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Tony being sad because he doesn't understand a piece of alien tech, and the Guardians cheering him up. (And hiding the offending piece of tech. It made their Tony sad.)

“Hey everyone home?” Tony yells when he sits down on the couch of their spaceship. Tony loves the milano, she is such a pretty girl.

“Yeah.” is his first answer as the door opens and Peter waves at him.

“So i need to uhm… take a convention? Ah.. a meeting?” Tony says and gets rid off his thick boots. He is exhausted, because he spend the whole day outside and tried to get the milano working again.

They crashed the ship a few days ago and since then Rocket and Tony are nonstop on it.

“Course. Wait a second.” Peter presses a button and soon enough Rocket and Groot enter the room. Groot hops on Tonys lap and cuddles him.

“Hey little one.” answers Tony and greets Drax who enters next.

“Something wrong?” asks Gamora who comes with Yondu and sits down on the other couch.

“Well i brought you all here…because i found something.” says Tony and takes a little stone out of his pocket. It glows red and white.

“I don’t know what it is and… i don’t understand it.” Tony says sadly and he sounds really upset about it.

“That’s a…” begins Rocket but Peter who stands next to him kicks him a bit. Rocket growls at him.

“That’s a stone i have never seen before.” Rocket says then and he winks at Peter. With his right eye. Peter smiles.

Gamora looks at them and then at Yondu who grins.

“Sounds like its something awesome if you don’t know it.” says Peter and Tony looks at him.

“So you all don’t know it either?” asks Tony shyly and everybody shakes their head. Peter is so proud of his team.

“Nope never seen it.” answers Yondu now and takes the stone in his hands.

“Phew! I thought i was so stupid that i couldn’t figure it out.” says Tony and now his smile is really bright. Peter is so in love its not even funny anymore.

“We could watch a movie now that we are all here.” says Gamora and Tony nods.

“Oh i would love to see the new star trek.” says Tony and although they all hate star trek (because hello they are the real space heroes) they agree.*

Tony settles down at that, with Groot still on his lap. Rocket sits beside him and Peter on the other side. Immediately Tony cuddles up to Peter and smiles at him.

Yondu looks down at them and then at Drax.

“Get rid off it.” he whispers and gives Drax the stone.

“Who do you like best?” Tony asks Peter when the movies starts and everybody sits on their seat.

“You.” is Peter answer, although he knows that Tony wanted to hear his fave in the movie. But Tony blushes so sweet and Peter smiles.

“I made you ice-cream.” says Gamora and Tony smiles at her.

“Thank you.” he says and forgotten is the stone.


“What the hell?” yells Peter when he hears glass shattering.

“What?” asks Drax who stands in front of the now broken window.

“What did you do?” asks Yondu and face palms.

“I threw the airscrew stone out of the window so Tony wouldn’t be sad anymore because he is the only one who doens’t know what it is.” answers Drax and shrugs.

Everybody groans at that.

Peter looks at Tony, afraid that he is sad again. But Tony smiles.

“Aww you guys are the best.” says Tony and they’ll somehow end up in group hug.

No you are the best, thinks Peter.

(*author loves stark trek :D)

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Hi could i request a josh one where josh is having a bad day and is really angry and like yells and punches or breaks something and scares the reader a lot and as soon as he realizes what hes doing he apologies a bunch and its just super fluffy. Ty!

wrote this super late and with no revisions, so apologies if it’s bad.. but hope this is what you wanted!! -tay xx. 


Almost simultaneously as you hit “next episode” on your Netflix watch list, Josh’s phone rang for what felt like the millionth time that afternoon.  He immediately tenses up beside you.  

“For God’s sake—“ he sighs in frustration before standing up to take the call.  

“Want me to pause it?” you ask, quickly tucking the blanket under your outer thigh to replace where Josh’s body heat had been pressed against you.

“Hello?” he says, his tone was harsh.  He completely ignores your question.  

You shrug, shoving another handful of popcorn in your mouth before turning your attention back to the show playing.   You vaguely continue to hear Josh in the kitchen, sighing and raising his voice at whichever manager was on the phone this time.  

It had been a rough day for Josh.  He and Tyler wrapped up the U.S. lag of the summer tour.  He was home, while Tyler and Jenna flew off to some island for a week-long vacation.  In theory they were both on a “break”.  However, management needed consultations and confirmations about this and that, and with Tyler out of the country, Josh was the only one available for interaction.  Management had been on his case nonstop since his flight on Friday about the upcoming half of the tour starting up.  At first, he was patient.  He cared so much about the tour after all, but today, something about Josh had been off.  He was irritable and annoyed by seemingly everything.  

“I don’t know anything about that stuff,” you hear Josh grumble.  

There’s a pause.  

Then, “Tyler handles all of that— what?  Of course I’m also a member of this band—  Well that’s usually Tyler’s area of expertise is all I’m saying—“  you hear his voice escalating.  “Well I can’t answer your question, so I don’t know what you want me to say…  Useless?  Great, stop calling me then!” he yells.  

You hear a loud bang, presumably his phone crashing onto the counter.  

You pull your legs tightly into your chest, hesitant as he reenters the room.  You stare straight ahead at the screen, pretending you didn’t hear anything and staying silent.

“Are you kidding me?” he huffs, standing idly by the couch with his hands on his hips.

You look up at him, waiting for him to elaborate.  

“You couldn’t wait for me to start the new episode?  Seriously?”  

“I asked you,” you try to defend yourself.  “But you didn’t answer me…”

Josh rolls his eyes at you, “Oh, well excuse me!” he says, sarcasm dripping off from his tongue. “I’ve been a little busy, in case you haven’t noticed…”

“Josh, don’t patronize me,” you say, annoyed that he was suddenly taking his bad day out on you.  “I’ll just start the episode over again—“

“No, no, no… Wouldn’t want to inconvenience you,” he snarls before trudging back into the kitchen.

At first, you stare, wide-eyed at his back.  But then you decide that you couldn’t let him walk away like that, so you throw the blanket off from you and stalk after him, anger boiling up inside you.

“What the hell is your problem?” you bark.

He freezes, just past the island counter, in place before slowly turning to face you.  He rests his hands on the hard surface, like he was bracing himself for something.  

“You can’t just freak out on me about a dumb TV show, just because you had a bad day!”

“A bad day?  Do you even realize the kind of shit I have to put up with?”  

“Please, do elaborate— I’m sure hitting drums for millions a year is really hard work…”

His eyes narrow in on you and you watch his flushed face go from a five to an immediate ten on a scale of anger.  

“And you wonder why I don’t talk about this shit with you! It’s ‘cause you don’t understand any of it!” He shouts.  

You’re taken aback slightly by his tone, but you don’t back down.  Instead, you raise your voice too.  

“Well, maybe I’d try harder to understand, if you weren’t such an ass to me every time something in your life becomes slightly difficult!”

Just as you take a moment to breathe, Josh’s phone starts to vibrate against the granite countertop.  He barely hesitates before clutching the phone in his hand and sends it flying across the kitchen.

The phone crashes into the cabinet just to your left, shattering the glass door, before crumbling to the floor.  You gasp loudly, practically jumping out of your skin in surprise.  You stare at the glass scattered around the floor, wide-eyed.  It takes a moment for the initial shock to ware off, but once it does, you can feel your heart racing inside your chest.  The rhythmic thumping is practically visible through your skin.

Before you can gather up enough control to contain yourself, a choked sob escapes your lips.  Normally, Josh made you feel so safe and secure.  He was your lifeboat, your rock.  The only constant thing that had been in your life.  

You didn’t bother to hide the tears staining your cheeks, because for the first time in your relationship, you didn’t feel safe and secure.  You felt scared.  

You slowly let your eyes travel back to Josh, wondering briefly if he was aiming for the cabinet or something else…  He looks just as shocked as you are.  His face has softened, and his eyes are watching you cautiously, gaging you for a reaction.  

Josh makes the first move.  He steps around the corner, his arm outstretched like he’s reaching out for your hand.  You take an instinctual step back, trying to distance yourself.  

“Y/N,“ Josh croaks, “I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to—”

But you’re already turning away from him, running towards the stairs and up towards the bedroom.  

You stay locked up in the bedroom, curled up on the edge of the bed, crying as quietly as you can.  

Josh comes up after a bit, his heavy feet padding down the hallway prelude to the soft knock that follows.  

“Y/N?” he calls softly and you can hear the sadness in his voice.  You tuck your chin on top of the pillow you’d been hugging and squeeze your eyes shut.  

“Please—“ he cracks.  Your insides twinge.  He sounds broken, apologetic.  You feel another batch of tears surfacing once he starts to jiggle the doorknob.

“I’m so sorry, please open the door,” he pleads.  

You imagine him resting his forehead on the wood, his hand resting on the knob as he calls to you.  Part of you wants to open up the door, to crash into him and let him assure you that everything was okay.  Another part wants you to stay away.  What he did was wrong, and while you knew Josh would never hurt you, you couldn’t help but acknowledge the hint of fear that still lingered from earlier.  

“Okay,” he finally sighs.  “I’ll be out here— If you need me.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, yet again, pressurizing your eyelids until it burned.  You cry, hard.  Tears fall down your face in a steady stream.  You squeeze the pillow in front of you to alleviate some of the pressure in your chest.

You’re not sure how long you stay like that.  You can’t be sure, but it felt like hours.  You let out a sigh and rub your eyes harshly.  You could no longer ignore the pang inside your chest.  And you knew that without Josh beside you, you wouldn’t be able to rest soundly tonight.  

So, with the clock reading half past midnight, you finally slide out of bed and tiptoe towards the door, unlocking the knob, before opening it.  

Josh is slouched against the wall, one leg bent, the other stretched out.  His head is tilted back initially, but as soon as he hears you, he’s wide-eyed and standing up, flustered.

“Y/N— I’m so… so, sorry—“ he stammers.  

You sigh, and realize that the genuineness in his voice was not for nothing.  

“I know,”  you whisper.

“I would never, ever hurt you,” he breathes.  His voice cracks on the last few words.  

You nod, of course you knew that.  You break the distance between the two of you, crashing into his chest.  He almost immediately wraps his arms around you, squeezing and resting his cheek on the top of your head.  You hear him sigh deeply.

“I know you wouldn’t,” you validate his words quietly.  “I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

You feel him nod above, evidence that he heard you.  

After a while of just hugging like that, you finally break away, but find his hand.  He intertwines your fingers, stroking your skin softly with his thumb.  

“I don’t know what happened to me— I just got so mad.  It wasn’t you… I just—“ he pauses. “I just can’t handle work right now.  I need a break.”

Your face softens as you squeeze his hand gently, leading the way back into the bedroom so that you two could be comfy.  

“Of course you do, Josh.  I’m sorry I said that about your job,” you say as you sit on the bed, him following suit.  “You work so hard, and everyone needs a break.”

He nods before pulling you into his side again.  His fingers trace softly across the skin on your arm and you feel goosebumps surfacing.  

“I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you.  The last thing I want is for you to be scared around me.”

You nod, “Thanks for apologizing,” you mumble, burying your face into his soft, cotton shirt.  “I love you.”

He kisses the top of your head, “Love you.”

You start chuckling softly then, and he looks down at you, confused.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was gonna suggest that you shut your phone off tomorrow so we could have a nice day… you know, no interruptions?  But I guess you don’t have to worry about anyone calling you on it anymore.”

Josh laughs out loud, his face breaking into a huge grin.  “Maybe smashing that thing wasn’t such a bad idea after all…”

Just a dream || Pietro x mutant! reader

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A/n: I am writing this one shot bc Pietro maximoff is keeping me up at night. I am gunna use y/n now bc i lub you guys and please check out my story, star crossed for star wars afs like me xx

Title: Just a dream
Pairing: Pietro x Mutant!reader
Warnings: depressive af jk
Spoilers: none
Copyright: all rights reserved. I don’t own Pietro/oh well./ and the other avengers i dun wanna get sued mmkay

Pietro Maximoff …

His name sounded like music to my ears. He’s so beautiful, it physically tortured me.The way he appeared so pure and simple, but hid thousands of emotions underneath that cheery smile. His silver hair is majestic to me. His cute,scruffy stubs were so comfortable to me. His cerulean eyes were so deep you’ll get lost looking at it. Overall, He’s a treasure. And a peculiarity to some. He’s very cheerful and protective.

But to me, he was simply a dream.

A dream that won’t come true.

My feelings were all bottled up, waiting for the right time, right sign in order to svoid hurting.

I loved him from afar, stealing glances from time to time, creating a fake scenario about how and him would end up together and fancying his last time becoming my last name someday.

I wish for alot of things but I wish I would stop wishing for him.

It was unrequited. It was one sided. And it hurt.

But even though I knew in myself that it hurt, I let it happen because it makes me happy. He makes me happy. He makes me blush from time to time with those cheesy puns. He makes my heart beat faster whenever I feel the gush of the wind behind me. He makes me feel secured whenever I would tell him I was having trouble going out or falling asleep. He makes my heart skip a beat whenever he would smile at me during meals. He keeps me up at night, rethinking those times we exchanged laughs, his arms around me, the simple friendly hugs and those sneaky body contacts.

Most of all, he makes me feel warm.

I thought to myself that if I wasn’t Y/N, would he love me? If I’m not this ice wielding freak known as Snowflake, would Quicksilver love me?

I am part of the Avengers, alongside Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Tony,Sam,Wanda, Vision and Pietro.
I mostly stay at home during most of the missions because I don’t like going out and interacting with people. And I’m sick most of the time.

That night, during Tony’s party, it was raining hard. There were thunderstorms.
I made a mistake during the mission earlier and I kept beating myself up.
I sat alone in my bed covering myself in my blankie. And every time a lightning would appear, I would cringe.

“The rain’s good, isn’t it?”

I lowered my blankie and saw him standing in front of me. My stomach is curling up and mychest as thumping nonstop. “Oh, Pietro…”

“Y/N, don’t you want to join the party?” He asked, his argentine hair glowing under the nightlight. “They’re betting on who’s worthy to be the ruler of Asgard”

I waved my hands on him. “I enjoy here. I don’t really like noisy and crowded places.”

“So is this seat taken?” He gestured beside me “Can I join your quiet party?”

“Of course, Quicksilver.” I smiled

He sat and put his arms around me. “Well, thank you Snowflake.”

He’s done that many times but It never fails to make my heart flutter. “You do realize your name means mercury, right?”

“I did not know that.” He spoke in his thick sokovian accent. Which i find very attractive really.

“It meant a silver-white poisonous heavy metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures and is used especially in batteries.” I replied.

“Liquid at ordinary temperatures, huh?” He chuckled. “Then why is it around you I’m getting so—”

I nudged him. “Shut it!”

We exchanged laughs. And glanced at each other then back to the dim sky. Listening to the sound of the rain. There was a long, awful and deafening sound of silence. We were always like that. We would be so awkward, but it was comforting too. He knew that I enjoyed silence and he knew that I am a girl of few words.

“Wanda said you’re blaming yourself for what happened back there. It wasn’t even your fault you froze half of the building. It was that terrorist dude.” He said and made me lean to his chest.

“It was me, I was so stupid I didn’t know there were people there.” I cupped my face. “And now people were hurt and it’s my fault”

“Hey…” He cooed, while stroking my hair. “It’s gonna be okay, sunshine”

“Thank you, speedy.” I replied as I stared in his beautiful caeruleus eyes.

“All for you, snowflake.” He smiled and the distance between us was closed within a second. His lips met mine and it was magical. It was slow and serene. His kiss was perfervid, it was melting the ice inside me. Melting the cold, solid ice inside me.

“I love you…” He confessed between kisses. His hands trailing on my sides and my fingertips trailing his neck and jaw. I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say or what to do. But I do, I love him so much.

We pulled away, gasping for air. “Do you mean that?” I said. “B-because—”

“I mean it, I’m sorry if I’m too late…” He smiled and held my hand as his own. It seemed like puzzles fitting in together. Like it was made made just from me.
Like it was meant to be.

“No..no you aren’t…it’s just you’re too much for me and I…well I’m me. I’m just this worthless, stu-” he put his index finger on my lips and shushed me.

He smiled and cupped my face. “Never beat yourself up again, okay? You are worth something. Don’t you ever think you’re useless and worthless. You are worth something to me. I love you for all that you are, you’ve been and you will be and I’ll never leave you. I promise that, sunshine.”

I nodded and planted a small kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, Pietro.”

And then everything goes back to reality.

I woke up.

It was just a dream.

He was gone. Pietro was gone.

It was just a mere memory.

I cried again. My room was full of ice blades and frozen drips.
It was cold.
The warmth was gone. Forever.
It was so silent I could hear my own heartbeat and it makes me insanely lonely because I’d rather hear his.

I stared at the clock, 4:43 pm. It was already afternoon.
I remembered my mother explained to me why sunsets are beautiful and poetic. It’s because sunsets means death. Just as morning represents birth and the mid day represents purity. Susnets represented death and passing. And night represented darkenss and oblivion

I’ve been a sad wreck for weeks now.
Sadness was an emotion humans felt, maybe mutants too. It was as common as anger and happiness.and at one point I believe that people experienced much pain than they did overjoy. That was what I felt towards Pietro.
He wanted to be a better brother, better son and a better person. He wanted to achieve so many things. But he can never do it.

I leaned against the bedrest as a familiar tune from Tony’s radio played and I can’t seem to control these tears in my eyes. I felt a big lump on my throat.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.

I was afraid of happiness, because I know when you’re happy, something or someone is going to be taken away from you. Like something is going to end. It was like the saying after the rain, comes the rainbow, and here’s the rain, then there’s the rainbow, then there’s the rain again. I was afraid of it. I was afraid of losing Pietro, He was like a bubble. And happiness is like a bubble, whenever I try to touch it, it pops. It ends. It disappears in thin air. So fast, so quick, like him.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

I regretted that I didn’t told him that I love him. I deeply regretted that. It kills me that he died without knowing or even hearing me say that I love him. I couldn’t manage to utter the words ‘I love you’ and it kills me.

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I loved him. I truly did. And i knew it would hurt if I had to let him go.

I just didn’t think I’d have to let go so soon

I was so scared of being hurt, I didn’t told him and now I’m suffering.

I have this little picture of him and me, I take it out and stare at it. Every day.

I miss him so much. I feel as though I am missing a part of me. And it was him. It’s been weeks since he was gone, I reclused myself from the others. Wanda and Steve would come sometimes, Natasha would talk to me and Pepper would bring me food. I would give everything just to bring him back. I would give everything just to feel his soft touch again. I would give everything to turn back time and be with him that time. I would give everything just to feel his arms around me. And I promise I won’t let him slip away my fingers

But all of it would stay as dreams,

a series of thoughts, memories,visions, or feelings that happen during sleep

And it’s not real, even if I wished it was.

After all, it’s just a dream.


A/N: sorry this was bad it’s my first time writing a one shot for two hours. It’s already 5am and I’m going to sleep in my hammock...

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poly!teamiplier, eighteen -🌹

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

“Ames,” Ethan whispered, careful not to wake the sleeping Kathryn beside them.

“Hm?” Amy replied, her own voice heavy with sleep as she laced her fingers with Ethan’s.

“When’s the last time we had a date? All five of us?” He asked quietly. Amy paused in hesitation.

“That’s a weird question,” She said with a laugh, “But I think it was on our anniversary.”

“Exactly!” Ethan threw his arms in the air as he exclaimed this, then slapped a hand over his mouth at the realization Kat was still sleeping.

Amy burst out laughing, burying her face in Ethan’s chest to try and muffle it.

“Sorry,” Eth whispered, running a hand through Amy’s hair, “But what I mean is–hey, stop laughing.” He couldn’t help but join in his girlfriend’s giggle fit.

“What I mean is,” He laughed, trying desperately to keep his voice down, “Mark’s birthday is coming up soon, and he’s so stressed about the tour he won’t even leave the house. We can’t just let him stay home on the most important day of the year!”

“Hmph,” Amy smiled teasingly, “I thought you said my birthday was the most important day of the year.”

“Well, it’s a four way tie between you guys,” Ethan stated matter-of-factly, grinning back, “But I was thinking, maybe we could convince him to do something for his birthday if we made it really special.”

“Yeah,” Amy sighed, “Good luck with that.”

“What’s that mean?” Ethan asked in a concerned tone.

“We kind of already tried doing special things for him. We offered to do pretty much anything, but he really has his mind set on working right now, Blue.”

“Oh,” Eth said, “You did?”

Amy nodded.

“Well,” Ethan replied, smile immediately returning, “I bet you guys didn’t think of my idea.”

“Oh no, what’s your ‘idea’?” Amy laughed, knowing Ethan was prone to thinking up absolutely ridiculous things.

“A movie date,” He stated proudly.

Amy said nothing for a moment. “A movie date?” She repeated suspiciously.

“Where we buy out all the tickets so it’s only us,” He continued.

“Oh my god,” Amy snickered, rolling over so her back faced Ethan, “Absolutely not.”

“Well why not?” Ethan crossed his arms.

“Trust me, if the promise of a five star restaurant date followed by a night of fun couldn’t get him out, I don’t think a movie will.” Amy explained.

“Movie nights are the most fun nights you can have!” He argued seriously. “Besides, I know this movie will get him out.”

“What movie could possibly have that much power?” She asked.

Ethan smiled and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“That might actually work,” Amy said, rolling back over to face him.

“Of course it will,” He replied, “He’s only been talking about it nonstop for months. And the midnight release is on June 28th.”

They both smiled widely at the prospect of Mark finally leaving the house, before Amy shook Ethan’s arm.

“Wait,” She said, “Do you think we can convince everyone else to do it? I mean, buying out the tickets for a midnight showing…Expensive, right?”

Ethan’s smile faded a bit, “Well it’s only about $800.”

“Only!” His girlfriend exclaimed, before bursting into laughter again.

“Hey, it’s not that much if we all pitch in.” Ethan tried to sound convincing as possible.

“Well I’m with you,” Amy mumbled, “But you really think Tyler will agree to that?”

“He doesn’t have to,” Ethan replied, “Majority rules, we just have to convince Kathryn.”

“I’m in.” Came a voice to the left of them.

Both Amy and Ethan turned to see Kathryn, awake and somehow completely tuned in to the conversation.

“You’re up?” Eth asked with a small smile.

“Thanks to you,” Kat gave him a small shove to show her discontent.

“Sorry,” he gave her an apologetic kiss, “But you heard the plan?” He added in excitement.

“I think I’ve got the gist of it,” She nodded, “Buy out a theater for eight hundred bucks, take Mark on a birthday date?”

“That’s the plan,” Amy confirmed, “And you’re actually agreeing to this?”

“Yeah,” Ethan laughed a little, “This is kind of stupid, you sure you’re in?”

“Oh it’s not kind of stupid,” Kathryn smiled, “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

Ethan grinned widely and hugged her tightly in gratitude.

Anything For You

TITLE:  Anything For You (Femme Fatale, Part 1)
PAIRING: Reader/AU Mobster!Castiel
SUMMARY:  In 1920s Seattle, Castiel runs an underground alcohol trade, soon too open his own speakeasy, and dabbles in loan sharking. He has eyes set on the reader, who enjoys a good chase and having a man wrapped around her finger. Castiel was getting himself tied in tightly and despite her best efforts, the reader was doing the same.
WORDS: 2,226
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is going to be told in fragmented parts more than likely rather than a flowing story. I’m not sure how many parts its going to be yet, but at least three.

Also, I tagged everyone from the King!Cas fic. I separated ones from that who were on the “Castiel” tags before or requested to be on there. Please let me know if you want to be added to the permanent Castiel tags or not!

Part 2 || Masterpost

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Hiiiiiii :D Could you do a bts reactions of them finding you on your free day giving blankets, clothes, food... to the homeless? (You work at big hit, as a stylist and they've been trying to talk to you because they have a crush on you)??? I love youuuuuuuuuu (❤️3❤️)

This is so cuteee O3O I love you toooo <3 Thanks for the request ^^

BTS Reaction of them Finding You On Your Free Day Giving Goods (Food, Clothing etc.) To the Homeless (They have a Crush On You)

“Aish.. I think She’s too perfect for me… Even her beautiful smile can make my stomach flip”
*Covers his head* “Why don’t you love me???!!”

Originally posted by koweans

He would notice you walking down the streets of downtown and would hide behind a building. He would take a peek to see what you were doing. He noticed you were talking to someone, so he looked out a bit more. You were handing a small package of food and a water bottle to the man sitting on the ground, “Have a nice day!” You smiled at the man before walking away. Namjoon would just look at you and would sigh heavily, “I want to protect herrrr. Or be by her side” *Cries* (Not literally xD)

Originally posted by y--oko

“Hyung, she’s perfect. She’s everything you could ever want in a girl. She’s sweet and kind. She cares about us a lot! She has her free day today… I wonder what she’s doing…”
“Oh, I saw her outside. She was handing out food and clothes to some of the homeless people”
“What?! Seriously?? Hyung.. She’s too much for me to handle.. It’s like a bundle of perfect stuffed into one person”

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He would be more like, “Why would she want to do that?” As like a ‘joking’ manor. But in his head, he would be thinking about being able to go with you and hold your hand and be all lovey dovey and shit… yeah

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He would be so hyper and happy. He would talk about you nonstop to the rest of the boys. Everyone in the building basically knew how big of a crush he had on you. Except for… yourself that is. Well.. until Yoongi decided to blurt it out -which made Tae tackle him down- but you were glad to know it so you gave him a hug and asked him if he wanted to join you, of course, he would say yes

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Everyone looks up at him from eating, “Why are you yelling?”

Originally posted by hob-e

It would warm his heart. He liked *Cough*Loved*Cough* you more and more everyday because he always learned something new about you. He would think you were perfect in every way and he wanted to date you SO badly. He would come up with terrible excuses just so he could be beside you for a bit longer

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Void (Barry Allen x Reader) #2

A/N: Here it is! Thanks for all your support! Love youu! Let me know if you liked it! <3

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader 

Warnings: torture, angst, heart break

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If you missed it, here is Part 1

             Y/N was laying on the cold ground in foetal position, trying to keep warm. She was broken. Her body was broken, her mind was broken and most importantly her heart was broken. She couldn’t allow herself to think for a second about the only person that could fix all of that. Because the thought of him, would break her even more, break her beyond repair, if she wasn’t already.

             He was gone, he forgot about her and he wasn’t coming for her. Nobody was. She wasn’t even sure if he would love her after all the things she’s done. Things that haunted her every waking hour, things she wished she could undo, but she knew she never could.

             She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to forget. Oh, how she envied Barry, who just forgot about everything. She wanted to forget about him, about what they had and about the things she had to do to keep him safe.

             She looked at unconscious Barry at her feet and felt her heart disappear. His words rang in her ears ‘I love you Y/N you can never change that’. Funny, she just did. Tears were running down her face slowly and she felt herself fading away. She would have to hold up her part of the deal now, she would have to do everything he asked her to. And there was no more Barry. No more his sweet words and kisses. She knew that she would never love again, because Barry was it for her. He was the one and she could never change that. Nobody could.

             Because of that sacrifice, she would never see the day of light again, she would never see his beautiful, full of love smile. She sunk to her knees and brushed stray hairs from his forehead. She felt pain, like never before. Pain that the man could never inflict on her, because only she herself could.

             She was pulled up violently by the man, who was grinning wickedly. He knew that he had her. He knew that he has won. It was her end and his beginning. He couldn’t contain his excitement.


             Caitlin and Cisco exchanged glances for the hundredth time that day. Barry was more excited than ever before, he was well rested and he put more criminals behind bars than on any other day and it was still before lunch.

             They knew what Y/N did. They knew from the moment Barry came back what has happened. They also realised that she must have had a very good reason for it. But it hurt them both, not only the fact they lost a friend, but Barry’s indifference. He seemed not to care and he probably didn’t. She was irreplaceable part of team and the lab seemed sad without her. Well, not to Barry, who couldn’t be happier.

             Her ability was so strong, that even when they showed him pictures of her, he didn’t seem to notice her. She was completely gone from his mind. They both knew how painful that must have been for her and gave them one more reason to look for her. Y/N loved Barry with all her being and making him forget must have been devastating. This couldn’t be the decision, she took lightly and most probably was forced to make.

             Of course they looked for her. Cisco ran facial recognition, nonstop. She was gone, but both Cisco and Caitlin, couldn’t let her go. They were constantly angry and annoyed at Barry, that he could.

             Barry came into the Cortex smiling widely and greeting everyone. Caitlin looked him over, seeing the dirt and dried blood, she rushed to his rescue.

‘What happened?’ she asked him, sitting him down on the bed.

‘I don’t know… I woke up in this abandoned warehouse’ he said ‘But I’ve never felt better! I mean I feel well rested and, you know, good.’

             Cisco looked at Caitlin shaking his head. The idea forming in his mind. No. That wasn’t possible. She wouldn’t. She would never do that.

‘Barry… Where’s Y/N…?’ he asked, fearing the answer.

‘Who?’ Barry looked at him confused.

             Cisco closed his eyes and Caitlin stifled a sob. They both knew what happened. They both knew the extent of her abilities by now and they knew that something awful must have happened for her to erase everything just like that.


             The man was looking at her, smiling widely. He knew that he has won. He had her now and if she ever misbehaved all it took was to seize Barry. She looked broken, emptiness in her eyes were screaming that she was broken. He laughed in triumph, knowing that few more tasks and she as a person will be gone. She will become the machine, he created her to be and nothing will stop him then.

‘You will not win’ she whispered, her voice cracking. ‘I won’t allow you to win.’

             He smiled wider, taking a step towards her. He forced her chin up so she looked him in the eyes.

‘Oh, sweet one, I already did’ He laid a kiss on her forehead and left the cell.


             She looked at the woman before her, her eyes cold and her expression unreadable. Her mind was screaming at her, but she knew she had no choice. She had to do it. Her orbs flashing bright, she looked the woman in the eyes and spoke softly.

‘Now, you are going to co-operate.’ She started ‘You are going to tell him, whatever he wants to know. And you get to go home. Am I clear?’

             The woman nodded, her eyes empty. Y/N stood up, leaving the room. The guilt welling up in her gut, she couldn’t contain the trembling. She just used her powers for evil. She was slowly becoming the one person she feared and despised the most.

             The man looked at her with a smile blossoming on his face. She went into her cell, quietly, because if she said something she would lash out. He smirked closing the doors and locking them safely behind her. She laid on the floor and wept. Wept for the woman, wept for herself and wept for the love, she’s lost.

              Cisco tried face recognition first. It was running nonstop, but never gave any results. He tried everything, widening the scope of search, lightly twitching her features… but the results still came up negative. Finding people, who claimed to be hypnotised was second step. Most of them were nut jobs, but some of them could legitimately help them. The only problem was that similarly to Barry, they couldn’t remember anything. His last approach was vibing on her things. He gathered all the things, she’s left around the lab and tried to vibe on each of them. The only thing he saw was empty, cold cell, with no identification of where it could be.

             He scoffed frustrated. He wasn’t going to let Y/N go. She was his friend, she was the sister he never had and he was not going to leave her rotting in some cold cell.

             Barry looked at his friend, not really knowing what has gotten into him. He was hoarding things, that Barry didn’t know, things that didn’t seem to have any meaning. His old always happy Cisco was gone and in place was that frustrated and determined person.

             Barry felt weird since he came back from the warehouse. He felt wrong, he felt like he lost something of the highest importance, but he couldn’t remember what it was. He missed something. His heart clenched in pain at the weirdest moments and he could not understand why. Even though his mind didn’t remember, his body did. He found himself missing the touch, missing the closeness… missing her.

             He didn’t know what was happening to him, but he knew it all originated from there. His feeling of emptiness, Cisco’s determination and Caitlin’s lack of smiles. Iris and Joe were quieter, than ever and they seemed to look at him, pity evident in their eyes.

‘Barry…’ They heard whisper coming from the entrance.

             All three of them turned around to see a girl, holding onto frame, like she was holding onto dear life. She looked weak and beaten. She collapsed and in the matter of milliseconds Barry was by her side, holding her up. He looked at her face and it seemed familiar. His heart beating fast against hers. He knew her. He just couldn’t remember from where.

             Every time she was let out of the cell, to perform hypnosis, she switched all emotions off. She learned to do that so she wouldn’t lose her mind completely. But this time she couldn’t keep it up.

             The moment she saw a child strapped to the chair and its mother next to it, whispering soothing words, that was it for her. All the guilt crashed into her and she knew right then that she wasn’t going to do this. Not for the man, not for anyone.

‘No’ she said, trying to sound strong. ‘There is no way I’m doing this. You crossed the line.’

‘I don’t think you remember what was our deal’ he said standing few inches from her ‘You do as I say, I don’t damage your lover-boy’

             Something snapped in her right then. Something she held in for the past month. Anger, so strong she could barely contain shaking of her hands. It started, the moment he took her, it increased the moment he hurt Barry and from that point it increased ever so slightly, every time he mentioned Barry, every time he made her do evil things… And now, all of that would blow up in his face.

             Her eyes flashed dangerously. Now the man was going to taste her anger. All of her breaks snapped and she looked at him, holding him with her powers. He had some defences against her powers, but they suddenly stopped working.

‘Now, you are going to listen to me’ she said, her voice strong ‘You are going to go to sleep. And you are going to forget EVERYTHING. Everything you’ve ever learned.’

             The man screamed, holding his head, trying to hold on to himself. But she was too strong. He made her strong and now he was paying for it. With the anger fuelling her power, he didn’t stand a chance. He collapsed, losing consciousness. He, as a person was gone. His mind deteriorated to the one of a toddler.

             She was finally free.


             Barry looked at the girl laying unconscious on the bed in med bay. She seemed so familiar. He knew her, his body and his heart knew her. The warmth spreading in his chest was at the same time alien as it was something he knew.

             After patching her up, Caitlin and Cisco told him everything. From the moment they’ve met, till the moment she made him forget. Even though it all explained his feelings and it all sounded so real, he had difficulty believing that she could make him forget something so important. But there he was, standing like a creep, watching her sleep and he felt the pull. He felt like she was the sun and everything that ever made sense disappeared. She was the centre of his universe and even though he couldn’t remember it, he felt it loud and clear.

             She opened her eyes abruptly and sat down, moaning in pain. He chuckled, not really knowing why.

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you’ he said quietly, entering the med bay.

‘Barry…’ She looked at him, tears appearing in her eyes.

             The moment she said his name, his heart did a happy flip. He didn’t really know why, what caused it, but he started to believe his friends. His mind told him he’s never seen the woman in his life, but his body was telling him something completely different.

‘You don’t remember me, do you?’ she asked looking at him.

             She knew that it would be like that. That the only person she truly cared about will look at her and won’t recognize her. And still it hurt. It hurt too much. It hurt more than anything the man could ever do to her. It broke her even more and she started wondering where laid her breaking point.

‘I’m sorry. I am so sorry…’ he whispered, sitting next to her. ‘I wish… I wish I could remember you, remember us…’

             She shook her head, trying to fake a smile. Of course he wouldn’t, she was just that good. She had to be so fucking good at that. Why, why couldn’t she be sloppy, just leave one spark that they could work on. Why couldn’t she make him remember?

             She wished, he’d take her in his arms and make everything okay. But he wouldn’t. Because that was not her Barry, that was not the person she loved with all her being… Well it was, but it was definitely not the person that loved her back.

‘I know you…’ he said, taking her hand in his and it felt right. ‘I just can’t remember you’

             For the first time in weeks, he felt right. Every fibre in his body responded to the touch. It didn’t feel weird; it didn’t feel wrong. It felt just right. He felt the familiar butterflies in his stomach and he knew that they didn’t lie to him. It was her, she was the love of his life. He just couldn’t remember it.

‘I know… And I wish I could undo what I’ve done… There’s… there’s just no way’ she said, tracing her finger on the palm of his hand.

‘I lost him, Cait… I’ve done that… And I… I miss him, I miss Barry… Which seems stupid, since he’s right here… but he’s not… I miss my Barry’ she said, looking at her friend.

              Y/N was so happy that they, both Cisco and her remembered her. They were her quiet support, which meant the world to her. Cisco even tried to bring Barry’s memories back using his abilities, but nothing worked.

             Caitlin looked at her with pity in her eyes. She couldn’t imagine how that must have felt. After few tests, she could easily conclude what happened to Y/N, on top of that the love of her life didn’t remember her… She wanted to be as much support as she could, but she knew well that it took time. Time healed everything.

‘I’m sorry, Y/N…’ she said ‘It’ll take time, but it’ll be alright…’

‘How can you know?’

‘I don’t. But hope is all that we’ve got.’


             She felt better. Her heart still gone, along with Barry’s memories, but she physically felt better. After few days of intense care that Cait put her through, she was getting better. She felt so good, she decided to try and stand up. She was pretty broken when she came to S.T.A.R. labs, but she was healing. Even Caitlin said that she was better. Why not be crazy for a second and stand up?

             She tried moving and she almost made it. She wasn’t sure what has happened but in few seconds she was in Barry’s arms. She couldn’t complain, because that felt familiar, that felt right. If she closed her eyes for a second and let her imagination roam, she could pretend that everything was okay. She’s never left, he never forgot and they were just together.

             Barry on the other hand felt right. Her body felt familiar against his. He knew every curve and every pimple seemed discovered. She filled him just right. He felt her chuckle and the warmth spread to his heart.

‘You may not remember me, but your body does, Barry’ she said quietly and her breath teased his collarbones.

             He looked at her face and her lovely eyes and he couldn’t stop himself. He knew, that it was probably wrong, since he couldn’t remember a thing about her, but all of her felt so right… His lips crushed into hers and he felt the familiarity in this. They did it before. They did more than that before.       

             Her hands looped around his neck and she brought him even closer.

             Barry gasped quietly, hundreds of images appearing before his eyes. The first time they’ve met, how nervous he’s been when he was asking her out, when he said I love you and when she said it back, for the first, second and then millionth time. Their first kiss and first time. And then second, and third… All of that coming back, crushing into his mind.

             He looked into her eyes, amazement evident in his.

‘I love you, Y/N’ he whispered laying his forehead on hers ‘I told you, you can never change that.’

lucia-ik  asked:

First of all I love your Voltron family au so much and your art is just gorgeous. Now the prompt: I think you did something like that awhile back where the kids ask how Keith and Shiro confessed to each other, but what if the kids regularly ask about it and one day that spark is just gone and they force their daddies to reenact their love confession. And shiro and keith are both thrown back completely forgetting that their children are there and the kid are like urgh why won't they stop kissing?

I’m glad you do thank you!! They are precious babs <3 I try my best \o/ For those who might want to read fanfic wherein Shiro and Keith first met before they adopted the kiddies that contains the detailed confession. :D

[The Voltron Family] If there was one thing Lance, Hunk and Pidge loved asking their daddies, it was their “love story”: how they met each other for the first time, how they became friends, how they confessed to each other, their first kiss and how they fell in love. The whole shebang. It made them happy, so it had been a usual story to tell during their camping trips. Usually it all depended whom they were asking because both would have different ways of telling the story, especially the confession.


Shiro: I was sweating. Hands, forehead, feet—MY WHOLE BODY! 
Pidge: Um, ew? *disgusted face*  *giggles*
Shiro: But I couldn’t handle it anymore. Your Daddy Keith was just in front of me. Sitting wearing an Adventure Time hoodie. It was adorable. He looked so soft and cuddly.
Lance: But…? *lil toes curling up from excitement*
Hunk: *dramatic gasp* NO WAY!
Shiro: *nods* I know! Your Daddy Keith was such a snob. Books were more important to him than spending time with me! And then I asked him if he has kissed someone. I was dying on the inside cause he looked SO SHOCKED and TERRIFIED. *hands on his face* I found it so endearing. Which was odd cause it could’ve been the day our friendship ended but I still went for the kill. Because I was so in love with him—HE NEEDED TO KNOW!
Pidge: You were very brave, Daddy Shiro. Like a soldier! *proud*


Keith: I wanted to punch your Daddy Shiro.
Hunk: *GASP* Daddy Keith, that’s bad!!!! 
Keith: *frowns* I know. But he was making me feel… *turns away* THINGS. 
Lance: *chuckles* *teasing tone* You just liked him!
Keith: *turns to Lance* *makes a face* Yeah, well, I didn’t want to.
Hunk: Why not?
Keith: It’s weird. No one likes me.
Hunk: I like you. *frowns*
Keith: *HEART MELTING* AWWW BABY. I like you too! But anyways, that’s why I was shocked and fell off the couch. It was like gravity telling me not to hurt the boy in front of me. 
Pidge: *giggles nonstop* *hands on her tummy* I love this part.
Keith: *smiles fondly* Of course you would.

They know the story by heart. Even the versions with added parts. But one night, when they were done watching anime in the living room, Pidge wanted them to reenact the confession scene to them. On their own couch.

Keith: *in disbelief* But… why?
Pidge: *shrugs* Why not?
Shiro: *laughs* *tugs Keith* C’mon, baby. For old time’s sake.
Keith: BUT WHY?
Shiro: *positions himself on the sofa* *in acting mode* Keith, can I kiss you?
Keith: Wha— *gets pulled down by the three kids to the floor* *glares at them* OH MY GOD. 
Pidge: *laughs* But Daddy Keith, you were supposed to be on the floor! You fell!! My fave part, remember? You cannot NOT do it!
Keith: *mutters* Fine. *acting mode* Ugh.
Shiro: *dramatic gasp* Keith, are you okay?!!
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Shiro, are you fu–
Shiro: *whispers* Friggin. *looks pointedly at the kids watching them*
Keith: Are you FRIGGIN serious?!
Shiro: *looks around* C-can we at least get you up here on the sofa?
Keith: *gets comfy on the floor* *smirks* Nope. We’re doing this now.
Shiro: *looks at Keith shyly* This isn’t exactly how I wanted to confess to the one I love, yknow?
Keith: *hands on mouth* *dramatic gasp* YOU LOVE ME?
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Yeah I do. And I’d love to kiss you if you feel the same.
Lance: *tries to contain his squeals* *Hunk squeezes his hands*
Keith: No homo?
Shiro: Homo all the way, bro.
Keith and the three kids: BROOOOOOOOOOOOO.
All five of them: *laughs*
Hunk: This is the part where a book fell on Daddy Keith’s head. He’s in pain.
Keith: But he didn’t mind. *smiles at Hunk* *looks at Shiro* YOU LOVE ME.
Shiro: *smiles fondly* I do. Do you feel the same way or…
Keith: *laughs* I do. *covers mouth* OH. MY. GOD. You love me. It’s mutual.
Keith and the three kids: DUUUUUUUUUDDDEEEE!!!
Shiro: *looks at Hunk, Pidge, Lance* You guys really knows this by heart huh?
Lance: Shhh!h Continue!!! *pats Shiro*
Shiro: *chuckles* *looks down at Keith* Now will you please come back up here so I can—
Lance, Hunk and Pidge: —KISS MY NEW BOYFRIEND? *giggles*
Keith: *laughs* *gets pulled by Shiro*
Shiro: Hey. *grins and pulls Keith closer*
Keith: Hey yourself.

Then of course they ended up kissing, Shiro pampering Keith with kisses all over his face causing Keith to giggle. Then it just goes on and on and on.

Pidge: Ugh. It’s been half an hour already. They’re not done yet.
Lance: *tugs Shiro* Daddy Shiro, we’re going to bed now. Let’s go.
Shiro: *doesn’t even notice Lance or the kids at all* *too busy kissing Keith*
Lance: *hands in the air* I can’t believe this! This was a bad idea, Pidge!
Pidge: I must agree. *frowns* *head resting on her hand*
Hunk: *beams* I don’t think so. 

Of course this is that part, just had to draw that one. HAHAHHAA

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yo, this is my submission for the get-well-soon-StrikeTanaka project :D! thanks a lot for creating this project v.v)! @kairei-chan @xpeppermin <3

dr.Watanuki ~~~ pleeeeaaaaseee take care of our goddesses >3>)!!                    
although he’d be a yandere-doc :‘DDD(?) “ Pain causes pain to go away ~ ” *takes out chainsaw* SHÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜTTTTT :M!
u gotta listen to what the doc says >:D
…. ehehhe ! notwithstanding I’d be happy If I he’ll take of me after falling down the stairs by mistake :’D……mistake……of course…. >v>) höhö.

unhappily I couldn’t draw a digi-drawing ._. StrikeTanaka are my Idols, I feel so baaaad ;////;) but nuuuuuu~ my final exams still torture me x.x
but seeing all those other great/cute submissions make me so happy*-*! they’ll be so amazed for sure ( ᐛ )ᕗ !!

I was truly sorry to hear that they still aren’t feeling well :/ but I also know the pain of drawing nonstop… it really reeeeally hurts :'DD but they must’ve suffered for a long time, and they even overworked because of us fans ;//////; <3 honorable.

now rest as good as you can Strikiiii ~ we’ll still support you ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ <3

Conversations People Who Do Well In School Have Daily:

“Well you must be taking all easy courses”

No actually my courses are just as hard as yours

“Well you’re major is easy, you could never do mine”

My major isn’t easy, we’re in college, they’re all fairly difficult. And correct I couldn’t do your major, but my major would be hard for you, our brains work completely differently.

You probably just study nonstop.”

An incorrect assumption. I spend a lot of my time procrastinating on Netflix excuse you. I just know when and how to study.


If you ask me if I have friends or a social life, I’m going to hit you. Yes I have friends, yes I go out, I just know when I need to buckle down, and I have decent time management.

What a nerd”

Is this a bad thing, since when is getting good grades a bad thing? Yes I get straight A’s, you could too.

I couldn’t. We can’t all just float through life getting A’s on everything.”

You think that’s what I do? That I just float through life? No, I study hard, I work hard, and I put a lot of effort into my work. If you spent half as much studying as you do criticizing me for doing well, you’d be getting A’s too. 

Dickhead. (Simon Request)

“Its so nice to see you again!” You grin, wrapping your friend in a hug.
“Yeah you too, its been so long” He replies.
“Tell me about it” You laugh, “So what are you doing here in London?”
“Well I’ve got a job interview tomorrow so I thought I’d come down a day early. One of my cousins lives close so I think I’m gonna meet up with him" Liam nods.
The pair of you had been friends from school and grew up through the seven years you spent there with your group of six. However, since you moved down to London you had rarely seen any of them.
“Ahh great. Let me know how it goes” You smile, “Actually we’re heading for some food now, wanna come with us?”
“Yeah sure, if that’s okay” Liam answers as Simon walks out from the shop.
“Hey babe” You start, “This is Liam, one of my friends from school. Do you mind if he comes to lunch with us?”
“Umm yeah alright” Simon shrugs, “I’m Simon, (y/n)’s boyfriend”
“Nice to meet you” Liam shakes his hand politely.
The three of you head to get some food at the local Nandos and you can already sense that Simon is uneasy. He isn’t chatting much and when he does it is blunt words.
You can also tell that Liam feels a little uncomfortable. He always saw you as such a bubbly character and right now he saw you sat next to what looked like one of the rudest people ever and calling him your boyfriend. Why was Simon acting like this?
“So what is it exactly that you do?” Liam asks, evidently trying to make conversation.
“I’m a YouTuber” Simon states.
“Liam you’re a personal trainer right?” You raise your brows at him.
“Yeah I’ve actually Ben thinking about posting some of my stuff on YouTube. Any recommendations?” Liam nods.
“Not really. I’m not into fitness” Simon shrugs, “I’m just gonna get another drink”
You glare at the back of your boyfriend as he walks away and sigh, “Im so sorry, I don’t know why he’s being like this”
“Just, are you happy with him (y/n)?” Liam frowns.
“What? Of course I am!”
“Really? Because I expected to see you with someone that makes you laugh nonstop and is chatty like you. I don’t want you getting hurt okay?”
“What are you-?” You start but pause when Simon returns.
“I’m gonna have to take off, my cousin is heading out later so I need to get there before” Liam explains, grabbing his jacket.
“Ahh okay, well it was great to see you again!” You grin, giving him a slightly awkward hug, “I’ll see you soon yeah?”
“Yeah sure and bye Simon” Liam nods.
“Bye” Simon mumbles.
You wait for Liam to leave before sitting down opposite Simon, furious now.
“What the fuck was that?” You question instantly.
“How much he was flirting? Yeah tell me about it” He scoffs.
“What are you on about?!” You exclaim, “Liam’s like one of my best friends from school. He wasn’t flirting”
“Alright then (y/n)” Simon rolls his eyes, “It’s not like you weren’t reciprocating”
“Don’t talk to me like that” You shake your head, “Why are you acting like this?” you frown, trying to find some way to be on his side.
“Because you seem to find it impossible not to flirt with that dickhead” Simon snaps, anger evident in every word.
“Go fuck yourself” You state, taking your phone from the table and walking out.
Why on earth was he being so stupid? You were livid. There was no other way to describe it. He looked so rude. He was so rude. And in front of one of your best friends. And then he turns around and decides to accuse the pair of you for flirting. Why would he ever think you’d do that? He knew how your last relationship ended. You hated the thought of cheating or flirting when someone was in a relationship. It was like something had snapped in him. You didn’t know why.
Before you knew it, you were at the tower and were buzzing up to the correct floor. And you also had tears building now. It horrified you that Simon would ever even think of you flirting with someone else.
“Hey g, what are-” Tobi starts but pauses when he actually sees you, “Holy shit what’s happened?”
He quickly wraps his arms around you and brings you into the flat.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to do so I came here” You sniff, “This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be crying” You shake your head, quickly wiping your eyes.
“I’ll be the judge of that” He sighs.
“Simon was acting like a dick all through lunch with my friend Liam and then claims that we were flirting all the time” You explain, “I just don’t get him sometimes. Liam’s like a brother to me”
Tobi rolls his eyes and slings an arm around you, “Simon’s just an ass sometimes. There’s no other way of putting it. I think he’s just a bit insecure and seeing you with another guy just reinforces that”
“But he should know I’d never do anything like that” You point out, “And if he doesn’t I think that’s something I should be concerned about”
“What are you implying (y/n)?” Tobi asks, worried now.
“Liam was worried about me Tobi. He didn’t want me to get hurt” You comment, “If Simon acts like that when I’m chatting to a friend, is he gonna start getting like that when im with you guys?”
“I don’t think so, Simon’s not like that”
“Simon wasn’t the guy I fell in love with today” You admit and Tobi is speechless. He knew you were right and it worried him what you would do next.
After a while, Tobi drives you back to the house since he was filming with Josh anyway and Simon isn’t home.
“(Y/n)” Tobi starts as you turn to walk into the bedroom you shared with Simon, “Don’t do anything you’ll regret”
“I don’t intend to” You nod, “Thanks Tobi”
You hug him quickly and walk inside.
You feel guilty now for walking away. Maybe something was wrong with Simon. Maybe he wasn’t himself for a reason. But then the other side clicked in. He shouldn’t act like such a jackass. He shouldve told you if something was wrong.
“Did you walk?” Simon’s voice cuts through your thoughts.
“Tobi brought me home” You reply simply.
“Okay” He states.
“Don’t worry it wasn’t Liam” You roll your eyes.
He glares at you and sits down in his chair.
“So is this really how you’re going to act?” You question.
Simon simply starts clicking onto one of his videos, going to edit it.
“Because quite frankly you humiliated me today Simon. In front of one of my best friends and then you accused me of flirting with him. And I’m not okay with that” You shake your head.
“I’m not okay with you flirting with someone right in front of me. Seems like you wanna be someone else’s babygirl” He snaps taking his headset off and standing up abruptly.
“I wasn’t flirting with him! I explained this to you!” You defend yourself.
Simon rolls his eyes and stops making eye contact with you.
“You know? I don’t blame Liam. With the way you’re acting now even I don’t see myself with you. This isn’t the Simon I’m with. And I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you but I don’t want to be a part of it if you’re like this” You admit, biting your top lip to stop you from crying or showing your emotion.
You see how Simon’s face changes. His features soften to a look of sheer guilt.
You grab your phone from the side and turn around to walk out of the room. Again, you didn’t know where you were going but you had a strong motive to go this time. He could come and find you. It wasn’t your time to be on his side. Not today.

hera0826  asked:

Hi! can I request? KBTBB eisuke reunite with mc like Ota. thank you😍🙏😍😘

Eisuke POV
I wind down my window and waited about 5 minutes and the class finally dismiss. My son, Eiji steps out of the school waiting for his mother. This a routine which I have do it almost every day, watching quietly from far for my son, whom I dare not acknowledge. Every time, I will recalled to the last conversation we had 5 years ago.

[“We are breaking off.” I said coldly to her.

“Why? I am not going unless you give me a reason.” She cried while holding my arms.

“If you want a reason, then I will give you what you want. I just grow tired with you.” I replied and push her hands a way. I avoid looking at her, afraid that my decision may change and leave the house.]

After that night, I never see her in the house anymore. Little she is aware that I had been following her and tracking her life secretly. I can’t even tell her the reason why I did back then was to protect her from my enemy. Although Soryu eventually help me resolve the problem, but I had not courage to acknowledge her when I see how hard she tried to survive without me and taking care of my son. I help her secretly without her knowledge. How I wish I can hold her in my arms once again. How I wish my son can finally called me father. I know these are something that I wish but never will happen.

She finally appears and Eiji run after her. However, a van suddenly stopped beside him and a person grabs Eiji into the van at fast speed. She chases after the van and I immediately get out of the car as well. I ran over to her who had fallen down on the road, sobbing nonstop.

“Are you alright?” I asked worryingly.

“Eisuke? My son, please save him.” She was shocked but immediately begs me to help.

“Of course I will. I will never let anything happen to him.” I muttered loud enough for her to hear, before taking out my phone to call Soryu and Mamuru. Luckily, my eyes are sharp and manage to get the car plate number down. They immediately start working on the investigation. “And make sure Eiji is not hurt. You know what to do with those kidnappers.” I said angrily.

“Let’s go back while waiting for Soryu and Mamuru to work on it.” I said and tried to contain my anger. I am telling myself that I will pay back double for what they did to Eiji.

Given no other alternative, she follows me home. She was nervous and worry about Eiji safety the whole time, but she dare not said anything to me. I can’t seem to contain myself anymore and embrace her in my arms. She suddenly breaks down and cries out in my arms. I miss this feeling so much and I hate to do it under such situation when my son was just kidnapped.

“You know about him?” She finally asked.

“I always know. I just don’t know how to approach you after what I said to you back then.” I whispered sadly to her. “I thought by chasing you away is to protect you but it seems like I am wrong. My enemy still got Eiji. It is my entire fault. I should never chase you away back then.” I apologized to her.

She remains silent and did not say anything. If I had keep her my by side all times, these might not have happen. Why am I so foolish to do what I did back then? I hope I will be given a chance to redeem myself. After waited for few more hours, the door opens. Soryu brought in Eiji who is crying like crazy. He immediately runs to her upon seeing her and she embraces him in her arms.

“Mum, I am so scared.” Eiji cried.

“It is okay! Everything is over. Mum is here with you now.” She sobbed.

“Did they hurt you anywhere?” I asked nervously. This is my first conversation with my son.

“No! Those uncles saved me before they could do anything.” Eiji replied timidly and I look over to Soryu. He gives me a nod that telling me that he and Mamuru had settled based on my instruction.

“Mum, who is he?” Eiji suddenly asked.

I look at her and not sure how she will response. I look at her nervously and hopefully she will forgive me. Even if she does not, I won’t blame her.

“He is your father.” She replied softly and Eiji looks at her in surprise, before turning to face me.

“Sorry Eiji for not being by your side for all these years.” I apologized and hesitate to extend my hands over to him. I am worry that he might push me away.

“But you always have been watching me by the road when I start going to school. Am I right?” Eiji words caught me by surprise and I can’t control my emotion and hug him tightly in my arms.

“Yes, I did. I am sorry. I will take good care of you and your mum from now on. I am not letting anyone hurt you ever again.” I sobbed and pull her in my arms as well.

I can feel her start tearing again but it is happiness tears that I know. I can’t believe my wishes had come true. I told myself not to repeat the same mistake again. I am going to keep them by my side and keep them safe. This is a promise I make to myself, as I continue hugging them tight.

anonymous asked:

The bday anon, can it please lams and supper fluffy? Thank you.

Happy belated birthday, bby!!! I hope you had a fabulous day yesterday and today and that tomorrow rocks for you, too! Here’s a lil Lams fluff just for you! <333

“Alexander Hamilton, his name is Alexander Hamilton,” Laurens dreamily sang as he absent-mindedly twirled his sleeping boyfriend’s hair around one of his fingers. He loved to say his boyfriend’s name out loud. It was so powerful, so perfect; it felt so good as it rolled off his tongue..

“There’s a million things he hasn’t done,” Laurens whispered, eyes starting to get heavy. “Just you wait––” He was snapped out of his singing by Alex stirring.

“Mmm, are you singing?” the smaller boy asked sleepily. “About me?”

“Mmhmm,” Laurens said with a smile. He snuggled down closer to Alexander, whose head was resting on Laurens’ chest. “I could write symphonies for you,” Laurens said.

“Can there be violin in it?” Alex asked, his voice husky.

“Of course,” Laurens said.

“And a piccolo?” Alex said, sounding a bit more awake this time.

“What the hell is a piccolo?” Laurens said with a laugh.

“You know, those little tin flut- like things you get a museums? George got me and Laf one when we were younger and Laf played his nonstop.” Alex smiled fondly at the memory.

“Well then we’ll have Laf on the piccolo, obviously,” Laurens said.

“That sounds perfect,” Alex said with a content sigh. He nuzzled even more into Laurens’ chest. “I write essays about you,” he said, his voice barely audible. 

“What?” Laurens felt as if he’d stopped breathing for a moment. Alexander had to be joking, right?

“Essays and essays, about your freckles, your laugh, the way your hair curls are you sleep on it all night. I guess they’re more vignettes than essays, but you know…” Alex yawned. 

It dawned upon Laurens that his boyfriend was serious. “Alexander…”

“I’ll teach them to my students, when I’m a professor some day,” he said with a giggle. “The Laurens Lectures.” He giggled even more, then kissed Laurens’ chest. “Every word is filled with love,” he said sleepily.

Laurens kissed the crown of Alex’s head. Soon Alex’s breathing evened out, signaling that the smaller boy had fallen back asleep.

“Alexander Hamilton,” Laurens sang once again. “I’m in love with Alexander Hamilton…” 

Supercat idea:
Cat has to participate in some stupid “newly weds” time game for some ridiculous publicity event that she can’t get out of, and if she’s going to play you better believe she’s playing to win. So she has to figure out who is the one person who might actually know her well enough to be game ready within a day… And of course, that person would be the one whose with her nonstop: Kara.

Cue hilariously awkward study sessions where the two are forced to learn a crash course on each other, which reveals just how much Kara knows about her boss and just how little she knows Kara. Something she’ll have to change.

Bonus if they then go to the competition and completely destroy every other established couple they play against.

Shawn Mendes- Imagine #2

Shawn Mendes- Imagine #2

Request: Can you do a shawn one where he cheats We break up and then later get back together? Thank you
You sat there on your bed, silently scrolling down your twitter timeline. You saw the same picture over and over again, and you couldn’t believe it, you wanted to believe it was photoshopped. But, this was the real deal. There was a picture of Shawn kissing another girl, some people might argue that it was a stage kiss. But, you knew this was the real deal, the way he straddled her waist, and how his lips were locked on hers. It made you more anger by the second, you willed yourself not to cry. You couldn’t believe Shawn would do that, you had a mixture of anger towards Shawn and that girl. But, most definitely it was sadness and disappointment. You through your phone down on your bed and shoved your face in a pillow.  You stayed laying on your bed for a good 30 minutes, and when the tears stopped coming, you sniffed and reached for your phone. Seeing that you had 3 miss calls from Shawn. Anger bubbled up inside of you all again, you dialed Shawn’s number. ‘Of course he didn’t answer,’  you grumbled. You left a voicemail. ‘’Hey Shawn,’’ you stated bitterly. ‘’It’s (Y/N) your girlfriend, the one you cheated on, oh well actually ex-girlfriend. Just calling to let you know, don’t call me again, don’t bother with it. We’re through.’’ You said coldly, then ended the call. You choked back a sob as to what you just did. But, you pushed it out of your mind and smiled faintly. It had been almost 2 days since you broke up with Shawn, and he had been calling you nonstop, leaving you voicemails (that you didn’t listen to), test, tweeting you, anything to get your attention. You didn’t respond to any of his pleads. That afternoon, your phone was ringing, figuring it was just Shawn again, but it was Nash. ‘One of Shawn’s friends,’ you thought. But, you figured why not, you and Nash were the closest out of all of the boys (besides Shawn). So, you answered. ‘’Hey (Y/N),’’ he breathed out. ‘’Hey,’’ you said nonchalantly, ‘’How are you?’’ ‘’Good,’’ he said, ‘’But, the real question is how are you?’’ ‘’Oh I’m fine.’’ You said plainly. ‘’Ok cut the crap (Y/N), Shawn hasn’t eaten in like 2 days, he won’t talk to anyone, and its some depressive shit. And, I can’t take it, so can you please come over and at least talk to him?’’ ‘’Um I don’t know if you knew this but he cheated on me,’’ you said in a matter of factly. ‘’Please just come see him, he’s driving me insane,’’ Nash said. ‘’Fine,’’ you mumbled. ‘’YES!’ He yelled, ‘’Ok see you then (Y/N).’’ And, with that he hung up. You had to admit you really did miss Shawn and were really excited to see him. Once you had gotten to Nash’s house, you wiped your hands on your shorts and nervously knocked. ‘Calm down (Y/N) you shouldn’t be nervous.’ you told yourself. On the other side of the door you could faintly hear Nash shoving Shawn to the door, persuading him to answer it. Finally the door opened to reveal a pale faced Shawn, who looked absolutely terrible. And, it made your heart melt. His hair was a mess, he looked like he hadn’t showered in days, red puffy eyes, and swollen cheeks. ‘’(Y/N),’’ he breathed out. You compulsively grabbed his neck and pulled him into a hug. ‘’I’m so so sorry,’’ he croaked, and you saw him crying. You looked down and smiled, ‘’I forgive you,’’ you said quietly. You couldn’t stay mad at Shawn. His whole face lit up, picking you up and twirling you around. You smiled and kissed him. ‘’Guess you didn’t even to talk about it,’’ Nash said, smiling. (A/N): Hope this is what the Anon wanted! My ask is still open for imagine/ preference requests! (Also ships) To get an imagine inbox me and tell me what boy, and a scenario (doesn’t have to be a full description just a summary) Thanks for 225+ followers 
SCM – Knowing Leon since school time

Request by checilchan
I am going to use MC’s name as Eve as per the request.

Leon and you are classmates in heaven. Leon is popular in the class together with Hue, Teorus etc. There is no girls who would not fall head over heal with them, especially Leon. You are always left alone among the girls because you don’t gossip like them about the boys. Maybe you know Leon way longer than any of them since both your parents are close friends, you do not understand why they are so crazy about him. Every day after class, Leon will ask you to do his homework for him and he will teases, bully you nonstop. Of course you will fight back and the squabble will be nonstop but somehow bring both of you closer.

“You are such a bully, idiot lion.” You sneered.

“Well Eve, you should be great that I am letting you get close to me. You are the only one with special privilege.” Leon smirks back at you.

Soon graduating is near the corner and both of you wonder around the secret spot of school garden which found by both of you.

“Can’t believe we are graduating soon and we can use our power more freely. I wonder what is so great of your power.” You teased him.

“Want to have a taste of it?” Leon smirks and before you can reply, he already walks over and applies his power on you by running his finger down your neck.

You can feel your blood run hot instantly and the want of him in your mind is uncontrollable. You wrap your hands around his neck and kiss him passionately, moving your kiss to his nape of neck.

“Eve?” Leon whisper in shock but he do not want to stop. He continues to apply his power on you and eventually pushes you down on the ground. With the flowers covering both of you, both of you continue to kiss passionately.

“Leon, I want more.” You whisper into his ear and soon both of you reach out for each other clothes. Leon moves his lips to your breasts and starts licking and sucking passionately. You hold tight to his head as if refuse to let him move away from your chest, while keeps moaning his name. Soon you can feel his member at your entrance and you can’t wait for him to enter you. Just when he is about to push it in, both of you heard noises nearby and that instantly bring back sense to both of you. Looking down at your naked form, Leon can’t take his eyes off you but he knows that he needs to stop. He snaps his fingers and both your clothes are on.

“Sorry, my joke went a bit too far.” Leon apologized and you simply just shake your head in silent. Both of you remain silent for a long time before slowly make the way out of the garden.

Leon POV

I finally realized my feeling toward Eve. I wanted her so much just now but I need to control myself. It is a rule in heaven that all gods when graduate would have to go on a mission set by the King. I am not sure what going to happen then. I can’t just make her wait for me. I need to keep my feeling to myself.


The kiss was amazing and I also realized my feeling toward Leon. I wonder why he stops just now. I don’t actually mind if he proceeds further. Just what is he thinking? He will be away after graduation. Will we be fated to be together?

A Year after Graduation

Upon graduation, Leon set off to accomplish the mission set by the King while you work in the palace and soon work your way up to work near the King side. A year later, there is an appointment of 12 gods into the Wishes and Punishment department. You have been helping the King to get ready the preparation. On the ceremony, you realized that Leon is back and is now the Minister of Wishes Department. You can’t help but feel happy about it. Both your eyes meet during the ceremony and you can feel he is grinning at you.

After the end of the ceremony, he drags you back to the school garden and finally declares his love to you.

“Eve, I have fallen in love with you back then. However, I am not sure how long I will be back from my mission and never dare to declare my love to you. I hope it is still not too late now.” Leon said sweetly and cups your cheeks with both his hands. He then slowly leans down to give you a soft kiss on your lips.

“I have been waiting for you this 1 year. I glad you feel the same as me.” You replied and give him another kiss. The kisses soon get deeper and eventually Leon pushes you down on the ground.

“Let’s continue where we stop a year ago. This time round, I won’t hold back.” Leon smirks and removes both your clothing. Both of you make passionate love on the spot under the lights from the stars above you. You have given him your virginity and he too has given his to you.

Eventually, both of you obtain the King blessing and get married. You can imagine the life together will always be happy ever after.

Preference #7 Your first fight

Harry: “I don’t think this is a good idea, Y/N.” Harry tells you casually as if it means nothing to him. Nothing. You just asked your boyfriend of 3 months if it’s the right time now to make your relationship official. You’ve thought about it for a while now and decided to talk to Harry about it. But he just seems to take no interest in it. You’re starting to get mad now, Harry doesn’t even look at you as he practically breaks your heart a little bit. “Fine.” You scoff, shaking your heard at this and turning around. You exit the kitchen, making sure to slam the door shut, letting Harry know how he makes you feel. “What’s wrong Y/N–” “Nothing Harry. Everything is just fan-fucking-tastic.” You say sarcastically as he follows you into the living room. Harry stares at you with a frown. You never swear in front of Harry, knowing how much he dislikes it. But Harry also knows that you do swear when you’re really mad at something. “I just don’t get why you want to keep hiding me, your girlfriend Harry. We’ve been together for 3 months, if you haven’t noticed that.” You tell him, crossing your arms in front of your chest, avoiding eye contact with Harry. “Do you think I do that because I like keeping us a secret?” He asks you in disbelief. “I do that because of you. I only think about you, Y/N.” “But I hate it. I hate it so much, Harry. I can’t even hold your hand when we’re outside.” “I know that, love. But.. I just don’t want you to get hate and.. please let’s just wait.. just a little bit more? I really want to make it work between us. I want to give you privacy. Us.” He says and you let everything sink in. Yes, you probably would have less privacy if your relationship was public. And what if it doesn’t work out? Then Harry would be called the ‘heartbreaker’. Again, because yet another relationship wouldn’t have lasted. “I just do it for you.” Harry repeats above a whisper, stroking your cheek gently. “I know that, Harry.” You sigh, looking down. “I understand now. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to just wait a little bit more and.. then we’ll see?” Harry nods at you, smiling. “Yes. Because I really want to make it official, I don’t want you to think I want to hide you or something because I hate it too, Y/N. Believe me. I promise I will announce our relationship.” You nod at him, him resting his forehead against yours, giving you small meaningfull pecks on your lips.

Niall: You smile as you hold two flight tickets to Spain in your hands which you purchased as a surprise for Niall a few days ago. Knowing how much Niall loves the country you decided to go there over the weekend with him since Niall has this weekend off. You smile widely as your doorbell rings, knowing it’s Niall because he wanted to come over to yours after rehearsals. You quickly shove the tickets into your jeans pocket before you open the door. “Hey, princess.” He greets you with a half smile and an effortless, tired kiss which makes you frown a bit. “Hey..” You trail as Niall lets himself fall onto your sofa. “Everything alright?” You ask, sitting down on the sofa as well. “Actually.. not really.” “Why’s that?” “Well I thought I have this weekend off and I know I promised to spend more time with you but.. management wants us to write one more song for the new album so we’re at the studio again this weekend.” He runs his hands through his hair and your heart breaks. Great. Just great. Niall has been working for weeks now nonstop and you two were looking forward to this weekend. Niall was supposed to spend it with you! Anger rises up inside of you as you let out a chuckle in disbelief. “Of course you are.” You say, looking anywhere but at him. “It’s not my fault, is it?” He says with a frown. “No Niall. I get that, okay? It’s alright. It always is.” You scoff, getting up and heading to your kitchen. Of course he follows you, standing behind you and putting his hands on your waist. “Princess..” He trails, resting his chin on your shoulder. “I’ll make it up to you, okay? Maybe I can take a week off soon before tour starts and then we can go on vacation or something.” This makes you lose it. You yank his hands away from your waist turning around and taking out the flight tickets, throwing them at him with annoyance. “Oh, you mean like a weekend in Spain at a 5 star hotel? At the beach? No, Niall, really. This isn’t necessary.” You say ironically as he stares at the tickets. “You bought these..? For us?” “Yes, Niall. But since you have other plans I might as well give them your parents as a present. Maybe they’ll enjoy it there.” “Princess I..” He trails, trying to find the right words. “I just wonder if your management even knows what a break is? You were supposed to spend the weekend with me. Just with me. I get that it’s not your fault and that you can’t do anything about it. But it just really upsets me, you also have to understand me.” “I do understand you, Y/N.” He sighs, running his hand yet again through his hair. “You know what? Fuck management. I’ll just.. call in sick or something. I’ll find a way. How does that sound?” “I don’t want you to get in trouble…” “I won’t. It’s okay, really. I want to spend this weekend with you, have some privacy and everything. And Spain sounds amazing.” A huge smile appears on your face as you wrap your arms around his neck, him leaning in for a longing kiss.