I don’t get how people can truly say that Clary is a genuinely bad person like yeah sometimes she’s a childish hoe and does shitty things but she deadass looked at her baked potato of a brother and still had hope that there was good in him even as he stood before her sounding like an overcooked darth vader

At a High Fashion Store
  • Harry: Eww, how can something this ugly be so expensive?
  • Draco: *looks him up and down* If all ugly things were cheap you'd be free of charge.
  • Harry: But...I was? It's not like you paid to get me lol
  • Draco: I pay every day.
  • Draco: With my nerves.

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Hello! Can I request a headcanon where MC composed a secret love poem for the lords and how they would react when they found out? Have a nice day!

you have a nice day too, anon :D

MC writing a love poem to the lords

  • Nobunaga will make her read it out loud. Slowly. There will be a lot of self-satisfied smirking.
  • Mitsuhide has a special diary about her that he writes in everyday. One love poem is nothing in comparison on the scale of embarrassment. Still, he is extremely touched and appreciative. They trade poems semi-regularly after that.
  • Who is more embarrassed, Yukimura or her? The world may never know.
  • Saizo already knew from the start. Nothing is a secret to him. He thinks it’s cute and a little amusing.
  • Masamune is so surprised that he swallows his tea wrongly and starts coughing like crazy. They’re both mortified.
  • Kojuro thinks it’s incredibly charming and suggests that they should read poetry together. He has some ideas about what she would enjoy.
  • Inuchiyo splutters. There is a lot of angry blushing and cursing and internal screaming because how is she so cute goddammit
  • Hideyoshi comes up with a poem for her on the spot because he’s as smooth as silk. Aha!
  • Ieyasu blushes and refuses to look her in the eye. She persists and presses him about it until he snaps and is like fine, if you’re so proud of it, then you can write me ten more. By tomorrow. (but he’s still blushing)
  • Mitsunari shows appreciation because he’s not a savage and she has clearly made an effort and that is worth something. Also, it’s cute and he’s flustered. He silences his inner literary critic.
  • Kenshin beams in pride and whips out a sheaf of poems dedicated to her. Checkmate.
  • Shingen is very pleased. He thinks it’s adorable. Not embarrassed at all. Asks if she would like a poem in return.

So, here are the Top Ten Posts from My 18th Century Source! The ten entries you’ve liked, reblogged and commented the most. I’m pleasantly surprised that two of the posts are of menswear <3 as you might already know, I LOVE menswear (my graduation collection was menswear of course) so this makes me happy :)

Also: the glorious hats from The Duchess.

Anyway, here are the links to those posts according to the photos from the top:

  1. The green velvet court coat and matching ivory satin waistcoat, ca, 1790, France.
  2. My first ever pink menswear post.
  3. “The Three Witches from Macbeth”, 1775, by Daniel Gardner.
  4. The fourth of July covers from The Evening Post by the glorious J.C. Leyendecker.
  5. The women undergarments post. That makes me remember I never wrote the male version of this post. Sorry. It will happen soon.
  6. The French Nobility post. That made me remember that I did not write the English version of this post. So so sorry. I must make a list.
  7. Leghorns and bergéres. Because straw hats rule.
  8. John Singleton Copley’s selfportrait. There’s never enough Singleton Copley. Never. Oh, and never forget that blue stroke on his lip.
  9. Ikea’s 18th century version of Instagram is just awesome.
  10. And the useful information of how to get dressed in the 18th century. With an amazing amount of comments about readers’ surprise of the fact that she has pockets.