oilers coming out on top. Connor scoring two of the five goals…the irony of which was not lost on you. Thirty minutes later you had reached the hallway that led to the locker room. Normally it took about 10, but fans kept coming up to congratulate you…not that you minded.

You had just leaned against the wall when the door was flung open and Connor emerged. He sprinted over as soon as he saw you and wrapped you in a bone crushing hug.

“We’re going to be parents?” He sounded choked up and when you looked into his eyes, you saw the glistening there. He had wanted this just as much and for just as long as you.

“We really are. That’s what I found out at the doctors. They said the test was probably a dud. I have an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday so we can do another ultrasound.”

“I can’t wait!” He exclaimed. “I love you so much.” Then he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your stomach, though there was no evidence of a baby bump yet. “I love you guys, too. See you in a few months.”

Let me know if there are any errors!!


Okay! So after last episode people are feeling a bit (a lot) of doubt in Jonsa and are getting depressed, so I want to share some info that will restore your faith in that JONSA IS COMING!!!!!!! 


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anonymous asked:

Hello! I have a request can you tell me which of hakuouki games are released in english and on which platform and and which are in japanese?(since you are an expert on hakuouki games I thought I should ask you) Thank you

The Hakuoki Wikipedia listing actually has a rather nice list with all of this information, though I know it can be a little confusing to look at, it’s pretty accurate. 

There was also a really nice post floating around about 2-3 years ago that specified what English games related to which Japanese titles but for the life of me I can’t find it and it’s probably buried somewhere in my mess of a blog. Anyway, I’m going to try to recall what I remember, so here’s what we have:

Hakuōki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom 

Localized version of Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan, which was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 14, 2012.

Hakuōki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi 


Localized version of Hakuouki: Bakumatsu Musouroku, which was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 19, 2013.

Hakuōki: Memories of the Shinsengumi 


Localized version of Hakuouki: Zuisouroku, which was released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 19, 2013.

Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi 


Localized version of Hakuouki: Junsouroku, which was released for the PlayStation 3 on May 6, 2014. 

Note: Junsouroku is the combination of Shinsengumi Kitan and Zuisouroku.

Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds


Localized version of Hakuouki Shinkai: Kaze no Shou which was only released on PlayStation Vita on May 15, 2017.

All dates listed are North American release dates, I apologize I’m not certain on when all the games were released in Europe outside of Kyoto Winds.

Looking at all the Japanese releases is probably the most confusing thing though so it’s no wonder people get lost. Even I still haven’t gotten it all down honestly (so please don’t call me an expert ^^;;; I’m not even close), but you have to keep in mind things have been repackaged, combined, and/or ported to different systems frequently since Hakuouki first debuted in 2008. And each time they’ve tried to add a little something new to entice fans into buying the new versions, but at this point if you have a Vita you have access to basically everything you need either English or Japanese, as far as physical copies (not downloads) go.

The only games we don’t have localized are Hakuouki: Reimeiroku, which is the prequel game featuring Ibuki Ryuunosuke and his experiences with the Shinsengumi before they were the Shinsengumi, and one I would personally love to see localized. Along with the three Yuugiroku games which aren’t really so much story as a collection of mini-games and challenges to unlock festival related events and CGs. Then there’s Hakuouki SSL ~sweet school life~ which is completely AU and has no bearing on the main story.

Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

I just read that Juliet from Romeo and Juliet was most likely a libra with Leo moon and Romeo a pieces wth Aires moon....? What do you think? Seems pretty accurate actually

That sounds like a good basic analysis! I do think that Libras with Leo Moons could be ones to fall in love quickly and to relish attention from a special someone (in reference to Romeo), and she was pretty dramatic (due to Leo Moon). Romeo was dramatic too though, which contributes to the Pisces Sun/Aries Moon combination I would say. Romeo and Juliet’s relationship was so fast-paced (thanks to Romeo’s Aries Moon, but I would speculate that he may have had an Aries Venus as well). I haven’t read the story in so long, I would like to add more information but I don’t want to give out wrong assessments!

anonymous asked:

Your suitors at the beach post inspired me. If the suitors had tattoos, what would they be and where would the tattoos be on their bodies? Thabks!

Hey anon! I am soooo sorry this took so long to answer!

Actually @midnightcindy has a post here about her head canon for the suitors and tattoos, which I think would be pretty accurate! Although I think Albert would also have some code of knighthood on one of his pecs, and Rayvis would have a saying on the inside of one bicep, and a half sleeve of skulls/roses on the other.

So I tried to make an edit, I did Nico with cherry blossoms… and I enlisted @nijigendiaries to do one of Sid (thank you precious Alia, I owe you ;)

I wanted to do more, but I suck and it takes forever.


 Sid and Nico original characters @cyikemen

havuclumilkshake  asked:

Minato/Shikaku for 10 please

In the second half of the fifth year of their generation’s war, Shikaku wass assigned to Camp 73 in Grass to serve on the general staff of Namikaze Minato, the newly promoted general of the Second Army and commander of all Leaf force on the western front with Iwa.  It was a prestigious promotion for Shikaku, who’d only made full jounin a year before on the battlefield, and given Namikaze’s obvious favor with the Third, good performance there might translate to other benefits off the battlefield - as long as Shikaku survived this war.

It was a shit assignment any other way you looked at it, of course.

“Why do you have to be this way?” Inoichi demanded.  His desk in the bowels of T&I was covered in stacks of papers.  There was absolutely no discernable organization to them, but Inoichi seemed to know where everything went nonetheless.  "You get to hang out with Minato and kill enemy nin with ablomb, you lucky bastard.  I’m trapped here at home turning the brains of prisoners to mush and listening to Commander Mitokado bitch about my work ethic…

“You like turning people’s brains into mush,” Shikaku pointed out with a grimace.  "And goddamn Namikaze is just unnatural.  What kind of person is just so happy all the time?“

"Someone who really likes his job,” Inoichi said with a shrug, marking the sheet in front of him with very sharp, definitive motions.  "Which is pretty unusual these days, if the mass surveys we’ve been taking are accurate.“

"And you don’t think that’s strange at all?  Even a little?”  Shikaku asked.  "I mean, it’s nice to actually use my skills more extensively, but I can’t say I enjoy war all that much aside from that.  It’s way too much work…“

Inoichi looked up from his papers and glared at him, blue eyes bloodshot in the dim light.  "Chouza is still stuck besieging Rain again, so I am going to channel his absent spirit,” he said pompously, and Shikaku sighed.

“OK, hit me,” he said wearily.

“I don’t care if Namikaze is a weirdo, I’m just glad he’s on our side,” Inoichi intoned seriously.  It was a terrible imitation of Chouza.  "Now get the fuck out and be productive.“

"Ugh, what a drag.  Chouza wouldn’t say that.”

Camp 73 wasn’t a complete dump.  It was laid out exactly like the Third’s camp over on the border with Cloud, which was a bit disorienting until Shikaku remembered that Namikaze had been trained by Jiraiya, so as far as he knew, this might just be one of the sacred secrets passed down from the Second Hokage, along with teleportation and raising the dead. 

“I’m glad to see you, Shikaku,” Namikaze said cheerily.  "I’m glad command sent a strategist of such high caliber to my duty station.  I’m sure we’ll do great work together!“

Shikaku just fixed Namikaze with a disbelieving stare.  ”…you formally requested Uzumaki Kushina because she’s ‘real good at making stuff explode’,“ he finally replied.  The quote was heavily implied.

"Sure did!” Minato exclaimed.  "But I understand that she’s needed at the siege of Rain for an exciting new mission that also features explosions, so I’ll make do with you.  I’m sure you have your own unique way of killing lots of people very quickly.“

And this, Shikaku reflected, was exactly why he was so leery of serving with Namikaze Minato. And as soon as he thought that, some kind of commotion broke out on the western edge of the camp.  A boy was stumbling in, covered in blood and surrounded by baying dogs.  

"Ah, Kakashi has returned with news, if I’m not mistaken,” Namikaze said with a smile.  "A new game is afoot, Shikaku - are you up for it, or too tired from the journey here?“

Shikaku looked at the panting boy, gulping down water from an exhausted medic, and then looked back at Namikaze, who was still smiling expectantly as Shikaku.  Back to the scout, who now had some kind of Uchiha chuunin hovering around shouting about something, and then back to Namikaze, still with that eerie smile.  Well, when in Uzushio, do as the Uzu-nin do, right?  

"Teach me how to play?” he asked lazily, stepping closer to the other man.

“The rules are simple,” Namikaze said with a chuckle.  "I’m sure a genius like you will catch on quickly. You must kill as many people as possible, as quickly as possible - and if you do it as part of a team, your kill points are multiplied by however many teammates you have.  Got it?“

Shikaku made a wave in the barest direction of saluting.  "I got the gist of it.”
With an abrupt motion, Namikaze’s face was right next to Shikaku’s own, the other man’s right arm tight around his waist.  

“Good,” he said mildly, smile falling off his face as a predatory look came into his eyes.  "I look forward to seeing how many points we’ll earn together.“

And in the blink of an eye, they were gone.

So I drew two cards to see what my weekend would be like. It basically says “idk but you’re gonna need some patience to get through it” lol.

Which considering this dinner my mom invited us to on Saturday for unknown reasons that “aren’t bad” according to her, it’s actually pretty accurate 😅

Deck is Oracle of Legends. Cards presented by my lovely assitant Arsene the Banette

ladyamesindy replied to your post “Stop embarrassing yourself please.”

O.o Dare I ask what I missed while I was away …???

You actually didn’t miss anything hahahaha! I’ve been getting anon messages like that for MONTHS; almost every day, because there are some people who disapprove of my undying devotion to @ltleflrt since she’s fandom famous. Which is stupid (the hate, not her fame. I’m glad she’s famous because that’s super fun!). But she had that great picture queued up for me, so instead of deleting the messages as usual, I posted it because seriously, that photo is a pretty freaking accurate representation of our friendship. :D

This is a real interview quote
  • ESQ: A whole bunch of Internet headlines have you saying you came up with the term "grunge" while writing a Nirvana review way back when. I wondered if maybe that was meant to be tongue in cheek?
  • Marilyn Manson: Yeah, let me clarify that. I didn't say I invented the word. I said I coined it, in that I popularized it. I think I actually wrote "grungy." But it is pretty amusing that that became a headline. I'm like a Furby. You can push me, and then your sound bite comes out, and there you have your headline. So to clarify, I merely claimed that I popularized the word, which is pretty much not accurate, considering the distribution of the periodical that I wrote it in. But I like to self-aggrandize.
  • ESQ: What do you think the headline of this article should be?
  • MM: "Marilyn Manson deserves to have his dick sucked for creating the word 'grunge,' and for also making rock 'n' roll cool again, because he's a hooligan."

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I just want to say I love your reactions. You make them gender neutral which is really nice and they're always really good! They seem pretty accurate to what the members would actually do. Just saying I love you and what you do! ❤❤❤

Thank you so much!<3

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Just thinking about the finale and honestly dany should have just roasted cersei when she showed up at the pit.. drogon is pretty accurate with his fire as we saw with the tarlys, and they were all in their own groups so it would have been easy to just eliminate the threat then and there instead of having to convince her which unbeknownst to them didn’t actually work. Cersei and the mountain both gone, jon could have pulled Jaime out of the way quickly, problem solved. Ugh if only

Haha thats exactly what I was thinking during that scene. That they are all isolated from the public & Dany already had her army there as well, it could have all been resolved then and there. They could have had both dragonglass & wild fire both to fight walkers. But it wouldn’t have been satisfying. I want to watch Dany win & Cersei die but only after a disaster of collosal magnitude. I know Cersei will do something massively crazy next season, like attack the North while they are vulnerable & focused in Walkers & maybe blow up King’s Landing with wildfire before yielding. That’s the kind of drama & chaos I need next season to drive the point one last time, that honor is just a fancy word for stupidity & it only gets people fucked, in true game of thrones fashion. I truly think next season will be so messed up, even the anti Dany brigade would be wishing Tyrion hadn’t stopped Dany from burning a very isolated Red keep to take out Cersei. This is one GoT villain I want to watch going out with a bang!

Originally posted by khaleese

@witchlockmonsterfox ahhh, yeah, i did notice the whole “from the creators of house” part! and i feel the same way to a degree, i really enjoyed house, and i found the way the show’s writers treated issues regarding disability in the more mental area to be pretty damn refreshing.

which is why i’m surprised that i’m getting such wrong vibes from “the good doctor”. like i said in my tags, maybe it’s actually going to be a great show and i’m just not giving it a chance. maybe i’m legitimately being paranoid and mistrusting. maybe they sensationalized the ad and the show itself is a lot more accurate of a portrayal. i don’t know what it could be. i’m willing to give it a chance (i mean, shit, i watched all of “atypical”), but for the time being, i am not terribly thrilled.

VNC theories

There’s 13 of them, some more developed than others but click keep reading if you wanna see any of them. I numbered and bolded the different ones so you can skip over some if you like. Some are more speculation than theory tbh as we are only on chapter 9. 

Keep reading

I just started watching The Better Strangers, and it’s SO GOOD! Why did no one tell me how good it was? Actually, more accurately, why did I never listen when people DID tell me how good it was?! 

I’m only fifteen episodes in, and if I know what’s good for me, I won’t finish it for a while because I have classes and need to be responsible about actually doing my work, but I’m in love with these characters and they very much feel like real college students vlogging, which rarely happens. Also, I already ship several things, and the pacing is fantastic.

It is SUPER white, so that’s unfortunate, but at least it’s also pretty queer (and I do know at least two of the endgame ships already because of various gifsets, but I’m still excited to see how things play out).

A little project of mine, based on what actual number-based canon facts I could find, as well as how each of the races is portrayed in game.


-I found a quote stating that qunari are “up to 7 feet” which I think seems a bit short, but the male here is 7’ even and seems pretty accurate

-I went with just a modern average for humans.

-The original image I used here had the elves about the same height as the humans, but they do seem somewhat shorter in game, so I made them a slight bit smaller.

-The dwarves were based on Varric being right around shoulder height vs the human companions and Bianca being shown slightly shorter than him in screenshots.

So yes! Go forth and do with this as you will!

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I'm a transitioned FTM man who's only into other FTM men and cis girls, and you're telling me that I'm supposed to be calling myself a lesbian and not bi? That sounds stupid as fuck and would look stupid as fuck in an actual irl setting.

Based on what you’ve just said, it’s pretty clear to me that you’re exclusively same-sex attracted which would be homosexuality but if you feel that the bi label describes you more accurately and easily, that’s perfectly alright. I’d also think it’s important to know that there are people out there in the kw33r community who may view your sexuality negatively and ask you why you’re not attracted to , say, trans women. Remember to not give those people the time of your day and to stay true to yourself.

-Mod Amir

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Headcanon: Minghao is actually from the anime Gokusen in which he seems innocent and naive but hides his savage/thughao side with Mingyu being the key to unleashing the full wrath of it

oh my god I have no idea what this anime is about but “seems innocent and naive but hides his savage side” is pretty much accurate??

i mean have u seen his predebut pics