scared and cold - luke blurb

“I hate this house.” You admit quietly, changing into your PJ’s for the night.
“Why?” Luke chuckles, sliding in the bed that belonged to your grandparents guest room.
“It’s huge,” You whisper, joining him in bed. “It’s huge, scary, and has terrible insulation.”
He smiles while wrapping an arm around you, pulling you closer to him.
“Don’t be.” He mumbles as he leans over to turn off the lamp.
“How aren’t you scared right now?” You ask, panicking a bit.
It’s really dark. You can’t see his face but you hear him breathe in.
“I can’t even see you, Lu.” You whisper.
“Babe, I’m right here.” He mumbles, rubbing his thumb on our thigh.
You shiver before he pulls you to his chest.
He breathes out once he feels your boobs squish gently against his chest. He licks his lips before placing a hand on your butt, giving it a gentle squeeze.
“I’m freezing.” You murmur as he kisses your head.
“Mmmm I know a way to help warm you up.” He whispers with a low chuckle.
You gasp and nudge his arm with your hand.
“Not here, babe.” You admit and he whines, making you giggle.
“Why not?” He asks, kissing your nose.
“Because it’s not right doing it here.”
“But baby…” Luke whispers, pecking your lips slowly. “I can warm you up so well.”
You shiver once again but only because of his words.
“L-Luke…” You whisper breathlessly as he moves his lips down to your jaw. “Baby, this is my grandparents house.”
“But princess…” He whines again, kissing slowly.
You want him so bad but it was too risky.
“I’ll be quiet just as long as you are.” He encourages, moving himself to hover over you.
His lips move their way to your neck and you moan gently.
“I don’t know, babe…”
“Baby girl, please.” Luke implores, lowering his hips against yours.
You gasp at how hard he is already and close your eyes, your cheeks feeling hot.
He whimpers quietly before kissing your sweet spot.
“Let me warm you up and help you forget about this silly, old house, princess…”

Having some serious feelings about this guy and am nervous that he may not feel the same way even though all signs point to yes and I keep second guessing myself when I know I shouldn’t and I’m honestly wondering how much longer I have before he realizes just how crazy I am.


“…Sakura, who needed him to the very last.” [Databook 2]

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