Story pitching is ridiculous and it is utterly terrifying until you understand and are okay with the fact that you literally can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t even try. When I first started I had a series of meetings where I pitched one of my projects and got nothing but positive feedback and notes. Then I was finally introduced to a woman with a very important job title at a very important company. I was so insanely excited to pitch to her. And it was a good pitch. It was a really good pitch. 

And she hated it. She hated every single thing about it. And by hate I mean she literally tore the whole project apart with the kind of glee you only really find in Disney villains. To her it was a terrible, awful project and she’d never heard anything worse in her whole life. And I was devastated because…well because I believed in it, and other people believed in it, and were we all wrong? We must be. She had a very important job title at a very important company so…she must know what she’s talking about, right?

And then, spectacularly oblivious to my crushed ego, she proceeded to tell me about the project she was in development with. And I sat there, listening politely, hoping to god my horror wasn’t showing on my face because holy fucking hell this was her idea of a good project?! As much as she hated my idea, I loathed hers. I thought it was complete and utter trash. Complete. And utter. But she was in love with it. To her, it was the single greatest story as yet to be told and her only purpose in life was to tell it. 

Despite the ego-shredding, utterly cringeworthy experience, I left on cloud nine.

She hated my idea. Thank fuck for that! 

So basically you should just tell the story you want to tell and if it is good enough (or you’re persistent enough, or both) someone is going to hate it.

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Isayama needs to just hurry and kill someone..

I see this sentiment expressed often. I wonder though, do we really want someone dead, or do we just want something, ANYTHING, to be resolved? 

Here’s where I am. 

If the storytelling remains solid, everyone can live for all I care. I just want Isayama to quit being so stingy with answer to the big questions that continue to pile up in this series. 

A Day To Remember//Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail

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Scott McCall & Lydia Martin
Not all monsters do monstrous things.
Like who?
Like Scott.

Hello, if you’re reading this and you have a loved one with Bipolar Disorder, please please cheer them on. Even if all they did today was get out of bed. Even if all they did today was talk your ear off. Even if all they did today was go back and forth between crying and shopping. We’re trying our best and fighting our hardest.