..well not nonstop of course but you know

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include…

·        “love”

·        “baby”

·        Constant affection

·        Nuzzles

·        Back rubs

·        Tummy rubs

·        Soft forehead kisses

·        Playing with his hair

·        Deep conversations at night

·        Him being able to read you like a book

·        Him always being open to talk

·        “babe can we talk..?”

·        “of course love, c’mhere”

·        Reading to each other

·        “ Pride and Prejudice or the Raven?”

·        CUDDLING

·        Spooning

·        You usually being the little spoon

·        But he loves being the little spoon too

·        AND THE SEX


·        You already know he’d be into the praise kink

·       p>

·        Wearing his sweaters nonstop

·        He’s lost all hope of ever getting his clothes back

·        Getting into a monthly argument about going with him to the shrieking shack

·        “Y/N its too dangerous, and I don’t want you getting hurt”

·        “I’m willing to take that risk, Remus”

·        Study dates in the library together

·        Him helping you cram for tests

·        “You’re gonna do great on that potions test, love”

·        Spontaneously professing his love for you

·        “I love you, y’know that? I never tell you enough, but I’m so damn lucky to have you m’love.”

·        ALWAYS

·        HOLDING

·        HANDS

·        Literally being everyone’s relationship goals

·        You’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid eyes on

·        No one could change the way he feels about you

·        He treats you like the queen you are

·        Spontaneous Hogsmeade dates

·        Just being the sweetest most caring boyfriend anyone could have

·        You’re both head-over-heels in love with each other

Another long one! I like doing the long ones, more to say! Thanks for all the notes on the last one btw, I really appreciate it! It’s nice to know people enjoy my writing!

Supercat idea:
Cat has to participate in some stupid “newly weds” time game for some ridiculous publicity event that she can’t get out of, and if she’s going to play you better believe she’s playing to win. So she has to figure out who is the one person who might actually know her well enough to be game ready within a day… And of course, that person would be the one whose with her nonstop: Kara.

Cue hilariously awkward study sessions where the two are forced to learn a crash course on each other, which reveals just how much Kara knows about her boss and just how little she knows Kara. Something she’ll have to change.

Bonus if they then go to the competition and completely destroy every other established couple they play against.