..what's up with all the haters on my dash = =

If you’re worrying more about how haters are gonna react than your own reaction to what’s coming up, you’re doing fandom wrong. Does everything coming up for Captain Swan sound exciting and have potential for tons of drama and awesome moments for Killian and Emma? If you ask me, YEP. If you ask the haters…wait, I DON’T CARE.

Stop letting the the anti-hook/cs squad dictate your thoughts and behavior. Love what you love, get excited, have fun and let those haters spew their nonsense over on the left. And for the love of all, please stop engaging with them. 

Thinking you are gonna get everyone on this here internet thing to agree on something, well, that’s about as crazy as Captain Hook dating Snow White’s daughter, who was once in a relationship with Rumpelstiltskin’s son. 

(pardon this rant, I just had to shake that off)

You know in all my time running this blog, shipping this ship…I’ve never felt UNWELCOME on my own dash. In my own fandom. I’m literally sitting here on the verge of tears because of some of the lowkey shaming I’m seeing because not all of us were satisfied with the 5.20. Saying we’re “doing the haters work for them?” Excuse me? WTF is that?

I am THRILLED CS is finally declared TL. A test by the gods? Sign me up. It’s different from what everyone else gets, unique to our pirate and princess. Yay! That doesn’t mean I think it was handled very well. Because now, to me, the show is saying that TL ISN’T enough. Now we all know Killian’s coming back next week, probably with TL involved somehow. So now we’re saying TL isn’t enough…UNTIL IT IS? I’m sorry, but to me that screams “we’re delaying this thing you really want because we have an episode order to fill” rather than allowing the story to unfold naturally. That has nothing to do with NOT thinking CS isn’t True Love now. Of course they are. I just expected the show to give them what acts of TL have given EVERY OTHER COUPLE has gotten with theirs: the chance to be together.

What emotional growth does Emma get from letting Killian go like this? Seriously, I’d love to know. She has suffered SO MUCH LOSS. why force her to endure this one like this? Why make her believe her love–while True–wasn’t enough to save the man she loves? Why make her believe SHE DIDN’T DO ENOUGH? After everything she’s been through, I think that’s cruel. Cruel and unusual punishment and I have a right to be ANGRY about it.

I have a right to think that my love for this couple is being taken advantage of in the name of fulfilling “the pattern.” Life doesn’t unfold in a pattern. It’s chaotic and messy and unfolds under its own steam. And yeah, sometimes life isn’t fair. People die. And you have to let them go. But when you’re in a universe where miracles happen, where TRUE LOVE IS REAL, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that True Love should be enough for two people who have lost everything in their lives and just want to begin their future together.

I know it’s going to be okay. I know they are True Love. I know that Killian will be alive very soon (thank god for spoilers or I’d be even more pissed). That doesn’t mean I have to love everything about how we get there. I happen to believe my OTP of OTPs deserves better. I may wind up liking this turn of events when I see the whole season. That can happen. But right now, I’m pissed.

I’ve never seriously considered deleting my blog before. Or quitting the fandom. I’ve made so many friends here, you all have become a vital part of my life. But today, I don’t feel welcome. I feel judged and looked down upon because I’m not rejoicing in the latest around of artificial angst. And it’s ALL artificial because this is a TV show. It’s not happening in a vacuum. CS’s story in this arc didn’t have to unfold this way. The writers are perfectly free to change up their “pattern.” The fact that they didn’t says more about them than it does about me.

TL;DR I’ve prided myself on making my blog a place where people can voice their opinions. Without judgment, but it’s no longer that place FOR ME. I’m taking a break. I’ll be here, reblogging pretty gifs of my precious OTP crying (again) but I’m not posting spec. Or anything else that involves an opinion unless specifically asked. And even then it’ll be behind a cut since I’m “doing the haters work for them.” Don’t know if I’ll be in the mood to work on my fics because I feel so shitty. Call me when Killian’s back among the living. I’ll wait.