..what's up with all the haters on my dash = =

my classmate wanted to draw on my tablet and ended up another classmate drawing and so… this is like a collab and a style comparison??

the full story’s under the cut

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s the second part to Vegas! You know that part in a concert where all the music just stops mid-song, and then it resumes after a couple of moments and it’s super awesome and amazing? Yeah, that’s what I tried to describe in this fic, but I don’t think I did it that well. Oh well. I did my best.

Word Count: 2782

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT, car sex, the usual bad language

“No.” Daveed said for the third time.

“Why not?” You asked, groaning a bit.

“Because I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to come. It’s dangerous for you. Shows can get out of hand sometimes.”

Tonight, clipping. was scheduled for a pop-up show at a local bar and you were trying to convince Daveed to take you with him. The both of you had become friends with benefits after he ‘broke your curse’ of not being able to orgasm during sex with anyone else. You both satisfied each other’s needs when it was necessary, and you enjoyed this relationship that you both had, but there were certain things that you didn’t enjoy: he was overprotective.

“C’mon, D. I’m a grown woman, I can handle myself. You don’t have to treat me like a damsel in distress all the time.” You said, leaning against the counter. He wasn’t going to make you bring out the puppy dog eyes, was he?

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Flags (Part One) (Spideypool) (#PrideFic)

Happy Pride Month my Lovelies.

I had a request from a darling anon for Peter and Wade meeting at a Pride Parade, so here we go. Sticking with Andrew Garfield for Peter, Ryan Reynolds for Wade.

If you have a pairing you would like to meet during Pride Month/ at a Pride Event, toss me a message or something and I will see what I can do :)

Wave Your Flag, Babes. 

Part Two

Part Three

J. Jonah Jameson– for all his asshole posturing and shouting and dropping f bombs like he was raining them down on the innocent people below– completely supported Pride Month.

Every June, he instructed his reporters to stop reporting on death and mayhem and that fucking spider and–and  this is a direct quote, mind you—
—–“find someone carrying a rainbow flag and make them a celebrity. This is Pride Month. So let’s show how fucking proud we are of all of them. Fucking ridiculous, people having to hide who they are from the world. Who the fuck cares? Fuck haters. Go find me someone fabulous and fucking flaming to interview. I expect rainbows and glitter and drag queens.”

Granted, Jameson’s attitude might not have been exactly politically correct, and maybe he used the wrong words to describe members of the LGBTQ community, and maybe he still came across as insensitive, but his heart was in the right place. And he certainly might have teared up once or twice or a dozen times when he heard that two of the male reporters in the bullpen were tying the knot finally. He also might have given them two weeks paid vacation for their honeymoon, and a giant bonus because he was so happy for them.

So, brushing aside the incorrect phrasing, and the insensitive but well meaning enthusiasm of the editor, the staff of the Daily Bugle just smiled and ‘yes sir’-ed and went out to follow his instructions– edited of course because a casting call for someone ‘fabulous and fucking flaming’ might not go over as smoothly with the real world.

No one knew why the cantankerous editor suddenly became pro-glitter during June, but they knew him well enough not to question it.

So when Jameson had yelled for Peter to stop photographing that “goddamn wall crawling pain in my ass and get down to the Parade and for gods sake wear something with a unicorn on it!”, Peter had just grinned and grabbed his camera and headed down town.

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today may not be a good time to post this and im sorry for blowing up ur notifs but what the fuck !!!! i hit 1.1k followers !!!! i usually do my follow forever posts at end of the year but i didn’t do this last year bc i was waiting to hit 1k ! now here i am !

i made this blog on april 21, 2014 and had my first post in may 1st of the same year then abandoned this blog and officially came back after a year and now this blog has been running since july 2015 lmao it took me 2 yrs to get 1k rip me

anyways! my experience here on tumblr is Awesome so far! (i am not being sarcastic) (or am i?) and i met great people thru here and have made a lot of amazing friends and lost quite a few, sadly

of course @ everyone thank you thank you thank you thank you all for making my tumblr experience great! i still don’t even understand why y'all still follow my lame ass trash of a blog but i couldn’t ask for more lol i love y'all for still keeping up

NOW all i wanted to do right now at this very fucking moment is to give my mutuals a Huge Shoutout for being so so fucking lovely and so so fucking awesome and so so fucking nice! (even tho i only every occasionally talked to some of you and wish i had the guts to talk to everyone), my sappy ff starts below! :)

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read on ao3

It was a hot, sunny afternoon when Lance finally decided to leave his bedroom and enter the kitchen. Thin material of his tank-top clung to his skin unpleasantly and so were his blue, star printed boxers and his short hair.

He looked around with bleary eyes until his sight reached the fridge. A tiny, weary smile graced his face as he shuffled towards it and opened it.

Cool breeze was indeed refreshing  but it wasn’t enough to fully wake him up.

No. He needed something better than this.

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anonymous asked:

I really wish Taylor had just ignored them , and not released this song. It's just caused more drama and looks bad for her. People are saying saying she's being manipulative and playing the victim again. I don't know why she would bring this up again, people had forgotten. Idk. She's just always taken the high road and remained unbothered. That's was odd about this

I wasn’t going to answer this, but seeing some stuff on my dash and I’ve gotten a few anons along the same lines, people wishing Taylor has just ignored them and let this die.

Yeah it probably would’ve been wise to take the high road, and she definitely could’ve made things more subtle. But I think she needed to get this out. Exactly the way it is. This is how she copes.

It’s really unfair for us to expect Taylor to take the high road all the time. To always be the bigger person. She’s done that for years, and it backfired. And now she’s putting her foot down. 
Did y'all really just expect her to sit there and take everything that was thrown her way ? To not react at all to? That’s a very high expectation to have.

She’s been bullied for 6 years straight. She’s been relentlessly Slut shamed since she was like 18, body shamed, people turned her sexual assault into a meme, she’s had her motives questioned when ever she does a good deed, had her body turned into a naked wax figure without her consent, been criticized for having friends, and had the world take joy in her falling. She’s spent the past 6 years being ridiculed for the tiniest things. 
That’s going to effect a person. Just because she ignores most of this doesn’t mean she’s not hurt.
I’ve always been so proud of Taylor for being able to ignore all of that endless hate, and look the other way. Because that’s so hard to do. But maybe she’s had enough? For years she accepted this harassment as part of the celebrity package, she gracefully ignored it , and turned it into songs.
As for the hate she’s getting , this is Taylor swift we’re talking about here, when you’re that successful there’s going to be bitter people who try and tear you down. 
But I think she’s done letting this stuff get to her. She’s done caring what people think. Besides the song is doing really well on the charts , so it doesn’t matter what haters think cause clearly they’re buying it anyway.

It’s not fair to hold Taylor to a different standard, one that we could never meet. I know I would’ve snapped years ago. In fact I think most people would. We need to remember that Taylor’s human, and she has her limits.

Richonne(A dark skin reflection)

If you follow me, or have seen my posts, you know I am super Richonne affiliated. Why? I just love them. Not only do I love the characters, but the actors who portray the ship, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, do so perfectly.

But why do I just love them? It’s more than the trope of, “I am a dark skinned woman, thus I love this pairing because of that.” I love this pairing because of it’s bravery. Even in this modern world, others still can’t get over the fact that the most popular love interest for a white male lead CAN BE a dark skinned woman. It is not a crime. We need some loving too. Diversity, Inclusion, Representation: I’m all here for it.

Now this actress, Danai Gurira, is intelligent. Highly intelligent. How she handles criticism of this role, and let’s face it, the extreme hate she receives because of it, astounds me(I have never even seen a single retort back to the hate). She is nothing but a class act. I respect her because she understands how important it is to see a WOMAN who is beautiful, strong, complex, but knows she does not fit the standard acceptance of beauty.(She is super beautiful though. I would kill for her body, uggggggh).This makes her highly targeted, and often the only one singled out. Often times, when people down this ship, I’ll look at their profile and see countless photos of Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Tom Payne, but never much Michonne (Oh okay, Michonne is your favorite character, but I ain’t seen her ass in any picture or gifset I done flicked by on your dash. But I digress).

We are talking about the most watched show in television history. This coupling is seen over the entire world. What blows my mind even more is that the lead star, you know Andrew Lincoln, has actively campaigned for the pairing to be realized on the television screen. Now, this man has not seen one episode of his own show, but is aware of the magnitude that the Rick and Michonne pairing would have on the world.

He has constantly said that this relationship would be inevitable, and now that it has come to fruition, I start seeing mini Merle’s come out the wood works. (What I’m seeing when I read hot button words like “cringe,” “uncomfortable,” “I just don’t understand,” “no chemistry,” “Rick’s not good enough for Michonne,” makes me upset.) Y'all really want to say, “That’ll be the day I see a nigga kissing Rick.”(At least Rick let Merle know what day it was). Ain’t no white meat or dark meat homeslice, lol.

So, what gets me is that I constantly hear “Michonne is great we love her. She is a bad ass. She is my favorite character. But, and l want you to listen to this big ass but, I don’t like her with Rick, our white male hero. She can take care of his kids and kill for him, put her life on the line for him, but not love him. That’s too much. That’s crossing the line.” I’ll proceed to ask why and get responses like. “I don’t like two strong characters together.”(Oh, so you like strong ass Daryl and strong ass Caryl together? Or a strong Maggie/strong Glenn? Or, strong Daryl with a strong Jesus?). OK, gotcha. Or, “I never saw this coming.” (I never saw Trump becoming president, shit happens). Roll with it.

I’ve recently read, “I can’t wait for her to die.”(Thanks for waiting, she won’t). Or, “why are you always attacking us for an opinion”(why you all up in the Richonne tag lurking and getting angry cause we getting spoiler after spoiler and just dancing and drinking our wine, eating our popcorn and preparing our caskets for 7b).

Guess what, I’m not fond of a lot of things. I don’t like watching water polo( I don’t actively care if others know that fact or not). That’s like me going on every social media account and screaming to everyone “I like all water sports, swimming, diving, you name it, but I don’t know, water polo makes me uncomfortable. I want to barf when I see water polo. That’ll be the day I see water polo being played.” (See, that sounds silly as hell). This is how y'all sound with your dehydrated selves.

Richonners, y'all are lovely people. I’ve never liked a fandom so much. Nothing but positivity comes from us. I even support many other ships ( Caryl, desus, gleggie, tara/ denise, aaron/eric. I even low key ship carol/Morgan, carol/Ezekiel). So just stop it haters. Stop lying to yourselves.

That dark skin has some mighty power, if it gets your panties in a bunch like that. Here’s some Gatorade for that salt y'all be losing in the tag.

Originally posted by gatorade

Fandom Hate

A word to this fandom and its addiction to being hateful. Yesterday I scrolled my dash to see a pro-Louis post. Nothing weird about that. Since I wasn’t familiar with the blog, I clicked on it to see more of their posts. Turns out it was a Harry hate blog. Sadly, there’s nothing weird about that either–not in this divisive fandom.

What was weird is that as I scrolled I saw honest to goodness anti-semitic alt-right type dogwhistles. There were attacks on the Azoffs which were by extension attacks on Harry. Terms like “elitist”, “greedy” and “sneaky” were thrown around. You don’t have to be a student of history to know those are terms that have been used to smear Jews throughout history. To characterize a Jewish person as uppity, money grubbing and untrustworthy without any supporting evidence is flat out anti-semitic Jew bashing. You need to be aware of this.

Feel free to criticize the Azoffs and the job they’re doing with Harry if you want. But do not throw around anti-semitic stereotypes to do it. Make your case based on the facts, not slurs.

The alt-right has done their best to resurrect hateful dogwhistles in an effort to try to present their hate as some kind of logical and intellectual argument. For example, instead of referring to Jews as a “mongrel race” like the KKK, they do think pieces on why so many Jews are in showbiz and conclude that they are inordinately obsessed with money and controlling pop culture narratives and thus you need to be wary of them. Do not be fooled. It’s still hate. I should also point out they describe Louis as a humble, grateful blue collar guy in sweats. Typically not a bad thing. But in this context, that’s also an alt-right dogwhistle which is code for “one of us”. Louis is not one of them. Safe to say, he’d find that blog appalling.

This blogger is receiving asks praising their hateful rhetoric. Assuming they aren’t sending themselves this praise, that’s disturbing. Don’t use youth as an excuse for participating. Haters know youth and ignorance work to their advantage. That’s how they draw people in. If you’re old enough to be on the internet unsupervised, you’re old enough to know better.

I have no idea if this blogger is consciously aware of what they’re doing or if they’ve picked this up by osmosis because they’ve been exposed to it offline. Either way, it’s unconscionable for you to support it in any way shape or form.

We already know this fandom has its share of racists and Islamophobes. It seems we may have anti-Semites as well. No surprise there. Your job as a decent human being is to resist all of the above. At home, at school, at work, online, wherever–do not let that bullshit gain any ground.

As always, stay woke.

First Impressions (Part 3)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and

Word Count: 2030

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis  @bubblyanarocks3 @thefridgeismybestie

Sebastian Stan Tag: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @buenostardissherlock @lenawiinchester @the-red-world-of-jess-chibi

Chris Evans Tag (Normally wouldn’t, but he’s featured a lot): @nedthegay​ @camigt1999  @lostinspace33​ @alwayshave-faith​ @elleatrixlestrange

First Impressions Tag: @goodnightwife@spacemarkimoo @masha-meow01 @axelinchen


Another week and a half flew by since your interview but you were hard at work for your film, pouring every waking hour and ounce of energy you had into directing and meanwhile trying not to but heads with Mike.

Your phone buzzed at 10:45.

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“I think...” [Daveed X Reader]

A/N: literally though how amazing is Daveed great googly moogly

T/W: none

A/U: Modern

Words: 2286 


“Break a leg!” You whisper-shout after your friend Jasmine, just as she’s about to walk onto stage. She gave you an excited smile over her shoulder and a thumbs up as she waltzed onto the stage of the Richard Roger’s theatre. 

You and Jasmine Cephas Jones had been best friends for almost 10 years now, essentially inseparable – even more so since you’d become roommates four years ago. You hung out back stage while she was at work many times, a lot more frequently since Jas started complaining about how often the other members would whine when you didn’t show your face at the theatre at least once a week. You were definitely part of the Hamilton family. 

You wandered back to Jas’s dressing room, pulling your laptop from your bag to work on an assignment and setting your music to shuffle. You half-heartedly hummed along to the various tunes, unconsciously letting the music flow through your ears and out your mouth. 

After about half an hour, you jumped to your feet and rested your laptop on Jasmine’s makeup table, rushing out to wait on the steps to see the rest of the cast as they came off stage. The dynamic had changed quite a bit since Lin, Leslie, Pippa and Daveed left the cast, but their replacements were all incredible people who you were quick to befriend. 

You bounced down the stairs and waited on the small landing in between the two flights to steps. It wasn’t long before you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist from behind, lifting you off the ground and spinning you in a quick circle. 

“Y/N!” the voice shouted, still whizzing you around. 

“Oak I’m getting dizzy!” You laughed as Oak set you down, keeping his hands on your waist to balance you. You gave the burly man a tight hug, standing back afterwards to jokingly pinch his cheek. 

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anonymous asked:

(1/6) as a kl shipper, i wanna say from the bottom of my heart: thank you thank you thank you. so many times i've wanted to shout stuff like "why do yall hate k/eith so much" and "you guys never cared abt s/hiro or a/llura, let alone s/hallura" and "why do you want so bad for this writer/artist to be a p/dophile godDAMN" like, holy shit. u beautiful salty jem of a pearl at the bottom of this tumultuous fandom ocean. -

- (2/6) even your blog title is golden, bc it feels like so many people are so deluded, trying to make a ship, something you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy, into a sort of spiteful activist bullshit-filled “movement” like what??? and telling folks to unfollow if they ship s/haladin bc they’re “cleaning out they’re blog”, like, fuck off??? sorry but here’s a salt-filled rant and i don’t know where else to put it so here! -

- (3/6) side note, i’m rly trying to get across to you that i’m NOT being sarcastic abt how much i want you to keep doing your thing, bc now they’re trying to tackle RACISM. in grosser and grosser ways every day! calling some of the only asian rep i see in media “white-passing” and saying that l/ance can’t have a last name that isn’t 1000% authentically cuban, whatever that means, buncha hypocritical racists. i have never been so angry and ashamed of a fandom. -

- (4/6) it’s gotten to the point where i, someone who ships kl and NOT sk (just my personal tastes), am rly happy to see any sk on my dash bc that poster must have been so brave! to post something as simple as sk hugging or smooching or whateverthefuck, i don’t care! you do you! fuck all these nasty haters, THEY’RE the toxic ones who just want someone to hate! yall deserve props! -

- (5/6) also, my compliments to the chef regarding that pining k/eith theory, it’s So Good, like i ghostwrote it somehow. the whole “projecting onto l/ance” thing (which is being done to a painful degree, i can testify) tries so hard to remove or overvalidate his flaws that it’s laughable. making lance into an insecure martyr angst-sponge hybrid with no agency and no room for personal growth, it’s sooo bad. -

- (6/6) and villainizing everyone else! reminds me of that jaden smith tweet: “when i die, then you will realize” shit he wrote when he was like 14. transparent af, like we get it, you’re insecure. and sometimes i WANT to hop aboard the black paladin lance train, but it’s always this idealized version of him that’s almost unrecognizable, and it’s at the expense of better black paladin candidates. goddamn ok, that was all my salt for the time being! much love, thank you and goodnight!

This is one of those asks that I’d love to keep in my inbox forever, but I’ve spent the last three days trying to come up with a response because you deserve one.

I think we’re all aware that tumblr is an explictly shitty place when it comes to “activism”. There’s this black-white-mentality that anything and anyone needs to be put in a box based on whether they agree with someone’s world views. Everything needs to conform to a specific label too, fiction is only allowed to be healthy, you condone what you enjoy etc., and the #1 argument by people on this site, also widely used by antis, is “Think about the children” but also “Expect everyone else to take care of you”.

People actively go into tags of pairings they hate and then yell about how triggered they are. Really? I’ve been repeatedly told to kill myself because I liked something they didn’t (and I’m talking about my 99.5% discourse-free main blog, not this one where I passively seek out conflict). You either conform to the popular way of thinking (shipping, in this case) or you’re irredeemable trash and a threat to the public. Any shit you get over having your own opinion will be justified because you deserve to be punished for thinking on your own. Tumblr mentality is the modern equivalent to medieval politics.

Fandom always has a terrible side - I know - but the Vo/tron fandom has become a place where people tear each other down rather than block the content they don’t want to see. Converting people to one’s own thinking has becume such an essential part of “activism” to the point where people forming their own opinions and learning about an issue on their own pose a threat.

In the Vo/tron fandom you see this toxic mentality with K/ance, rabid L/ance stans, anti Sha/adins and so on. You said everything I’ve been trying to say since I made this blog, and it saddens me that people can only safely voice their opinions and concerns when hidden behind the Anon feature.

Fandom isn’t always fun, but the Voltron fandom has become a place where people are too scared of posting their art or speaking up because they’ll legit receive death threats over liking a fictional ship. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job at pushing back against the anti side or if I’m just making it worse at this point. But salt, spite and messages like yours keep me going. 

Positivity Tagging

So after I thought about it I decided I just wanted to go ahead and do this for every one of these.

Vampire:  Tag someone of whom you’ve been a longtime fan.

@high-inquisitor  I think Archelaos is such an interesting character and you have done some really interesting stories with him. I have only had the pleasure of interacting on Risri a couple of times but I do wonder what Risri would think of him were she to get to know Arch a bit better. Right now she just knows he was a guard and he has some connection to Olivia and Demetrius. At any rate, I am a fan. :)            

Werewolf: Tag someone who is one-in-a-million and comes through when you need them.   

@selisegraves  and @penvenomstarkstar    Both of you are diamond’s in the rough and both of you have come through to help me out with the paper when I was close to wits end. My gratitude has no words and can never be repaid.    

Fairy: Tag someone who you see as an asset to the community at large.  

@madame-miersae   and @emilliacorwin  in Miersae’s absence: House Reinhardt has come together on multiple occasions to put together events for the community that while seeming to be based on old premises actually turned out to be unique twists on those things. Thank you for making your events fun and engaging for all who attend.

Also @bath-ironstout you and the Dwarven community, put on such fantastic events from combat scenarios to craft fairs to the monthly moots to the weekly taverns. There is never a dull moment in the Dwarven community and you all do not get enough recognition for all you do.

Jackalope: Tag someone who picked you up when you were down.   

@neytiriravenholde  @penvenomstarkstar  @the-news-nerd all three of you at one point or another have heard the darker side of Julie and you listened to me rant and helped me get past that phase so that I could move on and do something positive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.       

Phoenix:  Tag someone who is a bright light on your dash.   

@sarastarbreeze   @wiedaashcroft    Both of you are like fierce momma bears when it comes to your friends but genuinely really nice people to talk with ooc and IC. I enjoy reading your stuff and seeing you in game and just chatting with you whenever our busy worlds collide.

Banshee: Tag someone who has looked out for you.    

@penvenomstarkstar  @selisegraves  @silentasagrave    

These three are the ones I trust the most to give me sound advice, to be the voice of reason when I am in an OMG moment.

Griffin: Tag someone whose friendship for you is priceless.

@penvenomstarkstar    Penny. I have said it before but you are truly one of the best people I know. You have a heart that is full of love and laughter. You brighten my day every time we talk, from the mundane to the antics of Jawa and Ewok. I love you so much and can never say thank you enough for being my friend.

@silentasagrave     Drag, you are the best in all your grumpy sounding glory. You are fun to talk to about everything and nothing. And I am happy to just hang doing whatever when you are around. Because no matter what it is it will be fun. Even when we lose :P .     

@neytiriravenholde  Ney, you are a wonderful sweet person even when you get salty :P. But I adore you and your characters.

@the-news-nerd    Dunn, Lat, Rook whatever you are calling yourself today. I am grateful everyday for meeting you and for all the RP we have ever done on all our characters. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I think it makes us stronger friends. I know when the crap hits the fan, you have my back. All my love.

Minotaur: Tag someone who you see as a leader in some way.

@enigmatic-elegance    Mas, you are to me what a good GM should be. Caring of their people, focused on what is right for the guild and its members individually. You are someone I see as a voice of reason because you have been through some stuff. I know I don’t always see eye to eye with you but I get where you are coming from and the why behind what you say. For that I think of you as a great leader.

@lochlynkiden    Loch, I take the privilege of being in your discord as such and I see how you interact with your people. You are a true leader and I hope to get to interact with you and yours more going forward. 

@percy-dewdancer    Percy, you are in this list because you are looked to as a leader from so many people. Not everyone agrees with your style (as evidenced by the hate) but you are one of a kind and someone I am glad I have gotten to RP with and work with on multiple projects. You are a someone who even though you make snarky comments to your haters, you genuinely care when someone needs a friend.

Hellhound: Tag someone who you see as a guardian or protector in some way.

@adhelin  You are one of those people who quietly goes about her day and yet you are fiercely protective of anyone under your banner and your project. You gave me advice once that I try to keep to, I fail sometimes but I do not forget it.

Unicorn: Tag someone who is So Good, So Pure™    

 @penvenomstarkstar  Penny. You are too good OOC and IC for the rest of us. I adore you.

Mermaid: Tag someone who is a positive influence on you. 

@elizebella  Your attitude is one more people should have. You are my positivity sister.     

Bigfoot: Tag someone who seems bigger than life. 

@thegreatnyehehe  Nye, you are one of those phenomenons that I think even you didn’t expect to grow so much. You play him so wonderfully, delightfully evil but OOCly you are the best. I hope we don’t cause the server to crash with the number of people who will come to your event.

Dragon: Tag someone who you see as really dedicated to their muse.

@thehumbleknight  Aléssandro has to be such a departure from the rest of your muses but you are dedicated to keeping him that way. I enjoy seeing your stories with others and the way he interacts so patiently and kind. I admire your writing and maybe someday I will have occasion to interact with him or even with Ratty.

I know I haven’t written anything yet besides my Raw liveblogging yells, I’m not used to do it cause first of all there are people who do it way better than me, and secondly because I always need some time to process what I’ve seen, especially in these last months, so I rather spam your dash with gifs and edits and leave text posts to others.
This time is different, though, because I really have too much stuff to get off of my chest. Because basically the booking that Dean and Seth are getting is way more than everything I’ve been dreaming about in two years of delirious Ambrollins fangirl headcanons. Because that night of July 2016, while crying real tears over my boys being split by the draft after a few months from Seth’s return and a glorious but too short feud, I couldn’t imagine at all that they would have ever had such a great storyline just a year later. Because Dean and Seth being tag team partners on their own and chasing the titles together was something too big I never dared to dream for real.
Seth said too many important things in that promo. He exposed Dean’s feelings as only he knows how, with that Seth Rollins’ cockiness that he still uses as an armour to look strong and not emotionally involved… but Seth is just as weak as Dean when it comes to his wrestling soulmate. He didn’t do all this to manipulate him for other purposes, cause he’s not the one to become Grand Slam champion if they’re going after the tag team titles. And he wouldn’t have borne so many continuous rejections if it wasn’t about Dean Ambrose. As I wrote previously, Dean was the pivotal figure to definitively legitimate Seth’s face turn: he made several steps in that direction so far, but that wasn’t enough… he needed Dean to redesign, rebuild and redeem himself.
“A look at your eyes tells me that you’re lying, cause the truth is, I know you care, and I know you know that if we teamed up again, we could run this place. […] Maybe our differences is why we work so well together, maybe that’s why that whether we’re fighting against each other, or especially WITH each other, there’s nobody that can touch us.“
Seth talked directly to Dean’s heart this time, not to his guts. And when he thought there was nothing else to say and do to convince him and turned away to get out of the ring, Dean held him. That was the moment my heart stopped beating for a while. The most. Beautiful. Moment. Ever.
And then, they started to fight. Cause none of them can get over it. They kicked the shit out of each other like during the good old times of their feud cause they still don’t know what their feelings are, but they still have a lot of them for each other. It was damn intense and touching, I was breathless for the whole time. And when Cesaro and Sheamus interrupted them to throw them off, those deep feelings came out again. Dean’s face when they were both punching Seth was something I won’t ever forget: for the first time in years, he truly realised they were attacking not the guy he has been constantly bickering with for the last three years… they were attacking his brother. And Seth, like Dean, went immediately to his rescue when they were on him: they both fought like lions to protect each other and this time it wasn’t about proving something: it was the protective instinct coming out, it was about being one the shield for each other.
I’m so grateful for all this. I’m incredibly happy that the ones they’re feuding with for the titles are Sheamus and Cesaro, cause it has a symbolic meaning: they became the most threatening tag team of Raw starting as enemies who through time turned into good friends, which is basically what is happening to Dean and Seth. But Dean and Seth have a way deeper background story, and them being on the same page again after going through all this is the ultimate step for being actually ready to challenge their opponents.
And this isn’t even the best thing of the whole story, cause what is making it really EPIC is the fact that the whole WWE universe has never been so invested as much as it’s being invested into this angle. Since I’ve been a fan, I’ve never seen the crowd cheering a friendship this way, and actually the only time I’ve witnessed so much hype was when they had their last feud before the first draft. Because haters can blabber whatever they want, Seth himself proved them wrong with that last promo, saying it loud and clear: whether they’re friends or enemies, Rollins and Ambrose make fans’ hearts beat faster. And there’s something else that speaks volumes about it: Seth, the Man, Raw’s first choice, hasn’t been involved in the main title picture for almost a year now, and many may think that him and Dean being reduced to a tag team could be a a downfall for two main eventers like them; yet, his last tweets about it are clearly showing how he’s being genuinely HAPPY of his booking. He’s happy to be side by side with his Dean again and he just can’t hide it, and none can say this is just “fanservice”, cause everyone knows the numberless times he talked out of character about the special bond between them two. If this isn’t the greatest thing that WWE has given us in years, I don’t know what to say.

All tea B.A.P in NYC

Hey I’m going to try to make this as short as possible and will omit real names for privacy purposes. Myself I will call Twix and my sister Skittles. Friday after work and school we decided to meet up to line up early for a spot for B.A.P since we had P 1 tickets. We were ready to go and packed a suitcase, snacks, and a tent while we headed to the venue Terminal 5. I had scouted a day before and knew we would be near the water so wanted to be prepared for the chilly winds. Most people on Facebook said they would start lining up around 12-1 in the morning so we took an Uber and got there around 11:20pm. We were so shocked when we saw that a line had already formed. Some people that were P 2 and P 3 had got there early Friday morning—talk about dedication. We were still in pretty good standing since there were about 14 people in line. We decided to set up shop and put up the tent, but the thing was we had never set up one before. Luckily there was a former Girl Scout in the group ahead of us that started to help. As we were clearly struggling trying to put up the tent, Almond Joy comes out of nowhere, and sets up the tent with us. Low key I just thought she wanted in on the tent because it was so cold; but, after we invited her in she politely declined and went back to laying under her blankets. There was an event going on at the venue and around midnight security comes out to tell us to disperse and we can’t stay there. They give us red tickets and tell us to come back in the morning. People converse for a little bit and post on the B.A.P NYC facebook for people not to line up until 9:30 am because of the special tickets.

After a few hours of sleep we decide to head back to terminal 5 dressed to the nines with our sleeping bags and blankets. Almond Joy arrives at the same time and we go find our spots next to the other red ticket holders. Everyone starts to make small talk about biases, dramas, and the big 3 while trying to keep warm but it’s so brick outside. My sister finds a kindred spirit in a baby we will call Jolly Ranchers and they are so cute with each other. Next to us is another duo with a crazy girl with a big personality named Sweet Tarts, and her bubbly bestie Twizzlers. Near the front of the line by the entrance this petite girl starts screaming “ Stop It Just Stop It”. It was loud and she starts spazzing out saying people are skipping the line. She argues that it’s not fair because she has been there all morning lined up since 3:00 am and how people have been freezing in the cold and it’s not fair about the red tickets. She is pissed and storms off to join the line with her banners. At about 9:30 am security comes out and moves the line closer to the venue and separates the red tickets holders from the regular ticket holders and directs us to the other side of Terminal 5 where we wait behind barriers. We take turns going to the bathroom and some people go to change or pick up some food—those chicken nuggets though delish! Another member of our crew Kit Kat bust out the card games which include the classic Uno and Cards against Humanity which is so hilarious. During this time the event staff were checking the lines and handing out wristbands for hi touch . We were later joined by my sisters friend named ChocoPie who actually came with plenty of snacks including Poki Sticks with ChocoPies and put the rest of our stuff in her car for storage.

We go off to the nearest deli to charge up all our devices and come back just in time to get our photo op packages and wristbands. The packages are totally random and I ask people what they got and most got Daehyun. I look at mine and initially I thought I received a signed album from Jongup but the group ahead of us told me it was Yongguk. I didn’t even have a chance because Skittles pounced on me lol. I traded her signed album for Daehyun and my Zelo cards I traded with someone else. Closer to the time of the concert people started getting hyped up and there’s press going around asking questions about the group and the fandom. You have people dancing, rapping, and singing. Our group the Velvet Rope (inside joke) is doing the most—you have Sweet Tarts and Chocopie busting out lyrics for Wake Me Up, Jolly Ranchers on the side with Kit Kat cracking up, Twizzlers is freaking us out with her trivia skills like how do you know what stuff animals everybody sleeps with lol all and all the interview was funny af. There’s these cute korean girls in front of us that start talking to ChocoPie that just so happen to know the same people. One of the girls actually has the same name as Jolly Ranchers so we’ll call her Juicy Fruit. Fast forward to it’s time to go into the venue and there’s this commotion near the front of the line. Apparently a lot of people in the front did not have the red tickets because security told them otherwise. Also there were not P 1 but were P 2 and P 3 anyway the guy in charge came and sorted everything out and they were allowed to stay on the line. Sweet tarts crazy self makes a last minute dash to a bathroom nearby and comes back right on time before we start heading in.

We make a mad dash to inside after getting our bags checked but barricade is gone ~ le sigh, but we still get pretty close. Our group is on the right side of the stage. The korean girls with ChocoPie are on my left and on my right is Kit Kat with the rest of the group. Everybody started coming in at once filling all the space around us in no time. The concert didn’t even start yet and on my back I could feel this girl super close and was laughing with her friend. I know that in the pit it gets crazy and packed. In my head I’m thinking to myself does she not feel my butt on her or does she not even care. So I’m listening to them and there’s three of them. One on my left had bright fire engine red hair, the one on my butt kind of reminds of Hyme from Rania, and there was another shorter girl to my right but behind Kit Kat. She tells the one in the middle I’m not staying here. Music comes and they start playing some old school 80′s or 90′s songs, like songs you would hear in karaoke. Everybody start singing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythimics. All of a sudden the lights dim, the countdown starts, and the babyz start chanting B.A.P. the dj comes out and starts mixing.  As soon as they came out we started screaming and everybody went nuts! I have to say that our group well the whole section was lit! There was so much energy yo it was crazy and I really didn’t that would enjoy it like I did here! One thing was that the girls behind us kept pushing us non stop and I turned to see who it was and it was the girl from before that was spazzing out let’s call her blowpop because she was acting up lol. She pushed KitKat and elbowed me in the sides. Her friend pushed Juicy Fruit but she locked arms with me and told me not to let go of her hand it was real in the pit omg like so bad. After blowpop knew she couldn’t push past us she bumrushed Jolly Ranchers but it did not work. The whole concert blowpop was like a little angry dog with the pushing it was pretty brutal. After awhile eventually the red headed friend stopped but blowpop never did until the very end. I’m trying to upload videos to this but yeah it’s a no go I think my files are too big or something I don’t know. I can talk about the interactions that we had. I came for Daehyun he is my bias but the maknaes came for me at this concert. Jongup is so fine like I couldn’t stop looking at him like what where did you come from? When I tell you he’s a bias wrecker that’s an understatement. He was all over the place pop locking and grinding all in your face lmao and gets an automatic invite to the cookout. He was looking at Kit Kat and she has the receipts. Youngjae was caught staring at her too. Mmh okay. Jolly Ranchers told me that she was dancing and just happened to look up to see Jongup staring at her like what and talking to Yongguk about it O_O he was definitely feeling the black girls that night I’ll say that. Blowpop was such a hater. That girl is straight crazy. Jolly Ranchers was so surprised that he was looking at her because she was so quiet and Blow Pop was screaming her head off. She told me everytime he came over to our side she kept elbowing her and Blowpop would try to mess up her videos when Zelo was in front of her. Yo that is so not cool. Jolly Ranchers got so mad at her she knocked the phone out her hand.  Zelo was another dark horse that I was not expecting to go all out for the concert. If Jongup is invited to the cookout he sure is bringing Zelo with him because that boy was not playing. He has such great stage presence and was so cute the whole night and was interacting with us the whole night I see you over there Zelo <3 It was so cute hearing him sing for his solo and I love his little dance he did with this giraffe headband on his head again I would upload the video but yeah. He fell down and was like I’m so tired of his dancing he was so cute. Coming for me?

I’m starting to get sleepy so I’m going to try to wrap this up real quick. Dae dae killed me with his vocals I was like liquid. In general all the songs were good but the songs that I could listen to were Fermata, I need You, Body & Soul I was done. Not to say that I didn’t like the upbeat songs like That’s My Jam, Bang x2, Spy, etc it’s just I love how they arranged those all together. Feel so good was great too. Youngjae solo was good too and I was surprised that he danced in the very beginning. Gukkie was a shy little turtle on our side and reminded me of a painting artist, or recluse and he was so happy I was just like awww. Skittles was losing her mind over how good he looked especially with the white shirt. Jongup solo was so damn sexy. The end. Himchan was so cool and I love how he interacted with people. Lisa the girl he picked was so cute and shy. I think when they did the love shot she just about died. He also got a real kick out of the pink sign someone made for him. I was so mad at him with that damn watergun. He would low key try to squirt you if you had your phone out. Skittles ducked out of the water and he laughed. He caught me I was too thru and ChocoPie started screaming at him playfully informally lol. Near the end of the concert people thought it was over but they came back out and people lost their minds again bad thing nobody wanted to leave because they thought it still wasn’t over lol. Hi touch was right after and the line was ridiculously long but what I didn’t like was how they was rushing people and screaming hurry up. KitKat told me that her, Jolly Ranchers, Sweet Tarts and Twizzlers had a plan.They rolled up to the table saying “ Ayeeee” with Youngjae and Zelo was like “ Ayeeeee”. There were some technical difficulties at the the table lol I’m not obligated to say what exactly lol but it gave Kit Kat a chance to have a moment with Youngae. For my high touch I made a mistake but it kind of helped me out a little bit in the end. I had my phone out in my hand not even paying attention really and I’m on my way walking to the table when the security screamed go back no phones no phones you will not be able to take a picture so I had to double back and put my phone in my pocket in the mean time two girls went in front of me flying by me. I almost missed Youngjae because he was the first one so I did a quick tap and hi with him and Zelo, but I had to slow down for Daehyun and held his hand told him I loved him all the while the lady is screaming at me to hurry up like excuse me lol and Jongup is laughing because I’m holding up the line XD  no fucks were given I don’t remember Himchan too much after hi five because I was being rushed and Gukkie had the biggest smile on his face when I hi touched. I almost left by mistake because you had to make a left to go back into the main hall. They grouped you by 10 with me and Skittles being on the end. We got lucky because I was the only one that wanted to take a picture with Daehyun and Skittles wanted Yongguk. I didn’t go when I was suppose to because it was suppose to be 5 at a time and I was number 6 but I did the numbers in my head. I noticed that 5 would stand in front and the others would kneel. I didn’t want to be on my knees so I just kept walking and just in time because I guess the girls didn’t figure out what was happening. The other four weren’t walking up either. So I stood right in front of Daehyun turned around and he started smiling, I didn’t know what to do so I gave him another hi five and then I waved to Jongup and the rest. Then we took two quick pictures and I said bye to him my heart. I was so high after that. It was so good I didn’t even care about the picture honestly. truly. It was all about the interactions and talking to them. The night was filled with so much drama but would I do it again? Yes in a heartbeat.

300 follow forever list

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Hello everyone just want to said it super cool so many of u have found me and leorio even through I’ve take fucking forever with my replies thank you so so much for those that has rp with me to be patience and surprising stick with me no matter how long I took you guys are just precious jewels I grew to love dearly 

 okay so this group contains people i totally fell in love with like they are people i consider as very good people I have enjoy chatting with, stunning rp partners i’d love to stick around forever. simply those i just love so much for being so so patience with me and how our muses interacts regardless if they close or drive one another insane haha 

@wildmountainkid- not only you where the first friend I made here but one of the first gon I’ve followed which I’m really glad I did like I love your writing and you’re an amazing person to chat with like you’re always down on what we do for our muses and I really enjoy rping with you so thank you and gon for being great buddies to me and leo and that we luv u guys 

@kusariyarou-  You are such a kind person and it means a lot to me that you enjoy rping with me as much I enjoy rping with you even through I feel bad for taking so long with our threads I really enjoy writing with u and your kurapika is so so spot on it like it makes me question if u the actual avenger himself anyways hope we can continue more threads together as your an splendid writer and good friend anyone lucky to have 

@kakuhenkan-  okay u are cutie-pie like I squeal like an bitch when you follow me since I was second from checking u out on how well you play killua character did I mention you where the first one I have interact with here I had an blast rping with u and despite the bricking between our muses I can tell how much they care for one another anyways you’re an amazing person and I’m happy to befriend u 

@eyesofcuriosity- despite how we don’t chat as we used to I’ll said you’re stunning rper who does an really great job playing your character and happy how well our muses are good friends plus I’ve enjoy the stuff you post 

@rebelliouszoldyck-  u are super cool like you make me appreciative killua character on how passion you are on the responses he do whenever he gets asks about something that impact his life anyways I really adore ur killua as he an treasure jewal such as yourself and I’m aware we don’t thread much but I can said I’m just happy we were able to rp few times as you’re an amazing writer and the stuff u post is as cool as u 

@heroofgrymoire- I don’t know too much about final fantasy but from what I seen u done an terrific job playing lann character and super happy he and leorio are good friends who love for their friends are strong as their hearts anyways it makes me smile seeing u on my dash thanks to all the positive stuff u post 

 @littlelilypetal-   I adore both u and haruhi like you guys too sweet like candy plus you an great writer on how well you play your muse character and I truly enjoy the interactions between our muses it leading to an sparkly relationship 

@hyugainterior- you really kind like I seen u always spreading happiness to others and it makes me sad how much hate u get for playing your character differently from the show anyways I’m happy u don’t let the haters get to u and that u really are an great rper know both leo and I care for u 

@godxofxspeed-  I really I mean really enjoy rping with u like how our muses interact with one another is how I think their relationship be in the series if killua and leorio had spent more time together sadly that didn’t happen but I’m happy that change when we rp together like you play the assassin extremely well and you never have an issue when I spam your inbox on the stuff I make leo do to annoyed or embarrassed killua 

@rxsticboy- your gon is fucking adorable okay like I squeal everytime I see an ask being ask by that boy and he answer it so innocently plus I like how much leorio check on gon to make sure he okay and remind he loved by his friends anyways I enjoy rping with u it was really fun

@blue-eyed-birdie- Again I don’t know too much about final fantasy so I can’t really say what your reputation is there but roleplay wise as a whole, I think you’re very kind and are a very good cloud plus I love the brotherly friendship between our muses since leorio really cares alot about cloud and worried about him like he does for kurapika but grateful this blonde actually pick up when he called him anyways I enjoy rping with u and like the stuff u post

those i unfortunately don’t roleplay with too much like, though i’d love to. trust me, you have no idea how much i’d like to roleplay with them, but i just feel awkward, because i just wonder how i can approach them without sounding like a desperate noodle. no matter what, i find them all so adorable, such remarkable writers I really enjoy seeing on my dash

@ghostlywriterneon, @laxativejuice, @jxjanken, @bopnty, @adventurouswind

@ao-de-shizukana, @agilityandfists, @saihou-shi, @syarn0rkl, @the-charming-rogue, @younguchihasuvivor, @treacherousarlcrt, @nxnika, @little-goof, @thiever-y, @mysteriousarcheologist, @habibinoor, @deathlyacupuncture, @wild-cxrd, @wildchildfreecs, @etherealassassin, @ragedriiven, @roguegunforhire, @chaoticemotioniisms, @carcarius, @wishfor, @nisenokumo, @ignisxsicarius, @paradise-x-hunter, @pluviatempestas, @elasticlxve, @yuichiroswife, @iamclearlyawizard, @lunaettelucilfer44 @shiroigetsu 

These people are not rpers but I love them just as much and Love seeing them on my dash since they post amazing content I enjoy seeing 

@killua-no, @hunterxblog, @kurapicha

@shimmy-sham-with-the-fam, @mowedith, @ou-no-tame, @kimievii

Anyways I think that everyone that made mine and leorio day golden on what lovely jewels u are and we have to have met all of you since we love everyone on this list so so much

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Snow day stonathan??????

Jonathan had woken up this morning to the sound of knocking on his bedroom door and his little brother’s eager voice on the other side informing him it had snowed overnight. It was Christmas break, and you’d think after such a cold fall that Will would have tired of the snow, but he loved it with all of his little heart.

Jonathan however, did not really like snow all that much. He thought it looked very pretty, and he sometimes liked to watch it fall out his bedroom window when he was tucked up in bed at night. He just really didn’t like the whole getting wet and soggy part.

But he had followed his little brother outside into the snow as always, they built a large snowman on their front yard. Will gave him rocks for his eyes and mouth, sticks for his arms and then wrapped an old wool scarf around his neck.

“He looks dashing,” Will offers with a grin, and Jonathan snorts quietly and pushes at his brother’s shoulder gently. “You wanna come to Mike’s house for a snowball fight?” He questions as Jonathan reaches out and adjusts Will’s hat a little more firmly on his head, he didn’t need the boy sick on Christmas.

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I know that the lori x rick original power couple was a response to richonne, but do you think that it was because the response was overwhelming positive or negative? And I might be wrong but I smell the hand of Chris Hardwick on it!


I think there’s several factors that’s leading to some of this fuckery going on. One of them being that the official TWD accounts have always been lukewarm at best when it comes to Richonne. Now the picture itself doesn’t really bother me (I’m not threatened by a dead woman, and she was important to Rick). The issue is with their use of the “power couple” moniker, which is just wrong. But whatever. 

Anyway, I think the overwhelming response to this episode has been positive. I haven’t really seen much in the way of a bad review (at least not across my dash), and most of the people who had issues focused on two things. That awful CGI deer (lol, but true) or Richonne (obvious haters and racists. Anyone who wants to debate this with me can @ me and I’ll explain to you how after 5 seasons of build up, cast and crew confirmation, Andrew fucking Lincoln Captaining the hell out of the ship, why you are wrong, a hater, and more than likely racist). The negative response I think was small, but they’re often a vocal lot of asswipes who are pained about what is happening, which is this:

  • TWD is the most popular TV show right now. (Say what you will about it’s quality, it’s super popular and that’s important) As such, we have the White Male Lead (played by one of the most attractive, sexy, intelligent, talented actors) in a healthy, stable, loving, sexual, equal relationship with the Dark-Skinned Black Female Lead (yes she is the lead), with dreadlocks. The actors have unbelievable chemistry, they gush over each other every chance they get, they genuinely enjoy and believe in Richonne, and they’re fucking gorgeous together! That doesn’t sit well with certain parts of fandom who would rather their white fave go with bland and basic (so they can see themselves getting fucked by him rather than seeing him make beautiful love to Michonne)
  • I think “Say Yes” was a genuinely great and memorable episode, up there with last year’s 6x10, The Grove, A, the Pilot, and Clear. Apart from pilot and the Grove, some of TWDs best episodes tend to have one thing in common and that’s Richonne. Scott Gimple’s obviously a key factor in that, since he’s been crafting this ship since Season 3 and pays extra attention to their development, which also upsets certain aspects of the fandom. 
  • This week’s been a great week for Richonne. The episode was amazing, the reviews largely positive, the interviews shed further light on how much fun the actors and crew had on set, ANDREW LINCOLN’S COMPLETE LACK OF CHILL IN MADRID, has left some people pressed and petty. 
  • Richonne (the single best, well crafted, healthiest, sexiest relationship on TV right now) are being hoisted (in-show and by TPTB) as a critical part of the show and the upcoming “All Out War” narrative. Again, people are pressed and petty.

I could go on and on about how when something good happens to Richonne, and Michonne specifically, these little pricks need to come out of the woodwork cause they’re threatened and fragile and more often than not racist.

And let us be very clear here, Michonne’s Dark Skinned Blackness, her Dreadlocks, her rise above the mediocre Eurocentric standards of beauty that black women are constantly subjected to, yet she is LOVED for, not just by Rick, but by Carl and Judith, is a KEY FACTOR in why stupid fucktwats are popping up now calling Richonne disgusting

But, I digress. Yes, I think the overwhelming positive response to Richonne has caused a backlash of sorts. Do I think CH has anything to do with it? Possibly in influence only by way of the way he discusses certain things on the show, but not directly with AMC’s social media accounts or anything. He speaks for that certain section of fanboy that like to nerd out over their white faves and overlook everything all else to serve that. I don’t spend time thinking about him too much. 

Thanks for the ask! Sorry for the long response!

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and I also think that if she were to say something, media would just say she's doing it for positive attention or that she's lying, which is completely shit either way. Kind of like when she tweeted about Women's March, which was to protest trump administration and everyone screamed that she didn't go in person but forgot she supported it overall ??? (2/2)

( ok so idk where the first half of your message went but i’m gonna answer this anyways hope that’s ok… )

about the women’s march… listen…………. i was mad about the hate she got when it first happened, but now? But Now???? NOW???

i’m steaming mad, i am livid and ready to strangle haters with my bare hands.

we all know that the asshole who assaulted her is the reason why she stopped going into crowds on tour.

so like…………. why on earth would she have gone to a protest filled with thousands of people and none of the security an arena provides?

i remember there were posts on my dash the day of the march saying things like ‘it’s ok if you didn’t go cause you were unable to!!! if you had other commitments or did not feel like you were mentally okay to go!!! all good!!’ which was all fine and well until they dragged taylor into it

it was so stupid because none of them were willing to let taylor have the benefit of the doubt, even after she tweeted about it.

but guess what?????????? she had a damn good reason not to feel comfortable going!!!!

don’t see the media or haters having to apologize for being a goddamn stick up my ass that entire week, smh

okay, so i have a lot of thoughts about william magnusson, as most of you are very well aware, and while i have been somewhat dormant on the subject of his character due to the unfortunate circumstances of him not being on skam anymore, recent events have led me to feel a need to flesh out my thoughts on his character and what i think people don’t seem to get about him, reducing him to a fuckboy and an asshole when really, his character is so much more complex than that.

i’m gonna put this under read more so as not to clog anyone’s dash, but i really want people to read this and try and understand this character better, so feel free to add onto this if you’d like or think i missed something

(disclaimer: this post isn’t meant to excuse or defend whatever mistakes he’s done. he’s done shit. they all have. it happens sometimes)

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Post about the Twins lack of transparency

Okay, so this was submitted to me and as requested, I am maintaining the anonymity.

Although I haven’t seen backlash regarding the Twins not opening up about the reasons in particular that led to their depression/anxiety, (not on my dash at least) I have seen more than enough of it on Instagram and Twitter and cannot agree more with what the anon has written below.


To so many people saying the twins hardly opened up..i need ya’ll to understand that these are two very private individuals and they like it so,they don’t flaunt their possessions or spill all the tea in their lives.Them stating how they genuinely feel is big for them,they were in no way obligated to put up a video explaining their mental crisis yet they did..to put us at ease.There could be multiple factors affecting them or even none.They could get better soon or take a while.Everyone deals differently.Ya’ll need to understand that it isn’t just you,the fan,that sees this..the media stations,the cynics,the haters,everyone does,so they watch what they say…They had so many chances of lashing out at people yet they didn’t.Give them their privacy.Youtube may be their jobs but it is not in the traditional sense.It is true they didn’t say a lot but they said enough and let’s leave it at that and continue to stand by them.