..sort of. space wives

I can’t stop thinking about Kylo losing his whole arm and getting a prosthetic robotic replacement.

I can’t stop thinking about his reaction and feelings about it. One would think that he’d embrace it because Darth Vader lost his arm and Luke lost his hand so it quite runs in the family but…

He does not. He gets very emotional about it. He can’t accept it. It was his arm. It belonged to him and it was taken away from him like everything else in his life. He hates how the metal feels on his body, he hates everything about it. 

He might even refuse to communicate with others and just stay in his room when there is nothing urgent he has to do.

And then Hux comes in to check on him, ends up comforting him and telling him not to worry because he’ll get his revenge. And that he’ll make sure of it.