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i know y'all saying you don't want an english album (i don't want it either) but then you gonna love it and support ist, just like the thing with the chainsmokers...

I’ve already said that; no matter what I’ll support BTS, that’s not the point. 

The point is; I hate when people say shits like that aren’t true, I don’t believe there are any Armys/Armies would actually want BTS to make an English album, any true Army would/should know that BTS has been working hard already and learning new language ain’t that easy… And now imagine them working twice hard as they used to, even the idea of it scares the shit out of me.

I also, that’s my personal opinion, didn’t like the “Best of Me” song because it wasn’t like BTS; it was Western music and if I wanted to listen to Western music, I would stan One Direction or any other Western groups. 

But I stan BTS, I want to listen songs like; “Tomorrow” “Let Me Know” “Rain” “Hold Me Tight” “I Need U” “First Love” “BS&T” “One Day” “Spring Day” “Autumn Leaves” “House of Cards” “Run” “Butterfly” “Love is not Over” “2! 3!” etc…

BASICALLY, I want to listen to BTS; I don’t need Western songs, BTS is BTS… I love BTS because of they are themselves, they don’t need to change; we will love them no matter what.

I don’t want them to Westernize and change their music style just because “we want” them to make an English album (!) 

It’s my opinion but I am %100 sure that there are lots of Armies/Armys would agree with me on this.


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